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-{SC}- Renamon
8th Mar 2005, 06:57 PM
I play around making my own 'gametypes' using coustom bots, specific maps and Weapon repalcers and stuff. That is how I got the idea for 'Land of the Ly'.

Hunt Fest:

This will require new models, one of which is already made but not quite complete for what this idea will need, the Raptor model, but it 1. Does not have a melee animation, like a bite or claw slash and 2. Has that little gun holder thingy on it's side that makes it look slightly un nautral, but maybe if we could get permission from the author someone can alter it to fit this idea.

Models of diffrent wild animals, like Panthers, Tiger, Lions, Bears, maybe Giant Spiders.. Animals from other planets.. Etc.

There is a 6 person team of the 'hunters', the other 26 are the 'beasts', the Hunters use guns and other weapons, Beasts have special 'weapons', Raptors claw, bite while the Giant spider's bite can poison but they cannot claw, dealing damage over seconds.
Cats could be able to prowl, becoming invisible like the adrenaline combo of the same name, Raptors, spiders and cats can do a leap attack, doubling their damage in that first attack and just like a headshot 'point' there can be a 'point' on the backs of models that if hit, earns you extra points and a 'Backstab!' award thet triples the damage done.
Spiders could make webs that is invisible to the Hunter team and can trap a single Hunter, they also could wall walk like you can with MonkeyMatrixMoves, spiders seem to be able to walk on walls you know!

You could have it where what animals the people on the Beast side can choose by the map, if it set in a jungle on earth you can have Tigers, Panthers and probably even Raptors, of course you can just mix and match animals or heck, put of all em' selectable just for the fun of it. Or perphaps a special strategic combination that has to be used correctly in order for the Beasts to win.

All animals need 'roaring/threaten' animations however.
Here's to sort out what animations each model will require besides running, crouching, swimming, jumping and 'landing':

Tiger: Bite, Claw, Prowl and Leap Attack.
Panther: Bite, Claw, Prowl and Leap Attack.
Lion: Bite, Claw, Prowl and Leap Attack.
Giant Spider: Bite and Leap Attack.
Bear: Bite, Tear and Claw.
Wolf: Bite and Tear.

Maybe a gametype for Beasts vs. Beasts too.

This is all I can think of now, if anyone has any more ideas for animals that can be playable feel free to post them here.
So what do you think of this?

9th Mar 2005, 01:49 PM
This sounds a bit like the game called Savage. 2 teams, humans v's Beasts. Both having different weapons and models.