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12th Feb 2005, 06:48 PM
Okay, I finally decided to make a map for this really fun mod called Jail Break :lol:
This is my first JB map ever, It was a very fun and hard experience making a JB map, I had help from WikiUnreal tutorial and a friend of mine - Pomperi (author of JB-Solsting). Very interesting mod to map for!
Well, I hope you like it :)

http://nix.bl-clan.net/images/zip_icon.GIF Download JB-niX (http://nix.bl-clan.net/files/JB-Nix.zip)

Here are some screenshots:









13th Feb 2005, 10:42 AM
hello? no one like UT99 maps anymore ? :(

14th Feb 2005, 06:20 AM
Great screenies!
I'm downloading it now... (I only have UT on this machine, so yeah, I'm still into UTJB maps!)

Have you and Pomperi thought about mapping for JB2004?
I know it's quite a shift from UT mapping with static meshes etc, but it would be good to see your skills applied to the new game :)

14th Feb 2005, 07:40 AM
hello? no one like UT99 maps anymore ? :(
Nah, you just sometimes have to kick people here. ;)

Ok, just played it.
Overall it looks OK, small and probably fast, once the bots are sorted out. At the moment botmaches are not possible.

Some remarks:
1) I would start by rebuilding the Pathing. It seems you first did the pathing, then placed the weapons, and 'forgot' to do rebuild the AI paths (in UED, View Paths). It means the bots don't see anything of interest and just stay camping in their own base (MindReader: 'Nothing of interest, so Camp').
2) I would place some weapons and maybe some ammo in the arena. The choice of Arena weapon is yours.
3) I would fancy the jail up a bit. Perharps some Jail Camera spots, Screen Slide Map or ScreenSlideRanking.
4) I would let the jaildoors open a bit longer.
5) Try to spend some time in watching some botmatches. Make sure bots use both entrances to the base, and if needed, place some AssaultPathNode and change the priority. Bots can easily be motivated by placing some healthvials here and there. Mindreader (http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/Mind_Reader) can be a great tool to help you here.
6) I would change the screenshot if I were you.

14th Feb 2005, 08:25 AM
Solely from the screenshots, the rusty metal texture does look a bit over-used (pics 5, 6, 7, and 8) :hmm:

14th Feb 2005, 09:45 AM
I quite like the rusty metal look...
There's some great architecture in the screenies, but so much of it is above eye level! :(
You could add a whole new dimension to this map by putting some things for players to do higher up, walkways maybe -- perhaps extend the shock rifle corridors with a ramp to lead up and towards the center?

The central hall has some lighting problems on brush edges. YOu could either change the subtractive brushes (I suspect you're using one cube and some extra brushes to make the end spaces -- use one bigger cube and additives to cut the corners perhaps?) -- or you can just cheat and put more floor trim in along the lines where the lighting is bad ... :D

once the bots are sorted out. At the moment botmaches are not possible.

What he said :)

14th Feb 2005, 09:59 AM
well , i guess jailbreak III was good before , this map looks very great btw

15th Feb 2005, 04:49 PM
Cool thanks for the opinon guys! I just realized that yeah I shouldve done some things like botpathin and slower doors in jails. I dont think I am going to fix that because I am really busy with my new project called Dorix, there is going to be JB version (i will release BETA and let all of you test it) and ofcourse CTF, maybe even DM.
About that... few days ago I made a CTF version of JB-niX, the map is fun as hell! I never liked my maps like that lol! What makes the CTF version nice is that rain effect script! Woot its actualy raining! Well i count put the rain every where, and i also had to desable RainDripDrop effect because it all was KILLING the framerate!

By the way! I never mentioned that this JB map of mine went pretty far! I am guessing that UT2k4 players dont know anything about CTC map pack... probably because its for UT99 Well its like a comunity bonus pack, its had alot of maps in it made by the best mappers in UT comunity (no I am not saying I am the best), they let me into the map pack and werent pretty happy that I submited JB and BT map... those are costom mods. Heh they didnt let me into CTC 3. Well here are some links to reviews and were to download it.

Yup the review is still there! Just scrool down a little!

Review on NaliCity... blah they wrote bull about my maps...

Here is the official CTC map pack web site

Here is a download link from BeyondUnreal.com

Making of CTC II:

15th Feb 2005, 05:42 PM
I dont think I am going to fix that .... Not smart, the map is kinda useless like it is now.

15th Feb 2005, 07:08 PM
Not smart, the map is kinda useless like it is now.
yeah... lol i changed my mind right after i posted that! DOnt worry lol I am fixing it now!!! :D