View Full Version : Matinee sequence won't launch ingame

Jack oneill
5th Jan 2005, 08:48 AM
Hi guys, it's quite a long time since my last visit here, but today i'm in need of some help to get matinee to work on the Runtime.

I've got a simple map, a substracted cube with some lights and a player start. I'm doing a very simple matinee scene with two actions that move the camera on a straight line. The scene i've created wors well when using the preview window.

So i set everything up to make the scene play on map's startup (trigger it from the player start) and launch the game. And my scene won't play but stay at the world's origin until its time is over. So instead of following my actions, the camera stays at the world's origin and don't move until the scene is finished. I can't think of any problem, i've basically checked everything and i just got the minimum actors required to play such a scene. I've done many matinee scenes in UT2k3 and 2k4 so i'm pretty sure i haven't done any mistake. I've also adapted to the Runtime changes.

Did any of you experienced the same problem ? I've heared from different sources that matinee does work on the runtime so there might be something wrong or missing in my map. Thanks for your help !