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4th Jan 2005, 08:54 PM
JB with a twist...

Option #1

Instead of the usual "static room jail", you could have one that is located in a modified Leviathan (or some custom JB vehicle, but that's probably wishful thinking) which roams an ONS-sized map (most likely a conversion). The vehicle has a smaller and/or otherwise modified version of the release switch which needs to be touched in order to free the prisoners. Needless to say, it is advisable to disable the monster tank or at least distract its crew before making the dash to the switch. Simply blowing the damn thing up won't work, as it will just respawn somewhere else with the prisoners still in it (such things could be optional, though).

The jail itself could be a pretty straightforward rectangular box with riveted steel plating or whatever. Scaling wouldn't have to be 100% accurate, i.e. the jail could be a bit larger than the actual inside of a Leviathan. Would be nice if you could have windows or video screens which would allow you to look outside while the vehicle moves around (is this feasible?). Execution could be by gassing, or whatever else seems appropriate.

Option #2

Another idea would be to let players carry the jails around like they would a flag or BR ball -- indeed, the ball could easily be adapted for this purpose. The prisoners are micronized, or maybe the jailball uses some kind of exotic transdimensional technology, and can be freed by shooting the carrier and then touching (picking up) the ball. Unlike in BR, the ball carrier can defend himself, maybe with some kind of custom weapon that's integrated into the jailball. The ball can be thrown to other players BR-style.

The jail could be spherical in this case, maybe with low or zero grav and some groovy visuals. Execution could be by electric zap, explosion (the whole ball explodes once everyone has been captured), or pretty much anything else. Theoretically this JB variant could be played on anything from DM to modified ONS maps with full vehicle support.

5th Jan 2005, 12:44 AM
I suppose in theory anyway since the JBInfoJail can just have attached volumes, and volumes can be moved...you should be able to have a mobile jail. Not sure how PlayerStarts would work though, you might have to have another room somewhere off the map that was also part of the same jail, contained the PlayerStarts, and then instantly teleported anyone that entered it into the mobile jail. I'm also not sure if there's some technical restriction on the mobile volume stuff as it relates to JB.

5th Jan 2005, 06:10 AM
Well, I don't know much about the hardcore coding stuff, but the jail vehicle could basically just be an avatar of sorts, a mobile release switch. The actual jail room would be somewhere "offmap", though it would give you the impression that you're in a vehicle. Upon release the players would be teleported to the spawnpoint that's the nearest to the enemy jail vehicle (could you have XL spawn points that can accomodate multiple players??). Alternatively, the released players would spawn at some preset point -- say in a base or near a power core in converted CTF/ONS maps, or some central location. This would also be the case at the beginning of the game. The jail vehicle would parked in or near the base.

A not entirely elegant compromise, I know, but otherwise things might get a bit too complicated?

5th Jan 2005, 07:10 AM
The technical problem shouldn't be a moving jail volume; it's the bot pathing which doesn't like being moved around, and even if you choose to ignore bots, PlayerStarts are still part of the path network and required for a working jail...

That's not to say it's impossible. I'm just pointing out difficulties... :)

5th Jan 2005, 08:13 PM
Hmm, not sure what exactly the problem is; basically everything would work like on a regular JB map with vehicle support, only the release switch would now be mobile (on a Leviathan), and the actual jail would be "off-map" (supposedly inside the Leviathan, but not really). At the start of each round players could spawn on regular playerstarts, some of which would be near a base where the Leviathan is parked. Ditto when they're released. Seems pretty straightforward?

In version 2 you'd use the same off-map jail/spawn setup, only now instead of touching a release switch one needs to capture the "jail" (= modified BR ball) itself by killing its carrier and then picking it up. It would essentially be a mix of JB, BR and maybe ONS.