View Full Version : Gametype/Mod Idea: Magicians and the Magi

2nd Jan 2005, 09:43 AM
Magicians and the Magi is split into 3 teams, The Ancients, the Magi Conclave and the Wild Spirits. This requires a special mutator which will split the teams
into 2vs62 (say if it was 10 players).

The aim of the game is to control all the spirits. When you have them all, they stay nside your base. You have to control them for 1 minute to win. Other wise, hey gain you points, and you reach a certain number to win the game (both configurable).

The Ancients start off with 2 Greater Ancestral Spirits (Great Wizards). They have amazing power. Their abilities are

Mind Control 200 Mana
Primary: Controls. Hold down to begin the process of converting, otherwise taking over their body temporarily. Your body will be frozen, and it vunerable and suffers a 5 Mana loss per second and 5 Shield penalty. They You also receive 10% more damage to Health.
Secondary: Send a bolt towards the target. Kills a spirit on contact, otherwise making target wizard/magi suffer a complete Mana loss, and reduces Health by 20%.

Holy Force 25 Mana per Bolt
Counter with: Unholy Force (Magi)
Primary: Sends a shockwave out infront of the caster, throwing everyone in the AOE back and causing a complete loss of Shield and also deals a random damage amount between 0 and 50 to Health. The closer the target is to the caster, the higher the random number that will be determined.

Strike No Mana required
Counter with: Disarm (Wild Spirits)
Primary: Hits the target, leeching 5% Mana, and deals 25 Health damage. Ignores shield.

Secondary: Strikes the target with such force that it stuns and reduces Health to 50% (If health is under 50%, it reduces to 40%, 30%, 20% or 10%).

The Magi's starting people have also alot of power.

Mind Disrupt No Mana required 10 Second cooldown
Primary: Chages a bolt if held down, if not releases a small bolt of blue plasma that stuns the target. Does 5% damage more for each second held down (max up to 10 seconds).
Secondary: Murders the spirit for 10 Health, and gives your Mana a complete refill. 30 Second cooldown.

Unholy Force 50 Mana 5 second cooldown
Primary: Same as the Magician's Holy force, with 10% more power, but doesn't do the things that Holy Force does. Stuns the target for 5 seconds.
Secondary: Sends chain lightning out, bouncing to target to target with more than 5 metres in between.

3rd ability undecided

Wild Spirit's Abilities

Disarm No Mana required.
Primary: Sucks the weapon out of the target's hands. Destroys it.
Secondary: Sucks the weapon out of the target's hands then throws it back as a giant flaming ball of plasma. 10 Second cooldown for both

Windspeed 2 Mana per second

Primary: Doubles speed.
Secondary: Quadruples speed for 5 seconds, but chews up your mana reserve for 12 mana per second.

Counter Mind Control No mana. No cooldown.

Primary: Creates a shield around the spirit for 1 minute. Repels any Mind control attempt.
Secondary: Creates an aggressive shield around you for 30 seconds. Repels any mind control appempts as plasma balls dealing 50 damage to Health.

More coming soon