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26th Dec 2004, 12:33 PM
I made a HillFort][. I was going to release it yesterday, but then I decided hey, wait a minute, maybe I should play it one more time just to make sure everything's right, and I ended up finding half the staticmeshes floating about 6 inches off the ground. :lol:

Major changes from the original:
- No Glingor
- No Ion Plasma Tank
- Terrain retextured to be all destroyed and barren wastelandish
- A bunch of wrecked vehicles everywhere (good things to hide behind (I also figured out you can actually crawl into the wrecked hellbender and hide inside of it.)
- The sniper tower has fallen over
- The area that had the minelayer in the original is now also a place where the monsters spawn.
- Terrain changes
- No more jump pads on the ridge
- No more metal fences where the walls are broken
- I added a bunker
- Different weapons
- No more bridge to landing pad
- No more healing on landing pad
- I added a platform attached to the wall so you can stand on the wall and snipe
- Pickups changed around
- Leaves on most of the trees removed
- There's a trench you can hide in.
- The area where the BS69 used to be is gone.
- different skybox
- different music
- some other stuff.

So. I guess in a way this is a Christmas present to everyone who plays FHI, though late by one day. And could the FH people please put in FHIv4? thanks.

Download it here: http://blacknoise.f2o.org/unrealenginestuff/fhi-hillfort2.zip

Merry Christmas,

27th Dec 2004, 02:41 PM
This is definitely going in v4. :)

Funny though, cause I started work on FHI-WreckedHillfort, which was midnight-based, but this is a much better re-take on Hillfort. Thanks for doing it, T1. :)

27th Dec 2004, 03:28 PM
Parser, I may have a map to include in v4 too. FHI-Floor. Beta1 is on my server, but plan to make more additions/fixes/etc. oh, I will limit or put long delay on the redeemer panel thing too.

28th Dec 2004, 12:29 PM
This is definitely going in v4. :)

but this is a much better re-take on Hillfort.

Thanks for doing it, T1. :)
No need to thank me. You and Icedude did most of the work on Hillfort anyway.