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16th Dec 2004, 07:01 PM
When hosting a Beta Version of a UTXMP Beta Beta Map (^^) something strange happens. Online on a dedicated Server NO one has Weapons and hosting locally only the Host has Weapons. Is there something missing in the map which causes this?
And how do to a Radar Map? Same Way as in U2XMP?

The Wiki contains no Info on this matter, so i thought asking here would be a good idea :).

16th Dec 2004, 07:26 PM
You probably need the loader thingy. I know it's in UTXMP, but I forget the actor name.

Captain Kewl
16th Dec 2004, 09:38 PM
Make sure the XMP packages are listed as ServerPackages in your UTXMP.ini.

17th Dec 2004, 09:50 AM
xmploader i think it is fireball
and also check those .inis
its probebely one of the 2 or both

17th Dec 2004, 02:09 PM
An XMPLoader Actor is present. And i doubt it s the Serverpackages. We hosted the Map on a Listen Server, which could have that Problem, AND on an UTXMp Dedicated Server which definitive is set up correctly because the "Stock"-Maps are running fine.

We also tested converting 2k4 Maps to XMP just by throwing in some Deploys and Generators and a XMPLoader Actor and it worked - even when hosted on a Listen Server.

The Map in Question though is build from Scrap. The only two Differences which might be a point:
- Subclass of Resupply-Stations was used (XMPEnergyStation->EnergyStation)
- No Radar Map so far

ctp.Philip Fry
18th Dec 2004, 01:02 AM
The Map in Question though is build from Scrap

*hem* From scratch, Bender. :D
Itīs not garbage tinhead. :)

Im kind of confused right now. Still canīt seem to find the reason for having no weapons ingame when connecting to a dedicated server running my map. I bet itīs something trivial I just seem to have overlooked. But right now its 7am and I have to get some sleep before I continue working on my FCB Conversion.

But still, suggestions for a possible solution are very welcome.

Thanks in advance guys :)

18th Dec 2004, 06:20 AM
*hem* From scratch, Bender. :D
Itīs not garbage tinhead. :)

Yeah, and its "to do" and not "do to" :eek:
*Note to self: Don t post in foreign languages when confused :)*

Well, it seems the Supply Stations and the Radar Map weren t causing this. Anyone else made a UTXMP Map from scratch and ran into similar Problems?

Edit: I Did a Testrun with a very Basic Map. Just a Cube with a light, two Deploys, 2 Gens, 2 Nodes and the XMPLoader Actor. Hosted that map (made sure the Serverpackages are set correct) and had a M8 connect. Same Result:
He had no Weapons and could not see mine although i as the Host had Weapons.

So what is missing? Is there an additional Actor/Property which must be set so that an UTXMP Map works correct?

18th Dec 2004, 07:20 PM
Alright, for reference, Loaders aren't included in UTXMP, as far as I know. If they are, you don't need them at all.

Try this, open up the level properties (where you set your name and the map name, recommended players, etc.) and find Level Information. Stick XMP.XMPGame in the DefaultGameType field. Perhaps that is the problem.

Also, you do have a deploy point added in right, and not just a player start?

ctp.Philip Fry
18th Dec 2004, 09:07 PM
I figured out loaders are not mandatory after I opened the stock UT:XMP maps, but I added one for trial and error anyway. Couldnīt hurt. :)
The default gametype is set to XMP.XMPGame and was set like this the whole time. But I just found out that theres a "PreCacheGame" that is set to "xGame.xDeathMatch" by default. Iīll change it to XMP.XMPGame now and give it a try. My guess would be thatīs the problem.
And I used deploy points not player starts. :)

Some basic information:
-Two nodes including Artifacts (correct setup; they work fine)
-Three generators (correct setup; they also work fine)
-Six deploys; two for each team and two neutral (IMO correct setup but the weapon "bug" thingy)

Thanks for the help so far guys, you are great. :)

Edit: Okay, the PreCacheGame thingy didnīt work either I guess, because I still spawn with the Tech Assault Rifle instead of the Shotgun. Itīs nearly 4am now and I donīhave anyone to test it with me til tomorrow, but I found out that if I spawn with the AR instead of the SG itīs not workin and still the host is the only player with weapons. Itīs pretty discouraging if you canīt test the gameplay due to missing weapons though. I can only guess what it would be like for now, but hey I still got lots of work to do with lighting and positioning static- and team-meshes, so Iīll be patient and wait for more possible solutions for this particular problem... ;)

ctp.Philip Fry
19th Dec 2004, 06:31 PM
We found the "trivial" thing that was missing.
A VehicleFactory has to be added to the map.
Since FCB is an indoor only map I never thought this would be the cause, but after trying out everything to make it work we figured out all it took was to add a Raptor.

This might be an interesting issue btw cause since RGB is an indoor only map too, maybe the creator ran into the same troubles. :)

The good news is, FCB-Reloaded will be ready within the next weeks I think. :)


19th Dec 2004, 07:05 PM
I believe you need to add these four lines to you ded. servers .ini.
add these lines after this line ServerPackages=XMPUI
under [Engine.GameEngine] in your .ini

anyway worked for me :)

29th Dec 2004, 02:13 PM
eeek i reckon we need a whole sub-forum for mapping don't you??

5th Jan 2005, 06:18 AM
I totally agree andrelax :). A UTXMP Mapping Forum would be great, as the Wiki so far does not contain anything useful except how to start the editor with the Mod oO.

Here s the next Problem: Getting hackable Doors to function properly.
Could we get a short Tutorial as how this works in UTXMP?
I tried to replicate it by taking a look at the ootb Maps, but i got some Problems with the Hackswitches. Only the last hacked Panel changes its Team. The other Panel does not change its Team when hacked also the Teamtrigger reacts only to the last one Hacked.
So If both Teams hack a neutral door, the first Team can t use the door when the other Team hacks the other Panel after them.

In U2XMP there was additional an Hacktrigger, but there s none in UTXMP.

A bit of advice as how to set this up correctly would be nice :).

5th Jan 2005, 06:25 AM
yup i'm looking forward to making another rubbish map for utxmp ;)
did you try just copying and pasting the whole door& switch system from the stock map? i'm all for avoiding hassle. i haven't looked into it do make sure you check that there isn't some other wacky code they're executing when a door's hacked... check the action triggers...
remember the doors are funny anyway at the moment (patch1a) - after hacking a door users have to move away and re-enter the door's trig zone to open it. FM may be updating the way it works anyway.

5th Jan 2005, 12:06 PM
IMO this maybe more a Problem with how 2k4 handels such Triggers. I made Maps for AlienSwarm (Space Hulk Missions Conversion ;)) and it was the same thing there that you had to re-enter the collision radius of the Trigger before it got triggered. Maybe it s just set so, that a Trigger is only used when someone enters its collision radius, not when he s just present in the radius. Well, i ll leave such matters to the UScript-Guys - i am just a Mapper :).

I ve yet not tried to copy a whole door as i think this will cause even more Problems - but maybe it s worth a try. Still it would be better to know how to set up such things from Scratch because i ve more Things on my mind than just hackable Doors :).

5th Jan 2005, 12:41 PM
i've more Things on my mind than just hackable Doors :).
that's exactly why copying a whole system is ok! ...i did it with teleports, turrets and stuff just to save the extra moment's work linking it all together.:)

6th Jan 2005, 09:41 AM
Copying the Doors worked less troublesome than excepted. Though after three Day of digging though actor properties i still canīt find which damn attribute or value i did nt set that my doors would nt work properly O_O.

AFAIK each door is composed of the two Movers, an XMPTeamtrigger and two XMPHackswitches. I had all those Elements and Teams, Settings, Events and Tags where setup right. Iīve done hackable Doors at U2XMP and got them working fine but at UTXMP theyīre still a riddle to me - one i would like to get solved :).

Maybe there are simply different Actors needed than the ones i used as some of them are very well hidden by FMI in the Actor Browser ^^.