View Full Version : BU Interviews: Tynan Sylvester

14th Dec 2004, 07:24 AM
BeyondUnreal sent off some questions to Tynan Sylvester, 1st place finisher in the Assault Maps category for Phase 4 of the Make Something Unreal Contest for his AS-Thrust. Here's a snip:

BU: What influences you when you sit down to design a level? For example, launching giant rockets in AS-Thrust is certainly out of the realm of the norm. Your DOM-Aphrodite has a distinct, powerful theme throughout.

TS: I just try to go for a look that I haven't seen before. I'm mostly influenced by beautiful things I see in real life. I've always enjoyed the look of space rockets. The lighting and the water were inspired by some of the sunsets I've seen at various cottages around my native Canada. The level didn't come close to the beauty of the real thing, of course, but the inspiration was there.

You can read the full interview here.