View Full Version : A bug and Problems

12th Dec 2004, 05:55 PM
Yeah very first post, first of all this is a VERY good mod and i know it is only in the beta stages and I'm a big fan of Unreal 2 weapons.

Sometimes when you want to choose a class and you respawn that menu does not go away

This may be I am a newbie but, whenever palying the ranger I can't figure out how to use the croshair to help me, whenever I shoot my weapon With the crosshair on the enemy nothing happeneds, unless the TINY dot in the center is what accautly hits the target...and the sniper is jsut as confusing

12th Dec 2004, 06:06 PM
BUG: Please read stickies and FAQ.

I agree with the sniper rifle thing. I feel the sniper rifle is sluggish and not responsive. It has a small delay then shoot when you press your fire key, unlike in u2xmp it fires immediately.