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11th Dec 2004, 05:28 PM
Everyone else has done a list, so i guess it's my turn :p I've not read all the posts here, so sorry if I cover something that someone else has mentioned

Needs more feedback when you take or recive damage. sometime getting dmg without knowing it. also hard to know how much dmg you are doing to someone. I like the sounds the shotgun makes when you hit someone, and I'd like to see the same sort of thing for all the weapons

Sound effects for the auto turrets need to be louder. I've walked past them and not known it was there until I died.

Hard to see what teams people are on as there are no player labels for your own team. I'm sure I've seen this in screen shots, so I guess it's buggy, and been left out for now

Sometimes can't see tech gas. Got killed by it with no sounds, and could not see it

I like the way it says "i've got an artifact" when you pick one up. How about having "i've dropped an artifact" work the same way?

Jumping and vehicles sometime do not use up team emergy.

Use full boost on a vehicle, press 2 to get to the gun, press 1 to drive again, and you will have full boost avalible

I've twice not been able to lock into a spawn point. Once when I first join the server, and once while I died in a jug.

On one game I changed to spectate, but it would only let me view the blue team, and did not show the name of the player i was watching

The new look raptor is lower, so you can easly get into the node room of garden, and the caves on sunset. It was posible before, but you got a lot of damage. Now you can just drive in.

If you run a listen server it will crash if you try to get into a vehicle or hack something when in spectator mode.

No warning when the time limit is running out

Players are sometimes able to move after the game has ended. You should leave this one in, as it's fun :D

Keep up the good work FMI :)

12th Dec 2004, 08:32 AM
A couple more:

When someone runs over a mine, it always says "player was killed by his own landmine"

Not showing locations on voice binds. always shows spectator instead of the current location

You can shoot your own raptor with the turret.

If you drive over a landmine in a raptor, it knocks you flying in the other direction. With the speed you end up flying across the map, it's not gonna take people long to work out an exploit using this one. e.g. raptor flying to the enemy node, or as a way of getting away with an arti