View Full Version : A few small bugs - nothing major

11th Dec 2004, 07:14 AM
First off, Great job guys. I like it in its own right, ok.. So it was never going to be U2XMP.. After all it isnít a TC.. But I think you've done a good job considering the engine differences.

Hereís a few small bugs/suggestions

* Bodies not disappearing
* Class select toggle staying on hud (I tried binding the key to 'select class' but all that does is highlights the hud display) This means I can only use the mouse wheel for weapon select and cant change positions in vehicles.
* Force wall shield too low? (Noticed one gunner rocket destroyed a force wall with full health)
* Almost impossible to get up from the caves in sunset mainly as tech, unless you can wall jump ;)
As grappling doesnít appear to be possible.
* Ammo re-supply pads donít appear to re-supply turrets
* No Sniper rifle trails? Campers paradise!
* Weapon balance seemsÖ. OffÖ.. (Although its very close) The splash on the rocket seems slightly too high and the pistol isÖ Not right. Secondary fire isnít as effective with a direct hit and has almost no re-coil.

I do like the speed of the gunnerís rockets as the gunner now has less of a disadvantage in ranged fights. They were always susceptible to campers in U2XMP.

All I can think of atm, Iíll add some more after a session tonight.