11th Dec 2004, 06:41 AM
If we can get one thread for all linux crash logs so we can give FMI a single place to look, and also if we can make this a sticky thread?

all my crash logs pertain to the following:

Suse 9.2 pro 32 bit
on an XP3000+
with 1Gb of RAM
Kernal 2.6

crash log:


personal opinion:

as a server admin and a GSP Community Liaison i have to say I'm incredibly dissapointed.
This feels much more like an alpha than any sort of beta, i feel that the beta testers have severely let FMI down badly, i get the distinct impression most of them were only on hte beta test purely for bragging rights and e-penis enlargement, to let this sort of poor out to the community is a let down.

Once again the lack of dedicated server package BEFORE client release is incredibly frustrating and annoying ( oh btw thanks for the email i was sent it was incredibly useful for me as a server admin to get an early link to an EXE file when 99% of servers are run on LINUX....... :mad: )

luckily we have a windows box at wireplay for freelancer (it cant run on linux) so i was able to install the exe on the windows box, zip the UTXMP folder and then had to transfer that across to my linux box, unzip and go from there...

if i hadnt had hte use of a windows box i would have been shafted.

crashing on map change.. from my early experience so far it only appears to happen when the server has a high player count, i was plying today on my server with another 5-6 players and map changes we're fine, its only when the server gts really full (i'm running 8v8) that it seems to just give up trying and crash.

as for all the other bugs/glitches/problems theres far too many, and I'm sure all the other threads here are covering the majority of them.

the positive:
maps are excellent, the feel is excellent, apart from some galringly annoying bugs with dodge-jumping and mantling issues the movment is spot on.

this has great potential, however i feel you have made a bad judgement call releasing this mod now in such a poor state (mainly from the serverside)

PLEASE understand how important it is to support servers FULLY and ensure that the mod can acutally RUN properly without crashing for extended periods, without servers ppl cant play, its all very well and good giving the client a 'lovely xmas present' but if the servers cant run coz of glaring issues then ppl are simply forced to play offline which sucks :(

while this post will offend some (typically fanboys) I'm hoping the FMI staff will appreciate my honesty and take on board whats been said, i was the biggest XMP nut around when the orignal came out, i had 2 servers on wireplay along with a pickup bot and 2 TeamSpeak channels for pickup games so that ppl could actually play as a TEAM and chat ask for help etc.

Im only hoping for the same great community with UTXMP.


11th Dec 2004, 08:22 AM
not been back up more than 3 hours and crashed again