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11th Dec 2004, 12:01 AM
Ok, first off... congrats to FMI. You've definately paid due homage to Legend with this release... Lincoln is more than pleased I'm sure.

With that said, here's the biggest things I've noticed in the first 20 minutes i've had with this:

1) Tech's weapon switching gets stuck in a funky rotation between all the deployables once they're all activated, I noticed this when wheel scrolling through my inventory late game. I didn't notice this in the early game when all the deployables aren't active, but its highly annoying (although forced me to quickly remember the keybinds for weapons)

2) Jumping out of vehicles, in particular the Raptor, is a suicide move. Apparently the vehicle is colliding with the player and causing a death due to momentum? I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I've always been a fan of bailing out of my raptor when driving around to hack the deploy points and generators fast. In other words, parking sucks.

3) Can you guys give the minigun turret on the juggernaut a targeting reticle or something? Its hard to tell where you're aiming at time. Aside from that, I think its a keeper on the jugg.

4) Most of the effects that i've seen so far look pretty good, granted that you don't have the same particle system, etc. I think it's been said but can you guys do something about hacking an object when you're really close to it? The effect doesn't really show up until you're a few steps away from it.

5) I miss the blue muzzle flash on the assault rifle... :( Also, are there tracers still on the bullets?

*EDIT*: I also miss the old U2 crosshairs... If its possible to bring them back, that would be awesome.

6) Could you guys talk to the ex-Legend map creators to get little backstories for the U2XMP map descriptions? That'd be an excellent touch.

7) I noticed at least one spelling/grammar goof. I don't remember where though.

8) XMP-Freefall? :-p ;)

9) Are there going to be ports of the CBP maps in future releases? I heard that they would be ported... Later releases?

10) Finally, I can't believe how much less laggy this game is. Its a little choppy on my system but that's due to my rig, not the network, since UT2004 plain is the same way

I think that's it for now... Congrats, can't wait for the next update!

Emmet Otter
11th Dec 2004, 01:19 AM
I want to add that the big cannon on top of each base on LowLands is mega weak!!! It now takes like 5 shots to destroy a tank and three to destroy a raptor. Keep it like U2XMP.

Also in Rampant, you now cant squeeze into those side windows above the garage doors to the health stations when jumping into it and ducking. This makes me think the characters are too big.

11th Dec 2004, 01:53 PM
Also, noticed this but wasn't sure if it was a bug...

On respawn the tech auto-switches to the Shotgun (weapon 2) All the other classes switch to weapon 1. In U2XMP the tech switched to the Assault Rifle.

A minor bug, but kindof annoying.