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10th Dec 2004, 05:36 PM
1: the juggernaught passenger view is off... i can hardly see like i could before.
2: the juggernaught does not flip when hit with a gunner conc nade.

3: the raptor is not as stable as in u2xmp ( it goes flying way too easily )
4: the raptor does not flip when hit with a gunner conc nade.

5: the harby does not flip when hit with a gunner conc nade.

6: the gunner's whiteout effect can be subverted half way, not goin into details, but you can make the whiteout only do a half way decent job.

edit: forgot 2 more.

6a: the blinding effect of the gass from a tech is not shown while ur in it.
6b: the blinding effect of smoke is not showin when ur in it.

edit: 2 more.

7. even if u select the class you want in the setup, you haft to set it again when u enter a game.

10th Dec 2004, 05:51 PM
I found acouple more

1.In IA(instant action) some guns aren't correctly angeled and show up sideways.
2.As I'm sure FMI has known,the bot AI needs a lil more work(Hence it's still a beta)
3.I've noticed some people can't get into a server due to either a version mismatch of a random file or it trys to download a map from that server that u already have and fails at start.

I'm sure FMI's already working on a patch or something to fix most of the problems u mentioned.

10th Dec 2004, 05:59 PM
forgot one more... the hack effect does not appear properly in first person.