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8th Dec 2004, 12:44 PM
Ok, is it just me, or is the SE, ECE thing a bit annoying? The ECE has been out for some time, and everyone should have it by now, if not, that's their choice, and they have their reasons. But my issue is making new maps that have the 'regular' vehicles, and then another 'ECE' version to include the new vehicles.

How about just using all the vehicles, including the ECE ones, like they came with the game to begin with? Don't map for the original vehicles, then go back and swap in some ECE ones. Map with all of them in mind, and leave out whichever ones you please. The vehicles do have different strengths and weaknesses, and deserve just as much planning in placement as the others.

It's one thing to make ECE versions for maps that were released before the ECE was. So how about mentioning in the description that it requires ECE, just like how the SGTech textures were used for the original UT.

It really doesn't bother me as much as it sounds, but it still bothers me. Does anyone else share similar thoughts?

8th Dec 2004, 06:25 PM
I think having ECE/non-ECE maps released simultaneously is fine, but don't give the ECE version an added "SE" unless it's needed. That SE should only be used for maps that are heavily revised/fixed some time after the original was released. That way there won't be a version conflict with the old version.

For example, my impending remake of ONS-DarkFolly will be called ONS-DarkFolly-SE-ECE. I might make an ONS-DarkFolly-SE version that would just have the original vehicles.

As for the ECE vehicles, I agree that it's only appropriate for the mapper to map with all of the intended vehicles. So if the map wasn't designed for the SPMA, it shouldn't be stuck in in (see ONS-Primieval[ECE]).