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14th Nov 2004, 12:03 AM
Just came up with this, so it might be somewhat faulty.
Anyways, the situation is this. THis would most likely work well
for PvB games, or at least this is how I intend it to be.

3 bunkers, all of them containing a computer terminal with valueble information of some kind. The team is sent out to retrieve this information from all bunkers. Each time they enter a bunker someone will have to access the computers (or the room) and stay there for ~2-3 minutes while the rest of the team will try to defend that person from the oncomming enemies.

Once the information has been extracted they will have to proceed to the next bunker and do the same thing (difficulty would be increased somehow).
And so on....watcha think ?!

Sorry for any mistakes in the writing...it's late...

14th Nov 2004, 09:59 AM
It can be done already in DA2 except the 2-3 minutes time to achieve the objective, that might be done too with a trigger event I am not sure what mappers can do.

All in all, this type of play thanks to our objective system it can be done.

15th Nov 2004, 04:45 AM
In the revised control point this is catered for, how it would work would be:

All 3 Control Points (Bunkers) would be set to neutral team.

All 3 Control Points would have a capture delay of 2-3 Minutes.

All 3 Control Points would be set to critical so upon capturing all 3, the game ends

Inside the Control Point, there would be a computer terminal somewhere which is the actual Control Point zone, and standing inside it (next to a machine) for 3 minutes, you will capture the cp, thus hacking/downloading the data.