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7th Nov 2004, 04:34 PM
I am using the D3DTNSe rendrer, and there is an option called Use16BPPTextures. Will enableing that increase graphic quality or decrease it? Also, are the S3TC textures in place of 32 bit textures?

7th Nov 2004, 05:02 PM
Use16BPPTextures => Does what it says. Uses 16 Bits Per Pixel Textures. It will probably decrease graphical quality because the highest setting is 32BPP. The s3tc feature is only supported by OpenGL renderers.

7th Nov 2004, 05:26 PM
No, S3TC is supported with the D3DTNSe rendrer, thats why it was made; to support S3TC in D3D, that and delivering four times the fps as the standard D3D rendrer. So S3TC is in place of 32bit textures, correct?

7th Nov 2004, 05:32 PM
I wasn't aware of this. Are you sure this works ? Anyway, I think the bit depth setting is only to modify the way standard textures are displayed. What the s3tc textures offer on top of standard textures is higher resolution.

7th Nov 2004, 05:41 PM
Never heard about this driver, i made some searches and did not found any technical infos on it.

Found a lot of Fearless in google in threads related to this d3d driver :)

7th Nov 2004, 08:06 PM
Yes, I am sure it, works, I have tried it on and off. It makes a huge difference. Here is a link to the rendrer:
D3DTNSeDrv.zip (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=80541)
To use **S3TC, set UseCD2Textures to true in your UnrealTournament.ini.

**You must have the S3TC textures installed for it to work.