View Full Version : A Cautionary Tale...

31st Oct 2004, 09:48 PM
A cautionary tale to those who covet betas too greatly:


Don't let this happen to you! When dealing with a near-beta-exclusion crisis, simply remember the 3 S's; Sit down, Shut up, and Spend your time doing something other than whining about not getting into said beta.

This message was brought to you by Players Against Whiners Who Cry About Not Getting Into UTXMP's Beta. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

31st Oct 2004, 11:50 PM
wow they were pwnt

1st Nov 2004, 08:16 AM
That will never happen to UTXMP. We have CD-key based security meaning that you'd have to sell your UT2004 CD key too in order to have a working beta account.

1st Nov 2004, 09:32 AM
they could wait for euro beta :/

1st Nov 2004, 10:31 AM
Raptor, my point is simply that good things come to those who wait, and those who cannot seem to muster the necessary amount of patience will be inadvertantly pwnt by karma, in one form or another.

1st Nov 2004, 03:10 PM
pwnt and karma in the same sentance, first time i saw that ~_~

but yeah, waiting is good ^^

1st Nov 2004, 03:18 PM
I'm willing to wait...........what other choice do I have..........:)