View Full Version : Is there a patch or what?

12th Apr 2000, 09:21 AM
After installing that 413 UT patch, i javent been able to play UT because it wont recognize the UT.exe file as a valid win 32 application. I've been waiting this WHOLE time (since the 413 patch came out) for another patch to come out so i can play UT. I downloaded some pretty good maps and want to try them out, heh... So, Is there one coming out or am I in for a VERY long wait?

-=Peace Out.Jigga.=-

12th Apr 2000, 09:23 AM
Have you tried going back to 4.05 yet? That might help out the situation. And I haven't seen anything on the next patch yet. I'm guessing it will be a little while yet.

el Gato
12th Apr 2000, 10:21 AM
Hit the Forum Search. It's been said before.

(I'd help otherwise, but I can't remember the verbage exactly...)

Good Luck!