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12th Oct 2004, 01:10 PM

Can ut2vote load extra mutators / serverpackages as well as apply any additional (or temporarily override the gametype's default options) based on the map selected?

I'm keen to setup an assault server hosting the maps that made it to the MSUC 4th round final whatever its called (http://www.unrealtournament.com/news/view.php?id=2219), but some of those buggers require additional serverpackages to be loaded, or have different player loads / round time limits.

I went thru the help file but it doesnt appear possible at the moment - or if it is, then please let me know.

If not, I think that if the [UT2Vote47.UT2Vote_MapCheck] section was modified slightly, it could perform this task quite well.

i.e. modified from:


What do you think? Crap idea or SuperFantasticIdea! ??


12th Oct 2004, 02:14 PM
If you set UseMapList=True in the GameString then you can add ?Mutator= as well as ?Commands= next to the maps in the MapList.

There are 2 rules you need to abide by when doing this.
1. Mutators MUST go before commands.
For instance
Map=DM-Whatever?Mutator=MyMut.MyMut?Translocator=true (that will work fine)
Map=DM-Whatever?Translocator=True?Mutator=MyMut.MyMut (the mutator will still be loaded but the command will be dumped)
2. If any one map has a command, then ALL maps in that MapList must have that command, whether its True or False.

14th Oct 2004, 01:25 AM
how would i write mutators to always be on for certain game types
i've read over the how to file a few times and i still feel a bit lost
and when i add mutators do i have to add them to ut2vote.ut2votemutators as well as to the serverpackages= in the server's ini file?
sorry for the simplistic questions i'm really really new to all of this and i'd like to get it going with a bunch of mutators but i feel a bit in the dark being that everything said everywhere seems to be too techy for my mind
kinda confused on how to make a votepackage too
any assistance given is gladly appreciated
email me if you can nick@remijdio.com

14th Oct 2004, 11:56 AM
Hi, ok if you want the Mutator to always be "on" in any particular Game then add it to the GameType string:
GameType=(GameName="DeathMatch",... blah blah blah, Mutators="JumpAnywhere.MutJumpAnywhere"

You dont need to add it to the [UT2Vote47.UT2VoteMutators] as well as this section is ONLY if you want the Mutator to be votable to the players or available for a ClanMatch.
And while we are here, the ,Vote= at the end of the line is for internal use by UT2Vote only.

Any Mutator that need a ServerPackages= should go in the:

14th Oct 2004, 01:04 PM
you're few lines cleared up a lot of lose ends the the little tutorial sort of thing left behind
thank you so much!!!