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11th Oct 2004, 10:46 PM

Hello EveryOne,

Can someone rig a model for me? I have made a model and skinned it. But I am just beginning to do skeletal animation and i realize it could take months for me to animate it my self.

I tried a tutorial on using psk/psa files and applying them to my mesh but get really frustrated with it cause i only have max 3.

I am a skilled object modeler/mapper and skinner. And would be willing to make Anybody anything that they need in return for setting up my mesh for ut2003/RavenSheild. I would make it complete with skins for you and in any 3d format u would need. (td3,ase,TD3"Map", lightwave ect..)

I would also like it to work in Raven Sheild if that is not to much trouble.

If anyone is interested please Contact.

Boyd "Gen-o-zide" Costigan



Thank You.