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11th Oct 2004, 03:49 PM
Hello, Eon-team!

Congrats' for a visually striking mod! It somehow reminds me of an epic tale from an unknown Final Fantasy game (if it weren't for the fact that it's MP only).

And this brings me to my question:

Will there eventually be a fully fledged singleplayer campaign?

Since this is a multiplayer-mod for UT2004, I feel that the FULL potential for this universe and the fantastic artwork is not fully realized. Just imagine how well a fully-fledged story campaign would benefit this beautiful universe... Oh man! That would be just epic! :notworthy:

With this just being a MP-driven slaugther-fest, I fear that the sublime and simply fantastic artwork and models will be a bit wasted. I mean, those models are just there to be blown up! A mod of this beauty deserves some slower pacing in its gameplay, rather than a chaotic and frentic killer-fest. It's not easy to appreciate the splendour that is all around you, while you risk being chopped to peaces at any moment... :lol:

Just a suggestion...

With regards (and reverence), The Reverencer

13th Oct 2004, 04:44 PM
Slow + nice graphics = sweet!
Quick + bad graphics = kickass!
quick + nice graphics = ****ING RAD DUDE! EXCELLENT!

in the near future? I don't even think we'll see a fully proper multiplayer in the near future :D

Up the speed(you're planning to do this last i heard[not just running speed but SOMETHING ELSE! :D]) and keep the artwork quality limit where it is, it's so high it's nuts(as in excellent!) :D

And IMO, MP > SP (lasts longer and is more fun in general :D)

13th Oct 2004, 05:21 PM
Reverent: I couldn't agree more. The battlefield experience we're introducing here is just one facet of what we would like to present when we develop Eon commercially. As a UT2K4 modification/proof-of-concept demo (especially one with such limited man-power) we can only afford to focus on one kind of gameplay.

There are some pretty deep issues that the Eon universe struggles with that simply can't be conveyed through combat, no matter how artfully rendered. When you see Eon in its final form, the core of the game will be the multiplayer campaigns (with pitch and speed varying between slow and methodical to Metal Slug on crack), with a significant part of the game left to single player/cooperative modules - some sandbox style with variable attributes and some linear, story-driven events.

Of course, Eon is the final chapter in the history of this universe. It's the end. We're starting with the last chapter and over time, through subsequent games, we'll be filling in the rest of the history of the universe chapter by chapter.