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5th Oct 2004, 12:05 PM
I have to e-mail my server host and have them change my commandline to include the ?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX parameter.

However, I just had them add -mod=Deathball, what is the correct commandline to get both of these things going?

ucc server -mod=Deathball?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX


As of right now, my server is running Deathball fine. Like I said, I'm trying to add UT2Vote47. I need to know what I the commandline needs to be to launch the Deathball mod with the UT2Vote47 mutator.

I've copied the GameType line from the sticky thread, and added the other DummyMut line.

Here's what I have for GameTypes:

GameType=(GameName="DeathBall",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=0,MapLimits=0,ServerName="Alliance Deathball v2.2",UseMapList=True,DefaultMap="DB-SmallCube",MapPrefix="DB",GameClass="deathball.DB_DeathBall",Mutators="DummyMut.DummyMutA",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=0?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=0?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=10?Translocator=False?W eaponStay=True?BalanceTeams=True?ForceRespawn=False?PlayersMustBeReady=True?Tournament=0?GamePasswor d=?GameStats=True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0.00?NoOverTime=False?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?Difficulty=5")

And for UT2VotePackages:


I also have a couple of questions regarding some ? parameters on the GameType line. What do the following parameters do:


Is there anything else I should know other than to add those lines to my UT2Vote.ini, change my command line, add the ServerPackages=UT2Vote47 to my ut2004.ini under [Engine.GameEngine], and upload the files the the UT2004\System directory?

Thanks for any help!

5th Oct 2004, 01:41 PM
I figure out what all those parameters were, but I still need help with my command line...

Not sure how to tell them it should be...

Every time I search, it's being run wth ucc map?Game=gametype?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX

How do you launch the mutator when using the -mod=mod switch?

Do I have to add a ton of entries into my ut2004.ini to make Deathball startable with the ?Game switch?

5th Oct 2004, 01:45 PM
After reading some more, here is my proposed command line, can I please get some feedback because it isn't changeable 24 hours a day and I have to have the request in soon or it will be tomorrow before it's done.

ucc server ?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX -mod=Deathball


5th Oct 2004, 03:08 PM
After reading some more, here is my proposed command line, can I please get some feedback because it isn't changeable 24 hours a day and I have to have the request in soon or it will be tomorrow before it's done.

ucc server ?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX -mod=Deathball


GameType=(GameName="DeathBall Reg 2.2 Final",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=0,MapLimits=0,ServerName="BuD2k4 DeathBall 2.2 Final - UT2Vote",UseMapList=True,DefaultMap="DB-Cube",MapPrefix="DB",GameClass="deathball.DB_DeathBall",Mutators="DummyMut.DummyMutA",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=11?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=0?MaxPlayers=12?MaxSpectators=4?Translocator=False? WeaponStay=True?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=False?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Tournament=0?GamePass word=?GameStats=True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0.00?NoOverTime=False?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?Difficulty=5")


Get deathball here: http://deathball.net

ucc server DB-Cube?game=deathball.DB_DeathBall?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX? -log=server.log copy server.log servercrash.log

5th Oct 2004, 03:09 PM
DeathBall is Imaginos's pet but I would strongly suggest you do not use the -mod option as it screws everything up real bad.

ucc server DB-Cube?Game=DeathBall.DB_DeathBall?Mutator=UT2Vote47.UT2VoteX

5th Oct 2004, 03:14 PM
What modifications do I have to make to my UT2004.ini for that ?Game=Deathball.DB_Deathball to work? Any?

5th Oct 2004, 04:34 PM
Hi FL, I'm still trying to IM you. If you are at work w/o access to an IM client, you can try http://webmessenger.msn.com

As ProAsm said, I too DO NOT recommend using the -mod switch as it takes away your ability to run multiple mods. To get around this, install the deathball mod to the server just as TeamVortex suggests: to its own Deathball directory in the ../ut2004 folder.

Next, we would have to modify your existing ut2004.ini to include the deathball paths. If you think there's a possibility of running multi-mod, we will need to order the path statements to give the stock ut2004 directories precedence. If you are 100% certain you won't want to run any other gametype than Deathball, then the deathball paths will be first in the lookup order. This is important because some mods make the mistake of altering a copy of a stock texture such as the 2K4Menus.utx file, which would need to have its packageflags altered to make your server 100% multimod compatable with deathball on it.
Here's some of the changes I have in my own ut2004.ini:
In my snippet, I run my server in multimod config - all mods being controlled by the root ut2004.ini and ut2vote. I'll go into more detail once you contact me.

Also, you're in the same boat I am with limited commandline access. I would suggest you employ a neat little serverside mutator that ProAsm developed to partially circumvent that so you can run a warmstart commandline of your choosing. I'll help you with that if you're interested and can get back to me quickly - before your ISP's support goes home for the night.. ha!