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27th Oct 2000, 03:24 PM
Hey people!

Without any one guiding force, we'll be introducing a lot of different ideas, concepts, etc. that we might not all necessarily be familiar with... rather than break the flow of the postings, or act out of character (OC), why not post it here? If a concept can't really be conveniently explained or introduced in a post, then post it here... in some cases (EG: character history, or Dudester's gem) it would be better to post in the realm thread... in here is the etherealm thread, i guess =)

A one-quarter were-beast, resulting from the mating of a werebeast and a normal animal of the same type. For example, a WeirdWolf would be the result of a werewolf in wolf form mating with a regular wolf. Weirdlings do not possess the abilty to change form... they remain in a primarily animal form, though they tend to have longer fore limbs and stand hunched over, moving on four limbs. Weirdbeasts exist in all manner of animals, although primarily in Wolves, foxes, coyotes, wildboars, rats, bears, and great cats. Much more rare are Falcons and Snakes; WeirdSnakes are particularly dangerous fighters, able to wield four weapons and spit venom. Weirdlings are Vulnerable to weapons made of metal and magic spells, as well as attacks made by other supernatural creatures.

Screelings (Book Two of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind)
A type of undead demon. They are squat, hunched over, demons with long, wicked claws instead of fingers on each hand (a rare and exceedingly difficult weapon to wield is a gauntlet with screeling claws attached). A screeling is an artificial undead, constructed from the remains of a lesser demon; it's burning red eyes are the only hint of 'life' on it's blackened, rotting body. Screelings have a supernatural speed and strength, and can scale sheer surfaces and ceilings. When hunting, the screeling laughs incessantly, even if being hacked to pieces. Screelings are unaffected by most magical attacks; setting one on fire only makes it more deadly. It also views magical spells on a different level than mortals, and is able to slash away at restrictive spells placed on it. Weapons of any sort will damage it's body, though blunt and axes are most effective. A screeling's weakness is its vision. The underworld assassin can easily perceive things which are standing still, and things which are moving quickly. Anything moving with a slow, constant speed becomes invisible to the screeling, causing it's laughter to halt momentarily as it becomes confused. Unfortunately, screelings learn quickly to rely on other senses, and will eventually learn to estimate the location of walking beings.

27th Oct 2000, 03:29 PM
Huh?? What are you talking about?

27th Oct 2000, 03:49 PM
Ahh...this is nice...I get to explain things...

As I already explained in my last post to the story, the
gem I have is an elemental cyst.
Such objects are capable of absorbing pure elemental flows - like Earth, Fire, Water, Pain, Love, Boredom, Fluffiness - and then releasing them at a later date. If a cyst is full of a pure elemental then its form reflects the element contained. Currently, my gem contains the injury + pain I would have otherwise died from...
There is a slight "leaking" of the element from the gem over time - this manifests itself in the nature of the light emitted from the cyst - in the case of contained pain, the light has an unsettling feel, and causes pain on contact with the skin.

Also, a little on daemons:

Elementals in general are living forms consisting of a single element - Water, Earth, Fire and Air elementals are familiar from RPGs, also Earth elementals can be regarded as rock monsters etc...
Daemons are elementals formed from unpleasant psychic or physical elements - Pain, Hate, Despair, Injury.
Angels are elementals formed from nice elements - Love, Joy, Inspiration.
All elementals can be contained within an elemental cyst - although in this case, the light emitted does *not* take on the characteristics of the contained elements (elementals are either in or out - they can't slowly leak out...).
A strong elemental trapped in a cyst will slowly bias the cyst into accepting its type of element more readily than any other...

And a little on Du-de-es-ta.
Although his family were reknowned healers, Du-de-es-ta was much more interested in exploration. After achieving adulthood, he left his family home (after a big argument) and travelled across the entire world, often getting embroiled in adventures + such like.
Like all members of his family, he is a skilled mage, although nowhere near as powerful as his sister...his skills also lie in a broader range than those of his family and encompass some slightly dubious applications (a smattering of necromantic knowledge is amongst his skills).
His weapons are a pair of matched daggers, weighted for throwing and silver-tipped for dealing with ethereal creatures, and a manrikigusari (a Japanese weapon in our world, consisting of a 6 foot chain, with weights at each end. Usually one end is whirled around and used to entangle or strike an opponent...)

Thank you for listening...

27th Oct 2000, 04:56 PM
Last note (I promise!!) for a while....

YOu would only use an elemental cyst to contain an elemental you couldn't control by any other means -
essentially the elemental is useless while trapped, so if you had another way of controlling it while leaving it
free to move about you would use it...
Given that the person/being responsible for all this evil must be *very* powerful, what does this say about how
powerful the daemon he kept in the cyst gem is?

lastly, elementals (inc daemons and angels) are able to shift form as they are not really solid at all
they can even possess living things for a while, although prolonged possession will eventually kill the host.
Powerful elementals can even possess multiple hosts - although this may limit their fine control somewhat...

27th Oct 2000, 05:57 PM
/me is confused and scared now ;)

27th Oct 2000, 06:00 PM
Good ...so you should be :)

27th Oct 2000, 06:33 PM
ok, for those of you who wandered in here and couldn't figure it out, this thread has to do with "Chronicles of the Unrealm, a PuF RPG story".

Whereas there are threads devoted to talking about phaser specifics, or the lorg or whatever, here we are talking about stuff in our realm =)

Just a thought: let's not do anything so drastic to the world that it interferes with everyone else's conception of the world/can't be easily worked around.

For example: Mana based magic versus memorized spells (ala AD&D). Rather than apply it universally, let it work differently by player, and let it be explained as regional or academic differences.

But what do i know. Maybe my character has a thermal detonator (jk)

27th Oct 2000, 07:05 PM
Last thing I want to do is interfere with anyone elses ideas...however I think (hope) what I've posted so far doesn't do that...(if anyone has any problems with it, please tell me...)

(Thermal detonator? My character has an A-bomb in the heel of his shoe ;) )

27th Oct 2000, 08:10 PM
ah...very nice this thread is here, cuz i didn't want to interrupt the original one. i just wanted to say i really like what i'm reading so far. great stuff people! keep it up. http://forums.planetunreal.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

28th Oct 2000, 12:57 AM
C'mon, gramps, join the RPG thread!

All right, guess I'll say a couple things I've imagined ;)about Chun-Li:

Chun-Li is an extremely gifted and powerful healer who can heal virtually any illnesses or injuries (even amputations), except those of a highly exceptional and supernatural kind, such as being injured by a rune weapon more than 5,000 years old. She can even resurrect the dead, though only within one day of their death (longer than which their residual life-force will have dissipated beyond all retrieval), and only three times a day. Also she can't resurrect those who have died of old age (and therefore completed their natural term of life). Such limitations aside, though, her powers of resurrection are still formidable: a man can be reduced to ashes and she will still be able to bring him back to life with a mere wave of her hand.

Chun-Li also has limited knowledge of combat magic -- she can create a 6-foot-radius shield around herself, though all it does is cushion physical blows a little so they cause less damage, and it drains her mana quickly. She can fire energy balls with the impact force of a large warhammer, though they can't fly more than 18 feet before dissipating and she can cast them only seven times a day.

Finally, Chun-Li is also a skilled martial artist with extremely fast and powerful kicks. When powerred-up with her mana, her Thousand-Burst-Kick can kick a hole through a stone wall. But her melee weapon of choice is a pair of long silk sashes with 12-foot range which she employs with great skill as a pair of whips. She can use them to snare others also, though only with the help of mana.

Okay, maybe I'll say a couple things about the Eye(s) of The Golden Dragon in future... :)

Wolf Blackstar
28th Oct 2000, 02:36 AM
Wolfram is a powerful warrior who has suffered the loss of his memories. Though he believes himself to be a soldier from the Norsayr Moren, a seafaring race of skilled warriors who inhabit the northern regions of the Unrealm(think of them as a combination of Scottish higlanders and Vikings), his spirit is actually that of an ancient general who led the 7th Talon, the finest group of knights fielded by the equally ancient Empire of the Iron Eagle(more on this to come later). Fortunately, Wolfram's memory loss has not affected the primal instincts or the skills of battle.

Wolfram's skill with any sword and shield combination borders on the superhuman. Nearly equally impressive is his ability to use axes. He can dual wield, but only with one-handed weapons. Ranged weapons are practically useless with Wolfram. Though possessed of strength well above average, Wolfram's primary skills lie in his devastating speed and the placement of his strikes. He employs incredibly fast spinning and leaping attacks, dealing tremendous damage due to centrifugal force generated in these attacks. Multiple-hit combinations are his specialty, including a deadly yet beautiful attack that lands 10-15 consecutive crushing blows which can be used three times a day, and Blood Rage, an ability that can be used only once a day where he goes into a berserker state that augments his strength and speed and makes him almost completely impervious to physical pain. This ability lasts for about 10 minutes, or wears off after all enemies around him are slain, which is the usual outcome of using it.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)


28th Oct 2000, 07:41 AM
Jing is a Vampire Hunter who wanders the Unrealm, and has wandered the Unrealm, for countless years. His home of birth was destroyed at least over 500 years ago... it is believed that Jing is far older than that.

As a Wampyr, Jing is only half human - the child born from a Vampire Father and a Human Mother. He possesses varying characteristics of either. In general, Wampyrs are immune to the effects of sunlight, fire (unless it is magical, or they have been staked), and holy symbols. Wampyrs are vulnerable to weapons of metal (including silver), and running water (relatively still bodies of water are painful, but not lethal). Wampyrs are vulernable only to wooden stakes in hearts, which incapicitates them. The attacks of other supernatural creatures and magic are also injurious, and sometimes lethal. Much like Vampires, Wampyrs can gain tremendously in power through age; However, only one Wampyr is known by legend to have lived so long - the Son of Dracula, Alucard. A Wampyr as old as that could conceivably have differing degrees of vulnerability, to say nothing of his heritage.

The average Wampyr is 10 times stronger and faster than the average man... the average Vampire is twice as strong and fast as a Wampyr. Wampyrs possess the same incredible powers of regeneration as vampires, as well as the thirst for blood. Their human side allows them to resist 'bloodlust' much better than Vampires, and reduces their need for blood. Animal blood may be substituted, however, the closer an animal is to being human, the better it 'tastes'; a chimpanzee's blood would be bland, but filling. The blood of a deer would likely cause retching. If great feats of regeneration are performed, the need for blood is greater, and the ability to control bloodlust is severely impaired.

So far, Jing has demonstrated himself to be proficient in the use of sigil magic which often requires lengthy and complicated runes to be traced, either physically in a medium, or in mana in the air. These require intense concentration, and some expenditure of mana. Quite likely Jing has inherited powers of Telekinesis and Compulsion, which Vampires possess.

Sinistre (latin for 'left' i believe) is a spirit-familiar... however, due to a mis-pronunciation, the master librarian casting the spell did more than bind the familiar to Jing on a psychic level - the Familiar became permamnently bound to Jing's left hand. Sinistre is intelligent, sentient, and can cast some minor spells of it's own. It can draw in massive amount of air (like a great vacuum), eat dirt (both of which aid in healing), and act independently when the need arises. It Jing is incapacitated, it can take limited steps to revive him.

(More on this character as you find out more about him; I will mention that he is a blend of 'Vampire Hunter D', 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night', and Rifts rpg)

Killing a Vampire
this is all taken from an rpg is used to GM (Rifts)...
Running water - water in motion (river, squirt gun; not a pool, bathtub, or lake)

Wooden (or silver) stake - lodged in the heart, which incapacitates a vampire (as long as it remains in the heart). The vampire must then be beheaded, and burned. Beating or injurying a vampire excessively with weapons of wood or silver will also incapacitate them, but for only a short amount of time.

Excessive supernatural/magic/holy damage - kills a vampire as running water does

Sunlight - kills a vampire

29th Oct 2000, 04:13 PM
I'm of the old school D&D. I grew up playing the first "set" of modules that TSR released. All the old great ones:

Vault of the Drow
Caverns of the Frost Giant Jarl

and my favorite is the one I'm basing my character from. I can't remember it's name...HELP ME REMEMBER THE DAMN NAME! :) It was based on a mysterious "space vessel" that had crashed into the mountain side and was now over-run with Monsters. The cool part about it was fighting demons, trolls and elementels among high technology. The ship was far more massive than any D&D era dungeon...(think larger than the NG Star Trek Enterprise ship).

I also threw in a few references to the great H.P. Lovecraft horror/fantasy series just for fun.

30th Oct 2000, 07:33 AM
OK, so where's the website? You know what I mean. :)

30th Oct 2000, 08:49 AM

30th Oct 2000, 09:22 AM
hal, Eternaty had a notes page as well as the main story and then Elrod made up a website for it. Since this has a "notes" thread alongside the main story, then it should have a website as well. Well, it's up to you RPG'er's I suppose.

Wolf Blackstar
30th Oct 2000, 03:40 PM
A website? Maybe.

For now, I want to concentrate on injecting some back story into the posts. Expect a massive update soon, but for now I have to go study for midterms. :(

One last thing.

Cammy's posts advocate Chun-Li as a follower of Kuan Ying, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. The last post chronicled her unsuccessful attempt to gain support for our heroes from other gods. This is all well and good, but - The Unrealm is a land of fantasy, and all "real" conventional standards should be kept to a minimum. I'd like to see some creativity in all fields, so that includes whatever god/esses the characters serve. I'm not browbeating anyone for this, but I think it'd be cool if we tried.

30th Oct 2000, 07:39 PM

Yes, sir, fearless leader!

Working on that now - problem is that I really need another character if I want be have more creativity....

Cammy - do you mind taking Du-de-es-ta off of my hands? (Not that I mind keeping him, but Cammy has more of the back story for the Chun-Li/Du-de-es-ta family worked out I think...)

30th Oct 2000, 10:49 PM
Tell me more about what you had in mind, Wolf. When you said RPG, I immediately thought "text RPG...mmm...D&D type thing". The main difference being that there is no DM.

You sort of created the world...explain it a little.

31st Oct 2000, 03:48 AM
Good point hal -
we all need *some* kind of common reference for this thread, otherwise things aren't going to gel

(I know, everyone should be being creative, but sometimes you need to set (minimal) limits on the creative process so that everything can fit together...) :)

Wolf - its your baby, how about some theme or something?

31st Oct 2000, 04:37 AM
well, i left for a few days and look what happened. that thread is huge!

we have a pretty godly group here, what kind of conflict will be large enough to combat? i am just worried, i mean conflict is what drives a good story, and with a chick who can heal anything and raise the dead, a warrior who is unstoppable and can go beserker once a day and bloodrage 3 times a day, 10 of these cyst things between us, and the support of at least one goddess there isn't really anything i can forsee that will stop us. but anyways, lol

Natalya- actually was brought up in the courts of some country (i don't remember if we have any countries in the world, so i will let you guys decide. make it one with a nice big forest and some snow at least ;)) she wasn't a queen or anything, but she did hold some power, enough that she had obligations and stuff she didn't want at least. basically she is a female version of Silk from the Belgariad, although a lot more attractive. good with daggers, or a rapier if she has one around. she doesn't carry a sword or anything it for the sake of agility and stealth, only what she can carry on her person. sneaky, witty, crafty, blah blah, you all know what she is like. she is a stereotypical fantasy character ;) sorry for the lack of creativity, i just had david eddings on the mind when i saw the thread......

31st Oct 2000, 06:38 AM
The Unrealm is a land of fantasy, and all "real" conventional standards should be kept to a minimum. I'd like to see some creativity in all fields, so that includes whatever god/esses the characters serve.

Wolf, call me dumb :), but I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean that it would be better if we don't bring in gods and goddesses from the mythologies of the 'real' world, but instead use our 'creativity' to come up with, to invent various new gods? Or do you mean that you would prefer we let the story be limited to the 'mortal' world and leave out the gods (who might possibly become too much of a good thing and therefore ruin the story) so that our heroes will have to exercise all the 'creativity' they have to handle various situations? Please enlighten me, Master Wolf. Thank you. :)

Cammy - do you mind taking Du-de-es-ta off of my hands?

That's perfectly fine with me, though honestly speaking I don't really like the idea of each character being exclusively controlled by one contributor (usually the creator) in a written RPG of this nature. I far prefer a more 'open' approach whereby anyone can use and develop upon anyone else's character in advancing the story (provided, of course, that the character is not distorted too far out of character without a good reason). That is in fact part of the fun of a written RPG -- to see what someone else will add to your character. I'm sure you've been quite pleasantly surprised to find that I've decided to make Du-de-es-ta Chun-Li's brother. :) And I'm sure Wolf wouldn't mind either if I gave his character a soft, tender side. ;)

Ah, well, guess I'll talk about the Eye(s) of The Golden Dragon in a future post. For now, Wolf and WAnk, don't forget that Wolfram's in love with Chun-Li and Natalya has fallen for Du-de-es-ta, okay? :D

31st Oct 2000, 08:21 AM
Finally I know what some people here think about the Eternaty! I don't get your thread ;)
It's a nice piece of witing, so have fun with it, but I will stick to the Eternaty.

btw, I don't want to start a war which thread is better; they are too diferent for that.

31st Oct 2000, 09:12 AM
Re: WAnk's comment...

I was thinking about this too - at least 2 of our characters are godlike in their area (Wolfram and Chun-Li), and Jing isn't far off... what exactly can challenge this team?
Not that I have a problem with the characters themselves, I suppose I am just being finicky about play balance :)

Also, I'm slightly uneasy about this large number of elemental cysts which have appeared - they are supposed to be *rare* :) (and also, though I didn't mention this, so I can't complain, I was intending my "charged" elemental cyst to act as a get-out clause if I was attacked -> discharging the pain and injury contained within onto my attacker). ho hum, eh?

As for the other stuff... Cammy, I understand the sharing characters point of view, and I certainly don't mind you doing this with my characters (as long as their motivations/personalities aren't changed too much). However, I don't have enough confidence in my own abilities as a writer to do the same with other people's (this is why I avoided posting much in the ensemble pieces...).
Each to their own I suppose...

Ohhh...an idea... can I create + control the evil overlord responsible for all this nasty stuff going on -> we need a good adversary :)

Re: website,
I am prepared to work on this and put it up in my webspace (Tripod)... if everyone else agrees. If you want anything putting up, either post it here, or email me.

31st Oct 2000, 09:27 AM
Re: website,
I am prepared to work on this and put it up in my webspace (Tripod)... if everyone else agrees. If you want anything putting up, either post it here, or email me.

Vortex you m0! Why did you give them the idea of having a website too? Look at my sig!! :(

31st Oct 2000, 09:37 AM
Hearing 8-4-7-2 call him a m0, Vortex runs towards 8-4-7-2 picking up helpless Llama which he proceeds to beat 8-4-7-2 around the head with, before finishing him off with a solar beam to wherever his species keep their reproductive organs.

OK then, maybe u shouldn't create a website.

Wolf Blackstar
31st Oct 2000, 11:39 AM
You know, you're right - we need some real evil characters to balance things out.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)


31st Oct 2000, 12:12 PM
Hello people :D

I'm just tidying up some more stuff which I'll then post after this god dialogue thing has finished (don't want to break up the story flow by posting something else thats happening in the middle of a conversation)

The way my character (called Asteph'theroc Draco) is developing at the moment he's one of a couple of options ..... not sure which one yet (it all depends on how the story turns out :D).

As you've probably picked up from my first post he's the remaining survivor of an ancient advanced race. He's pretty damn powerful (hey he's just decimated a village on his own) and wracked with inner torments over what he has to do to accomplish his mission.
These are the known facts about Asteph'theroc Draco

1) The rest of his race (and his soulmate Llaeresil) sacrificed themselves to preserve the world (and all it's creatures ... even those primative ape things that eventually evolved into man) from a great evil. Somehow he survived (either intentionally or unintentionally .. not sure yet). Whatever they attempted to do in the last great battle either went horribly wrong, or worked partially but with dire consequences (thats why there isn't any of his race left :().

2) This evil has returned (and no it's not LK :D, though Khaine is a focal point for the cataclysmic events that will soon be occuring).

3) Has a deep residing respect and love for all living things ...though this will not stop him doing (what he sees) as neccessary (see point 4)

4) Utterly ruthless towards completing his mission (see below). Whilst he may hate himself for the horrors he may inflict on others (though he never harms/kills uneccessarily) he will carry on, and may do them again if it will enable him to successfully complete his mission.

5) The only knowledge that humans/demihumans/etc have about his race are incomplete unaccurate myths/legends (portraying them as evil beings of great power), partially due to the efforts of the "great evil" that has being removing all traces of there histroy or grossly distorting it over the last couple millenia.
Needless to say this will make my characters meetings with the others rather amusing, as if they have heard of my characters race (which is highly unlikely), or even recognise him for what he is (even more unlikely), they will probably attempt to attack (very silly thing to do :D) before attempting dialogue.

Mission (1= Highest priority - takes precedance over 2,3 etc)

1) Prevent the evil from returning

2) Destroy the evil if the above fails (which will be pretty damn hard as it took all the members of his race last time).

3) "Rescue" his people. Now this "rescue" is entirely subjective to how they sacrificed themselves last time. If what they did cost them their lives, it's going to involve a hell of a lot of resurrecting of people dead over several millenia ago. Which will be hard.
If however they are not dead, but stuck in some wierd other dimension since the great battle, the "rescue" means freeing them from there captor (probably the same "great evil"), whose been torturing them over the last couple of millenia. Which will also be damn hard to do.
I prefer the latter :D, though this would never happen until we're almost at the end of the story (and after a few quests to get obscure/unique items from heavily guarded/trapped treasure hordes/strongrooms that will be needed to attempt to free his people).

Now for how he fits into the story.

1) The other characters mistake (or is it a mistake?) him for the "great evil" and spend their time chasing him/attempting to kill him for quite a while, thus allowing this "great evil" to strengthen its hold on the world, before they realise there mistake. As my character will at first appear to be completely amoral/cruel/murderous/evil (apart from his inner monologue and the fact he weeps each time he takes a life) towards people who interfere with his mission this will be quite an easy mistake to make (as none of the other characters can read an "inner monologue", unless they happen to be mind readers :D)

2) He recognises some (or maybe all) of that group have powers, or are powers, that will be needed to turn the fight against the "great evil" and either aids them surreptiously or gives them utter hell in the believe that "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger" and that they need to be toughened for the upcoming apocalypse (this will also make the above paragraph slightly more belivable :D)

3) Ummmm ..... I'm out of ideas ... anyone got any other alternatives? ;)

If you're looking for a comparasion in modern fantasy literature, Asteph'theroc Draco is a cross between
1) Tomas the Valheru (see Raymond Feists "Magician")
2) Kevin Landwaster (see Stephen Donaldsons "The chronicles of Thomas Covenant")
3) Rand Al'Thor (see Robert Jordans "The Wheel of Time" - more the later books though)
4) Ineluki the Storm King (see Tad Williams's "Dragonbone Chair", "Stone of Farewell" and "To Green Angel Tower"

but a lot more ruthless and single minded towards completing his mission.

Anyway post away people and tell me what you think.

1st Nov 2000, 03:11 AM
I want to start by reminding everyone this is all In My MOST humble opinion.

Re: Cammy's response on character development and WAnk's Thoughts on Godlyism

Actually, these two topics are what bothered me the most recently (i haven't kept up past few days, midterms and work=P)

I used to be a Game Master for Rifts rpg by Palladium. It was great...Magic Psionics, Tech, and so on... the veriety of available races and 'classes' and spells and locales and so forth was absolutely astounding. And I'm rather used to playing/running a group of 'High level' World-Savers. In my previous campaign, all the characters were descendents travelling through different dimensions Seeking certain crystals (blah blah). Case in point, One of the Characters was an Adult dragon (he started as a baby though). He had something on the order of 6000 MDC (with 1 Mega Damage Capacity point being roughly equivalent to 1000 Hit Points).

So you can see, our games tended to get a little carried away with city-leveling power. And perhaps in that aspect, Jing-Alucard is a little too powerful. He basically has a lot of unlimited power, and no vulnerabilities (granted he's more or less modeled from the Anime Vampire Hunter D...). That was a mistake on my part, and I was planning for a way to gracefully retire him.

Which brings me to the other point. At least three of us are trying to take this story in conceivably different directions, though we intend to arrive at the same destinations. I had originally intended for the Lich to be an extremely powerful main nemesis who intended to retrieve the eyes of the Dragon to replace his own eyes...and become godlike in doing so. However, that idea was rather off handedly dashed by the High Priestess. C'est la vie.

Chun-Li, I think, Is quite possibly the most all powerful character in the group. Able to raise the dead within a day (actually, this is irrelevant as i doubt any of us were seriously going to write ourselves dying and just kinda hope someone could do something) and heal life threatening wounds with a snap, while possessing martial fighting ability... in (apparent) constant contact with an all-powerful and all-knowing deity... and possessing a gem which can obliterate all evil within a 1000 foot radius. And she's sexy. The people in my old game would have slapped each other around for a character like that (and actually, it would have been fun to watch that =)

Again, I have no problems with super-powerful characters (did I mention one of my players collected all of Osirus' body parts, and upon dying became the Ressurection of Osirus? Of course, he had to give up that character at that point...) but it seems to me that the rest of us become superfluous...as do any evil. =/

My biggest problem, however, is this... I don't really believe in putting words in other people's mouths, so to speak (no pun...). I'm uncomfortable with doing so, because each of us perceives our own character in a certain way, and as having a certain personality. I perceived Alucard/Jing as an Upper class, noble...silent, serious, almost emotionless...the son of dracula...dead set on destroying evil. But Wolfr4m had him cracking a joke... (also, I hadn't intended the healer to live, but he didn't really matter one way or the other) which to me is out of character. <shrug> IMHO, only the creator knows best how to role-play his own character... I don't really have any of the other characters saying or doing anything in the other posts, simply because this is my view of things.

But there is the overall problem of not having a DM-like story-teller (although that would add complexity and problems all it's own)... None of us would ever really lose a battle or die or lose a limb or get money stolen or..... etc. moreover, like i said, the story will be going in different directions all at once. I don't think I really have a problem with this either; it'd be like playing diablo... there' isn't really a central story (to speak of), just a band of powerful adventurers kicking the crap out of evil in the name of fun (because holy isn't always so very entertaining).

I think though, very soon I will write Alujingcard out of the story...I might replace him with a more balanced character, but that remains to be seem because i just bought Baldur's Gate 2 and my Half-Elven Summoneress has the cutest psuedo-dragon for a familiar =)

I think that's pretty much all i had to say. I hope no ones' feelings got hurt, or anything like that...everything was my honest take and view on what was happeneing, and was in my most humble opinion. and we all have differing opinions that we are entitled to.

1st Nov 2000, 04:06 AM
Jing - I agree totally with your post above...(although Du-de-es-ta was intended to be more play balanced from the start - which is why he needed a one use get-out clause if he was attacked by big nasty things :))

Nice writing out of Jing/Alucard btw - nice to finally see a evil character actually beating everyone up!

1st Nov 2000, 05:50 AM
Hey Dudester,

If you want to retire your character either post here or email me and we'll work out a way for my character to either kill him, or render him useless for an appropriate time span (I'm feeling very creative :D). Maybe something along the lines of mistaken identity, wrong place at the wrong time or even my character seeing the elemental cyst (or what it contains) as a threat towards his mission, your character refuses to hand it over, so then Asteph'theroc incapacitates you taking it of you. Or even having your character getting involved in a fight, the elemental cyst breaking and all the stuff its absorbed being focused on you instantaneously ... though this would probably be rather messy (and highly amusing :D)
This could also cause Chun-Li to "lose" her faith (due to the death of her brother) and thus removing the whole god thing from the story line, as well as been a good role playing opportunity for Cammy.

Anyway tell me what you think (of this post and the one I posted above).


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1st Nov 2000, 06:31 AM
RumpleForeskin, I think I will let Kuan-Yin give your Asteph'theroc character a very sharp slap in the wrist if he were to attempt any of the above. :D

Then again, I think maybe I'd let Kuan-Yin smile in omniscience at it all, knowing that it's all part of a big plan involving Asteph'theroc himself (without his realizing it, of course :p), in which eventually all will turn out well with Chun-Li and her brother re-united (and Asteph'theroc's race all resurrected ;)). Now, I haven't made up my mind yet which option I'm going to use (if indeed I don't come up with a third), so don't start planning too much yet!

BTW, Asteph'theroc strongly reminds me of Elric, the albino prince and last lord of a dying ancient race created by Michael Moorcock.

and possessing a gem which can obliterate all evil within a 1000 foot radius.

NOT YET!! The left and right eyes must be combined first! (I'm going to make it very hard to do that, too -- maybe our heroes must find someone or go to a certain place, etc.) At present the merry bunch only has the Right Eye, and the left one is smashed and must be restored first! Ah, well, guess I'll have to hurry up and send a post soon explaining in detail the Eyes of the Golden Dragon...

1st Nov 2000, 06:36 AM
Oh, and don't forget, without mana, Chun-Li's a pretty helpless chick. She's not invulnerable, okay? ;)

1st Nov 2000, 06:58 AM
Oh, and don't forget, without mana, Chun-Li's a pretty helpless chick. She's not invulnerable, okay?


Wolf Blackstar
1st Nov 2000, 02:54 PM
Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I've got one more midterm to finish slaving over and then I can come back and write more.

It's good to see you guys discussing all these problems and solutions, though - this is one thing I wanted from the start was to have people be committed to the story and their characters, on a far deeper level than a story like the USS Eternaty.


5th Nov 2000, 09:10 AM
Good luck in your midterms, Wolfie boy. :D

All right, about the Eyes of the Golden Dragon...

Once upon a time :p, there was an evil dragon who caused a lot of harm to many people. Then one day he chanced upon a lecture given by the goddess Kuan-Yin to a congregation of monks, and something in the goddess' words touched a chord in his heart. The dragon became filled with remorse for his evil deeds and tore out his own eyes, appealing to Kuan-Yin to accept them as a token of his penitence. The compassionate goddess accepted them and restored his sight while charging him with the duty of regulating the weather to ensure the proper ripening of crops in Unrealm, and as a result of his penitence his scales all became gold while his two original eyes became imbued with massive powers. This was the origin of the Eyes of the Golden Dragon.

The Left Eye appears as a large, round, flawlessly cut ruby, and is feminine by nature. Three times a day it can be used to heal absolutely any adverse condition suffered by any living things (one at a time only), except evil creatures and beings of a supernatural kind, and except death by old age and death which has taken place for more than a day. It also constantly regenerates the life and mana of any living being within a 12-foot radius, though again with the exception of evil creatures and beings of a supernatural kind.

The Right Eye appears as a large, flawlessly cut sapphire, and is masculine by nature. Its healing powers are somewhat less potent than those of its sister gem, but it also has different powers of its own. Three times a day it can be used to do a mass-heal of all living things within a 12-foot radius, though the healing is useless against any injuries of a normally permanent nature. Again, the limits apply as to the types of living things that can be healed. The healing radius can be extended to 60 feet, but then only two mass-heals on the same day will be possible. Or it can go all-out to 100 feet, but only one mass-heal on the same day will be possible. Also, all living things within a 12-foot radius of the gem will receive a constant benediction whereby their chances of being hit, killed or adversely affected by any hostile agency are drastically reduced. (Again, doesn't apply to supernatural evil beings.) The Right Eye also can protect itself, unlike its sister gem: it automatically erects about itself an energy shield whenever any evil supernatural being comes within 12 feet of it. Only the most powerful of all evil beings can ever hope to penetrate this shield, and even then only at the cost of suffering enormous personal injury and losing all their powers for a full day.

Both gems can be physically destroyed, but so long as one gem is intact it will always be possible to restore the other. To do this, at least one small particle of the broken gem must be kept within 12 feet of the other for seven times seven days (breaks in between are allowed). So far there has always been at least one gem intact. And according to legend, the two gems can be combined to form an absolutely indestructible Third Eye of the Golden Dragon, which would have all the powers of the original two gems, now greatly augmented, plus the power of utterly destroying all evil within a 1000-foot radius once a day. Just how the two can be combined: that is another story...

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17th Nov 2000, 01:45 AM
I see SOMEONE has gotten their hands on BG2... ;)

You know, I had originally thought to make this world 4 times the size of earth, with a proportionately greater amount of landmass. So in actuality, there could be several separate/unrelated adventures occuring at the same time. Or perhaps their moon is not the same as ours: it has atmosphere, and life. But, having lower gravity, the life their was able to advance technologically much faster, but are far weaker in terms of "Strength" and "constitution" as BG2 players might understand it....;)

Just a thought.

I might want to rewrite a character in...but...that would largely depend. And also, where the hell are all the other posters? =P

Wolf Blackstar
17th Nov 2000, 02:24 AM

it is a bit beefy for a 56k, I guess. Sorry...

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17th Nov 2000, 06:33 AM
Gosh, Wolf, that pic took eons to download... :(

And also, where the hell are all the other posters?

I was about to ask that of you, Jing. When are you going to start contributing to the thread again? Huh? :)

As for the others... Ah, well, guess they've lost interest... Hopefully the RPG thread won't end up as an exchange between just Wolf and you and me, and nobody else...

BTW, do you fellas reckon it would be a good idea to let our RPG go into print someday? :D

[Edited by Cammy on November 17th, 2000 at 08:14 AM]

17th Nov 2000, 09:51 AM
Well, I haven't lost interest... but I do feel at the moment I cannot contribute anything on the level of you other posters...

I might start again with another character soon, if I can thing of anything good enough.

(I have been reading every update so far...:))

17th Nov 2000, 10:27 AM
and still reading.

I had a load of stuff to post, but then the whole divine intervention thing kicked in, which completely bolloxed what I had written .... so I didn't post it.
I'm currently in the middle of rewriting, but the fact that death isn't a permanent state anymore kind of makes it hard (though Jings write off was pretty damn sweet:D), and works kind of hectic at the moment. Should hopefully have something up after the weekend

17th Nov 2000, 11:31 AM
All right, RumpleForeskin, I'm sorry about my contributions, okay? :)

As for you, Dudester, I never thought your posts were bad at all. They were pretty good. Don't have such a poor estimate of your writing ability, willya? :)

Wolf Blackstar
17th Nov 2000, 11:51 AM
It would indeed be fun if we got some more posting action. It has been rather difficult to carry this thread with only one person's writing to help out.

I write because I'm trying my hand at fantasy fiction writing. I realize I may be weak, but I'm learning as I go along. Also, my favorite element is always about the combat, while Cammy...seems more the type who likes......err... "character interpersonal interaction." :)

I've introduced new characters and another area because there was a heavy concentration of characters all running around in the woods, which was great, but difficult to take into account the purposes of each character. I plan for some of the characters to venture forth into S'mon Traska, and join the paladin and the elf.

Oh yeah, an elf. I did this because all the first characters, with the exception of Jing, were human. :)

If the "divine intervention" turns people off, I think we can come up with a solution. There are plenty of RPG deities in most games, and each character can have their own personal preferences.

Or you can be like the Klingons:
We have no gods.......ancient Klingon warriors slew them over three millennia ago." -Worf, DS9

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18th Nov 2000, 01:23 AM
I have several characters in ym mind...they go running around beating the crap out of stuff in my mind all the time. I may introduce them into a separate area of the world entirely (they were from old Rifts books that, sadly, I roughly remember).

Eh, as for gods and divine action...eh.... i was going to write something in to curtail that....but... it would lead to the entrance of an incredibly powe well... not powerful per se, but immortal (which is well, powerful =). I probably wont. I would think, however, that it is very strange for a god/dess to take such a direct hand in mortal affairs (regardless of alignment) and moreover to focus so much attention on one particular servant. not unheard of however.

Me? I wrote myself out (thanks PMB =) so i wasn't supposed to be posting...i tied up what loose ends i left, and then wtached to see what happened. But like i said, i may write a character in.

18th Nov 2000, 05:46 AM
To Wolf:

It's not that I don't like fighting action in a written fantasy RPG, but that I prefer some balance between fighting action and what you call 'interpersonal interaction' between the characters. It is through such interaction that the characters can develop more substance as characters and that the world they live in can be given some rationale and framework through what they say of their experiences in it. :) (For example, through hearing from them how they cast spells you can see how magic works in this world, etc.) And you do need all of these to make up a good story, yeah? (Of course, you can do all the fighting and leave all the 'interpersonal interaction' to me... ;))

To Jing:

Why should it be strange that a god/dess interferes in human affairs, particularly the affairs of a specific group of humans? Just how normal is it to have dragons and spellcasting wizards anyway? :)

I think I want to say a few things in defense of having gods in a written fantasy RPG. First, you do find this sort of thing in a lot of classic mythological/fantasy literature, such as the Bible (!!:D), the Iliad of Homer, the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the epic Orlando Furioso by Ariosto, and so on. It is a staple element in this kind of literature. So why not have some of it? It is fun, don't you reckon?

I suppose the reason why some people might not like this Divine Intervention stuff is that, if the gods can just cut in like that, then there would be presumably no story left to write. After all, the gods could just come in and set everything right, and then everyone could live happily ever after. Is that why you fellas don't like having gods in the story? ;) Well, I think I have some solutions for that.

First, I can say the power of the gods can operate in the mortal realm only to the extent people have faith in them. When people lack faith, then the power of the gods cannot reach them. (Don't ask why that's so, it will be like asking how there can be magic at all. You just have to accept it in this kind of literature. :D) Once we grant this our concession, we have an excuse for not having too much divine intervention in human affairs, just a little. (Okay, okay, I'll cut down the divine intervention thing accordingly...)

And hey, not all the divine intervention stuff comes from me either! Look at how Wolf had the old mage and the dwarf suddenly taken over by an unknown force and delivering prophecies! That's surely an 'intervention' of a supernatural kind, isn't it? All I did was make it explicit where the 'intervention' came from!

Finally, as to why a god/dess should suddenly interfere in human affairs and in particular give so much help to a specific bunch of mortals -- simple, I can say it's because the mortal world is in danger (which it is in the story) -- and some of the gods/goddesses care enough about that. :p And as to that specific bunch of mortals -- hey, they're supposed to be heroes and heroines, they're supposed to be mortals with outstanding abilities who ipso facto have the best bets in the struggle against the evil forces. So if you're a god and you want to help the human (including elven, etc.) race, which mortals shall you recruit for the job? Would you recruit a couch potato who couldn't even run 5 minutes on a treadmill? :)

All things said, I like divine intervention!! Come on, let me keep my goddess in the story, pleeeeeease!! :D

18th Nov 2000, 05:27 PM
So...I started posting again (with a non-human character...)

I thought you people might like some background on Tzchee-inki's race so, here goes:

Ash-en (Spider-lords in Sumerian)

Ash-en are a race of spider-like beings, found only in a small island group far from human inhabitation.
Tales of them occaisionally arise in human cities, mainly inspired by the few encounters with Ash-en by
intrepid sailors. This encounters were usually not peaceful, as men seem to have a problem with
five foot tall black and red half-man half-spiders trying to greet them.

Ash-en are, as mentioned earlier, around five feet (1 and two-thirds metres) tall, measured from the top of
their heads to the ground. They resemble the spider analogue of a centaur, although their
entire body tends towards the chitinous.
Their six legs are long and clever, and allow Ash-en to climb quickly over rough terrain and up most
vertical surfaces (if not too smooth - like glass). Including the legs, Ash-en are perhaps two metres wide, although
if they curl their legs up, they are not much wider than a human. The spider abdomen (as opposed to the
human abdomen...aghh I hate words :) ) contains spinnerets, capable of producing large amounts of webbing silk. This silk
is translucent, extremely strong (bladed weapons cannot cut it unless magical), and may be made sticky if the Ash-en desires.
Ash-en hunt their food by contructing hidden webs and then driving prey ahead of them into those webs. They eat their prey live...

Ash-en magic is strongly ceremonial, and is based upon the contruction of complex geometries using webbing. Such geometrical
patterns actually distort the nature of the Universe, allowing a skilled Ash-en (a so called En-keeper) to divine knowledge of the
present, past or future, or (more dangerously) subtly alter the state of the world.

(Note to all concerned: Source civilisations are (vaguely) Sumer and the South American cultures...

Ash-en civilisation is Matriarchal, and complex hierarchical. Individuals are given powers dependant upon how many others
are influenced by them (like how many nodes they are connected to). An En-keeper (always female) is the highest authority in a given
Cities are arboreal, contructed of webbing and red metal (copper, bronze), stone and living wood (trees grown into shape).
Slaves (almost always male, although females who have committed heinous crimes may be demoted to this level...) are used for
manual labour throughout Ash-en civilisation, but everyone (even the majority of the slaves) thinks this is fair and part of the
pattern of things.

A travelling En-keeper will be accompanied by a large entourage of Scry-princes (essentially
artist-engineers in the medium of webbing), Hunting-spinners (the highest level of warrior class
whose arts are based upon stealth, artiface and quick strikes, rather than the cruder methods of fighting known to
barbarian humans (or Urnamu as the Ash-en know them)), Slave-maniples, Slaves, and perhaps a few of the other classes.
There will be perhaps 60 individuals in the entourage, of which 40 or so will be Slaves or Slave-maniples. The rest will be
predominantly female as well...

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18th Nov 2000, 06:22 PM
Read your post to our epic saga :p and thought it's pretty original and picturesque, Dudester. You seem to have a penchant for exotic magicks -- I like that. ;) It's difficult to see what further role these spider-beings can play in the story, though... Well, one thing's for sure, if again you should hand this new creation over to me (don't... :D), I'll find it very difficult to handle as it will be much too different from what I'm used to!

Keep working at the spider-beings, Dudester!

19th Nov 2000, 05:19 AM
As for what the Ash-en are going to have to do with the story...

I was thinking of having Tzchee-inki travel to the human-inhabited areas of the world to help battle the evil.
In a similar way to PMB's character, she and her entourage would probably be attacked by humans (even our epic band of adventurers have heard the stories about "evil spider-people") rather than gaining their help.

On the other hand, if LK or any of our less regular contributors post something new, I might get the Ash-en involved with them instead - especially as LK's character is a pirate/sailor and may have encountered the Ash-en before...

Just some ideas...

19th Nov 2000, 07:36 AM
You mind if I make Chun-Li arachnophobic, Dudester? :D

It really would be fun if at least some of the ladies in the party should be arachnophobic. Imagine the characters Isis and Freyja losing their wits and screaming and standing on top of a chair when seeing the Ash-en! :D (Speaking of whom, I wonder when Trinity would give the two gals some background...)

One idea, Dudester: how about letting the Ash-en be able to confer upon any human the abilities of a spider -- so that he or she would become like Spiderman? :D I think the possibilities would be endless! What do you think?

19th Nov 2000, 07:51 AM
Hmm...I'm fine with having arachnophobes amongst the intrepid adventurers! Especially given the Ash-en's new alliance with the "good" necromancer, Helmut Von Schwartzentodder...

As for giving humans spider-powers, this might be a producible by some magical potion concocted with the venom of an Ash-en (yes they do have venomous bites, the venom acts as a strong paralytic...).
I'm thinking skeletons with spider powers...:)

(notice a trend for my little group... I'm collecting all the misunderstood, icky things together to fight "evil" too...)

19th Nov 2000, 07:03 PM
Just don't forget, Dudester, the zombies dispatched by the 'good' necromancer had tried to kill people in the town! If he was good, then why did that happen? You'll have to come up with an explanation! Okay, how's this: maybe he himself never intended the zombies to injure innocents, so he himself was just as surprised when he heard of what the zombies had done in town. (Perhaps a not-so-well-meaning third party had done something to his zombies...)

Truth be told, I was quite surprised when you brought in the necromancer, because I thought of bringing one in, too! (I intended the necromancer to be a good one, too, and intended him to have set up shop in town, where he would animate skeletons for you to serve as manual labor. :D) Really. Except I dropped the idea later. Hmmm, talk about synchronicities...

Wolf Blackstar
19th Nov 2000, 11:47 PM
I just got Trinity to post - she's extremely busy, since with her intense study schedule and her part-time job, she has nearly no time at all left over for herself. She rarely even shows up on IRC anymore, and hasn't played UT for months(but being a pre-med student will do that to a person.)

Arachnophobia? Heh, if you knew Trinity in real life, you'd know her characters would probably switch to maces and warhammers for maximum juicy squishies when fighting spiders. :)

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

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20th Nov 2000, 02:26 AM
god damn it i swear i will kill this ****ing spider once i find it god ****ing damn it

20th Nov 2000, 03:53 AM
I'm having a little trouble deciding which character i want to write in...and i'd rather not have to control three characters at once.

There is Recca, who controls the 8 karyu (flame dragons)... he has basic control over flame which manifest on his arm, as well as 8 separate powers from each dragon (fireballs, a blade, strength enhancement, shielding, etc.)

There is erm...Un-named guy ('Grey' ?) who is nearly the opposite of Recca in all respects. He controls the vagaries of water, and is a consummate swordsman. His blade allows him to use a set of sword skills, Hyomon Ken (Hyomon sword). He is more versatile, able to create mist, doubles, water blade that can cut through anything, dancing icicles, freezing, and so forth. He embodies the aspects of water.

And there is Raine, a female assassin from another world... she is similar to the WitchBlade.

And other less complete characters in my mind. I'll figure something out, and write in when the time is right.

but um, people, lets give everyone a chance to reply and take part within a situation or fight, etc. etc...

Wolf Blackstar
20th Nov 2000, 08:54 PM
In the regions far northwest of S'mon Traska, the woodlands and mountain regions of the kingdom of Kessal are host to the Holy Knights of Excelsior Keep. This magnificent castle is the central stronghold of the kingdom, where King Crestor Valen III rules. Kessal's climate varies from pleasantly warm summers to heavy snow in winter. It's mountainous areas make ideal sites for castles and outposts, as is demonstrated by the magnificent Excelsior Keep. Named for the mountain it rests upon, the massive citadel is truly an inspiring sight.

The mountains of Kessal are home to numerous hosts of orcs and werewolves. A large population of beasts known as Direlings roam the icy peaks and advance into the forests when winter encroaches. Direlings are similar in size to goblins, but unlike goblins, they have thick coats of white fur that camouflage well into the snow. They hunt in packs like goblins, but they also possess sufficient intelligence to use magic. Direling mages are skilled in most low and mid-level cold spells, and though they are not usually strong or powerful enough to pose a threat to a warrior, their strength in numbers can be deadly.

The woods are generally looked upon as the safer of Kessal's regions, but they harbor their own dangers in the forms of more werewolves, gnolls, and deadly six-foot cockroach-like creatures known as Creepers. Creepers' tough exoskeletons make them resistant to average weapons and low-level magic, making them a tough fight if encountered in large numbers. Fortunately, Creepers prefer to attack weaker enemies, and a tough fight usually sends them cowering in fear.

The religion of the Knights of Kessal is monotheistic by nature. They do not speak the name of their god, but he is commonly referred to as the One True God, the Creator, or the Light. A force of righteousness, the Light advocates honour, integrity, and justice. The Code of the Paladin calls for courage in the face of evil, and resistance to pain, sufferering, and dark magic. Upon initiation into the knighthood, a paladin swears to follow the mission of the Light: the defeat and destruction of evil wherever it may strike. Hence, the paladins are traditionally divided into two forces, the Excelsior Guard defends the borders of the kingdom, and the second force, the Cavaliers of the Light, consists of those who are compelled to take their cause to foreign lands.

A Paladin is granted powerful magic abilities as part of their unwavering faith. Paladin are sensitive to the presence of evil and can dispel the effects of fear. The paladin's Aura is his greatest magical asset, a field of divine energy that surrounds and protects the paladin, and is also distributed to those allied with himself to a limited range of the paladin's presence. An aura can give strength beyond human limits, provide powerful defenses against attack, and build resistance to magical energies. A paladin can also unleash small bursts of holy energy that can heal others to a limited extent boosting their strength and stamina, but these bolts of light are also bane to the undead.

Sir Damon Vanderwal is a paladin who comes from one of many prominent military families that have distinguished themselves in battle. Many an evil warlord or wizard has sought to put an end to King Valen's benevoent reign, and armies of foul beasts have been driven to defeat many times by the intrepid knights and paladins of the Excelsior Keep. Sir Vanderwal is still young and is driven by an adventurer's spirit, roaming the Unrealms in his continuing quest of hunting evil.

Early in his travels, he met Que'an Quicksilver, an elf who lives by his wits, as well as his weapons. Que'an is a skilled elf who was first raised in the Forest of Silence, where he learned some of the finer skills of elven magic. While still a lad, he was captured by a marauding party of half-orc raiders, who transported him to S'mon Traska where he was sold into slavery. Quickly escaping, Que'an took to the streets where he easily mastered the arts of stealth and lockpicking. He also acquired a reputation as a deadly shot with a light crossbow.

His thirst for the outdoors led him to travel with a great number of adventurers. He increased his skills over time, and also proved adept at getting himself into deep trouble faster than anyone else could ever do so. It was in one of these situations where he found himself the target of a Red Dragon. Qe'an was injured and abandoned by his cowardly "comrades", left to die at the dragon's mercy. All seemed lost, but seemingly from nowhere a single knight threw himself upon the dragon in holy fury, instilling the elf with courage and strength to rise and fight. Together they slew the dragon, and Sir Damon Vanderwal and Que'an Quicksilver have been inseperable ever since.

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Wolf Blackstar
21st Nov 2000, 12:49 AM
C'mon, trinity. Give us some background on your Sorceress. She is kinda cute, after all. :) Aren't you gonna tell us if she's evil, or just one of those naughty Chaotic Neutral types? :D


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21st Nov 2000, 01:11 AM
I kind of expected cammy would turn my sequence into a dream. Very well then. If everything I write is going to be countered, or my characters made to look stupid, then so be it.

None of that ever happened. My new character never entered the game.

Continue on your merry way.

21st Nov 2000, 04:07 AM
Its a bit pants isn't it ? :(

21st Nov 2000, 04:38 AM
you can join me if you want, Natalya is off galloping into the night.

make your own side quest jaunt and we can meet up later, or something :)

21st Nov 2000, 05:02 AM
Jing, please don't get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against the characters you're trying to bring into the story. (Heck, I've even created an opening for bringing back one of them, Alucard -- read the Hellsgate Castle bit.) It's just that those turns of events you brought in were just too sudden and too great, and moreover involved changes to my characters that were just too dramatic. As I see it, such changes should be worked out over at least a few posts, and in collaboration with the people whose characters would be involved, so every party involved would be happy. Imagine if I suddenly wrote that Wolfram became a pathetic pipsqueak who could barely carry himself on his feet, and all the other adventurers suddenly got carried away from him by a tornado. Do you really think this would form a good episode in the story? And how do you think Wolf would feel?

Don't know what you all think, but as I see it we should exercise some restraint and cooperation in a written RPG of this nature. Don't just keep bringing in new things and sudden turns of events that would just make everything topsy-turvy, but also develop on what had happened so far. Ah, well, just my thoughts...

[Edited by Cammy on November 21st, 2000 at 06:19 AM]

21st Nov 2000, 06:24 AM
BTW, I hope Trinity will do well in her studies. :)

Wolf Blackstar
21st Nov 2000, 01:24 PM
Brilliant! Asteph'theroc entering the threads, and Natalya returning to the story! :)

Now we're cooking with gas.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


21st Nov 2000, 03:01 PM
i just want to know where are guys are going and what they are going to do there. i dunno, maybe i missed a hint that PMB dropped for me, hehe.

21st Nov 2000, 05:39 PM
A few words on my new character, Rufus... Picture an innocent, naive, friendly and playful country boy with good looks and magical abilities. That's basically what he is. :)

Rufus was an abandoned child (I might have more to say of his real parents in future) adopted by an archmage by the name of Gandalf (of whom again I'll say more in a future post). He has this simple, childlike trust in all things, that all things are basically benign. He loves to play and loves magic, but dislikes all that studying needed to master it. Consequently, while he does possess real powers, they are not very great. He can create a light as bright as a candle and cause it to move up to several feet away from him (lasts 1 hour), create a shield around his body which cuts down a little on all forms of damage (lasts 1 hour), heal minor cuts and bruises, and shoot out small magic darts. (They sting very much, but are not lethal.) He can cast these spells as often as he likes, but each time he casts a spell there's a 50-50 chance he'll reach a state of magical fatigue. Once that happens, he'll no longer be able to cast anymore spells until dawn the next day.

Rufus' mentor routinely makes him carry around their library all their huge magical tomes, with a view to honing his sinews. As a result, Rufus is very strongly built. ;) He also dislikes clothes as they hamper his absorption of mana.

Rufus has a magic wand which he made with the help of his mentor as part of an assignment. The wand has the following abilities:

~ Create or destroy up to 10 lbs of non-living, non-magical solid matter of any kind. (Cannot create or destroy anything more precious than silver.)

~ Alter the size, shape, color, texture, type etc. of up to 10 lbs of solid matter. Same restrictions as above.

~ Cause up to 10 lbs of solid matter to levitate and float slowly in any desired direction. Applies to all types of solid matter this time.

~ Create a visual image of anything desired, though only up to an average adult human in size. (Lasts an hour unless 'put out' first.)

~ Cause an extremely bright flash of light that dazzles all living beings that use sight within 30 feet. Affected beings are effectively blind for several minutes. User can specify who will not be affcted at time of use.

As with Rufus, the wand can produce these spell effects as often as desired, but each time there's a 50-50 chance it'll reach a state of magical fatigue. Once that happens, it'll no longer be useable until dawn the next day. If anyone other than Rufus tries to use the wand to produce the effects, their potency is halved (5 lbs, 15 feet etc.) and there's a 50% failure chance (if you fail, you must try again).

One curious thing about Rufus is his truly incredible luck. Somehow things always seem to go his way. Blindfold him and let him walk into a minefield, and somehow he'll always miss the mines or the ones he steps on will always be faulty. If he were to bet, he'd always win somehow. If you try to attack him, somehow you'll trip or there'll be a sudden pain in your side and you'll miss.

How's that for a new character? Hope no one will hate him...;)

21st Nov 2000, 06:00 PM
i just had this nightmare of Zeus going back in time and impregnating Aspen'theroc's soul mate, and thus making my character pregnant in the present or something like that. i kind of broke off from the main group to get away from the whole gods and goddesses thing, and i imagine that is why PMB decided to introduce his character into my new "plotline" of sorts....

i know you would like to participate, but that doesn't mean you have to fiddle with our new plotline, especially when it is in an infant state and me and PMB are still working out interactions between our characters, etc......

22nd Nov 2000, 01:01 AM

I don't particularly enjoy barging into other people's plotlines. I'd far rather leave them alone -- and I expect some reciprocity for that as well, which I'm sure is not too unreasonable a demand.

Unfortunately, someone here (I don't want to be too direct) is bent on making my goddess character look like a stupid young child in comparison with the infinite wisdom of his oh-so-wise-and-caring hero, and furthermore intends to develop the entire thread along lines which just don't look too good for bringing in my goddess. I don't take kindly to this and consider it a plain affront to my part of the RPG thread.

A written RPG should be an enjoyable experience. This means every participant should practise some give-and-take. If I wish to add something to the RPG that might have significant repercussions for your ideas and characters, I should show you my respect by telling you my intentions, asking for your consent, and discussing with you what we can do so we both end up feeling happy, with you granting me some concession and vice versa.

Frankly, I just don't know what everyone's problem is with having a goddess in the RPG. I've already asked, and I got precious little response. No one wanted to discuss it with me. I made a big concession -- my goddess shall only very occasionally appear from now on. Still my goddess was made to look like a fool, indeed a mere dream in the minds of fools.

Well, as Jing said so well, nobody created the Unrealm. We all contribute to it. If that oh-so-wise-and-caring hero were to continue to pose a problem for my employment of my goddess character in the RPG, then I shall reciprocate by making him a full convert to my goddess in a future post. Sorry.

22nd Nov 2000, 01:02 AM
cammy, you shouldn't be able to complain about "sudden changes" and changes to characters without their creators express written approval. You're the one who has been most guilty of it *especially the latter*. So if you can do it, Jing can do it too. That's just the way it works.
And thanks, I am ;)

22nd Nov 2000, 01:16 AM
First of all

You misquoted me. Someone _did_ create the unrealm, and it is neither I nor you. It is Wolf Blackstar.


You haven't asked for conset or any some such, especially with the panty event, for one example.


You've been plenty happy to interrupt other plotlines, plot devices (earliest example: the lich encounter), and place words in the mouths of others. However, you are completely unhappy when the same thing happens to you. I used the same plot device with the dragon that you used with the lich.


Yes, this RPG should have been an enjoyable experience. It stopped being so.


Foolishness is a give and take, especially when the most extreme of absurdities are involved.


If you wish to continue playing, by all means do so. But I sincerely doubt anyone else will be here.

22nd Nov 2000, 01:35 AM
i am sorry, but this is such bs. i tried to drop a subtle to leaving your ****ing "devine intervention" out of my characters business, but obviously it wasn't picked up on.

A written RPG should be an enjoyable experience.

i couldn't agree with you more. i will be frank with you, you are the reason i stopped posting for all that time. i finally came back, and took my character on its own side quest away from you and you downright stupid gods and goddesses. your characters and plot "twists" (i don't know that i would call them twists, more like bumbling mistakes?) have made this whole thing a completely unenjoyable experience for at least me, and i think several others share my sentiments.

In my opinion, you add little or nothing to the story in your posts. you reverse anything which you do not like, however interesting it makes the story. you remove all conflict, which makes the story stupid and boring. you feel the need to poke your head into every aspect of the story, even where it isn't wanted. you introduce downright idiotic things, which make no sense whatsoever, but that the rest of us still have to write around for continuities sake. and quite frankly, you are really pissing the hell out of me.

this thread had and has the potential to be one of the greatest, most interesting, most creative threads to hit the forums for a long time. i am stoked about it, because fantasy is perhaps my greatest love, yes even more than ut :P. yet, i find myself avoiding the thread at all costs.

hopefully this thread continues somewhere, if not hear on the forums...

over and out

Wolf Blackstar
22nd Nov 2000, 02:26 AM
I'll be nice about this - but you've actually had this a long time in coming. It's not the goddess, or the character of Chun-Li, that has a habit of getting on people's nerves. It's you.

For starters, this is a fantasy role-playing game, and not a low-budget soft porn flick.

I think everyone else who posted agrees. Also, your posts, however frequent or lengthy, all seem to do the same thing. Make every other character look stupid. It's bad enough that problems and situations that are supposed to be difficult and require teamwork from several characters at once are solved instantly by some convenient solution that just happens to present itself courtesy of the goddess or some magical artifact like the Dragon's Eye.

I'm not pissed at Jing or WAnk for what they've done. I'm actually amused. I'm gonna sit back and watch how the story takes shape from her on. I think most of the other posters are probably going to return and continue. This represents more of an improvement than a problem.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


22nd Nov 2000, 04:26 AM
Glad I paused in my posting when I did...

Just to stick my oar in, the seeds of this problem where pretty much obvious far earlier in this thread, but I thought (foolishly) that they had been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Just in case this flared up again, I created my new characters in a parallel story, not connected directly to anything everyone else is doing. Currently I am not posting to the thread because, quite frankly, I have no idea what the truth of things will be after each post, the level of plot-mangling by many people being so extreme.

When this calms down, I will resume posting where I left off.

22nd Nov 2000, 05:02 AM

This is not a personal attack on you Cammy, but why the hell go back and contradict what people have already, or throw a spanner in the creative process we're trying to create here. People get very protective of there characters (hey it is based loosely on a role-playing game) and when you jump in and (literally) put words in there characters mouths and having them doing actions which are completely out of character understandably people are going to get pissed.
I was trying to get a seperate thread going with WAnk (and leaving a way open for Jing to get a new character in) and you jump in and completely change what we're attempting to do.:mad:


Also the girl (in the tower in the beginning) and the knights are supposed to be dead.
What was the point of having them alive?
It serves no point to the story apart from attempting to undermine my character and how I've set him out to be developed (read earlier in this thread), Asteph'theroc Draco is a real ruthless bastard if the need arises :D, he's the last one of his race currently residing on this world so some of his thoughts/concepts/motivations may seem barbaric/evil by human standards

The whole point of the mission I have Natayala and my character heading off on, was to temporary limit the gods abilities to intervene directly, but in the context of the story rather than having a flaming match in irc or the forums.
The main reason I was doing this was because from the tones of the posts here, in the actual Unrealm thread and from the people I've spoken to in IRC, your whole Kuan-Yi dialogue was starting to upset them as they felt that what they were contributing was pointless, as if they threw in a conflict or challenge Kuan-Yi would solve it (removing some creative posting from the rest of the group). It also show a distinct lack of imgination. I understand how you might want to inject some divine stuff in there, but posts have already been made on you toning it down and instead you post even more Kuan-Yi bollox.
Now as a result Jing has killed your character.

Yeeehaw! :D

Jing, WAnk, Wolfie :D - whereabouts is everyone characters now - the town, forest? Has my character met Natayala yet? If Wolframs just woken up where the hell is he (there are a few times he has been unconcious).
WAnk - is that new post of yours featuring Natayala or anothe new character (because if it's Natayala my character doesn't appear to be with her anymore).

22nd Nov 2000, 05:42 AM
well, pmb, i would absolutely LOVE to continue the dialogue/sublot we had going :D i though that had massive potential, and i was really looking forward to writing it. i took this opportinity to tweak my character a little bit. i am changing her name to Miyra (Natalya doesn't quite have the ring i want it to ;)), and have also cleared up some of her purpose in life from the get go. she is not just a petty thief, she has a purpose for the sneaking, etc. For all practical purposes, miyra is the same person as Natalya, so i hope we can get her and Asteph'theroc back together in similar fashion fairly soon. at the moment, she is in the forest lining the main trading road between two neighboring countries, one of which i have named, but am blanking on at the moment. hopefully, she will be running from guards fairly soon, so we can basically reuse what we already wrote, or at least parts of it :)

22nd Nov 2000, 06:13 AM
Fellas, I want to clear up a few things.

First, I fully agree, the panty thing involving Trinity's characters was an absolutely bad move on my part, and for this I owe her every apology (I'd love to say sorry by buying her lunch, but I don't even live near her). But as to the other things said against me, I think I want to go through them carefully.

Yes, I think someone mentioned me turning the story into a 'porn flick'. But I honestly don't remember introducing any sex scenes.

i tried to drop a subtle to leaving your ****ing "devine intervention" out of my characters business, but obviously it wasn't picked up on.

You could have let your character do the talking, rather than put words into someone else's. As I said, if you can do that, so can I. And I've asked more than once on this thread just what the problem is with 'divine intervention'. Nobody said anything. So I thought I'd indulge it just once, then no more for a long time. But RumpleForeskin's character just made mine look stupid, so I felt compelled to add a few other things.

you are the reason i stopped posting for all that time. i finally came back, and took my character on its own side quest away from you and you downright stupid gods and goddesses.

I honestly don't remember compromising your character's dignity in any way. Nor do I think my characters ever tried to proselytize to her. I just made your character say and do a few things which I really wouldn't have minded anyone making my characters say and do.

Stupid gods and goddesses? Stupid in just what way? At least one other poster to the thread saw enough fun in them to use them. And isn't there a title Deities and Demigods among the AD&D rule books?

your characters and plot "twists" (i don't know that i would call them twists, more like bumbling mistakes?) have made this whole thing a completely unenjoyable experience for at least me, and i think several others share my sentiments.

You could have posted to this thread and told me just what you felt was wrong with my contributions and how I could improve. So could the others. Or if you preferred that the plot went a certain way, you could have left a short note after each post. What, divine intervention again? Like I've said, I've asked more than once what's wrong with it, but nobody answered. As far as I could tell, I never made or tried to make anyone else's characters look stupid, except once.

In my opinion, you add little or nothing to the story in your posts.

Fine. I respect your opinion. I happen to entertain similar opinions with respect to certain fantasy authors.

you reverse anything which you do not like, however interesting it makes the story.

Same with you. You made your character leave the bunch instead of letting the party come together for a happy gathering.

you remove all conflict, which makes the story stupid and boring.

I don't remember any ruling to the effect that there shall be conflict all the way and no peaceful moments. And I did write of one conflict, the one involving the zombies in the town, though admittedly it was a short one.

you feel the need to poke your head into every aspect of the story, even where it isn't wanted.

I never touched Khaine's, Troll's, MoyDoy's and RumpleForeskin's characters. Nor Dudester's later characters. MoyDoy's: only much later, when I judged it would be strange for them not to make an appearance in view of what was going on. RumpleForeskin's: again only much later, when I felt the implications carried by his character bode ill for my future use of my characters.

you introduce downright idiotic things, which make no sense whatsoever, but that the rest of us still have to write around for continuities sake.

Idiotic things? Such as? Come to think of it, what in a fantasy world isn't idiotic? Do dragons and stuff make sense?

and quite frankly, you are really pissing the hell out of me.

You know what? So are you.

yet, i find myself avoiding the thread at all costs.

I'm sorely tempted to as well...

hopefully this thread continues somewhere, if not hear on the forums...

Without my presence, of course.

Hmmm, since my presence is judged to be so intolerable, I think I'll bid everyone sayonara for now -- not just this thread and the other one, but the PU forums as well. Good health, everyone. (I shudder to think of what will happen to my characters...)

22nd Nov 2000, 12:26 PM
If that oh-so-wise-and-caring hero were to continue to pose a problem for my employment of my goddess character in the RPG, then I shall reciprocate by making him a full convert to my goddess in a future post. Sorry.
Thats extremelly puerile. Have you no life?

You could have let your character do the talking, rather than put words into someone else's
He did try to let his character do the talking. You ignored him. We have also mentioned our misgivings about the divine (note spelling WAnk :D) intervention thing earlier in THIS thread. Yet again you took no notice.

You also completely invalidated a superb piece of writing on Jings part. As you had the new character (Rufus) I (and others) thought you were going to allow Chun-Li to be "retired", i.e. give herself to the darkside. With all her powers she would have made one hell of an enemy/nemesis/evil npc/high priest of Hades.

I just made your character say and do a few things which I really wouldn't have minded anyone making my characters say and do.
Which would have been fine if Natayla was a bible bashing member of the cult of Kuan-Yi, but she wasn't.

Admittedly WAnk got a bit carried away, but I spoke (well typed at) him and he deleted his post. You obviously haven't worked out how to do that yet.

But RumpleForeskin's character just made mine look stupid
You were managing that quite well by yourself thank you very much.

Hmmm, since my presence is judged to be so intolerable,
No, just irritating, petty and small minded.
I think I'll bid everyone sayonara for now -- not just this thread and the other one, but the PU forums as well.
Thats even more childish, just because of a disagreement over the contents of one thread you leave the whole forums?
Thats pathetic.
Good health, everyone
and good riddance
(I shudder to think of what will happen to my characters...)

Jing killed her :D

[Edited by RumpleForeskin|PuF on November 22nd, 2000 at 07:19 PM]

22nd Nov 2000, 12:55 PM
well I'm glad no one touched my character. Since it only appeared once at the beginning, and I hadn't had a chance to develop her at all.....and truth be told it's been some ...gosh, 18 or so years since I RPG'd.

Tho I supposed I did allude to her knowing something about Moy so perhaps now that the thread will be revitalised I can bring her into the story. But I'm a writer not an RPGer and would be afraid she'd end up just bumbling about in the tale and making mischeif...


22nd Nov 2000, 03:01 PM
since we love to clarify...

Dracula was my introduction... primarily as a means of removing Alucard. Note also, that I wrote Alucard out voluntarily. If I had in any wanted him rewritten, I could have done so.

PMB: The whole of the Unrealm has reset... I think we can more or less refer to the same background-texts written before without having to xerox them (eg: your text on uh... ast...uh...Mr. Unspellable name =)

Essentially, the way i see it, nothing ever happened... the adventure is just beginning anew, so if there are any changes anyone wishes to make, switching out characters, names, professions, race, etc. etc. etc. etc. it's all legitimate

22nd Nov 2000, 03:33 PM
Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

I'll be gone until Sunday, completely computerless... So enjoy yourselves, watch football, eat turkey, and post =)

I'll Introduce Sheng and/or The Confessor when I get back.

22nd Nov 2000, 06:58 PM
Seriously Jing, you need to cut down on the porn videos, its effecting the way you're thinking :p

22nd Nov 2000, 07:21 PM
well, it's a character from Rifts rpg...


23rd Nov 2000, 05:23 AM
Heh :D

I think I've still got a gargoyle character kicking around somewhere on a bit of paper.

MDC rocks my nutz :D

23rd Nov 2000, 06:34 AM
I actually meant seriously to leave, but someone appealed to me not to, so I guess I'll just stay a while longer and clarify a couple more things...

As I see it, when you use another contributor's character(s) in a written RPG, the following possibilities are available to you:

(1)You can make the character say or do things which are the regular staple of any story i.e. talking, walking, running, fighting etc. Thus I can write that 'Wolfram attacked the orc' or 'a knife gashed Wolfram's side', etc.

(2)You can make him/her say or do things which are completely out of character. Thus for example I can write that 'Wolfram cried loudly like a baby when Du-de-es-ta snatched his candy bar from him', or 'Wolfram was gay and fell in love with Du-de-es-ta (Heaven forbid)'.

(3)You can put him/her in a humiliating situation, making him/her look ridiculous and a figure of fun. Thus I can write that 'everyone laughed loudly at Wolfram as he lay in the puddle of mud with the cream pie in his face'.

(4)And finally, you can bring about situations, events etc. in the story which have far-reaching consequences of an undesirable nature for the character. Thus I can write that 'a terrible curse befell Wolfram; henceforth everytime he touched a sword, the sword would resist and attack him as if wielded by a spirit', or that 'swords and axes were fast growing obsolete in Unrealm; before long guns and cannons would take their place (what this would imply for Wolfram, I'm sure I won't have to explain)'.

As I see it, option (1) should be perfectly acceptable to every contributor to a written RPG. (Heck, what can you write otherwise?) Options (2) and (3) would probably be unacceptable to many, and so should be avoided (unless the character's owner is a real sport and you know it). Option (4) would be a definite no-no -- unless you discussed it with the character's owner first and s/he agreed. I mean, just ask yourself how you'd feel if someone used option (4) on your character(s)-- without asking you.

And which options have I used with respect to other contributors' characters? I have used option (1) liberally of course, and as for option (2), I am open to the possibility I may have unwittingly used it a few times with respect to a few characters. (If I've used this option with respect to your character(s) and you're displeased about it, tell me and I'll avoid doing that again in future -- assuming for now I do eventually return to the Unrealm thread.) Option (3) I have only used once -- with deep regret. And I'm sure I can say with a crystal-clear conscience I've never used option (4).

But what options have other contributors used with respect to my characters? I believe I can say quite fairly that they've used option (4). Witness the episode I turned into a dream and the she-thief character's latest boyfriend. And without discussing it with me either. I can only appeal to you all to ask yourselves whether you consider it fair to me.

If you've used option (4) on my character(s) simply because you find them disagreeable to your personal taste or because you find this whole Divine Intervention thing distasteful, then I want to ask you: first, are you writing your own novel? No. So would it be fair then to expect everyone to abide by your personal taste? Second, was it stated at the beginning that there shall be no such thing as gods and Divine Intervention? When did we sign a contract to that effect? This is an open-ended written RPG. It should surely be a free-for-all (within the bounds of the abovementioned options, of course). True, it wasn't stated either at the beginning that we shall have such things as gods and Divine Intervention -- but insofar as someone just happened to have brought them in before anyone else who didn't like such things could contribute anything, I think it's only fair that the ideas and characters from the earlier contributor be given due respect. Or if you simply, absolutely want to write them out, then I think the very least you can do is discuss it with their contributor first.

I believe I have been very reasonable so far. If you feel otherwise, you can tell me why -- in a rational, cool-headed way, please. And if everyone's verdict on me should still be that I have been unreasonable, then I'll just quietly go.

BTW, Jing, do you mind if I bring Alucard back -- assuming I return to the Unrealm thread, that is? :)

[Edited by Cammy on November 23rd, 2000 at 06:50 AM]

23rd Nov 2000, 10:59 AM
The main thing that made me kick off was that Zeus post. and the ones following it.
Zeus returned from the mortal plane, reaching between his legs and massaging away with sheer pleasure....etc

and the
If you can put words in Asteph'theroc's mouth, Wank, so can I... Oh, and thanks so much for offering me such great challenges!

The reason we were putting words in each others mouths is because we had met in irc and discussed where we were taking the characters
I had already posted my misgivings that IMHO that the whole gods "thing" was ruining the story line, and I thought you'd have picked up from everyone elses postings that it was getting kind of irritating.
Obviously you didn't :confused:, maybe I should have been a bit more clearer and concise.
Kuan-Yi (+ the rest of the powers) stopped being gods and instead became an extra weapon of your character. IMHO mortals are not meant to know the mind of god till they're dead. In the majority of fantasy novels (well apart from those based on the Norse mythos) gods are venerated and miracles/healings occur, but there is (usually) never direct interaction between gods and mortals.
Even in the majority of the TSR AD&D novels (which have a HUGE selection of different gods in them), there is virtually never any direct communication between gods and there worshipers (signs + portents maybe, but not full blown conversations).
I also had doubts right from the start over the ressurection thing and also (I know it sounds silly) the name of your principle character. This is supposed to be a creative effort. I know (and every one else who has ever played an RPG before knows), that creating your characters name is probably the hardest part of generating a character. You either have to make it virtually unpronouncable (as I did), or have some type of .....ummmmmm.......divine intervention ;).
It sort of breaks the "believability" (spelling?) of the story if you have a group of characters featuring Vitosh Bonebreaker, Alurial the Red, The Grand Neep, and then Bob Junior the fighter. Chun-Li (to me) seemed to fit that category.
You also seemed to be under the impression that my sole purpose of writing was to "get at" your character.
I'm sorry you thought that way but it wasn't.
If you had querys or concerns about where I was taking the little side story we'd got going you should have posted about it here, not jump straight into the plotline and deliberatly sabotage it. Especially since I thought myself and WAnk had really "clicked" with the dialogue between the characters and that it was getting to be a pretty good read.

Anyway thats all water under the bridge now, so lets carry on from the "reset" and try to keep each other a bit more informed of whats going on by posting to this thread, soemthing of which I'm guilty of as well (I rely WAY to much on irc :D).
Rufus seems a fairly fine character (minus the Gandalf bit) so stick with him if you want or have a go at creating another character. I've always found it easier to work on the motives/background of a character I'm creating first before working out their powers/what they can do/how big there sword is.
It might be easier if you're a bit more general about what the character can do, rather than (to paraphrase) "***** can do x 6 times per day with a 50% chance, y four times per day with a 60% chance and z three times per day if ***** jumps up and down on one leg whilst singing "The Wizards Staff has a Knob on the end"."
We're creating a story, not another RPG with a full set of rules here.

Anyway thats my thoughts.
Be nice, I don't often have many :D

23rd Nov 2000, 07:04 PM
Discuss on IRC? Why not discuss it here, on this thread so I can pick up what you all had to say and voice my thoughts, too? ;) Especially if it would have significant implications for my character(s)? Don't rely too much on IRC, Rumple.

Put it this way, if that thing about the gods being immature children and being merely the stuff of the minds of mortals were just part of the personal beliefs of your character, I'd have no quarrel about that and I'd leave your character alone, just as I've left Dudester's spider beings alone. But I suspect that it's meant to be more than that -- in fact it's meant to be an objective picture of the universe of Unrealm -- and that you in fact meant to let your character bring about a state of affairs in the story which would prove prejudicial to the workings of my character(s)! :eek: (Correct me if I'm mistaken in this respect.)

I am aware of the misgivings regarding gods and the like which you (and others) have brought up on this thread -- and accordingly I have in fact asked everyone the question just what is wrong with having gods and divine intervention in the story. But I received no clear answer. People just went ahead and protested against this gods thing without explaining WHY it's bad. And as I said before, I've made a big concession by letting my goddess character appear in the story only once in a blue moon in future, perhaps never again (except in signs and omens as you suggested, or in dreams :)) But people still wouldn't get off my back.

The name Chun-Li seems quite okay with me. (I like the name of your character's soul-mate, too. ;)) Just two syllables -- very easy to pronounce. I prefer short, compact, easy-to-pronounce names. It is those long, cumbersome names that put me off -- but that's my personal preference. The name Chun-Li is borrowed from a Street Fighter character whom I liked very much, and I just wanted to glorify her a little. And what's wrong with Gandalf?

Your character just seems... too arrogant to me.(If you can voice your personal opinions about my character(s), I'm surely entitled to reciprocate. :p)He would presume to rank himself above the gods! Wow, does that mean my goddess character would at some point have to admit to being inferior in front of him? Hey, come on, that's not exactly very becoming of my goddess, right?

In any case, as I've said, a written RPG of this nature should surely be a free-for-all. It should be fully democratic. Everyone should give due respect to everyone else's ideas and characters, even if they should prove disagreeable. Others may have preferences of their own, but what about me? Don't I have my preferences, too? Right, Rumple? :)

All things said, do you reckon we could work out something whereby your older-and-wiser-than-even-the-gods-themselves character :p would not stand unduly in the way of my character(s) and overly compromise their dignity, pleeeease? :D Hey, I've already made a concession by not letting my goddess appear too often again in future. Okay, how's this: maybe the majority of the gods are immature kids, but a very few are truly wise and ancient. How's that? And maybe your character would use a trick to make the gods promise not to enter the Unrealm in person, so they'd have to honor their word. Whaddya think?

BTW, hope you don't mind if I made the story such that the people your character killed in fact never died. Hey, your character's supposed to have a deep sense of love and respect for all life, isn't he? :D

[Edited by Cammy on November 24th, 2000 at 12:45 AM]

24th Nov 2000, 06:08 AM
I suppose I was trying to create a state of affairs where I was trying to cut down on the god thing that was obviously pi55ing everybody off, but in the context of the story, rather than it all coming to a head in a rather messy way, which it did (particulary for "Chun-Li").

Okay, how's this: maybe the majority of the gods are immature kids, but a very few are truly wise and ancient. Thats what I stated in my post in the unrealm thread.
My viewpoint was that a gods personality reflects that of it's worshipers (and vice versa).
An example would be Thor.
The majority of his followers are vikings, people who love a drink and a fight, preferably at the same time:D. If the gods portfolios/personalitys are determined by the believes of their followers, then it stands to reason that Thor would love drinking and fighting, just in a more extreme way (godly passions and appetites would be a hell of a lot more powerful than there mortal followers).
His clergy would then attract followers who were of the same mindset (I highly doubt someone would follow a religion with precepts and morals completely different to their own), which would then contibute (over the years) to Thors "personality".
If one particular religion believes that their God is the supreme being and superior to all others, it's probably quite likely that the God does as well, regardless of how wrong that might be.

Your character just seems... too arrogant to me.
Agreed, that was the intention. His priorities are completely different. To the majority of "normal" people he will be completley amoral :D

whereby your older-and-wiser-than-even-the-gods-themselves character.....

He would presume to rank himself above the gods! Wow, does that mean my goddess character would at some point have to admit to being inferior in front of him? Hey, come on, that's not exactly very becoming of my goddess, right?
A couple of points here.
He doesn't presume to rank himself above the gods. He just don't give a flying feck about them unless they get in the way of his mission(s).
The only reason he ended up "against" the gods in the unrealm thread was because I was trying to alleviate the damage your posts were causing, to the enjoyment of other people writing for the Unrealm thread. My intentions for my character originally had nothing to do with any gods (well maybe slightly), but that changed when Kuan-Yi became a major character and started having an adverse effect on everybody else.
I (as I said above) put my post/soliquay in, in an attempt to solve the problem "in-game" rather than having a long argument in this thread followed by a drastic change in the unrealm story. It also allowed WAnk plus whoever else wanted to join in to get a parallel story going in which Kuan-Yi wasn't mentioned every other post.
You're also demonstrating that you do see "your" goddess as another one of your chracters (almost along the lines of "Hi, my name is Chun-Li, I can do blah bleh and blah, and if you have a problem with it I'll sic my god on you who is a close personal friend of mine"), which is what I think annoyed the majority of people (we had a group featuring a barbarian, sorcereress, thief, etc. We expressed concerns of over the fact that maybe the group was too powerful. Jing retired his Vampire Hunter character. You play a god!?!?!).

I'd have no quarrel about that and I'd leave your character alone, just as I've left Dudester's spider beings alone.
Why the hell should it be otherwise?
If a person is activly posting and intent on developing there character there is no reason at all for you to stick your oar in and bring them into line with what you think they should be doing, especially without consulting them :mad:
*PMB takes a happy pill*
*sigh* :(

And maybe your character would use a trick to make the gods promise not to enter the Unrealm in person, so they'd have to honor their word - Cammy

Something must be done soon, to either convince the various panthenons to stop meddeling, an virtually impossible task he thought, or remove their ability to directly intervene temporarily. - Asteph'theroc Draco
*echo* ;)

hope you don't mind if I made the story such that the people your character killed in fact never died.
Unfortunatly I did.:(
I was trying to portray a couple of things by this. His ruthlessness and the personal torment he goes through each time he does this.
If you've read any of Stephen Donaldsons the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant you might have seen the similarities (which I also mentioned near the start of this thread) I was trying to draw between Asteph'theroc and Kevin Landwaster, who used the Ritual of Desecration on the Land (that which he loved above all else) almost destroying it, in an attempt to avoid losing it permanently to Lord Foul the Defiler in the hope that it would eventually recover, free from Fouls influence. Sort of a scorched earth scenario.
Asteph'theroc loaths killing, but he will not pause for a second to lay waste those who get in his way in his aim of stopping the great evil or restoring his people, and now (for some reason) harming Mirya.

Others may have preferences of their own, but what about me? Don't I have my preferences, too?
Yes you do. But if these preferences pi55 of the majority of people posting and cause a fair few to stop because of it I suggest you change what you're doing or you'll have another character exploding into fleshy bits.:p

24th Nov 2000, 07:06 PM
Okay, from what you've posted, I'll assume your character does have some room in his mind for a very few gods after all. In which case, hey, the words I put in his mouth wouldn't have been that much out of character, right? :D (Settle down, I won't do such things again, I promise -- at least not without your permission.)

On my part -- okay, okay, I'll never bring in my goddess again (in the way of actually entering the Unrealm), since she's pi$$ing everyone off (sigh... :(). But -- this question is posed to everyone, not just Rumple -- will you fellas allow me to let my goddess at least sometimes have a chat with other gods and goddesses without causing any direct or potential impact on the story? Or visit Chun-Li and Du-de-es-ta in their dreams? Or perhaps let them astral-travel to her abode? You know, maybe sometimes, when the going gets real tough for them, they might need a bit of help from their goddess, even if it's just a word of encouragement... Come on, say yes, please? Pretty pleeeeeease? :D

I think I'll spell out sometime what I conceive to be the exact nature of the religion professed by my characters. It's actually not all that different from your concept of the mana weave, Rumple. ;)

And Rumple, perhaps you might also like to spell out sometime just what your character's problem is and what his mission is, so I can make adjustments to my side of the story if necessary. ;)

A last word on character stats and such. I just thought I'd provide these for my characters so when you want to use them (not misuse them, please :p) you'll have some idea what they can do and what they can't. For example, you can't make Rufus part the Red Sea. :D

Wolf Blackstar
24th Nov 2000, 07:37 PM
Well, one of the advantages Wolfram has is that when you're past is erased, you don't know exactly what gods you serve either. I still haven't decided what kind of religion he adheres to. I'm still going to keep an air of mystery about his past, though, revealing it piece by piece.

On another note entirely, I got my scanner working again, and thought I'd share some of my sketches of Wolfram.



These are from my pocket sketchbook, as you can see the spiral binding on the left. :)

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


24th Nov 2000, 08:39 PM
Sorry about Khaine's lack of activity, but Ive been busy with BG2 right now.

Anyways, time to make some armour out fo this DragonScale I got :)

Wolf Blackstar
24th Nov 2000, 09:24 PM
I think you'll get 50% acid resistance and AC 1 out of it :)

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


24th Nov 2000, 10:35 PM
Correct wolf, I know have a suberb suit of armour for my thief :)

Magic Katana + AC -3 = Pretty hard thief :D

25th Nov 2000, 12:46 AM
Call me hopeless, but I just don't see what sort of adverse effect my goddess had on the thread, as Rumple suggested... :confused:

Anyway, nice sketches you've got there, Wolf! :) Hmmm, I must show some of mine sometime, too!

25th Nov 2000, 08:38 AM
Right, so everyone is happy now, right?
I decided it is probably time for my people to meet someone else's people, so I posted to bring the Ash-en/Undead alliance up to speed.
Just to clarify, the torsion on the weave of life that Tzchee-inki senses is of course the battle of wills between Asteph'theroc and the
gods/other forces trying to alter reality...
I'm thinking that the thing that Tzchee-inki's Hunting-spinners discovered on the path ahead is the Dragon which is about to kill Wolfram, Chun-li et al.
(Thought you guys might like some help from around ten highly skilled ninja spider-people! ;) Of course, they'll probably go after you people after the Dragon
is taken care of, unless Tzchee-inki gets there first...)

25th Nov 2000, 10:20 AM
Wow, Rumple's character can engage in a psionic wrestling match with the gods themselves in the attempt to alter the very weave of the fabric of reality -- and emerge the winner, too. :eek: WHAT DOES THAT MAKE HIM? Hmmm, presumably the One True God worshipped by Wolf's paladin -- no, even that is too belittling a title, I'd think. Yup, he'd be able to part the Red Sea, indeed the entire Pacific Ocean, and with just a snap of his fingers, too. Yup, someday my goddess will be prostrating before him in total acknowledgement of his overwhelming superiority! Yup, I'd like that...:rolleyes:

No, no, no, relax, I'm not going to start whining about the whole thing and start a big fat flame war again. This time, I'll just see what happens as the weave of the story's fabric unfolds. If it starts to unfold in ways that are greatly to my liking :rolleyes: -- such as the scenario above -- then this little Ash-en wench named Cammi-inki will pull herself out very quietly from the Unrealm thread, and go elsewhere for some fun -- maybe date an Urnamu...

25th Nov 2000, 10:41 AM
I'm sure that everything will work out fine... after all, we are all intelligent, reasonable individuals here - aren't we everyone?

My stance on my characters btw: Everyone has leave to use my characters in their own writing... however, I will be trying to keep them on the edge of things for a while (the Hunting-spinners will probably just strike at the Dragon and then fade into the background again to report to Tzchee-inki...). Clarification on my character's motivations can be asked for if needed (and if I know the answer...:)).

Thank you.

25th Nov 2000, 03:32 PM
i am back, i will go read and see what is up, then possibly come back here :)

25th Nov 2000, 05:20 PM
I suggest everone re-read my post again. I've rewritten it (slighter) to sync it in more with the wishes of the rest of the group.

Now all we have to do is have a lottery.
The winner gets to kill Khaine (in the story :D).
I was thinking the best, evil enemy was the one that was never mentioned (except obliquely/indirectly).
Whenever my character refers to "HIM" i'm speaking of that one.
LK's character Khaine gets to be the bad guy, the avatar/ if you will, of ...uummmmmmm......HIM:D. As he posts so bloody infrequently it would suit him down to the ground.
I know.
I've met him.
He is bitter and twisted.
Playing a scheming evil meglomaniac would suit him down to the ground.
Besides, I'm sure everyone would like to kill (Lord)Khaine :D
When we eventually do, he can either have his character resurrected, reincarneted (Khaine the Evil Badger springs to mind :D), or have a new "evil" character - hell someone else could retire a character and the play the bad guy -that was the new "avatar" of .....ummmmmm......HIM. :D

I have left a lot of stuff unexplained (Why HE tried to kill Chun-Li, why he tried to change Mirya to a thief called Natyala. Why HE tried to kill the goddess Kuan-Yi (there you go Cammy - just don't go overkill on it. You know what everyones feelings are about it. Maybe Kuan-Yi could call a council of powers to discuss/argue/kick in the nutz other gods over what there course of action should be). If I, or anyone else comes up with any good ideas on what the reasons are post here and we'll argue about it :D

The more feedback we get going here, will make sure we don't get any more....ummmmm....hiccups.....to the creative process.

As before post away if you've got any ideas/violently disagree with anything I say.
Its a piece of pi55 to go back and edit a post ;)

25th Nov 2000, 06:24 PM
Maybe Kuan-Yi could call a council of powers to discuss/argue/kick in the nutz other gods over what there course of action should be

Gee, will you fellas allow me that? I thought you all are sick to death with me doing that sort of thing?

And dear Wank, are you still angry with me anymore? I hope not. :)

25th Nov 2000, 06:31 PM
So...I guess it was HIM who took over control of Von Schwartzentodder's zombies in S'mon Traskar?

<sorry for dealing with the Dragon btw, but my Ash-en girls needed some exercise> ;)

Wolf Blackstar
25th Nov 2000, 09:59 PM
It's a good thing I didn't make Sir Damon Vanderwal a Southern Baptist. ;)

I planned on posting as several different characters from the start. After Wolfram recovers his memory and discovers the secrets about his mysterious past, he might fade out into the background, reappearing from time to time to give advice to newer folks, or vanquish a powerful force of evil if it becomes too strong.

The paladin, Sir Damon Vanderwal, represents a slightly stronger focus on roleplaying and personality development than my usual posting style(fighting), and is also different in that he has access to magic, though it is also limited in that it is primarily defensive in nature(auras and resistances).

The elf is more of a mischievous and sneaky type. This is to be expected from a thief, and his interaction with Sir Vanderwal reflects their conflict of opinions, but also their cooperation through friendship.

26th Nov 2000, 12:42 AM
LK's character Khaine gets to be the bad guy


Im a good guy this time!

Im gonna read up on all Ive missed tommorow, and start posting. But im not a bad guy damnit!:p

My evil days are over, after what I managed to do in the last story thread I took part in:)

26th Nov 2000, 12:49 AM
Oh, and as for my character, full of charm, energetic, and fights with a permenant grin on his face, always against huge numbers of very stupid guards. He uses a thin elegant sword, and can often be seen swinging around on ropes and chandoliers, saving attractive women from the cluthes of bad guys. No guessing where I got the idea from :)

26th Nov 2000, 12:55 AM
Hmmm, seems your pretty low on bad guys then, Im sure I can make up a real goodie. Expect a new bad guy with a name even more threatening than Khaine to turn up tommorow. probably base it on one of my Baldurs gate characters.....

26th Nov 2000, 10:39 PM
I just wish you'd land the friggin' boat already, LK! My character's getting a little sea-sick!;)

Wolf Blackstar
26th Nov 2000, 11:26 PM
I know, I even sent pirates to attack his ship, just to try to get him posting.

27th Nov 2000, 01:02 AM

righty-o then.

I obviously missed a lot over thanksgiving...so I'll answer what I can (that was directed at me; one question that i know of).

Cammy: Actually, I'd prefer that Alucard not be brought back in, not for reasons of personal attachment, or any such...mostly I had written him out because I felt that he was too powerful (and realistically, he was). IMO, better to leave him a cameo within a farmer's dream than bring him back. The the eternally cursed rest a bit.

If, however, you are adamantly set to bring him back, I wont stop you. I will, however, note that the new character I am bringing in (and this, ironically, we decided before i even got a chance to touch the forums again) has the ability to alter his physical form into silver (I decided silver would be nicer than sheet metal, and less gaudy than gold - plus there are any number of supernatural creatures that will hate him, though I did not count on your asking for alucard).

More on my new character (he starts off in a separate dimension anyhow) later

Wolf Blackstar
27th Nov 2000, 01:05 AM
Drow, also known as Dark Elves, are usually very dark of skin and have white, silvery, or very light blond hair. They are destructive, aggressive, warlike and very, very evil.

Dhakhath is no exception.

Wing Commander fans might recognize the name "Dhakhath" as Kilrathi for "Deathstroke." Dhakhath is well named, for he has dedicated his life to the art of war. Deadly speed and brutal precision make for an extremely lethal combination.

Dhakhath's companion Taria is a human female who also lives by the sword. She started out as a ruthless mercenary, killing anything and anyone for the right price.

Together they make an even deadlier team, merciless warriors capable of subduing the most powerful of foes. Their primary motivations are unknown, but you can bet that it doesn't include anything beneficial to the population of the Unrealms.

27th Nov 2000, 07:39 AM
Into the realms will step my evil offering :)

Female Human
Chaotic Evil

Sadistic, evil, intellegent, and a very capable leader. She has lead several bands on various "adventures" so far, all of which have ended in extreme bloodshed. She is twisted, at least partially insane, and will sink to any level to achieve her aims. Very skilled in the art of magic, specialising in the raising of the dead, she is not to be messed with. She was last seen kidnaping a rival mages child, and is rumoured to been entering the area shortly...

/me heads off, to decide where to insert this satanical bítch into the realms :)

Wolf Blackstar
27th Nov 2000, 08:01 PM
Judging by the size of that army, it looks like Wolfram had better recover his memory very soon.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


28th Nov 2000, 08:56 AM
Im hopeing to get a huge battle going, that can span over a whole page or so, so everyone can do their own thing in the battle. And I wouldnt advise anyone trys to stop that army by themself, cos you wont get very far:)

I wanna get a battle going similar to The Battle of Five Armys from The Hobbit, by that I mean very big, with lotsa fighting :) Also, if anyone plans to save a few villagers, I advise you do it real quick, cos tonight I will wipe that village of the face of the earth:)

Btw, Khaine will be appearing, so Hal, no need to buy any more sea sickness pills:)

28th Nov 2000, 10:12 AM
with Asteph'theroc being ...ummmmm..... bloody old and rather handy at manipulating time he could give Wolfram a hand with unlocking his memories.
Hell maybe they've been locked for a reason like ... ummm.... maybe they contain the true name/identity of HIM, which would drive Wolfram utterly insane if he even thinks about it when not in a sacred/magical/holy (delete as appropriate:D) place. That way Wolfram is the person who locked his own memorys to protect himself. They could even be on a timedelay thing, as he gets closer to the enemy the more he knows about them.
He could have been a warrior from ancient times who almost defeated HIM, but lost at the end and was thrown to another dimension/timezone/continent/age (hell Asteph'theroc could know Wolfram from thousands of years ago.....admittedly he'd probably not tell him that once he realises how much of his memorys Wolframs lost, but he might let something slip. We could get another sidequest going to find a flower/pool/artifact to restore Wolframs memories and unlock his kickarse powers (if he's got any :D). If it's a powerful artifact odds on that the drow will be after it as well).
Anyway those are some of my ideas.

BTW Khaine what is your character doing here - from the rest of the story thread, most other writers (including myself) have taken you as the bad guy and written accordingly. As you now say you're not playing the bad guy we (well I), can't be arsed to go back and wade though my posts changing them to reflect that.
What I was thinking about (to get round this problem), was to still have people chasing after you - but it being a case of mistaken identity or an elaborate setup.
I think elaborate setup would be more fun :D

*PMB thinks that a storyline where "Khaine" is having "fun" with several working ladies in the docks area (at the same time), whilst lots of powerful/bitter/twisted/mad characters run around looking for him convinced that he's the Unrealm equivilent of Damian from Omen, would be vastly hilarious*

Feel free to comment/rip to shreds/etc.

28th Nov 2000, 10:29 AM
Just noticed this..
Tzarina, daughter of Bhaal. Though she is the offspring of a god
Let me guess, you've been playing BG/BG2.
Remember though that last person who overdid the god thing *cough*Chun-li*cough*got killed in a rather interesting way :D

BTW what is Tzarinas' motivation/background in regards to the rest of the Unrealm/HIM.
It's handy to know (and let other people know) or otherwise someone will end up writing her out of character/killing her before you want her dead/etc and causing a load of grief which could be avoidied if you explain what you intend with this character.

28th Nov 2000, 04:28 PM
Yay!, the forums finally loaded! =/

First to answer PMB's question, I belive your idea is the best way to go about dealing with Khaine. When I made my first post with Khaine in, he was never meant to have a large part, and he was not meant to be a bad guy. I was meant to put him in as a sort of placeholder, to show I was gonna take part in the near future. So I got a bit of a shock a few days back, when I find out im not only a main character, but the bad guy, with several ties to other characters! I think the mistaken identity idea is a good way to go. Its far to late to make Khaine a minor character now.

As for Tzarina, her motives are seemingly random, with little more reason that eternal bloodshed and carnage, at least for now. She is true evil, she has no worrys for anyone but herself and her own goals. Goals will become clear later on. As for the god part, I made it clear in the post that she is a mere mortal, albeit a powerful one at that. Dont expect anything overpowered, most of the damage I cause will be from the army, not from her.

So far everything has been character driven, with gods and magic and heros ruling everything. Im trying to introduce a large scale battle, which should provide a very interesting enviroment for everyones character. Right now, I think everyone should build up for a large battle, pick their side, and get ready for war!:) The way the battle should happen in my opinion (if indeed, there is one), is to let everyone write their own account, as characters will almost certainly be in different locations in the battle. Though im sure a few of them will meet each other:)

Of course, I dont want to start a huge battle if no-one wants one, but I think you'll agree no epic fantasy is complete without a big evil vs good battle. Feedback is wanted before I make any unwanted moves.

[Edited by LordKhaine on November 28th, 2000 at 06:05 PM]

28th Nov 2000, 05:58 PM
So you are landing the boat?

You became the bad guy, LK cause you weren't looking. :D

28th Nov 2000, 06:02 PM
Funky :)

/me wonders how many undead Wolfram could take out with one well aimed thow, of a large red dragon :D

28th Nov 2000, 06:14 PM
Just a reminder, if you wanna save anyone in the village, you have very little time left, I advise you dont hang around. When an insane sadist on a dragon flys at you, its not good to hang around:)

Or are you all gonna ignore the poor helpless villagers? Im sure you have time to save at least a dozen :)

28th Nov 2000, 06:28 PM
Save Urnamu? The Ash-en care little for these creatures unless they can be of assistance in protecting the world.
Besides, our ways are subtle and not of brute force.

Wolf Blackstar
28th Nov 2000, 07:22 PM
Wolfram is no stranger to large-scale battles. He may not know it now, but he has sparred with nearly every variety of demonic, undead, or mortal evil.

wolfram was once a commanding general in charge of an elite corps of knights, mages and priests, which formed the military forces of a very ancient empire. These guys were some powerful warriors to be able to wage war against HIM, and they served as protectors of the Unrealms for many years. Only the most comprehensive of lore-libraries have access to the tales of the Empire of the Iron Eagle(come up with a catchier name, and we'll use that...), and the stories tell of their outposts being large castles floating in the sky, and of cavaliers and wizards riding on the backs of Silver Dragons.

hell Asteph'theroc could know Wolfram from thousands of years ago.....admittedly he'd probably not tell him that once he realises how much of his memorys Wolframs lost, but he might let something slip.

Excellent idea.

Also, Wolfram was able to defeat HIM in combat - but, there was a very powerful plan in effect, which would allow him to eventually return. This process also involved the brutal murder of Wolfram's family, and the entire empire was thrown into another dimension/plane/existence, etc.

Wolfram escaped, forced to walk the planes in a seemingly endless quest to return - opposed all the while by all manners of evil along the way. Only his burning desire for vengeance allowed him to survive.

Perhaps the loss of his memories are the result of a mortal being forced to endure thousands of years of interplanar travel and combat, or it could be more directly related to HIM. Fortunately, Wolfram recovers minute portions of his memory now that he has returned, and his prowess in battle is still unaffected(though he does have some "kick-ass powers" that he's definitely going to need in the near future) and violent confrontations in particular bring back good portions of his tactical and strategical skills. In order to fully restore this memory though, he'll have to recover a couple of items, namely, his ancestral armor and the Rune Swords of Keiran and Dorianna(dual wielding ability rocks). A visit with a powerful seer/sorcerer/druid, etc, would also be beneficial.

As for the drow warrior Dhakhath, he's not working with Tzarina or her minions, though a partnership might be arranged in the future. He's currently searching for a powerful artifact indeed, known only as the Soul-Crusher. This happens to be the very item that Sir Damon Vanderwal, the paladin, would like to get his hands on as well.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


Wolf Blackstar
29th Nov 2000, 09:19 AM
Oh now this is interesting, Jing...... another paladin, and this one not only has knowledge of Wolfram, but is also bearing the "cross" of a lost loved one.

Feelings that Wolfram has known all too well. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet up.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


29th Nov 2000, 11:22 AM
Probably be a while yet, what with being on different continents and having a very large army of the undead to deal with :D

29th Nov 2000, 12:21 PM
Notes that i couldn't get to last night at 3 am =P

Martial Paladins: Not your classical paladin...some folk call them "War rangers", and they have more in common with Rangers than they do with Paladins - no curative abilities, highly trained in war, combat, and operating alone. However, their primary duties are to protect the realm and innocent lives. Moreover, they spend a lot of time hunting down the biggest and most dangerous evil beasts. In that respect, people look up to them as they would paladins (they might be considered, in BG2 terms, to be Cavaliers, but without any of the regular paladinic powers).

Garrison and Maestro: Garrison does not remember much of his childhood or his origins... but he does remembering growing up, being raised by Maestro. They might even be considered to be father and son, though they do not look like it, or at times even act like it. It's pretty clear by features alone that they are not family, but their 'super powers' do show a common bond of a sort. Garrison is beginning to suspect that he is not from this realm at all.

Rose and Garrison and Clael: Clael has some pretty fantastic superpowers that will be revealed soon. Suffice to say that he is interested in Garrison's body (only YOU are thinking of it like that =p ). The flash back is 3 years in the past, on the wedding day of Garrison and Rose; on that day, Clael and an army of hellspawn attacked. Clael used armor enchanted to control Garrison, and slew Rose. Cross was a figure of speech, referring to the shape of the tombstone (also the shape of a sword stuck into the ground) and the events which had occurred.

Vanilla: oops. Maybe i should have read your notes thing a little more closely =) well heck, I can have her searching for someone else... or just completely write her out in the next post (it'd be easy, and she wouldn't die or nothing =)

Garrison's powers: Garrison can alter his physical structure to become silver (minding the eye cross), yet retains the flexibility of a human body. In this form, he does not bleed. In both 'pure human' and silver form his eyes glow golden allowing him to see in the dark (however, the glow is bright, and will also lightup a dark room) and the invisible; moreover his body is supernaturally tough (which is to say, a crossbow bolt might hurt, but wont kill. In fact, the bolt may shatter. It is super dense and damamge resistant in the same way that some supernatural creatures are [eg: dragons, giants, golems, raksasha, gargoyles, djinn]. Weapons hurt and cause injury, but a full strength swing of a two handed sword isn't going to kill. More on this later). His supernatural body also regenerate health at a medium rate. He also has the power of Energy Expulsion - he can form energy blasts from his hands and eyes.

Actual numbers and in depth explanations to follow (and rough translation into BG terms =) If he is deemed too powerful, then he will never meet the main group =)

WAnk and I were joking...it seems his character's superpower is an enchanted Bracelet of "Finding-Really-Powerful-Friends-And-Allies" =/ =)

29th Nov 2000, 03:13 PM
.....and having a very large army of the undead to deal with

Not just undead my feline friend, I fitted something for everyone in there:)

30th Nov 2000, 02:27 AM
hey um, i didn't get Beerbaron's post and stuff...?

30th Nov 2000, 09:54 AM
What the bloody bollox is he on about?
Also .... ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH .... he's gone "first person". :D

30th Nov 2000, 12:45 PM
Hey, "The Elder Scrolls" series is a very very good RPG that is set in FP...some ultima games are too (or is it wizardry?).

Anyway, maybe we should put the unrealm on pause until we have sacrificed enough virgins to Wolf and he gets better?

1st Dec 2000, 10:47 PM
well im introducing a new character.
cute piccy huh?
ok. um.. her name is...Miyoko. okie? okie.

Wolf Blackstar
2nd Dec 2000, 03:00 PM
Miyoko looks like a Kensai Warrior, at least by the fact that she isn't wearing armor.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

<LordKhaine>hold on
<LordKhaine>making crack
<LordKhaine>just a sec


2nd Dec 2000, 05:01 PM
Wolf: so like, shall we continue with the story? Or hold of for a little while more?

2nd Dec 2000, 05:09 PM
ok...so like....

The original point of the dream sequence and the reset was that we all would start over. However, that was rather neatly changed, and pretty much nothing changed. In my opinion, the dragon post should be ignored...and more over the obliteratvie powers, or just the eyes of the dragon themselves be forgotten. IMO.

2nd Dec 2000, 05:27 PM
You guys do what you wanna do, Ill just slowly advance my army until your ready for a big battle. And the Khaine/ un-named heroine sideplot shouldnt be effected by the main plot.

3rd Dec 2000, 05:27 AM
A picture of Chun-Li. Hope you fellas will like it. ;)


3rd Dec 2000, 04:28 PM
hmmmmm .. Streetfighter ..... now where did I put my SNES? :D

In my opinion, the dragon post should be ignored...and more over the obliteratvie powers, or just the eyes of the dragon themselves be forgotten
Agreed (well the eyes of the dragon bit - I was going to write the undead suddenly attacking and pinching it to remove it from the story, or LK's psychohosebeast evil character could obliterate it :D).

As for the dragon itself .... anyone want new leather boots? :D

Wolf Blackstar
3rd Dec 2000, 09:59 PM
Well, this does present a problem. But then, there's also a solution. Now that Chun-Li has found the missing eye, she can go and do whatever she wants with it. End of that quest. :D

I should have ignored the dragon post, but I did kinda want Wolfram to pound on him, at least a little bit. :)

Jing, I'm more than open to anything you'd like to throw in, since you've so creative in the past.

I'm also looking forward to seeing another post on Asteph'theroc Draco, since I'm starting to like the bastard regardless of his nature.

And Khaine, I thought Tzarina was going to destroy that village already?

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4th Dec 2000, 02:36 AM
Wolf: Hrm. Let's do that, shall we? Your host body character was on a crusade from the south lands ( ;) ) against that massive force of darkness... but things went badly, and ended in a rather unglorious rout... your character, however, is one of the great heros of the southlands, and fought off a large portion of the horde (perhaps he called upon the power of ancestors to do it [eg: lavok/Raistlin + Fistandantilus type interaction])... and then for fled in the opposite direction to draw the enemy away (they follow for one reason or another - killed something, took something, garnered their hatred, etc.).

I'm going to make a few characters down south, as well as an evil one (it seems like all the rage ;) Which kind of creates a need for heroes, hence my character is charged with searching yours out...perhaps they know each other, perhaps they only know of each other... we'll figure that out later. The evil will follow to the north, precluding a need to move our characters all the heck over the world (I was thinking of connecting this evil to Freya [or is it Isis?])

Vanilla: any details on the abilities or type of character you have? and also, where will you introduce her? (rather than just in the notes) =)

4th Dec 2000, 05:24 AM
I'm also looking forward to seeing another post on Asteph'theroc Draco, since I'm starting to like the bastard regardless of his nature.
I'll see what I can do ... I was actually waiting for WAnk to post something before I carried on, but he hasn't posted for a bit (probably in hospital with alcohol poisoning :D).
Hopefully should have something up by the end of the day.


4th Dec 2000, 10:22 AM
i was kind of waiting for some earth shaking event to happen to give me some ideas of were to start taking our little duo, but our public is getting restless ;) i am skipping class today, so i will think something up too :)

4th Dec 2000, 12:10 PM
Hows this.
Wolfram, born in the Empire of the Iron Eagle, kick arse fighter & general, who whilst leading the assualt on one of the physical manifestations of HIM, was taken by the Firstborn back in time by about 10-15000 years to fight HIM during the first incursion, the theory being that if we defeat HIM properly in the past, we won't have to worry about doing it again in the future (B'var the Firstborns reasoning - you could argue with him but he died bringing Wolfram back to the past:D)
Anyway, due to the Firstborn bringing him back in the middle of the assault/just as Wolfram was about to slay the physical manifestation of HIM, things went pear shaped and large scale slaughter ensued and the realm of the Empire of the Iron Eagle got banished/destroyed/hidden (it could be in the same bad place that Asteph'therocs people ended up).
Anyway, when Wolfram defeated HIM back in the past, Asteph'theroc (for reasons I'm writing at the moment - know the plan but just need to flesh out the details a bit), was unable to, how shall we say, finish the job properly and the result of that was another big cockup which ended up with Asteph'therocs people vanishing, along with the warrior Wolfram (who actually ended up on another plane/continent/timeframe - think retibutive strike with a fully charged Staff of the Magi :D) minus more of his memory and even more scars.
Anyway the Wolfram that is running around now (when he's not unconsious :p) is the one who was born in the Empire about 8000 years ago, rose to prominence there, got ...ummmm....kidnapped by B'var the firstborn to fight HIM at the first incursion (10-15000 years earlier). Failed (due to Asteph'theroc ballsing up) and was at the heart of another explosion of magical energy/rupturing of the weave due to that failure, which then transported him away.
It could be due to Llaeresil, that he can always recall his name and fighting/leadership ability (and only vaguely able to recall the land of his childhood), and the fact that he was in the middle of a vast magical explosion (first incursion of HIM) means he can't remember the events leading up to it (hundreds or thousands of years training, taking place over about ten minutes).
Whether Wolfram got transported forward in time to the present (where everyone else is running around) when Asteph'theroc cocked up, or whether he's been wandering around since that first battle with HIM(which would make him almost as old as Asteph'theroc) fighting bad guys and forgetting every so often (hey he could have a "reset" button in his head on time delay :D, say after every 200 years reboot and just remember name and fighting ability) I don't know ... thats up to Hop-a-long himself :p.
I also threw in a thing about the differences between the male/female of my characters species - mainly the difference in powers (like the males being *really* crap at mind manipultion - which is what Llaeresil used on Wolfram).

As before post away if you can think of anyhting that can add to the story or I've taken the unrealm in an unwanted direction - I'm just trying to expand my characters back ground whilst linking in Wolfram as he seemed to like the idea

Purveyor of suspicously lumpy Monkey Custard

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Wolf Blackstar
4th Dec 2000, 12:43 PM
Ah, now this is more like it!

It's amazing what can happen when events of cosmic proportions go poo-poo. One screw-up, and you're sent forwards or backwards in time by thousands of years! :D

Yeah, Wolfram is a lot older than he looks. It's not his fault though.

One thing I'm curious about is how the Martial Paladins know about Wolfy.

Wolf Blackstar
4th Dec 2000, 12:58 PM
I've just read the posts by Jing and PMB.

Awesome. Now we're given insight into another species, and Wolfram is connected to them, as well as the Martial Paladins in the south?

Damn, this is even better then the "child of Bhaal" storyline in BG2...

BTW, cute name for Wolfram's sis...

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4th Dec 2000, 04:39 PM
Can someone do me (maybe a lot of us) a favor? Why not briefly list each main character under a plot heading/subheading. Not necessarily including how great the character is and what his/her super-powers are...just sort of a synopsis. It got kind of confusing with all the additions/subtractions.

BTW, Cammy, all Chun-Li pictures are most welcome! :)

4th Dec 2000, 05:18 PM
Hello everyone.
Don't worry, I shall be posting soon (Tuesday evening I guess) so we can progress the nain story some...

Character synopsises eh?

An Ash-en (spider-person - as to spiders as centaurs are to horses).
Ruler (En-keeper) of a great city in the Ash-en's homelands, she discovered the existence of a "wrongness" in the world and set out on an expedition to uncover its source.
This led her to the Urnamu lands (humans are called Urnamu by the Ash-en), and an alliance with Von Schwartzentodder, a necromancer.
She is accompanied by her entourage of around 60 Ash-en, mostly slaves, but including 10 highly skilled Hunting-spinners (like spider-ninja).

Helmut Von Schwartzentodder
A skilled necromancer, Von Schwartzentodder discovered the precence of a great evil through accident + magicks. He has attempted to investigate matters, but the stigma connected to necromancy and the undead has forced him to use indirect methods. In addition, whatever force is responsible for the evil seems to have noticed his attempts and has acted on occaision to break Von Schwartzentodder's spells.
He is now allied with the Ash-en, who he sees as fellow outcasts from "normality". Von Schwartzentodder has a distinct dislike of the clean-cut stereotypically macho male adventurer, especially Paladins (who have a habit of massacring Undead indescriminately).

Leader of the force of ten Hunting-spinners in Tzchee-inki's entourage. Skilled in methods of fighting, tracking, concealement and psychology, and convinced of the superiority of Tzchee-inki over other beings. She, and the other Hunting-spinners, will die for their En-keeper.

This post will be updated periodically as I add new depths to the characters (or even new characters...I think I need to have a leader for the Scry-princes as well...)

6th Dec 2000, 04:18 AM
Wolf: Well, i figure wolf + ram....fox + lamb....;) I'm not entirely sure I follow PMB's thought line...but i think he and i had two different goals to your character (isn't that just so funny? =) Being that he has posted already, i'll bow out... I'll think of some new solution to my own problem. It may involve my taking some slight liberties with Asteph/B'var's plans? I dunno just yet (the infinite realm of possibilities is vast; i need only to pluck at the proper path. Just as there are many dimensions [worlds], there are also many alternate dimensions [variations on this universe/world]...It sounds kind of like the current Wolfram is from an alternate/past? Or it could be that Foxlam is a fail safe/back up for Wolfram? or there really IS a wolfram of our universe that she is looking for? I'll figure this out....=P )

Hal: There are four characters in the Southern Lands, removed from the main adventure... think of them as a mini story happening at the moment (it's a really long introduction and character background build).

Garrison - Martial Paladin from the Southern Territories, a collective of several kingdoms on a separate, but land-connected continent to the south of the main group. Just follow my last few posts to find out about him... my last 3 posts or so have been about him, and his history and such.

Maetsro - Leader of the Martial Paladins. He brought Garrison to the Territories when Garrison was a baby. Maestro was already a one-armed man then, and appears to not have aged. He is a tutor to Garrison first, and father figure second...their histories are intertwined in a way unknown to Garrison just yet.

Alita - Warrior-Priest. Alita was an Imperial Guardsman for a race known as the Kreeghor... as such, she was subjected to mutative cosmic energies and biowizardry. She became a supernatural-level person with control over Jade (creation, manipulation, and transformation into energy) and flight... and a little more yet to be revealed. Her life span has been lengthened tremendously, and she has spent a long time on the Unrealm... it is peaceful, compared to her home dimension. 'Priest' is only a convenience for explaining her more fantastic abilities. She will remind Garrison of 'Rose'...I am tempted to Make Garrison color-blind, since all heroes are always perfect =P =) "gold coins, copper goins, what's the difference?"

Calibretto - War-Golem. Many years ago, the Southern Territories faced a great threat - one their armies and magics could not deal with. In response, the magi created the War Golems... Autonomous, sentient war machines with immense destructive power. However, once the war ended (decisively, by means of legions of the war golems), people began to fear the power of the Golems...and so began to destroy them. War Golems were persecuted, hunted down - even though they were completely loyal to those people who created them and whom they fought for. No more than a dozen are thought to exist, with as few as 3 being likely. Calibretto ran into Alita, and they have travelled together since. War Golems function as if sentient living beings (they have feelings, irrationalities, can develop ideas, and so forth) but are ultimately mechanic (they are vulnerable to lightning, electromagnetic pulses [knock them unconcious - no memory wiping =)], need to be repaired). War Golems were created in a day of unparalleled Magic and technology, and perhaps even interdimensional trade... all War Golems have a Nanite factory inside them, which see to various basic needs (eg: cleaning out dust)...these nanites are also able to create more of themselves as needed, convert basic materials as needed (create grease, oil, metal [very small quantities]) and effect repairs... in this case, they swarm over a metal source, such as an anvil or suit of armor, devour it, and use the raw materials (converting to other materials if needed) to repair damage. This also takes quite a bit of time and non-movement. It also allows his arms to reform into different weapons.

Foxlam - Sister to Wolfram. Or is she???.... Wields Thor's Hammer (or similar equivalent...may not be Thor's own hammer =)

Clael - Evil Villain dude who made Garrison kill his wife-to-be on their wedding day. About to bite it hard. He is a Monk/mage... He is looking for the ultimate body to inhabit, and he believes Garrison's silver form is it. Able to possess bodies, he has changed appearance many many times. He has once taken over a mage, and has some knowledge of magic. He currently has taken the body of a Bulky-strong fighter.

Ink - Perverted evil villain dude, also about to bite it hard. His body is translucent grey...and underneath that is a blood red color. He controls the shape of his body, and has powers of 'shadow' such as shadow blasts, dark wave/devouring, shadow slide, etc. etc. It doesn't really matter, he is going die =)

Bulgrim - Evil Djinni/Efreeti. Imprisoned within a bracelet, which was discovered by a grave-robber... who was compelled to put the bracelet on. Bulgrim could careless about getting revenge on Garrison; he is looking for a pure soul to sacrifice so he can get out of the bracelet.

The Southern Territories are a little more advanced than the rest of the world (?)... they do have technology, such as guns and machine guns (straight, iron ball-type projectile weapons) but these all require an energy source "mana" to work... mana in this case comes in cells and almost seems to have been condensed into liquid form.

6th Dec 2000, 04:20 AM
geez, i forgot. I'm going to be quiet for awhile, pretending to study and stuff... super busy next few weeks, but it will all be over next week-tuesday =P all over one way or another =P I may however finish the cliffhanger i stopped at

6th Dec 2000, 04:30 AM
oh oh oh (no, this isn't a shameless post count increasement thing)
Beware the explanation of a FF7 plot twist below!!!
there that ought to do it. maybe. i dunno. But i warned you!
PMB, maybe we can do it like this... Wolfram (my version, the guy Foxlam is looking for) is a different person. He either is dead, or in another dimension (caused by your Wolfram entering the Unrealm). Basically, I was thinking of doing it Like In Final Fantasy 7... if you don't know this already, i hope you aren't going to hate me... But Your WOlfram has mental blocks, and isn't who he thinks he is...but he woke up with this equipment (either it was left for him, or all that's left of Wolfram who helped him) and thinks he is Wolfram (eg: Squall isn't a SOLDIER 2nd class... it was Zack... but in his memories, it got jumbled and suppressed, so that he took on Zacks past when Zack died helping Squall and him to escape... and Zack had given Squall a spare set of his own clothing...)

What do you think? It might take some minor reworking of yours (that is, rename him...or introduce a second warrior taken from Unrealm that IS wolfram...and pair them side by side, but somehow the better guy dies fighting the HIM (who is this Him person anyway?) and wolfram is left lying elsewhere unconcious... and that's why he has these suppressed flashbacks and stuff....

Anyhowzers, I'll follow your lead, but leave a note in here if you want to do that way, or if you are feeling more secretive, leave me a e-mail

and the funniest thing? It's Wolf's character, not either of ours =)

6th Dec 2000, 07:33 AM
Intruiging :D
Two Wolframs could get kind of confusing, maybe have Foxlam as the adoptive sister? (Wolfie rescued her whilst travelling in the south land - hell he could have lived there for bloody ages, but then got hit on the head again and forgot stuff :D) How he ended up on the Northern continent I have no idea, but I'm sure you or Wolf could come up with something.

Reading Wolfs post it seemed he liked the idea of having "Wolfram" having survived the battle with HIM (that was lost due to Asteph messing up) and then "walking the earth" (LoneWolf/Conan style) righting wrongs,etc for the last 15,000 years whilst losing the majority of his memories every couple of hundred years when he gets his arse kicked real good *cough*Nameless One from Planescape*cough*.

Lets see if I can make this a bit clearer.

Current year (just for the benefits of trying to make some sense of this) is the year 0, i'll use the notation BP (Before Present) to distinguish the years before that (like "BC").
At the start of the story Wolfram had obviously just woken up from getting his arse kicked so had lost most of his memories again. Maybe we could do it that he does slowly recover his memories, (in flashbacks), but with the oldest memories first.
In this case one of the first flashbacks he had, was the one of the Order of the Iron Eagle mounting an assault on the enemys castle, (this was when he was about ....ummmmm......mid twenties, about 5-8,000 years ago, or 5000 BP).
During that assault he was ...errrrr....abducted by "aliens" :D to 10,000 years earlier (15000 BP) to fight the earlier war (*cough*Babylon 5 and Sinclair*cough*).
This failed (thanks to Asteph'theroc failure - which I'll explain probably some time next week after everyone else has posted some more stuff (hopefully after Hal and Khaine have been brought into the story by WAnks character going to scout out the port they've just docked in, as well as some other stuff that WAnks working on (Assassin/thief guild stuff was the jist of what I got from WAnk when I talked to him the other day)).
Since that failure Wolfram has been fighting bad guys, travelling the world etc, haunted by the gaps in his memories, yet convinced that there was something, some greater purpose which he was meant to be doing. So he's got a lot of scars :)

Whilst he is human (well originally anyway), he's now something slightly different. Wolfram had posted that his character had some sort of supernatural powers (which he had no idea how to use yet). I just took this a step further by mixing the past I had created for Asteph'theroc race with Wolframs past, and thus giving a possible explanation of how Wolfram got his (still unknown and undescribed) powers by having B'var the Firstborn (who I probably won't mention again, except maybe in passing) put something inside him, transfer some type of power into Wolfram when B'var died (that "tenuous link" to the weave that was mentioned).
Whether there is any of B'vars' consciousness locked away somewhere in Wolframs head again I have no idea, it all depends on whether it will add anything funky to the storyline and Wolfram (and everyone else) thinks its a good idea. I just put it in my post because I thought it seemed a good read, fitted in with the other posts and opened up lots of different plot hooks people could use.

As regards who HIM is, I've no idea :D
All we've got on HIM at the moment is that

1) HE's responsible for Asteph'therocs race disappearing "somewhere" 15,000 years BP

2) HE's responsible for Wolframs original homeland (where the Order of the Iron Eagle was) disappearing somewhere (maybe the same place) about 5000 years BP. This was slightly aided by B'var pulling Wolfram back in time. Whoops :D

3) HE has physical manifestations of himself (sort of like the standard AD&D "avatars") which inact his will on the world - Asteph'theroc is thinking Khaine is one, unlucky him ;)

As soon as someone comes up with a definition of the ultimate evil post it here and we'll refine/argue about it. As I stated before I believe the best type of evil/nemesis is the one that no-one knows about/is indescribable right up to near the "end" of the story. Maybe if people even knew HIS name they'd either go nutz or convert to HIS side (without even knowing!).

Regarding Asteph'theroc you might have noticed that I post fairly infrequently about him, but when I do it's bloody long. Part of the reason for this is due to the way my RL job works in time commitments, the other is that due to him being kind of powerfull I'm trying to limit the way he interacts directly with the others.
When I've posted, rather than having my character running around with the others killing lots of monsters I've tried instead to give some of the characters a shared history and a general direction to the story, as well as leaving lots of bits unexplained to either explain later once more is known about the characters, or when someone else comes up with a cool reason. This IMHO makes it a lot easier to write parts for the thread.
I'll be working on another "normal" character once I've got the history sorted out on Asteph'theroc (next big post I'm working on, which could either be Asteph'theroc reminiscing or a Wolfram flashback, involves the fight against HIM 15,000 years BP and how/why Asteph'theroc screwed up and they lost).

Hoped that helped.

6th Dec 2000, 04:17 PM
My theory about the ultimate evil thingy was connected to the fundamental processes of things.
Essentially, I was thinking of HIM as being someone who was attempting to stop death. Not just cheat death for himself, but actually stop death for everything. Sort of like The Farthest Shore (3rd Earthsea novel). This would of course totally mess up the flow of the weave, and generally cause much ructions.
Of course, other people probably have other ideas...

Oh, and I *will* be working on deeper characterisation for all of my characters, (all 4 of them once I decide on the name for my chief Scry-prince), once I get the huge mound of end-of-term work out of the way...

Finally, I will try to be around in IRC or something so that I can actually talk to people about things at some point (though I don't use IRC much really, and I refuse to use ICQ for bizarre reasons, so email is probably the best option...).

7th Dec 2000, 03:07 AM
PMB: how about this...let's hold off on posting about WOlf's past (unless Wolf does his own thing =) until thursday? I have final exams until tuesday night, and I imagine i will be out that evening...and i work pretty much all day wednesday...with more partying and drunkeness that evening...so thursday looks to be best. SOund good? I dunno about the time wandering thing... sounds a little to much like Gilgamesh and Endiku of Sumerian legend (which was nice in it's own right...but kinda weird i guess). I'd like to do the FF7 style crossover...and I'll figure it out in more detail later, but i'll post in notes before i do anything.

7th Dec 2000, 03:44 AM
Lets wait till Wolf posts something :D

Wolf Blackstar
7th Dec 2000, 12:30 PM
Damn, I love this, the plot thickens and twists at the same time. What's more, Cammy seems to have stopped posting, w00t! :D

I was going to have Wolfram pick up a new sword, stroll around the slums, maybe get into a bar fight or two, and meet with a "seer" who turns out to be an outcast Drow priestess/mage (sounds familiar, huh?) and recover another chunk of his memory.

I was going to have a little more of the Empire of the Iron Eagle revealed, but suffice it to say, HE somehow managed to send it into another plane or dimension after losing to Wolfram, but taking advantage of Asteph'theroc's screwup and murdering Wolfram's family in the process, HE was able to send himself to be reborn in the future(now in the Unrealms.) It is also possible that all the strongholds of the Iron Eagle are in the same dimension as Asteph'theroc's people.

It also seems that Isis and Freyja are gone forever, as Trinity was in one of her bad moods after seeing them treated as idiots by Cammy's posting, and she said she's probably not going to post again. I'll certainly try to talk her into changing her mind.

]LoL (http://home.triad.rr.com/jmayes/lol/)[Wolf|PuF (http://puf.cjb.net)

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7th Dec 2000, 12:33 PM
bargained well and done

7th Dec 2000, 04:05 PM

Hey Wolf, if you want to work on the battle when Wolfram was still 100% mortal and only in mid-twenties (the assualt on the fortress by the Order of the Iron Eagle) - which ends up with Wolfram disappearing right at the very end (abducted), i'll work on the first (chronologically - though not chronologically for Wolfram :D) battle (and bits leading up to it) in the past which Asteph'theroc ballsed up (some training - maybe some hints at some powers WOlfram might have as well as the actual battle itself).
I'll leave it hanging at the "end" bit when the cockup happens - big explosion/whatever - so you and Jing can do some stuff on what happened from then (Asteph'theroc went searching for Wolfram for a couple of decades, but didn't find anything, so he eventually retired to the tower where he was in the very first post about him that I did).

WAnks got some finals at the moment so he hasn't posted yet so do Hal and LK want to start getting some interaction going between each other in this other city?

Don't have a name for the city yet, but it is the capital city of the country Daryethia (WAnk refered earlier in the Unrealm thread as crossing back over the Daryethian border) and is a major port (otherwise you wouldn't have been able to dock :D).
Maybe the city could be called Daryeth?
It has a very powerful thieves/assassin guild, but this is only something the locals would know (not hal2k01 or Khaine) and they're highly unlike to tell other chracters about it (they're scared :D).
Mirya (WAnks character) is a member of the guild and one of her main reasons going back there is to report back to the elders (Asteph'theroc don't know this - he thinks she's going into scout out Khaine for him).

ummmmm ... thats it for now - I'm off to work on the next update :D

8th Dec 2000, 04:49 AM

i have finals too =(

13th Dec 2000, 04:39 PM
finals done, i am going to start posting again :D

first off, here were my intentions for the thieves guild. I still don't know what i want to call it, i will figure it out :D Most people in the organization don't know anything about it. it gives the appearance of a small organized crime circle. most of its members basically act as spys in various cities. the truth is, the thieves guild is really funded by they Darythian crown (sorry to be so cliche, but i originally meant it to be a royal assassins guild. it was turned into a normal thieves guild at some point, so i want to kind of merge the two :)) anywho, internal structure is very simple. there are a select few who know the real purpose behind the guild. Mirya is one of them, mostly because this is necessary knowledge for the jobs she does. the guild is overseen by one man, who is kind of an enigma. not many know who he is, for his safety. the leader, at the moment, is one of the daryethian princes. only the king, and a select few members of the guild actually know this. if any of you want to know where i am coming from here, think a cross between the Drasnian Spy Network from the belgariad/mallorean and whatever the hell the thieves guild from Raymond Feist's riftwar/serpentwar was called. mr. quicksilver is not a member of the guild, though he knows of it for the sake of continuity. he never yelled out to mirya in s'mon traska. this guild is very hush hush. if we have random people walking around talking about it, then it loses its mystery :)

the guild recruits children, and only children. absolute loyalty is required. the new recruits are trained vigorously and secretly, only coming in contact with one or two guild members, and never told anything about why they are their or what they are doing. the children are primarily run aways, and are screened before the training begins to weed out the obvious losers. after some time acting as messengers for the messenger service acting as the legitimate business front of the guild and performing staged burgluries (the kids don't know they are staged), those showing the best qualities are given apprenticeships in the guild. they are assigned in squads for training, taught to work together, and how to be a proper guildmember. they recieve their mark, a fox head tattoo on their chest below their left shoulder. once apprenticeship is reached, the only way out of the guild is in a casket. once finished with their apprentice training, they become full guild members and receive an assignment. their are guilds in several major cities in the western realm (lets say it is west, i forget honestly :D i can edit this post if we are somewhere else). so yeah, blah blah, i described a pretty standard thieves guild here ;) should come as no surprise

17th Dec 2000, 03:22 AM
WAnk did you ever read the Detahgate cycle by Weiss and Hickman?

They had an assassin guild that had a ranking system according to the arm.... the lowest was the blade... then hilt... then handle... blah blah blah second highest was the Hand...and the highest was the Arm (something like that)

15th Jan 2001, 09:49 AM

If no-one else is going to add anything I'll post again, expect more background on the Asteph'theroc/Wolfram crossover.

16th Jan 2001, 05:21 AM
ohhh oohhh it's not dead!
right then...um...

16th Jan 2001, 07:51 AM
It sort of died when everyone broke for holidays. WHat with it being fantasy resurrection is always a viable option :D

Wolf Blackstar
16th Jan 2001, 11:46 AM
I've thought about completely restarting. But then, that last post was really good. PMB has created "The Force" in fantasy games, it seems. This should make for some good character developement and interaction, especially for an otherwise average fighter-dude like Wolfram.

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* ]LoL[Wolf`mIRC 8)'s @ jenny
* jentaii`**** 8)@wolfie
<]LoL[Wolf`mIRC> =)
<BladeRadius> Jen that didnt look right


17th Jan 2001, 08:58 AM
i have started to read through the whole story from the begining but im not finnished reading through the whole thread.

i have thought of adding another charater to the RPG namly Xadhoom (yeah thats name of the charater i have stolen my nick from) now there is a problem that se is originaly a wery sientific person but i have thought of remaking her to a wery powerfull magical creature, she will be able to change apperance between two distinct beings, one she is have a human form wering clothes and have green skin (and crystal green eyes) while in this shape she will be able to use powerful defence spells which could benefit others as well. In the other shape she will change to a (also) human like creature but with a body temprature way above normal for humans this will make any clothes she wears to burn up this is no problem for she because she is imune to fire(and she alters her form so much that she isnt in need of any clothes to shelter her apperance (as a girl)) while in this shape, She will also have powerfull magical attack (though only one type of attack which basicaly is in form of fire), and she will (in this form) also be wery fast, able to somewath control her jump(much longer jumps then normal humans) through air (i.e. she can stear where she would land)

she would not be able to instantly change her form between the two but it would take some time. changing from her normal form (i.e. the green form) to the more agressiv form takes normaly 1 min(if she does it any faster she might lose control of the magic resulting in an enorums blast consuming her and any creature in a large area) transforming back would take a much longer time (because she need to calm down the chaotic magics that works within her body while at the aggressiv form)

i would like her to be a neutral creatur though the second of the to shapes might frighten others so that they take her for evil an attack before asking anything.

if anyone dislikes anything in my ideas for this charater please let me know...

im planning to make the first notes from her to be form her diary... (this will also explain what that has enable her to change forms)

18th Jan 2001, 11:56 AM
since no one have commented my post i will now add the first part of my new charater.
if any one have any complains about or want me to change anything in it please let me know.

18th Jan 2001, 01:37 PM
Well, I was reading the PRG story thread (all in one day) and I admit I skimmed a few of the last pages. After I posted a little something to it I see this thread thanks to Xahdoom (?) posting to it.

The story was going really well at the begining, and even soe of Cammy's posts were OK. However, it was obvious that something had gone "wrong" somewhere in the middle. Again I had not read this thread to understand the deal.

I see a lot of BG2, Diablo II, and other RPG games in the story.. which is not a bad thing.

I would like to make one or two observations:

1) The god thing has a place in the story and can work well as evidenced by the Paladdin. Even Chun-Li and her God were acceptable at first. The "Norse Gods" thing did make it suddenly unrealistic in terms of the "world" being created. So good call on getting that out.

2) Too many plot lines that are extremely unrelated makes it very hard to follow, especially when the posting concerning them is intermitten and infrequent.

I just found the thread yesterday (Jan 17, 2001) so I am not entirely sure if you guys are still bothering with it. It will be interesting to see.

I have a neat idea (at least to me) but I am not sure you will like it necessarily. However, for the meantime I would like to keep it secret so as not to ruin the enjoyment of reading the story. I will discuss the details with the character(s) it affects at a more appropriate time.

I will try not make any character act out of character or say things out of character, but as stated before, you have to have some leway to make the story make sense.

So go read what I added and see if anyone has any problems with it.

19th Jan 2001, 01:30 AM
im going to bring my story line of Xadhoom (the name means "creditor", might rename her to Xado) to be closely to the others line.

Lordkhanie had massed upp a good pice of amry(wisch as far as i got it not attacked yet ???) im going to put down Xadhoom there (well thats my thought, though i might change it)

19th Jan 2001, 05:21 PM
ya...i was always kinda just waiting for some to take up the glove... actually that, and I forgot i still had active characters. And then i was playing BG2. and I could go on, but i'm not going to =)

So I guess I will continue with my little side story (at least, finish it up). But of lately, I have written a new first post, a second unrealm story, which takes a little from the Rifts-Phase World storyline (Palladium Books, a paper and pencil RPG, but i wont be using much more than world and racial information.... stats and blah blah blah is all very tedious on a forum). I will also be borrowing from other video games and anime (i mean, why not? I've already borrowed for the world creation...).

More information on Phase world itself will be forthcoming, as well as some junk on character types (mostly stuff like, no superpowers which totally prevent you from being hurt and allow you to kill anything with just one whisper) but I'm hungry and after i post my new world, I will be cooking lunch. Broiled Eggplant in Garlic-Soy sauce. Very good, if you want the recipe, I will dig up my old Jing Style cooking thread and add it.

21st Jan 2001, 12:04 PM
does that mean we gonna leave (first?) unrealm? OR?
shall we try to make a quick finish of it?

just curios...

i think it would be fun to finish the first story i think it could be finnished quickly (though it would not be fun).....

21st Jan 2001, 03:42 PM
no no no no no no no no no

Chronicles of the Unrealm continues on it's own... people still play in it.

The reason Neo-Unrealm is called 'The Second Story' is because that is just what it is... a second story that takes places in a different environment. It takes place in the megaverse (whereas the universe refers to all planets and galaxies, etc., the mega verse refers to all alternate universes) Also, the rules, system, yadda yadda yadda are all a little different in Neo unrealm.

So please, keep Chronicles of the Unrealm (the First Story) running. I kind of envision Chronicles happening far in the past and Neo-Unrealm far in the future, though that is not necessarily so. The possibilities for crossovers and cameo appearances definitely exist, due to the vast number of rift gates on phase world and the chatoic strangeness of Unrealm (which I think is what we called the planet Chronicles takes place on).

22nd Jan 2001, 01:29 AM

then i will try to countinue on my story when i get home from work...

26th Jan 2001, 01:23 PM
i have once again terrorized the unrealm ;)

well i hope that i have writen more to the like of the others here on the unrealm and i hope i wont be just a crapy character but actualy supply something to the story...

Wath do you think? its only a short pice yet but i wanted to make it short so you could estimate the quality of my writing and comment it... (if you think it suck say so.. iwont be offended) honest oppinons are welcome... if i get it now i might improve till the next post...

29th Jan 2001, 10:31 AM
Heh :D
Posted again.

30th Jan 2001, 11:22 AM
I posted on the unrealm thread again.
Trying to get this huge battle kicking off at S'mon Trask (where from reading I assume most of the rest of the pc's are - apart from Mirya, HAL2k01 and Khaine who are at the port city of Al'Dareyth which Asteph'theroc has just left). Due to a complete lack of involvement by LK with his character Khaine I intend to have him diced by a shadowfiend/demon/whatever takes your fancy in a couple of pages. Maybe Mirya (WAnks character) could be there when it happens?
I'll leave Taskmasters character out of this (respecting his wishes) and Xadhoom hasn't posted where his character is yet. Maybe Taskmaster has just pulled himself out of the village that got annihilated by the passing army?
Whether the necromancer/spider people et al are in the city or outside I'm not sure either. If they're outside are they on the side of the city with the approaching (invisable) army or the other side of the city (talk about being between a rock and a hard place :D)?

Any ideas people?

30th Jan 2001, 03:16 PM
i havent decided where my character is. But i would like to participate in the battle but as it is right now i dont think that is possible :(

hmm does Taskmasters character be around mine? i have left some room for him joining me now but if you dont want to i will let her kick the guys ass....

Please drop a note if there is something you like/dislike in my writing.

In terms of how you write... the only thing I would change is the need to explain every action, especially 'because this...because that...' That's all (and my honest opinion; i hope you aren't offended).
this was from jing i didnt realy understand right then wath you meant but rereading my posts i think i know what you meant. but that style is something i probably will suffer from even when i trying to avoid it.
its the way i am, i always want to explain everything and i dont feal comfortable when leaving something unexplained..

this doesnt mean i wont try to change though...

30th Jan 2001, 05:20 PM
Nothings wrong with your story ... it just gets confusing when you mix the past/present tense :D

If I get a chance tomorrow I'll email you a slightly rewritten version of your posts (just punctuation/grammar corrections basically) to do with what you will, either edit your posts slightly or completely replace, whatever you want :)

You might have noticed we've been leaving a lot of stuff unexplained. We've been doing this to leave the way open for new characters to join in or events to get thrown in to explain them when someone has a monet of inspiration (very rare :D). So leave some stuff about Xadhoom unexplained, makes her more "mysterious". If you feel the need to explain your characters motivations/reasoning stick them in this "notes" thread.

I'll try and email you tomorrow anyway.

Have fun

1st Feb 2001, 10:32 AM
Ok, here's what I figure

Al'Dareyth, capital city and main port of the countrey Dareythia.
Current "residents" Mirya, HAL2k and Khaine. Probably little or no chance of making it back to S'mon Trask for the upcoming battle, unless Mirya manages to "liberate" a flying carpet from somewhere :D

S'mon Trask
Current "residents" - Wolfram, Isis, Freyja are known to be in the city (though Wolfram is obviously seperated from Isis and Freyja at the moment)

Sir Damon Vanderwal the paladin, Qu'ean Quicksilver, Helmut von Swartzentodder, Tzchee-inki and her Ash-en entourage are probably back in the city. Most likely (going from Jings description of the city) the Ash-en be hanging out on the west bank with all the other non-humans due to the Ash-en not looking very humanoid.

What happened to Rufus, Chun-Li, Du-de-es-ta and the red dragon I don't know (due to lack of posts). The RD could still be unconsious outside the city (Wolfram punched him pretty hard :D), or could have been turned into steak.
Dragon Burger anyone?

Asteph'theroc is on his way to meet Wolfram and will probably arrive just in time to help/shout some advice to Wolfram that will enable him to turn the tables on the Shadowfiend (probably won't fight it directly, I'm thinking of having some sort of non-aggression pact between Asteph'therocs race and the Shadowfiends ...sort of like the Cho-ja and Tsuranni from Raymond Feists Empire series, i.e. I can't **** them till they attack me first and break the pact).

Obviously our characters are unaware of the big build up happening, they'll probably notice when the diversionary force "decloaks". Whilst this fighting is going on maybe one of the characters will notice strange sound coming from under the floor in an old building/inn/whorehouse somewhere and investigate?

What do people want there characters do be doing in this upcoming battle?
Repelling invaders from the city walls?
Protecting city elders from assassins (maybe some "swashbuckling" style of fighting ... swinging from chandeliers, witty repartee etc?)
Making outward sorties to take the fight to the enemy?
Tunnel fighting in the sewers with dark elves?

How we going to fight (and win) a war fought on two fronts?

I had an idea about flooding the sewers with some type of flammable oil, but then I thought residents of S'mon Trask would probably be a bit arsed of with us if we torched their city.....then again .... anyone bring any marshmellows? :D

1st Feb 2001, 01:59 PM
Sounds like its heating up :D

btw how do you think i would be like if the man xadhoom found was a Drew(?). then - after she have kicked his ass - she might need to run to the city for the rest of the army.

i will write more detailed on xadhooms power and history later i think.

remeber that she has decided to never use her magic again... thogh she might in a desperet situation use them anyway

20th Feb 2001, 08:53 AM
Posted more on the unrealm thread.

Is anyone else still interested/posting to the unrealm thread (http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27061&pagenumber=4)?

(i.e. WAnk/Hal/Jing/Wolf/Trinity/Dudestar)

Cause otherwise it just seems to me like I'm wasting my time :(

20th Feb 2001, 09:05 AM
Yo PMB...

I'm stil interested in continuing my bit of the story... just it is difficult to see what my Ash'en can do vs the supreme power of Asterpherocthingy (or whatever his name is ;) ).

Still, I shall be making a post soon.

FYI, the Ash'en and their Necromancer buddy are currently a little outside the city limits, because the inhabitants of S'mon Trask were a little uncomfortable having them around :)

20th Feb 2001, 09:08 AM
I am... but thats only one more...

to continue the thread its almost a need to be more ppl writing to it...

i was thinking of write more on xadhoom today or tomorrow.. then i will wait till more ppl writes in it

ops two more then..

20th Feb 2001, 09:53 AM
... just it is difficult to see what my Ash'en can do vs the supreme power of Asterpherocthingy

Thats why I keep removing him/keeping him away from the rest of the group - I'm using him more to generate a background. I've got another character in mind (a drunken dwarf with a pink mohican) which I intend to bring in soon. I'm also going to have Asteph'theroc have a non-aggression pact with the shadowfiends so he can't do diddly squat about them (apart from shout advice to the rest of the group if he's with them ....i.e. "RUN AWAY!" :D). Also Asteph'theroc has to be aware and concsious of his enemies - if he gets jumped or suprised he's in as much **** initially as everyone else. He can still be stabbed/squished/burnt/pummeled/have a mountain drop on top of him - especially if he's not aware what's about to happen and doesn't have time to stick up his defences (and the only real physical defences he has got is along the lines of "hit them before they get a chance to hit me" - which when he moves damn fast is all he's ever needed so far).

Dudester - as you're outside the city your most likely to notice the approaching (diversionary) invisable army. I can't imagine the mutant spider race rely that much on eyesight so I'm guessing that they will start picking up on sounds/smells/tremors in the ground b4 any human notices anything, (preferably before the army reaches the walls and drops the invisability shield).
I also made reference in my post to the day looking like its going to be foggy - maybe this could be part of the concealment enacted by the army, or maybe it could help detecting them (you can't see invisable people, but maybe you can see the swirls in the fog that they leave?)

Anyway tell me what you think

20th Feb 2001, 09:58 AM
Fair enough :)

I guess that this means that my Ash-en get to take on the might of that evil army by themselves then?
Lucky that they have a team of "ninja" Ash-en and a Necromancer with them really (all our magick takes *time* to do and is mostly predictive - although I suppose we could manage to twist the weave slightly to give everyone very good luck for a while ;) )

20th Feb 2001, 05:19 PM
One post.
Not very good, but I'm working on it.

Now... do I get help with this horde of evil, or is it up to the Ash-en and Undead to save the day? ;)

21st Feb 2001, 04:39 AM
its to bad that so few ppl write to the thread.(unrealm)

the last posts have been made by The_Dudester, PsychoMoggieBagpuss|PuF and me... but i dont write good since english isnt my first laguage...
(it takes almost 1-2 hours to write somthing half decent for me :( )

it would be fun if more ppl would contribute to the thread...

where have all the other who have writen to the thread gone?

23rd Feb 2001, 12:39 PM
So we had to tell a story today in Comm. class, and everyone else told stories about betty or johnny or some sad thing like that. i told an unrealm story.... complete with a dragon.... i got mad props and an "A"

i think the computer is helping me out~!

7th Mar 2001, 02:52 PM
i have just introduced another charater to the unrealm XARI hes a member of the same clan as Xadhoom they were engaged but scince Xari belived that Xadhoom have intentilay detroyed the city Xari will try to kill xadhoom if they would meet right now...

i will write more about the clan where Xadhoom and Xari have emerged from later...