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4th Jul 2001, 04:03 PM
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5.) If you want to play a reoccuring character either keep comitted to the thread or find a good reason for its disappearence
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Historians Note: The events in this story occur 5 years after the events potrayed in "Eternaty: The Next Mission"

Five years...five years since the end of the legendary second mission of the USS Eternaty. After I led to ship through the Lorg wars which finally lead to their defeat, I was tired of rescuing the universe. I returned to Earth and taught the newbies at Starfleet Acedemy what a good officer needs. The Eternaty is now a museum and a symbol of heroic resitance. It was a time of peace. Now a new threat looms above the federation. A coup d'etat placed the Zonitopian homeworld under military rule. They already anneceted various unpopulated systems along the Federation border. Starfleet Command decided to put an emergency plan into action. It includes the revival and refitting of various old, abandoned star bases at the border. With me still being Captain I was ordered to take command of Deep Space Proxima Alpha by now. I can't say I'm glad with this. I still cope with a trauma from my war experiences, and I'm not keen on more troubles. I managed to get together some of the old crew, namely Commander D-Stroya, who will be my First Officer again, and Commander Kilham, my Science Officer.
I was glad to meet them again, after this long time and chat about the old times. We laughed our asses off, remembering our hilarious adventures with pokemon or mutated pizza. We are currently on the USS Essess en route the DS Proxima Alpha. We will arrive there in one hour. Maybe it won't be so bad after all...

4th Jul 2001, 04:26 PM
Captain..Its 2nd Lieutenant Tarantella here.I have got that routine maintenance list you requested for parts needed for life support. Ive had to include two new exhaust flanges for the waste disposal system which were causing the problems on the lower deck accommodation units during high G maneuvres.

Full list:-

1)42 Hydrobrushes.
2)316 Air freshening units.
3)Two exhaust flanges(inc. rubber seals).
4)1500 Pairs sanitary gloves.
5)1 Auto pump(heavy duty)


4th Jul 2001, 04:35 PM
I'm on my way to the new space station, and looking forward to serv ing with 8-4-7-2 and kilham again. i'm sure we'll have a good laugh. i was talking to 8 earlier, i asked if we will have a bar, and he hopes we will. i'm real glad about that! need to drink!

4th Jul 2001, 04:38 PM
i am so bored.....
i wander what happened to all those brave man that served on teh starship eternaty.
life there was good, exitment, advanture, what can a guy ask more?
i realy wander what happened to them.
after the great wars i kinda lost them.
i was send to the fifth planet of the arakis system to try and settle a war between some houses why tried to take over the planet and its spice.
hope there doing well.
they problably will........
oh damn me, when i get my mind on something, i have to figure it out. it must be these damn implants still in me.....
hmmmm, maybee i could use my contacts at starfleet intelligence to locate them and organize a littel reunion...
HE! thats not a bad idea.
lemme see now. yes let me senda message to counsoler K'mtar, head of starfleet intelligence.
computer start dictation.

<computer voice> dictation started

dear counsoler K'mtar,

could you help me locate my ex-crewmates of teh starship uss eternaty?
i enclosed a list of the cerw aboud at that time,

thanks in advance
admiral CaSCaDe -..

computer stop dictation

<computer voice> dictation stopped

ah now i just have to wait for an answer, in the mean time let me just see if the fish will bite in the red rivers of the planet Plutark

*** next day ***

aaaaahhhhh yes this is the life!!!!
just me my rod and the fish in the red river, yesterday i didnt have that much luck, maybee today will bring hope for me and my fishing rod!

<piep piep><piep piep>

he a responce from counsoler K'mtar
ah it seems that most of the crew has been assigned to deepspace proximus alpha.
hmmm they will have a hard time there, i think a lttle reunion party wouldnt do ne damage!
ill start preperations imidiatly, sorry good old fishing rod, but you will have to wait for me a bit longer.

4th Jul 2001, 04:47 PM
Ensign Stryker ready for duty sir

I hope this will earn me some promotion quick, after having to toil in that cramped up space shuttle for ages with that irritating logical Vulcan.(i hope he's not on the station)
Oh well that was in the academy times, thank god they are now over.
Man, the station looks empty, for now
I wonder how starfleet got hold of this one.
I need to talk to the head of security, i'v been hearing some weird noises at docking bay, sounded like screams, but it could'v been the jetlag, my neck is still hurting after three days of travel economy class.

I hope the holodecks well be free soon, its been so long ...

4th Jul 2001, 04:56 PM
farmerx is in the shower thinking to himself of all the bad things he's gotten away with recently..

" i cant believe i stow-awayed onto this space station so easily !
and now that i have an oficers uniform I can begin my reign of terror here as well !! muahaha.... ohhhhhhh... i need a beer....
ohhh.. i need a galactic pepto bismol "

farmerx gets out of the shower, puts on some clothing and leaves his quarters.. ending his part SO far

4th Jul 2001, 05:01 PM
Having spent the last four years developing a time-warp drive I thought i'd never again have to face deepspace travel. Starfleet seem to have had different plans for me, though - possibly due to one or two hunred little - er accidents and once again I find myself part of the crew under Captain 8472. How could they do this to me? - I barely made it out alive last time. They seem to think that there is a serious threat to our peace out here - some excuse. They're just trying to get me out of the way before the loss of the USS Birmingham, with her 500 crew becomes public knowledge. I know the timedrive wasn't to blame, but nobody believes it. Too many failures in the past.
To give us the USS Essess to travel out here on is the final insult, this ship was old 50 years ago when Captain Birk used it for deepspace exploration. Enough complaints, I must do my duty here and make the best of it Just hope they ARE lying about any threat lurking out here.

4th Jul 2001, 05:37 PM
Third Lieutenant Myrmidion reporting in, sah! :)

I've been assigned to this...this....beauty of a space station as a shuttle pilot, after I sucessfully caused a twenty-seven shuttle pile-up in a spacedock. I guess they wanted me elsewhere. Well, nice to be with you.

Cap'n Beeb
4th Jul 2001, 05:47 PM
Borg....*toss*....borg everywhere! *turn* AH!!! POKEMON!!


....Same damn dream again and again. *picks up the log of new arrivals aboard the station*

What the.... 8472, Tarantella, Cascade, AND Myrmidion?! D-Stroya on the way?! Looks like we might have a reunion in the air.... I shall investigate this further, its been a while since I've shared a round with all those great people aboard the Eternaty...

This promises to be fun!

4th Jul 2001, 06:01 PM
Date: 4/038/34908

Well. My reassignment to DSPA has been completed. God is smells like a Fookengi washroom here... Ill have to put some scented oils in the air ducts.

Luckily I dont have to be on duty for another 3 days so I'm going to go down to Spl0rk's bar and get myself utterly drunk ;)

I might even have a 'fun time' with that girl from engineering ;) :D

4th Jul 2001, 06:17 PM
Finally the USS Essess arived and docked at DS Proxima Alpha. I heard that the advance crew included some more old camorades. I'm looking forward to meet Tactical Officer Deepershade and Security Chief beerbaron. With some of the old farts around it will be easier for me.

The airlock. Last barrier to my new home. *crank* It slowly opens. Sparks, smoke, rust and deformed bulkheads everywhere. This station is a big pile of crap. It must be the biggest piece of trash this side of the Typhon nebula. And this is supposed to be the key defense point for this sector bah...If I ever get a transmission back to Starfleet some Admirals will hear some ugly things. Maybe I should contact my old friend Admiral Cascade and see what he can do.
What's this? Faces...humans...there are beerbaron, Deepershade and ensign Stryker. My crew has also been joined my Lt. Myrmidion, the new flyboy. He is infamous for his shuttle crashes. Maybe that's the cause we hav't got brandnew ships, but only some old beta-class shuttles. But maybe we can still do something about that.
All my bones hurt. On the ship I senses every acceleration. Lieutenant Tarantella said he had fixed, but he obviously failed. I sent him to the geeks in engineering. The station is so b0rked that he can't do much wrong there.
The Ops is out of order and needs extensive repairs. So I made a bar near the airlock our temporary command center. I made Ensign Stryker chief catering officer - in other words: bartender.
"On romulan ale please"
"yes sir at once"
"bah. Not that replicated crap! Get me some real stuff or you will clean the deck on a waste freighter faster than you can count to three!"

Cap'n Beeb
4th Jul 2001, 06:34 PM
..."-licated crap! Get me some real stuff or you will clean the deck on a waste freighter faster than you can count to three!"

Ah, 8472 giving the local bartender a rousing order, perhaps I could see that he does indeed get the real stuff.

"Holage there 8472!"
"Beer! What's up with this bartender?! He gave me replicated alcohol!"
"Good god man! I'm on it..."
*works some l33t bar skillz*
"There we are, one romulan ale, enjoy :) Have you seen more of the old crew?"

*telepathic message* 8472: I have been secretly making a new ship to get me the hell off this POS station, and it has PLENTY of room for supplies + extra staff, whatsay once the rest of us old dudes get here, along with a few newbies, we haul ass off this deathrap, maybe go back to the paradise planet?

*end telepathic message*

4th Jul 2001, 06:48 PM
We finally have arrived at Proxima Alpha. I wasn't expecting much, but to see this... well Starfleet must have been VERY unhappy with me to send me to this remote scrapyard.
Even the rats are too intelligent to stay here and have managed to escape.
Our poor captain took one look at it and headed straight for the bar. I think i'll join him, though the replicated stuff doesn't bother me. As long as it's wet it'll do.

One thing that is troubling me is many of the original crew of the Eternaty are here as well. Most were well decorated for bravery during the recent Lorg wars and have done nothing that I know of to deserve a posting like this. Unless there really IS something out here they think only we can handle.

4th Jul 2001, 07:06 PM
"Captain....The double shifts have finally paid off, the autopumps fiited and working at 110% capacity and I can happily report that the smell in the air ducks seems to be abating.

The flange installment will take 4 hours and I request that the crew will have to use the facilities on board the station during that time. My men have suffered enough during this flight .

The transfer of supplies and parts to the stations hold has started in earnest and will continue till 0800 tomorrow...Tarantella out."

4th Jul 2001, 07:20 PM
Hmm...okay...so, it seems like most of the crew of the Starship Eternaty ended up on this junkyard station. Let's see, we've got nearly no weaponry, no shielding, and the only piece of armour I can see just fell off and drifed away. Literally, the only thing holding this place together is the duct-tape on level 4.

Anyway, I guess that it's not all bad...well, actually, it is...very bad...they gave me some lovely old rust-buckets as shuttles, which I intend to ram into the nearest moon as soon as possible...oh well, I guess we'll see what happens.

Drinks are nice, though :)

4th Jul 2001, 07:38 PM
Thrakhath reporting, I just came in from Alpha-Cratearus and I am assigned to be an Engineer here . . . . Who do I report to?

And I hope you guys have PLENTY of duct tape, we're going to need it.

4th Jul 2001, 07:57 PM
most of my security team are aboard the station, i hope the commander is callin a meetin soon, i really want to get security protocols updated and get my teams organized as quickly as possible.

id also like to be ready when Space seagulls come near, cos i know who would be assigned to clean up.......
on my way to hand over the sercurity ops nad reccomendations to the commander... i think he's a commander? errr, whos in charge of this station?

we have a big delivery soon of shields and weapons, i need to "claim" a sercurity office somewhere which we will also need to build a brig. im lookin for the chief engineer to see what we have at the mo.
im headin to the bar now to see the guy im suposed to pick on.

4th Jul 2001, 08:22 PM
i submitted my report to the Ops commander then finally got pointed to the guy in charge, apparently im not on the station til 4 dyays later, hmmmm holiday already. i would take a shuttle out to te nearby nebula but some bugger has almost destroyed the shuttle bay. ive assigned most of my team to help engineering.....
hav to find the captain again and submit a report... but wait im not here...
new cargo arrived and being inspected...
duct tape...... 100,000 industrial rolls
surgery kits,consoles and equipment. wheres the docters then?
12 anti matter launchers,
6 fusion reactors,
1 very large power station assembly, this is still outside it will have to be attached to the station's hull, plenty of holes for maintenence.
2 experimental singularity generators, im not sure if these are weapons or power providers, well they got level 10 security.
hmmm 30 new shuttle crafts and tugs.
8 new class 6 large shuttles,
1 vertram class starship for border patrols.... hmmm, i smell trouble now.

4th Jul 2001, 08:37 PM
Checking in order . . . .

Duct Tape, good good . . .
Anti-matter luanchers, good (note to self, have some grunt turn the old waste into anti-matter for launching)
Fusion Reactors, These had better be the X-14 series because we can't do anything newer without some kind of jury-rigged adapter and those things are a pain.
Power Station, about time, I'm running out of Duracells down here
Sigularity Generator, Cool. These babies are fun little toys (note, don't let the marines get to them this time, and keep them away from the mess hall and the bar. Bad things happen to the beer and the chicken)
Shuttles, Oh goodie, Capt'n will be happy about these, hope you got some Ion/gomer drives because I'd love to over-haul one of these :D
A Vertram!? You've got to be kidding. Ok, I guess I'll be breaking out the crew expansion modules, drive mod-chip, shag-carpet, and some GOOD replicators. I'll be building a bar/pizza shop too.

4th Jul 2001, 08:37 PM
farmerx sitting in the corner of the bar...
thinking to himself.. " hmm, i havent got any space women for a while.... this isnt cool, and what the hell is the point of this hole ? i've spied 10 maybe 15 conversations and all I;ve gathered is that the air ducts smell funny, and that they're going to tape a bunch of weapons together with duct tape... sheeesh...im lost,
im scared, im a million miles away from a home that doesnt exist... im a million miles and one plane of reality away from my family and friends.... i have nothing to look forward to except death....." farmerx let's one tear slide slowly down the side of his face and returns to his stolen quarters for a rest.

as he is walking by the loading bay, he see's an admiral Thrakkath going over a recievership list and decides to get in behind him for a closer look... " singularity generators !! ha !! "
farmerx sleeps with the his evil plans brewing like the coffee of an evil genius in his mind

4th Jul 2001, 09:01 PM
Aha, apparently we'll be getting some half-way decent shuttles. That's good, because the ones here tend to veer to one side...probably need their center-point resetting. Oh well, I guess that finally I'll be able to fly in a fairly shuttle-free place, it's not as if it was really my fault...

Also, we're getting hold of a serious ship, a Patrol boat or something. Haven't seen it's make yet, but you don't generally come across one of those unless you're looking for serious protection. Those things have about twenty hardpoints on them....anywhoo....I guess we'll find out what they're expecting us to do out here. If they were expecting enough trouble to send us some vessels packing serious weapons, why didn't they send us a new space station? This hunk of junk can't exactly fit the bill for an all out attack, unless there's something about it that means it's suited for the job....well, I'm going to see what the excuses for crew quarters are like.

4th Jul 2001, 10:02 PM
Hmmm. I'm not quite sure where to begin, this sorry excuse for a space station is one big "needs-to-be-fixed" dump heap.

Well since we're almost out of batteries, I'll install the external Power generator first, along with two of the Fusion generators in Engineering.

:hmm: This is going to be a LONG night.

5th Jul 2001, 05:40 AM
Today was the first day I, medical hologram Beta Uxciar Socom Carpa Epsilon Megkla Epsilon (Buscemi for friends) was activated. My first job was to heal Engineer Thrakhath from the heavy wounds he sustained installing the external Power generator. He should have known that the red wire is supposed to be connected to the blue wire, not the other red one.
Furthermore I have to asigned by the capt'n to find a cure for 'possible' hangovers and i must prepare for 'little arguments' that may follow between the crew members. Sheesj, this promises one hell of a stay!

5th Jul 2001, 06:36 AM
I'm so smart, I managed to sneak on the Spacestation where my FATHER 8-4-7-2 has a high rank. I hope he won't get mad.
My intentions are good and I just want help. I'll just go and find my father...

5th Jul 2001, 07:06 AM
Tactical Officers Medical Log
Date: 12/320/23498

Goddamn. Im gonna kill that Spl0rk. I tried out one of his *ahem* pleasure bots. PLEASURE!?! Damned thing nearly ripped it off! Its gonna be out of action for weeks!

Worst thing is, ive got a hot date tonight with that blonde bird from engineering... and I'd bought the whipped cream especially :hmm:

Oh well.. I thing I might be able to get it working for 1 night only :D

Oh.. and I just realised that were not meant to be making logs.... damnit...:hmm: Oh well

*DeeperShade clenches his buttocks and walks off*

5th Jul 2001, 07:33 AM
Well, my third day aboard this *thing*
I'v been assigned bartender of the station's bar, well at least the pay is good and its all you can drink for me ;)
Anyway, i'v heard some weird rumors, since my costumers like to talk after five bottles of Ferengi wine. It appears that beerbaron has some sort of pokemon fetisch, and that that the blonde transvestite from engineering has a date with the tactical officer, wonder how that will work out.
anyway, seems the replicators are screwed again, oh well, i'll order some Veridian beers with the shuttle mail.

5th Jul 2001, 10:07 AM
The noise woudn't stop. Warp core breach alarm. The Eternaty was trapped in a wormhole and.....

I struggled to free myself of the aldehyde-induced stupour and pain. Hit the 'receive' button on the primitive comm system 'are you there sir?' Yes. What's wrong?. 'Just received a subspace message for you. Source would not identify itself. Could you come and take a look?' On my way.

On the way down to the communications room I realised this place really did look worse sober. On any ship or station in the fleet a subspace relay direct to anywhere or any person on board was considered essential, but here there was only one comms system, housed in a storage room near Engineering.
I knocked and entered, startling the newbie comms officer. Before he had a chance to speak I had read through the log in front of him, only one incoming transmission. I recognised the station ID instantly.
'Out' I said. 'Sorry but I have orders not..' 'OUT!'

Alone, I seated myself in front of the transmitter control panel. Not exactly the latest issue. Thirty seconds later I had a link established. The reply was instantaneous, as I expected.
'I suppose you are wondering why you're stuck in a hole like that?'
'Yes I was, but now things seem to be making a little more sense'
A cold laugh followed, sounding as if from somebody who had never heard a joke before. I wondered how amusing he might have found the story currently circulating about our Tactical Officer's pleasure bot having been 'reprogrammed'.
I received my orders. 'Nobody must know at this time. Some special supplies will have arrived for you, hidden in the cargo shipment. You know where to look.'

First thing I needed now was the shortest route to the bar. Recovering the 'modified' Singularity generator could wait.

5th Jul 2001, 10:16 AM
it took a few days, but its gonna happen!!!
i have organized a nice riunion party wiht a few klungin friends of mine.
counselor K'mtar also agree to come, maybee he could mean some thing t othem, you never know.
i just hope im in time before they arrive. probably not but what the hell, it will be a killer party non the less.
lets just hope those darn zomptonias dont attack in the middle of the party, most about the station dont know but they seem to be a bigger thread to the federation then the lorg!
hmm, better not tell my old crew of the eternay, we have had our share of problems with the lorg for about 10 lifetimes...... damn i hope they are all fine, oh well, im on route to the staion and i should be there in about.... urhm...... 30 minutes
ah yes i can see it now!
but, but ,but! THEY COULDNT HAVE SEND MY FRIENDS TO THAT PILE OF CRAP! i am the most respected admiral in starfleet! how could they send MY friends to that, that, that... dump.
geez, i am going to have to speak a firm word with teh people at startfleet headquarters!

but for now lets just concentrate on the party, hmmm i see teh uss essess has alreayd docked damn im to l8, oh well.

open hailing frequenties
<computer voice> hailing frequensies open
this is admiral cascade requestion permission to doc
<com voice> permision granted sir
computer close frequenties.
<computer voice> closed

ah just a few minutes and ill see my old friends again!

Cap'n Beeb
5th Jul 2001, 10:34 AM
I finally managed to add a warp core drive to my secret ship, and added 5 locks, each responding to a differnt form of passwords, I should get the old crew alert and ready to leave this floating mound of bolts and duct tape.

I have been accused of having a pokemon fetish. Apparently TTRStryker8 has no idea of how disturbing a pokemon wave of destruction eating everything in its path can be to one person, I still have nightmares from those furry bastards...

It might be this alcohol, but I think I'm seeing another one of those wavy-air guys that played around on our ship, I should be on alert and inform someone...

8472 has not yet acknowledged my telepathic message in any form, I guess I'll pay him a visit.

5th Jul 2001, 11:21 AM
Captain...Ive just checked the reports on the transfer of stores including the generators and Mark 11c shuttles. The patrol vessel FPV Stark and her shakedown crew have reported all clear and ready to hand over to the duty crew on the station .Some excellent work from the new ensign ....

Some of the crates were reporting anomalously high mass values but we havent the time to check everything.The remaining cargo is being redistributed on a need to use basis.

I also had word from the starbase' logistics engineer who says there might be some salvageable parts on the fourth planet that we can use to repair our failing inertial damping system.

Ill have further details on that and a complete engineers report on the Essess, but Im not hopeful Sir...Tarantella ..out.

5th Jul 2001, 12:36 PM
I just met a guy named "beerbaron", he was on his way to my father. At the moment I'm walking next to him, after all I'm looking for my father as well. This beerbaron isn't a quiet person, he keeps talking about strange creatures named "Pokemon", he kinda scares me....

5th Jul 2001, 12:44 PM
we have a sercurity breach on deck 23. some1 has gained access to the shuttle bay. i suspect some1 is goin to try and tgake one of the new shuttles, i better get down there in case they aren't on duty. i wish the captain shares shedules with us sercurity so we can maintain order here.

new ppl have arrived on the station... quite a few nice looking humans ladies. things are going smoothly sercurity wise.
we caught senior officers mostly breakin the laws.
apparently theres this bylaw what allows wild cattle to roam the decks in the early hours.... some kind of ritaul from the 20th centaury... i can't find any literture sayin its a crime i explained.... but he insisted he was innocent of not breakin the law.

5th Jul 2001, 02:22 PM
As soon as I got out of the med-bay, I went to see if the doc's sarcasim sub-routine could be removed. Unfortunatly, it is tied into his medical knowlegde database and I really don't want to damage that. So instead, I reset the color phase alinement to an aruzinky-type color gradeint.

Then I decided to head down to engineering for some fun with those sigularity generators. As I was fooling with one of them, I noticed that it had been modified in a ver peculiar way . . . .

"Darn it! Whoever did this was a moron. You can't have the phase varience set to 4.7, It'll cause one of those temporal-cascade-vortex-warp-mack-nural-space anomilies. Hmmmmm . . . . If one of these things were activated here, it could swallow the station in a hole in space. Not good.

I could rest it, but who ever did this might notice. If I activated the OTHER sigularity generator, and left it OUTSIDE the station, it might act as a safty rope in case the first one is activated, allowing us to have a link to normal space and we could get out! Maybe.

I'll start on that, and I'll report to Beerbaron and DeaJay that we might have a sabatour.

5th Jul 2001, 02:58 PM
well, another crowded night at the bar. Now would be a perfect time to start selling those new Neridian bars, heard they are made of 200% pure sugar mixed with some Verripsile droppings.
We'll see how that mixes with pure smirnoff
anyway, overheard something about a saboteur, i'll keep a lookout for suspicious persons in the bar.
Damn, whats wrong with the lights again, i'll have engineering to look at it, must be the kazon snails again in the grid, damn those slippery suckers, they always slip away

5th Jul 2001, 03:24 PM
The bar keep called and yelled at me at 2am, something about lights and snails . . . .

Grrrrr . . . Doesn't he realize that not everone works at unearthly hours? *grumble* I pull myself out of bed and grap some coffe from the replicator. YUCK! Ok, replicators on deck 11 are the next thing on my list.

So I grab a spazer, some bug spray, and my work bag. Then head up to the bar.

"What seems to be the probem here?" I ask slightly gumpily
"Well, the damn light are freaking out again. You're the engineer, you fix it."

I look around, not too many people here (probably sleeping), so I pick a deserted corner, and pull off the access panels there.

Half an hour later, I find the problem, a snails' nest dripped some slime and jumped a few wires temporarily. That evaporated the slime and the lights would work again until more slime . . .

I tried explaining this to the bar keep, but he was snippy and sarcastic about it, I guess he wanted to go to bed too. I fixed the probelm. I left. Then I went back to bed. And THIS time I put the "do not disturb" option on the phone.

5th Jul 2001, 03:30 PM
A busy day, I'm really tired. As the ops still isn't fully working I have - and actually want - to hang out in the bar. Lot's of personell stuff to do. A lot of people arrived. Lt. DeaJae arrived from Starfleet Secrituy. He is a good officer but I had to inform him that the post of the Securitychief is occupied by beerbaron. So I assigned him as security officer to asissit beerbaron. I'm not sure how he reacted on that.
The enginerring crew is complete too. With Lt. Thrakhath as Chief enginner, and Lt. Tarantella as 2nd in command down there. All supplies from the USS Essess have been transferred, so I have hope that the station is running well again - if you can speak of "well" on a junkyard like this. To keep the station apart we received a huge load of ducttape. At once I took some roles for...erm...private use. The new shuttles also arrived and Myrmidion is already giving them strange looks. Speaking of him: I saw him carrying some holographic sheep projectors away from the cargo bay. I can't make any sense of that.
The Emergency Medical Hologram or EHM for short has also been installed in sickbay. Very good, as I have this nasty splinter in my one of my fingers.

More good news:
Admiral Cascade found is and arrived in his private shuttle. We have assembled the crew and are partying now in the bar. Deepershade arrived with his now girlfriend, altough she has a somewhat masculine touch. Stryker is busy serving drinks in a sizes and colours. That will be a terrible hangover. With the delight I recognized the arrival of many chicks on the station. I shudder at the thought of our sex-deprived days on the Eternaty.
"Father! There you are!"
"er? what the heck!"
"Sir, can I kill him for you?"
"No Lt. Cmd. beerbaron, let him live for a while"
"Father, don't you know me I'm your son"
Son? This can't be. I never had time...well there was this 3-boobed hooker on Danieb II, then the little incident on Gornel XXI....can holograms get pregant?! This just isn't right....

I posted a crewlist in the discussion thread

5th Jul 2001, 03:45 PM
After my nice sleep, I get up at 5, and head upstairs to see what's up. A party!? Woohoo! I decide to mingle for a bit.

Who's that kid pestering the capt'n? Maybe I should phasor him, but no, it's looks like he's got security to handle it, and I might hit someones beer, and that wouldn't be good.

Stryker askes me to leave my weapon at the door, and not wanting to start a fight, I do. Also, since I still have much work to do, I can't afford to get druck like everyone else, and opt for some telworkian friut juice.

AAHHHHH! Much better than that sewer water that my replicator is spewing. I sit down to enjoy it, and note the perfectly functioning lights.

5th Jul 2001, 04:09 PM
well, been a long night, i finally got engineering to look after the light problem, seems those pesky slimey snails from hell won't bother me for a while. I really should appologise for me yelling at Thrakhath, i didn't knew what came over me. The engineering guy came back next morning seems he had a bad night, came walking in with his phaz0r, i confescated it, perhaps now i'll be able to defend my self better then with the Triouth touthpick under my bar if any customers are getting phisical.
I'm also thinking of adding some crAp tables, the place needs some amusement, since the holodecks are always occupied people are getting grumpy. Perhaps we need a moral officer?
Still no word from security about that saboteur, i didn't saw any1 suspicious, yet.

5th Jul 2001, 04:29 PM
hmmm, theres been a report of tampering with the singularity modules and more reports of these snails? whered they come from i dunno.

i hear im no longer in charge of sercurity, but something tells me im still doin most of the work. ive finished rotas and weapons assignments. all defensive sercurity ops are ready now, regular drillin should keep the crew in shape.

im investigating the tampering with shuttles and the generators. i will investigate the ladies at the party next. that jumped to second on the list. ive also been asked to find a missing sock, ive put that as low priority. ive submited a report to science askin for internal scans of the stations cargo bays at regular intervals for smuggling detection. the singularity generators are similar to the ones what were on board the hydran destroyer nautilus which i captained, then got captured by the humans. i wish i could locate the wreck then we can get this base back upto operational status way before shedule, i will consult the captain rite away

5th Jul 2001, 05:23 PM
After my juice, I head off to work. I tell Stryker to keep the phasor, it looks like this place could get a little rough after all these guys start swigging big time.

On my way down, I notice an access panel which looks like it was put back by a n00b. I mutter the name Tarentella, in an unkind manner, and set to fixing it. But then I noticed that it was not Tarentells who had done this, because it smelled like Jalepenos, and he's alergic to them. So I looked to see what had been done.

The Com lines had been tapped. That sabatour has gotten farther than I thought.

I then tapped my Com badge, and called the security office.

"If you would like to talk with an inmate, press 1. If you would like to report a theft, press 2. If you would like to press 3, press 3. If you would like to report an assassination, press 4. IF you are . . ." *click*

Darn, they were probably both boozing and . . . No, DeaJay said he was going to be in the hanger looking at the shuttles.

So I headed to the hanger.

5th Jul 2001, 07:53 PM
hangar bays checked out, shuttles are lined up nice and tidy i was joined by thrakhath a minute after i finished my inspection and he informed me of a possible sabotage, he showed me the evidence. even a n00b engineer couldn't mess that up. ive never seen such fake wiring even from my 3 years in charge of engineering on the Marek. we recorded data from the terminal and got all clues we could about whats going on, if they are tappin the com lines i suggest NO COMMAND/CRITICAL COMMUNICATER communication. i will imform the captain in the morning i daren't go near him just yet. im heading to main engineering now to help out with upgrades and construction. this stations takin shape now we have lights on all decks and working systems.

Cap'n Beeb
5th Jul 2001, 10:06 PM
Gah, 8472's "kid" is really annoying, maybe I can do every one a favor and slice his spine open... I could use another skull in my collection... and then jettison the body into space, no biggie.

I am now in the process of remaking all of the weapons I created for the Starship, and its not going well. I am lacking several key components I need... I shall post a list later.

What the hell is with the replicator? This is worse than the Eternaty's replicator....

5th Jul 2001, 10:21 PM
Ok ok OK! I've almost got the replicaters going, just give me a few more hours. As to the parts . . . . What’d ya need? I’ll see what we got, which is not much right now, but you can still ask. : )

All of a sudden:
(computer: ) “Explosion in the mess hall, explosion in the mess hall”

Dang it! What now!?

I rush to the mess hall, to fid that the capt’n’s kid found his way to the tanqulien brandy, and got it too close to the gorgonilen ale. A mixture which all bar tenders and chemists know well. As well as knowing the associated stinky and sticky stuff that goes everywhere when it explodes. I knew it was him as he was the only one behind the bar (besides stryker, who was grabbing him, and looked about to strangle him) when I got there.

“Hey hey, settle down, we can’t have some one die out here. Do you know how much paperwork would have to be filed for that!?”

“Ok beerbaron, I think we have a reason to throw him in the brig now.”

Now, I’d better get to those replicators before anyone else pesters me. If I’m lucky, I might get ‘em fixed before all the ruckus dies down.

6th Jul 2001, 03:17 AM
Damn, that beerbaron-creep is getting kinda agressive. When I finally saw my father (drunk) beerbaron suddenly jumped at me and he put a knife to my throat. My father told him to stop. It seemed like he didn't know he had a son, I don't blame him for that (who wants to stay with a 3 boobed hooker anyway?).

A few hours ago I was in the bar. Some guy named Stryker told me I was too young to have a GOOD drink. So when he wasn't looking I wanted to make a nice cocktail of brandy and ale. It gave some kind of a chemical reaction and now I still see spots. Beerbaron got very mad and at the moment he is taking me to some place, he hasn't told me what place (I think that if I ask now, my a$$ is dead).

6th Jul 2001, 03:49 AM
my god, i'v had a traumatic experience, The captains son came in to my bar the other day, wanting some drinks, i tell him do you have any id? He gives me this fake-id with the picture of a Domesto on it, I said to him it wasn't valid, he asked why, i told him that a Domesto is made out of 90% water and 10% brains, and that he didn't fitted the description, he walked away mad.
Since all of the Neridian bars were out, i had to go make a delivery at the main promenade, i thought i closed the bar, but it seems Disturbedcreation got in somehow, and mixed the tanqulien brandy with some of my strongest gorgonilen ale, causing a chemical reaction, and it blowed up in his face. I saw him laying on the floor covered with the stuff. I'll have to take full responsibility of what happend there, it was my fault, i thought i closed the bar, wonder what the cap't will say.
I'v been unable to find that phazor, perhaps the explosion could have caused it to fly away or something, i'd better report this to the security officer.

6th Jul 2001, 07:12 AM
Well lost couple of days lots of things have been going on. Like there is prolly a saboteur on board, Disturbedcreation messing up in the bar, everybody getting drunk (exept me offcourse). I really have to have a lil word with Mr.TTRStryker8 about what he puts in what he calls "drinks" because the replicator's are running overtime at morning, producing those Anti-hangover-hormones i invented (pretty proud of that....). Also after creating that almost deadly 'cocktail' (maybe he was making a molotovcocktail! get it? molotovCOCKTAIl!............ah nevermind.......) the cappy's boy is seeing spots. I didn't cure him, he can live with that. I myself have been seeing numerous colours the last days too. I wonder if Chief Engineer Thrakhath has something to do with that......mmm.........
For the rest i've been spending most of my time in the holodecks with that blond babe from engineering...........officer Kilham is really very good in creating lifelike hologram h0's.............

6th Jul 2001, 11:02 AM
well, big mess at the bar captains kid seems to be responsible, the sercurity camera ( yes they are everywhere... but thats not sercurity's cameras in your showers) got covered in gunge before the accident happened. ive arranged a trip to found the wreck of the nautilus and bring some if not all back. id be happy to bring the whole ship here and let them pull it to bits to get this station lookin more like a station, but if theres leftovers which im sure they would be, we can have at least one more ship.

6th Jul 2001, 11:15 AM
The kid is making nothing than trouble. Now I learned that he almost destroyed a bar mixing a drink. Not only that he is too young for alcohol, but the explosion destroyed all all supplies of romulan ale and iradian beer!...agony...my two most favorite drinks....gone..vanished...someone will pay for that.

DeaJea came to me and reported that starfleet scout ships found the wreck of an alien ship nearby. First scans indicate that the ship is Iconian. That was a powerful race who ruled over the know galaxy hundreds of thousands of years ago. With us being the nearest starfleet facility, I ordered Lt.s Myrmidion, DeaJea and Trakkath to take a shuttle and start a salvage operation. The mission is very dangerous as the ship is located behing the Zonitopian border near a blackhole. Why do I have this feeling that I won't see anyone of them again?
As secondary mission I ordered them to resupply us with romulan ale by any means neccessary. I heard there are cheap stores on Gralek XII, and that's only a small 30 lighyears detour.

After the shock in the bar, I decided to pay a visit to the holodecks. However I immedialtely noticed a malfunction. It seems the holographic projectors aren't calibrated right as the breats of the holohookers are definatly smaller than the parameters in the programm state. I sent a call to engineering to fix that.

6th Jul 2001, 12:05 PM
Urgent report to Captain 8-4-7-2

Dear Captain

Due to the recent bar happenings, i would like to redeem myself and voloteer to go with the away mission. I know a couple of friend in Zonitopia, and perhaps they could resupply us with romulan ale, so we don't have to take that little detour.
Also i'm going to need some1 to attend the bar while i'm away, might i suggest we reprogram the EMH, it could serve well in my opinion.
Let me know when i'm supposed to be in docking bay

Thx in advance

--The bartender--

6th Jul 2001, 12:23 PM
Capt'n ordered me to stop packing for the salvage opperation to fix the holodeck controls. I hate fixing holodecks. Whoever made them, made it hard to fool with them. I was lucky this time as it turned out to be a faily simple problem.

Of course, if I had been drinking like everyone else, I wouldn't have been able to fix it so quickly.

The Capt'n seems VERY happy that I got it fixed, and he also dropped two other projects on me. Dang it!

The first is to reprogram the EMH, so that while we're gone, they can have a bar tender. This didn't seem so bad, since it would give me a chance to get of the EMH's good side, which would come in handy if I ever need my life saved.

So I head up to sick bay and have a chat. He seemed to like the idea, so I began the opperation. After about an hour, I was able to make room for every drink recipe in the ships database, by removing only a few unneeded systems from him program. Such as breathing and hair. I told him bartenders look good bald and I think he seemed to like the change, something different. I also told him that if he didn't like it, he could have whatever style he wanted when I got back.

However, the second task was not anywhere near so pleasant. He TOLD me to take DesturbedCreation (what a great name for the kid) with us on the salvage opperation. I think he might be hopeing for another accident which will get rid of his desturbing problem.

I for one, am not too happy about that, one, because that makes me a baby-sitter, and two, I'm not the type who likes to get people killed. But who knows, maybe the experince will make a bit of a man out of him.

And although I trust DeaJay's flying ability, and I really don't think that that perticular black hole will be trouble, I'm still taking the one singularity generator. If anything goes wrong, I can use it to get us out, and it might also help with the salvage. I'm also paccing my personally modifed ARX-986-P gun. A personal favorite of mine, can be easiliy adapted for nearly any kind of projectile, everthing from .22 rounds to Redeemer! Oh yeah!

6th Jul 2001, 12:43 PM
As I had this terrible feeling that the away mission will fail, I will send some more people with them. That should make the chances for a sucess much higher.
Stryker came to me and asked to be assigned to the salvage mission. He has great experience with barkeeping, so he should be prefect for the shop. And immediatly he came up with some nice contacts within the Zonitopian empire. I only told him not to run into any military vessels or he would sign his funeral, even if I havetrust in Myrmidion's flying skills.
To keep the bar running and the morale up, Trakkath is modiying the EMH. He is baldy now, but if he keeps making good drinks that's no problem. And as Trakkath removed his breathing routines we don't have to deal with his stinky breath anymore.
Las, I send my son with the away team. That will keep him from me, and if they fail I have one problem less.
The away team is to report at docking bay 6 at 0800 tomorrow morning.

I heard rumours about a saboteur tinkering with various system. Security should keep a look on that. I witnessed that stranger in the bar, reading technical manuals. That is very suspicous to me.
Also the repair in the ops are going fine. We only need to more holographic projectors to create some strippers.

6th Jul 2001, 01:01 PM
"Hey Thrakhath , before you go, Ive been reading into the ships manifest right back to the early documents. It seems this old freighter was a trading ship from The Free Colonies Trading Federation (before it colllapsed and was taken over by the Zonitopian Empire)."

"Uh huh"

It was captured 178 years ago in the early border wars when it had just a SH-TE Fusion Ram Drive (you know the area thats still quarantined on decks 12-14 above the new warp drive)."


Any way, believe it or not she was previously called The Virgin Princessess and that explains the non regulation positioning of the lettering on the hull."

"Yes.! They were saving paint!"

"You think they scrimped on more than paint to bring her up to fleet auxiliary status?."

"He he."

"I think youre right there."

"Anyhow .Good luck with the salvage.See you in 3 days time...Tarantella ..out."

6th Jul 2001, 01:05 PM
My father wasn't to happy about my little accident in the bar. I can't help it. My mother has three boobs filled with alcohol and I was breastfed as a baby, I'm not used to being without alcohol. Most people here do not seem to like me. I guess that's the reason that my father told me to go on some mission. I don't mind though, when they see my skills in combat they don't want to lose me.
I sure hope beerbaron won't be coming with us, seeing he especially hates my guts.
Maybe it wasn't very smart after all to come along.

Cap'n Beeb
6th Jul 2001, 01:15 PM
Gah....this kid is begging for a shiv in his throat.... oh well, he's going out on that salvage mission(Not a good idea imho) so maybe I can cool off while we do some repairs on the bar.

Someone has been stealing parts and tech manuals from supply and a few of the repair bays.... thankfully I have just completed work on my new weapon, the basic double barrel shotgun. Using some chemicals found in the bar explosion, I have found an excellent source of gun powder and shot. Also, it lacks power to penetrate the hull, perfect for CQB.

6th Jul 2001, 03:05 PM
I tore myself free of the same nightmare. Struggling back to consciousness I found the alarm had failed, and was already 3 hours late for my first day on duty.
As many things around here seemed ready to fail I didn't consider it too surprising at thae time.With only a few minutes spent to change into uniform I was looking very unlike a senior officer when I arrived in the kitchens of Deck 16.

Long since made obsolete by the use of replicators, they were ideally placed on the outer of the station to allow access to space for any 'toys' I might need to play with.
Conversion into a laboratory of high-energy weapon research seemed distant, and my confidence in this choice for a base weakened as I hit my head against a large copper pan hanging near the door. Yes, a lot of work would be needed, and in much less time than I wuld have liked.

The good news in yesterday's conversation was that we weren't here as some punishment for past errors, as in some kind of floating Siberia. The bad news was the threat was very real, and time was not on our side.

I sat wearily in the chair next to the newly installed terminal and started going through the morning's reports. There seemed to be qute a lot.
'SS Proxima Alpha Stardate....' I stared at it for some time before it made any sense. I wasn't 3 hours late, but twenty seven . This explained why I was still tired, somebody had spiked my drink last...no, the night before last. Things were happening a bit too fast round here.
Reports of petty sabotage, accidents and strange malfunctions. A report that the crates in the cargo bay had been tampered with, my help was required to do a full scan there - yesterday. The wreck of an Iconian warshp found, and a salvage mission in progress. One of the Singularity generators had already left the station. Ar$e, with my luck it would be the wrong one.

I went through the list again.

Badly hacked tap on the comms system,
Crates tampered with in Cargo 3,
Snails in the wiring above the bar,
Random replicator faults.

I added to the list -
Deepershade's bot being 'reprogrammed'
The disabling of the alarm in my quarters
The 'fix' in my drink - I can't remember much about that night...
The 'accident' in the bar -
I somehow doubted a kid from the Danieb system would have made such a mistake. Possibly the bottles were switched - but any evidence of that was destroyed.

I think it's time to have a word with our captain, despite orders. Things are getting too hot round here.
First i'll have to check over the cargo bay and see if my luck's run out with the singularity gen, then I hit the holodeck - 8472 seems to spend most of his time there, and I have a new err.. program to test for myself anyway.

On the way to the cargo deck I remembered the captain's videogame addiction from the Eternaty days.......
Smiling to myself as I remembered all those nights he could be heard screaming 'yes oh YES frag me again Lucy!' I almost missed seeing somebody - or thing - move into the shadows as the doors to the cargo bay opened.

6th Jul 2001, 03:08 PM
The Day before it happend

Well, report tomorrow at docking bay 6 at 0800 tomorrow morning was the message, i hope we get a briefing before that, cause the mission objectives were rather blurry and i would like some background information of the species we might encounter
I'v send a audio only transmission to my bud down in Zonitopia
They have confirmed the order and want to get paid with holo-sex, since when they breed they die afterwards
So perhaps we'll be needing the EMH, but he's going to have to be modified, i'll call Trakhath, hope he doesn't mind.
TIP: if the EMH doesn't want to cooperate, delete his ethical sub routines ;)
I hope we have a holo mobile emiter laying around somewhere.

6th Jul 2001, 03:39 PM
FarmerX awakens in a stupor... still half drunk

the beeping of his private intercom device awakens him.

* static *

" FarmerX what is your status ?!? " asks an intimidating voice
" uhhhhh... i dont have it yet ..."
"whaaat!! wtf are you doing, stay away from that bar and get the device or I'll come and kill you myself !!!!!"
**end transmission**

thinking to himself.... im in way over my head here, that bar scene was ****in nuts... this place scares me, what I have to steal scares me...what the hell does it do ? singularity generator.... what the hell......

i might as well get some rest.......

6th Jul 2001, 04:09 PM
First day of real duty today, so, in the absence of anything real to do at the moment, I took the shuttles out for a spin. It was worse then I care to remember. Half of them have practically no push, so by the time the engines get you going to a reasonable speed you have to spin and apply thrust in the opposite direction to be able to get back to the station. Another one seems to be in workable condition, but has practically no heat-sinks on it, which could prove to be a very important point.

At least one of them works, but I'm going to need to service them, with the help of Engineer Whatshisface. Oh well, I guess that that's one thing that needs to be done before this place finishes looking like a dump and actually looks like a space station.

Still awaiting arrival of that patrol boat, hope it's here soon, because we're going to need some more defences, I reckon that we should start mounting heavy weaponry on the station itself, if the fact that the station would crack up under the recoil effect wasn't true. Need to improve that big time, before someone minces us up.

Oh well, I guess that it'll get done, at some point.

6th Jul 2001, 04:19 PM
well, id like to go thru a modification i did to one of the larger shuttles, a kinda speed boost, i think the engineers might be impressed with it
this is not my old ship tho, it appears to be smaller and older.
well, the captain hasn't said who's leadin the away mission but i suspect trouble, but i don't want to risk any1's lifes, so i suggest not taking many ppl. weapons needed, we are takin two large shuttles with weapon pods, engineering has provided me with a list of needed parts.
100 quataum accelerator
1000 rubber gloves (auth'ed by captain???)
type 6 fusion reactor (ya b lucky.)
all the alcohol (ugh@ engineerin)
if i can ill try and bring the ship back, crew roster at the mo.
ensign- that one who gets killed every hour.
engineer tyscholath dieeveryhour.

oh and one basic holoemitter, i built one for my starfleet technical exam.

6th Jul 2001, 06:03 PM
Tomorrow's the big day. People seem to take less notice of me the last few hours, I'm quite happy with that (I'm too young to die). The die-hard fighter pilot on the station, Myrmidion, has taken the shuttles for a little cruise, only one of 'em seemed to work allright. Looks like I'm not gonna get in action, since everyone (including myself) agrees that Myrmidion is the best fighter we have. The only working shuttle will be his.

I heard that beerbaron won't be joining us, I am very happy with that. I heard that Stryker will be joining us, maybe I can get him to give me a drink.

Damn, those spots caused by my little accident in the bar just won't go away.

6th Jul 2001, 08:20 PM
took a test flight in the experimental shuttle, it sems to handle better now with the ion engine improvements. also the fact of mark 3 spindrive is a advantage. hehe, i imagine the looks on Ops faces when i flew at full speed towards the station and enters hyper space just before they thought i was gonna hit it.
ill probaly get shouted at then told to upgrade the shuttles.
i quickly serveiled the area near the wreck, i think pirates might be a possibility

no other vessels in the area cept a patrol ship, lightly armoured... wait is that a power source in the wreck... very faint, looks like some1 has a boardnin party on it.
"jae to promixa station... im at the wreck and spyin on a vessel, they have a party on our wreck, should i investigate further?"
hmmm the black hole is interferin with comms, that would take a hour to get back.

heading back to station.
they have not seen me.

7th Jul 2001, 04:20 AM
Today is the big day, i couldn't sleep to well, damn snails made noises again, and i'm quite nerveous, we'r going into the unknown. I'll go to my trusty bar for the last time.
Its only 0500 as of yet, i'll get myself a Oridion rootbeer, and i'll go to the holodecks one more time, for some holo-luvin ;)
Or perhaps i should run some shuttle simulations for some last minute flight training, i wonder if i can combine those two ;)

7th Jul 2001, 06:37 AM
wow! that was some party! i was drinking at the bar, when all of a sudden, Cascade walks in! well, i don't remember much after that, but apparently i embaressed myself in some sily drinking games. I only just woke up, and aparently there's a mission going out soon to recover an iconian wreck. good luck to them

7th Jul 2001, 10:12 AM
Ops...the command center. It was finally refitted and is fully operational. People are busy on their stations everywhere. I sit in my office a few steps up, going through some reports.
Kilham is transforming an unused kitchen on deck 16 into a science lab. Soon he can begin his research of the relation of duct tape and alcohol on human and alien organisms.
I receieved a message from Starfleet Command that we won't get any further shuttles and ships, as reinforcements are needed in other places. I'd like to know what's going in some Admirals' heads. This people are sitting behind their desks, and are lightyears away from the place of action. Yet they think they know what happens here. Now we have to use what we got.
Suddenly the floor is shaking..I turn my head to the viewport behind me. I see one of our shuttles doing a suicidal flyby over the ops, located at the very top of the station. That must be security officer DeaJea. Earlier he took a shuttle on a recon mission across the border. After he reported enemy activity near the wreck I told him to return.
It's time for the away team to leave. Two shuttles have been installed with special euqipment, and we've done the best to prepare the team.
I to my desk again, tapping the small com panel left of the desk.
"This is the Captain. Myrmidion, DeaJea, Stryker, Trakkath. DisturbedCreation: Get out of your beds and immedialtly go to shuttlebay 6. Your mission is the salvage the Iconian ship's wreck and get new supplies of romulan ale and beer. Good luck"
Wait, the mission doesn't have a science officer. Consider the alien technology they will face I better send one with them.
"Captain to Commander Kilham: report to bay 6. The mission will run better with a combat experienced science officer. You will be in command of shuttle 1. Tell Trakkath that he has the secon ship. out"
"But sir, I'm just doing some study on human mating mating behaviour with..erm...some officer from engineering"
"That's an order. You can do that later"
"Yes sir, on my way"

7th Jul 2001, 10:32 AM
i arrive at the shuttle bay and find at least half of the team waiting.... i ordered some of sercurity to run around the officers decks with loud beepers to wake the rest. as far as i can see im pilotin shuttle 1, if kilham trusts my good ol' flyin skills. ive devised a course to take us thru a asteriod field and avoid a enemy patrol.
we haven't made the same modifications to the other shuttle, but im sure if they are within our gravity field they can join us at the same speed at mark 3 hyperspeed. ill wait for kilham first before i check everything either he's gonna argue or theres gonna be a accident, i have a hunch some1s sabotaged one of the shuttles.

7th Jul 2001, 11:29 AM
Standing on the starbase panorama deck I watch the two shuttles move out in good order with the seniors officers shuttle leading in regulation formation on the port side by half a k.

Immersed in the view of the rim stars systems (it never ceases to stir my emotions even after 34 years in the service),I failed to notice the approach of someone to my left.Someone who gently touches me on the shoulder with a long white feather then waves with it at the departing shuttles.

I turn.

It a priest of the planet Goshen,( theyre often seen in border starports).*

Gravely he says,

"One of your crew mates who goes hither will not return as he leaves."

" Hes going to die?" I asked, turning slowly to face the priest, keeping my gaze head high and focussing on the surroundings behind him.

"The Assassins Guild are here in strength. They have their plans"

"How do you know this"

"They conceal their weapons but not the thoughts , lieutenant"

And with that he left,

*See note in discussion thread

7th Jul 2001, 12:23 PM
'Security? I need an armed team in the cargo bay now. Send some of those guys in the red shirts, it's about the right part of the story for somebody with a minor part to get killed'
'........If you would like to report a theft, press 2. If you would like to press 3, press 3. If you would like to report an assassination, press 4. IF you are . . '
Grrr nobody there as usual. Well I wasn't about to inveastigate this on my own, I've seen these things before and know what happens to people investigating dark corners of space station on their own.
On my way back to deck 16 I had a call from our captain
'I need to talk to you urgently' I started
'You're needed on the salvage mission, they decided a science officer might come in useful to decide how and what to salvage'
'Ok, but I really need..'
'The shuttle leaves in 3 minutes. Now stop playing with your holograms and report there NOW.'

Which didn't leave me with much choice. What's he on about - holograms...?. I haven't been near the holodeck.

7th Jul 2001, 12:34 PM
well, take off went well, got fed up of waitin for kilham but he got on. i got told off for barrel rollin the craft. sorry about that.
we will arrive at the wreck in 3 hours.
the area we are traveling thru is filled with myths of illusions and tales of weird creatures, a excellent oppurtunity to study these.

Cap'n Beeb
7th Jul 2001, 02:09 PM
Gah, damn security bot woke me up, stupid thing. Said something about trouble in the cargo bay. *loads up his shottie*

I should be there in about 15 mins....*squish*

What the..... no.....cant be.....its not possible....

Pokemon goo.

7th Jul 2001, 04:52 PM
We have left, lift off went without problems, at least one thing went allright. I'm just playing around with a knife I took with me, aiming at some of those strange looking snails. I took the knife since I still can't trust most of the crew around me... I can understand why they don't like me though, they have loads of experience and I only know how to fly a little fighter. And the way how I got on board... Don't even get me started.

This damn shuttle starts to smoke like hell...

7th Jul 2001, 04:55 PM
I've been tweaking a few things on the singularity generator en route to the wreak, and all the time wondering "why didn't they just ask me what I could do with on of these, I'll have us there in no time."

We were still two and half-hours away, the crew settled in with their GBAs and various "other" stimulants, when I flicked the switch. The generator smoked a bit, then whirred to life, and then emitted a flash that encompassed the whole ship.

Then, we were there, at the wreak, tucked neatly in a hovel, out of sight of the enemy craft.

DeaJay looked pretty preturbed, but once I explained that the singularity generator could be used to teleport, he seemed a nit happier (realizing, I think, that we could get everything done way ahead of shedule and goof off with time to spare. That was of course assuming that we could deal with the intuders.)

So we loaded up with combat gear, and set out to deal with the opprotunistic Vultures before salvage.

7th Jul 2001, 06:16 PM
So many visiters recently. I guess that's the way of things, when it rains it pours. You latest pilgrims don't make the cut though. You see your mindset is all wrong. When you first came aboard I welcomed you warmly but you did not respond in kind. Over the years there have been so many like you. Those of dark intent who sought not enlightenment or peace but hatred and greed. Such like you leave me little choice. Your actions are a cry for help that I can not ignore. Don't worry, I will now lead your twisted souls to a higher level of existance....in me. (Energy surrounds the subdued aliens as there flesh desolves from the bone and their life force is drained from them). You are now at...burp...peace. What's this? More visiters approach. (walks off into a dark corridor and disappears from sight saying....) When it rains...it pours.

7th Jul 2001, 06:26 PM
computer.. open communication between both shuttles
ppl, we've detected a cloaked ship in pursuit. pls get ready for a bumpy ride thru the asteroid field and we may just lose them at full speed.
computer.. close channel.

kilham, i need you to launch a vereton casade emisson from our engines as soon as we get out of their sensor range, that should make it look like we've crashed.
i expect no reply as your busy workin on it.

thrakhath.. load the captain's son in the waste dispoal in case my plan fails.
"now entering asteroid field, emitting vereton casade.."
rite lets hide the ships behind tat big asteroid.
minutes later
"we've lost them. they are leaving the asteroid field."
ok thrakhath, you may pull the captains son back out of waste disposal.
next time they are gonna bring some backup with them ppl, so we may have a battle on our hands. Thrakhath.. set the sheilds to modulate at random frequencies, also hook up the singularity generator so we can discharge the whole field on them.
1 more hour if the coordinates are right.
hmmm the pirates are towing the wreck somewhere, it just entered sensor range. every1 get ready for boarding we may have to hijack the wreck.

7th Jul 2001, 06:43 PM
what the hell happened, i was piloting the shuttle and 15 minutes away from the wreck, then i wake up on board it. im not sure if im ok, thrakhath said something about tempral feedback. ugh... must be it, knowin my luck ive been pulled from another universe to here. might as well look around. i think my objectives would be to Bring power back online, Access the Bridge, Retrieve computer crystals, Avoid this universes DeaJae.. if im not him.
a hydran c0w elders work is never complete... WHO ARE YOU???
"im the cheif engineer of this vessel, who are you? how did you get aboard?"
im lt. DeaJae of proxma station (i think) and one of the last elder c0ws of the hydran circle. what ship is this?
"UGS Zetyk, a Traders federation warship. we are in trouble so don't stand around like your not sure how you got here.. we have been on baord for 2 years, we lost power 1 year ago and been tryin to keep the ship stable since then. theres a large group of surivors being held by the pirates, we need to drive tem off and hopefully get as far away as possible."
ok, i used to be a engineer ill help.
"military too?"
yep, let me guess no weapons?
"only the pirates."
ill use theirs then.
"engineering interface is on deck 16, when you've re activated that you have about 1 minute to go in and switch off the main core or the whole ship will be flooded with radiation. then you need to head to the computer cores and reset them. then ill need your help rescuing the hostages."
ok, im on my way...
must get a mesage to the shuttles.. gotta get them abord first.
ill force open the shuttle bay doors and await them.

7th Jul 2001, 06:45 PM
Hmm, I guess that pilots like me don't get to see the action that they might well be seeing down there. On a positive note, I don't get to see the action that they're going to see down there.

Oh well, I get to sit around here now, twiddiling my thumbs, and awaiting for their asking to come home again :)

7th Jul 2001, 06:53 PM
ok, we are aboard, myrmidion, when i haned him a rifle decided to stay at teh shuttles, wise idea. i turn around to get ready for organizin teams and theres a double of me there. i was stunned as much as my crewmates, soemthing happened in his universe which didn't here, with the sinularity generator... i told thrakhath not to mess about. im gonna help him do the things for the ship restoring power, and retakin control, the rest should salvage what they can and go.

7th Jul 2001, 09:02 PM
I grabbed my various interments, and voiced my opinion that is tactically unsound for the group to separate, especially since we don't know what we're dealing with.

A quick scan, both visually and with my equipment, reveals a stunning array of technology. More kind of technology than should be on one ship of one species. Not good. This would suggest that many species have come looking for treasure, but have not left . . . .

(play eerie music)

I relay this information to our fearless leader (DJ I think), and await his response.

8th Jul 2001, 04:48 AM
&^$(&%&^%#&^%$, those (**&^%$ tried to throw me in the waste disposal. I'm getting more and more aggressive, someone is gonna have to pay...

8th Jul 2001, 05:29 AM
after a good sleep on our shuttle, i always sleep wel on a shuttle
i find the shuttle empty, and we'r docked at an alien ship.
After a short conversation with the mission leader (dj) it appears we could use some of the alien technology lying there for us to grab. Though i don't know if starfleet would approve of us using it. Anyway, i'm going to c for myself, i'm just so curious, i'll let you know if I find anything usefull.

8th Jul 2001, 10:36 AM
ok, theres two DeaJaes now, i dunno how the captain would react, but sercurity on the station would be efficent. that punk of a captains son rushed off the shuttle and blamed me cos he climbed into the waste disposal.. if i knew he was in there id press the eject button. he weren't friendly with the trout he found in there. anyway we carried on down the corridor coverin the engineers as they identifyed and salvaged conponents, me and jae went ahead to scout. and what appears to be double of our team headin back to the shuttle bays on the other side of the wreck. engineering was close by so we headed back to the salvage crew.. we got cut off by pirates so we split and covered each others strikes. there must of been 100 of them. this universes DeaJae got wounded slightly, but he'll live. we drove them off easily.
he's headin for the shuttles to report to the station. while ill return to the crew, they are ok, apparently saw nothing.

Cap'n Beeb
8th Jul 2001, 11:03 AM
*grabs a mic and calls up the salvage team*

EVERYONE!!! GET BACK TO THE STATION, FORGET THE SALVAGE, JUST GET YOUR ASSES BACK HERE!!! I have analyzed the source of the pokemon goo on deck 11 and it was from a species VERY close to our station. Dont take any chances, just get back here! We will plan out what can be done about the salvage later.

I have increased production of my shotgun and I now have enough guns and shells for every member of the crew, come by and collect your weapon ASAP.

8th Jul 2001, 12:37 PM
hmmm, well, we got a recall order but no captains auth.
the other DeaJae wound is gettin worse so he may need to return, no body knows if doc's holoemitter is working.
ill remain here, just hope some1 can fly the other shuttle, trouble is i think DeaJae's got about 3 hours to live i think he might just make it. bringin back phaser modules sheild arrays and tons of stuff.

8th Jul 2001, 12:58 PM
As I walk over the promenade deck my view swifts over the few visitors we already have. Even as this station is still a piece of trash held together by ducttape, I couldn't help but noticing the increasing numbers of merchants, travellers and pilgrims using Proxima Alpha as stop in the last days. If I look at this I think this station has the potential to become something bigger, to have success. Even all the hardship of the last years seem to be forgetten. Suddenly my communicator beeps.
"Sir...this is beerbaron...I have...the...the pokemon...deck 11...they are...everywhere!! Run for your lifes."
"What the hell!? Can you repeat that. The pokemon?"
"Yes, they are everywhere down here. Crates, ventilation ducts, replicators....get the crew back...I made weapons..we need to fight"
"Acknowledged. I will see what I can do. out"
That can't be true. After our reports to Earth, dozens of Starfleets vessels were sent out to hunt the pokemon to all four corners of the galaxy. Their homeworld was wiped out. And yet, as misserable as the odds for survivors were, and of all the places in the universe they come here. I begin to believe that this crew is cursed.
Beerbaron suggested to cancel the salvage mission. But I can't let this wreck fall into the hands of the enemy. This mission has to succeed. I walk a few meteres further. On a pillar to the right, I find a instestellar com panel.
"Captain to Lt. DeaJae. We need one of your teams back on the station. You, Myrmidion and my son are to get back here as fast as possible. We are in deep ****. Trakaath, Kilham and Stryker will proceed with the mission as planned. Good luck."
"Sir, somehow this ship is a portal into another universe. I found a duplicate of myself. What should I do?"
"Leave him where he is for now. We already got enough trouble. We can deal with him later. Give me a report about that phenomenon when you return"
"Yes, on my way"
With this a make my way to the armory, to grab a shotgun. I see some monks staring at me...

8th Jul 2001, 01:25 PM
Seems like we're gonna kill some pokemon!!!
I am very excited, those irritaties little furballs are disgusting and I can't wait to mow some of 'em down...

Now I don't have to express my anger on the crew, I can go and kill those pokebeasts!! Beerbaron wasn't talking crap after all...

Cap'n Beeb
8th Jul 2001, 02:45 PM
Hmm, not many people taking weapons, I've only given out 3 shotguns w/ 2 boxes of shells each. Oh well, I warned 'em, let those f00s get plastered.

8472: "Beerbaron, are you certain its pokemon?"
Beerbaron: "GET DOWN!"
*shoves 8472 to the ground with his left hand, shottie in the right.*
*8472 looks up to see a pikachu biting down on the barrels of Beerbaron's shotgun
Beerbaron: "EAT THIS!*phwoom**splatter* "You still want proof sir?"

8472: "Good point, load me up :)"

8th Jul 2001, 05:38 PM
the injured DeaJae is on his way back with team 1, they'll be there within the hour. ive found my way to main engineering and about to bring main power online. just need to clear the plasma streams. the others are with salvaging what they can.
Lt. DeaJae to Kilham, we have shields, propulsion, some weapons, naviagation and life support, we can take this ship away. Helm is controled by the bridge though, someone needs to get up there and transfer it to here, or take control of it.
Hmmm don't like that idea huh? Well, we can plan several more shuttle trips or just bring the whole wreck back.
"ok, ill send someone up there"
Right, ill work on restoring power sir.
When we get back to the station we'll secure it, then im enforcin marshall law till every1 learns to spell my damn name right!!!!

9th Jul 2001, 04:42 AM
We're almost back at the station, man that injured version of DeaJae really starts to smell bad. His wound is starting to look green... I wonder if he'll make it back.

9th Jul 2001, 09:11 AM
oh man, big probs, seems one of the deajae's is hurt badly, i knew we should have brought the emh, i tried to desinfect the wound with some trilian beer, lets hope it helps
In other news, i'v found a small device, its triangular, and has some lights on it, the blue one seems to flash all the time, i'll have to study this on the station.
The communications system aren't working as they should be, so we'r unable to conntact the other shuttle without having an annoying voice of spaceburger saying, can i help you?
Something is routing our communication relays, wish i know who or what it is.

9th Jul 2001, 09:26 AM
After an exhausting doubleshift I walk through the endless corridors to my quarters. Somehow I can't lose the feeling that I'm persuit. Maybe I got shot in the back a few time too often in the course of the years. Maybe all the latest troubles really gets down to me. As I come around another curve I nearly run over one of the monks. He is dressed in a black robe and painted his head red. Lt. Tarrantella said they are pilgrims from the planet Goshen, but actually I have no clue.
"Captain, you are doomed. The pokemon have come to avenge their kind and make you pay for your sins."
"What sins?"
"Listen, in three moons, when the twin suns set, this place will fall"
With this words he disappears into the hallway. I'm tended to think of it has spiritual bogus. But i have enough experience with this situations to know, that he can as well be true.
I make my to my quartes, still pondering why we hav't any contact to the away team

Read my last post!! You mixed up who is part of which team!!

9th Jul 2001, 11:56 AM
DeaJae to all, Right ppl, power should be online in a moment, if the bridge is unlocked when Thrakhath resets the core we can get in and take control and take this ship back to the station.
and we'll catch up with the shuttle in 6 minutes.
resettin power core now.
*massive power drain on auxilary lights and systems*
"Thrakhath to DeaJae, Bridge is open we are plottin course to the station"
good, we'll be ready to tractor the shuttle on the way.
eta to shuttle 6 minutes, eta to station 30 minutes.

9th Jul 2001, 06:23 PM
Lying on a bunk aft of the shuttle, drifting half-asleep, still suffering the after-effects of the doctored drink two days ago. At least that's my excuse, though some of these thoughtless pilots aren't helping. Nor was the constant interruption of my sleep. 'veteron cascade emission please' 'of course why not?'. I really need to see the holodoc if err when we make it back.

A bright flash and a familliar sickening sensation brought me back to reality suddenly. I sat straight up, not a good idea when the bunks are only 18 inches apart. Ouch.
I stumbled forward to the engineering room, holding my bruised aching head.
'Engineer Thrakhath, that's a dangerous toy to be playing aroud with. I hope you remembered to set the destination dimension as well as our time-space coordinates?'.
'er um well I'
'Let's have a look, i've spent years trying to use these things to transport Starships instantly anywhere in the universe, but the spacio-temporal distortion field weakens at the inverse square of the distance from the generator. Using it on a shuttle this size any kid could do. Just try it on an Eternaty class ship though.'
'errr no thanks'
A few seconds told me that the destination was not correct, and more importantly, that this wasn't the generator I was looking for.
'I'll have this sorted in a couple of seconds' entering in the correct co-ords. I hit the engage button, which wasn't a good idea as it fell apart. Still, it must have worked as there was a brief sickly sensation nobody else would have noticed. We were back in our own universe.

'Give me a hand to get into this biosuit, I hate these things' I asked, but I was too late. The others must have had the comms systems switched to a different channel as they didn't appear to hear me. Though having seen the condition these spacesuits are in, maybe they just don't work.
Switching my portable scanner on, I was surprised to find many different power emissions from different areas of this very alien ship. Outside the shuttle airlock now, I used the rocket pack to move back from the alien craft. This was incredible, quite unlike anything I ever imagined travelling interstellar space. It seemed almost to have grown, rather than being built. Reminding me of an immense spider I felt a sudden urge to get back to the shuttle and take off for the safety of Proxima Alpha. I felt a cold chill of fear, not just due to the suit heater batteries failing. I had to find the rest of the crew, warn them something was waiting here for them. Loading my shock rifle in my right hand, I headed for the only visible opening in the dark ship ahead.

'DeaJae?' 'Thrahhath?' 'Anyone?' Nothing. My radio must be dud. Com badges were no use out here, they needed a central server onboard the space station to operate. I wandered through the glistening curved corridors as if lost inside some giant beast. The portable scanner was almost useless, so many strange power emissions swamped it, and I would have to be standing on top of one of our crew before it would detect them. Slowly I made my way towards the strongest of these signals. Almost there, the ship lurched forward, which was not too good for me, as I was facing backwards. I stood up again, holding a broken shock rifle and the scanner. Having no free hand to hold my now broken nose, I threw the rifle at the nearest pillar, cursing that n00bie engineer - could he not have checked the inertia dampers before starting the impulse engines?. This had not been the best of days up to now. It was then that I noticed the scanner display again. A new energy source had appeared, of course - the ship's engines were operating. But the signal I had been heading for had started to move towards the new signal. To engineering, and Thrakhath.

(ph34r the re-introduction of Imperial measuring systems in the 22nd centiury)

9th Jul 2001, 07:25 PM
Ok, now somethings intterferin with comm signals, and the damn crew split up. Im pickin weird things up on internal scanners theres organisms moving up and down the inside of the core, i dunno if they are suposed to be in there though.
Im heading back down to engineering by the access conduits on
deck 7, should be near the communication grid by that way.
'Ugh, wtf did i put my hand in?.... Blood?'
I ready my phasor as i turn the corner, its very dark and i particulary don't want to go further, i fire and light up the conduit seein a light relay panel on the wall, thats better.
'hmmm, the blueprints say the access panel to communications is dead ahead by another 20 meters... but its here?'
i went in and checked out the equipment and switched it over to a reliable Starfleet frequency. i got a weird feelin about this. looks like the wall is regeneratoring itself. There was a hull breach here.
"Jae to Thkarhath... hmmm what if i said this starship is some kind of living organism. It seems to be repairin the hull breaches it had sustained"
"Yep just as i thought. never seen anything like it. Can't take a sample the damn stuff just withers to dust when detached from the rest of the ship"
"I'll inform Kilham"
"Ok Jae out"
I turn to hear something scuttle across the wall and out of the door.Hmmm wierd, pickin up no live signs unless... 'nanobots'?

9th Jul 2001, 09:20 PM
Well. Im sitting here doing... well, not much at all. The away team is still... away, so ive been told. Im starting to feel like I need a transfer. Nothing much happens on the station apart from a few fights and a few explosions. Nothing I can really get my teeth into. Well, except maybe that lass down in engineering, hur hur hur :p

Oh well... Im gonna jettison some of the tourists just for fun :D

9th Jul 2001, 10:10 PM
Nothing's changed on this here shuttle, I guess they'll signal when they want beamout, I'm not going in there after them...it looks risky...

10th Jul 2001, 01:27 AM
Dang it!

Just what the funny is going on, bio-ships here, pokemon there, weird stuff. I've been told by two people that SOMETHING is coming my way. I prep my gun with a canister of Xenotrimorphate. Basically a EMP for organics, my suit should protect me though. I ready for an assult from what ever angle it may come, while I make sure the engine stays active during our trip. I would have used the singularity gen, but it isn't big enough for a ship this size.

I also am analizing some of the technology laying around, some interesting stuff. A tazer-like insterment, a pez dispenser, a net launcher, some thing that appears to launch small canisters (ammo unknown), a device that generates noise on the psychic level, and a pistol which morphs to accomidate almost any kind of ammo (It's barral isn't very long, but can grow and shrink it's caliber from .002 to 12.3, and can adapt for energy or balistic ammo).

I take the pistol.

Then I hear something . . . . creepy. And in the shadows of course. Rather than take a chance, I let loose with a blast from my Xenotrimorphate shell.

I investigate the area, but there's nothing. I'm jumping at shadows, but I KNOW there was something there. I hope we get back soon, I can deal with pokemon, but not with whatever is in here . . .

10th Jul 2001, 04:43 AM
There's some weird stuff going on, especially that alive spaceship that the other group has to deal with. I'm almost of to killing some Pokemon, I just can't decide what weapon I'll take with me... Should I go for the Rocketlauncher? Or is a Biorifle enough to kill those things? Ah hell, I'll take the rocketlauncher just to make sure they'll be dead.

10th Jul 2001, 10:44 AM
More and more Goshen monks are coming to the station. Until now their motives and desination remains unknown. When I met one of them last night, I thought he was dressed in a robe. Seems the darkness or the corridor deceived my eyes. Now I can clearly notice that the robe only covers the red head and the back. On the front they are totally nakes. Their wangs are also covered with little versions of their heads. I saw monks with two to eight goshen heads wangs. It seems that this nakeness is a holy thing for them. Little to nothing is known about their culture.
DeeperShade seemed a bit bored last time I met him. So I told him to investigate this.

One of the shuttles is on the way back here. Ionic storms in the region forbid any communication for now. We can't tell who is on it. For his own sake I hope it's not Stryker as our supply with alcoholic beverages only depends on him. And in light of the new pokemon threat we desperatly need beer. We also started to use the industrial replicators on deck 36, section 89 lamda, to replicate pizza. Most pokemon infected areas will be sealed of with pizza. On another note, the pizza is delicious. I immediatly took a few to my office and hope noone notices it.

10th Jul 2001, 06:22 PM
I've encountered the pokemon! When Beerbaron put out the anouncement, i grabbed a shotgun straight away, thinking hey, if i don't get to use it, it'll at least impress the ladys! :D
anyway, i was heading to check up on kilham's project in the makeshift lab on deck 16, when all of a sudden, the room was filling with pokemon! they're everywhere! there's so many, they've blocked the sensors, and the deck has been sealed off! I'm trapped, and no one knows i'm here! nooo! i'm going to die!
hey, wait, i've got a communicator!
Doh! *slaps own forehead*

D-Stroya: D-Stroya to captain
8-4-7-2: captain here
D-S: i'm trapped on deck 16! there's pokemon everywhere! and the deck's sealed off!
8472: I'll get beerbaron down there straight away, captain out

well, thank goodness for that! beerbaron's the best pokemon fighter here, so i'll just hold these critters off till i'm rescued!

10th Jul 2001, 06:57 PM
Ok, the starship and shuttle is back at the station and are shuttlin to the station. Every1 seems nervous about battlin the pokemon just for this station. We had reports of walls being torn down by them, especially on the power source decks. Maybe the reactors are making a effect on them.

10th Jul 2001, 07:22 PM
Finally some good new. The salavage team made it back alive. The shuttle with DeaJae, Trakkath, Kilham and my son, and the ship are orbiting the station. However it seems part of the team is trapped on the ship which is organic and alive. Deeoershade is currently doing some scans and working on rescue plan
The seconds shuttle with Myrmidion and Stryker is still in Zonitopian space trying to purchase alcohol.
Until now it seems that the prophecy of the Goshen monk about one crewman not returning won't fullfil
Suddenly my combadge beeps...D-Stroya is trapped on Deck 16 and request help.
"Captain to beerbaron"
"I'm busy sir...die you furry critter..I'm in my quarters! They have been invaded by pokemon"
Seems I have to do it on my own. I grab my shotgun, and head to deck 16. I only hope I will arrive in time to help D-Stroya

10th Jul 2001, 07:43 PM
Ive got a idea of how to save DeaJae, but... i dunno if the captain would like it. we can put some of the organic ship repairing stuff in him and hope that it can repair him good chance that it will work. good chance that it would build the entire starship on him.

10th Jul 2001, 09:01 PM
Ahh...such powerful life energy comming from that station. The closer these people bring my "home", the more I recognize that familiar resonance. These people have commited a great evil against the universe and for that they should pay but perhapse there souls can be spared. Somehow the destiny of humans and pokemon became fragmented. Now they are bitter enemies whom seek to destroy each other. Both races have become abominations to our universe. If I cannot reunite at least one of each race....they all will have to be destroied. So it is written, so shall it be done my Goddess.

10th Jul 2001, 09:45 PM
Back at the station at last. I load up my new pistol with bombs of a super concetrated alcohol. As I make my way through the ship, my scanner shows me some ery weird things. The pokemon AND the Goshens are putting out the same form of life-energy! Not only that, but it's the same stuff that that thing on the ship is putting out . . .

****! I instantly realize the ramafications of bringing that ship here, and those pokemon. Dang, they're going to be a lot harder to stop this time if what I think is true IS true.

I drop most of my heavy stuff and run. Faster than I've ever run. Running on pure adrenaline, while reloading my pistol with a new explosive.

I reach deck seventeen (which looks down on sixteen), and see the captain and D-Stroya desperately trying to hold off about 40 pokemon with a couple of shotguns. They're being over-run!

"GET DOWN!" I shout.

They jump to the walls, giving me a clear shot down the corridor.

"PPPPIIISSSSHH!" My pistol launches a grenade, which trails green smoke, down the corridor, followed by a:


"What the heck are you doing! You'll breach the hull!" Yells the Captian.

"Don't worry, it's only a sulfur-iridium mixture that . . . LOOK-OUT!"

Luckily D-Stroya saw it coming (a rabid charmander I think), and crushed it's skull with a quick whack with the butt of his gun.

"We'd better get to a more secure area, there's bound to be WAY more of those." Says D-Stroya

"You're right." states 8472. "let's fall back to the bulk head there. Thrakhath, get down here!"

I jump to a stack of stuff, and then to the floor.

"let's go."

We fall back to the bulkhead area, where I seal off the area with blast doors, and enter the lock, then unplug the door. Now they won't get through without breaking down the door, and I don't think they have the fire power for that. Yet.

"Ok, now were going to br . . ." starts the captain.

"Sir, sorry for interupting, but I think that the alien ship, or at least a lifeform aboard it, is creating the pokemon and the Goshenites. I don't know how they got here but . . ."

A Flash of Inspirationtm hits Thrakhath.

"THE SINGULARITY GENERATOR! That's what those mods were for, it's set up to recieve stuff! Sir, I'll explain on the way, but in order to stop any more from coming here, we HAVE to get to the brig, I think that's where BeerBaron put the sigularity generator!"

10th Jul 2001, 10:49 PM
What do you mean the scavengers I hired didn't report in and the wreck has MOVED?! You've been in the ranks for....
Nervous crewmen:"five years lord Demacore"
Five years, yes. And you know how much I HATE bad news,don't you?
crewmen: Ye..yes sir.
You also should know that there's one thing that I hate more than bad news. Do you know what that is,do ya know?
crewmen: (in nervous high pitched voice) P...Ppe.. peoe, ahem, people who b..bring you bad news lord?
No, actually it's people who crap there pants when they know the're gonna die and son, you qualify. Here's what you've won...
(The sound of a fully charged Doom class arm cannon firing at full power echos through out the halls of his ship.)
Maintenance bots to the bridge!
I will have the ship of flesh and Demias(an evil god like idol worshiped by some native to his home system) help all who stand in my way.

11th Jul 2001, 04:19 AM
Well, I'm walking here on one of the lower decks and I haven't seen a damn pokebeast. (me walks around with combat-paint on my face and a RL in my hands) Hey, there's one! =KABLAMMO= Oh damn, it was one of them Goshen-monks...
What the *&^^&%, what's that sticking on my back? I turn and suddenly see the evil face of a PiKachu with a Goshen-face... My god the Pokemon and Monks are reproducing!! I have to tell this to my father!

I blast the PikaGoshen to the next world and head for the brig.

11th Jul 2001, 11:52 AM
Right, ive set up forcefields on everydeck of te wreck, nothing can move about there now without us knowing. Im headin to the station to pick up my good ol neutron gun. That should hold off the pokemon. As soon as i get on the station im firing thru hordes of red pokemon... what is going on now i do not know. Must make it to my quarters.
"I'll take that thank you" i reach inside a giant pokemons mouth and pull the trigger on my about to be eaten neutron rifle...
"Damn greedy quarter paintwork ruining pokemon..."
I run down the corridor towards the power plant decks.
"DeaJae to senior crew, im heading down to the engineering decks to defend the power cores. Out" i blast a pokemon off the captains son's head and get yelled at as i run past.
"They are too strong down here, does anyone have any idea what they are after? anyone....." Communications must be out.
I run into Engineering to see a giant pokemon devouring the singularity generator, if i shoot it, the generator might create a black hole or something... i slowly decide to try and beam it off the station. just hope no one bursts in and trys to shoot this bugga.

11th Jul 2001, 02:12 PM

12th Jul 2001, 05:30 PM
'DeaJae to 8-4-7-2, engineering is secured. holding ground, DeaJae out'
'Computer, Put a level 6 forcefield around engineering, transport any non Humanoid lifeforms off the station using the cargo matter transporters.'
well Engineering is secured... just gonna let more pokemon into the field area and transport them off them off.

12th Jul 2001, 05:57 PM
well, i don't think there's any pokemon left on deck 16! that grenade eradicated a load of them. We're all safe and sound now.
That pesky kid reported a strange merging of a pokemon and goshen monk, but it was just a pokemon that had been trying to mess with our AI system, SimleeCosmee (a computer system based around the brain of a computer nerd from the 21st century, and has a habit of "Gimping" anything/anyone that trys to mess with it's programming)

I'm off to watch some tv, and eat a pizza... Of course! Pizza!
That's how we beat the pokemon on the eternaty!

D-S: Captain! i've just remembered how we beat the pokemon!

8472: Go on?

D-S: Pizza! they are alergic to pizza!

8472: *slaps head* of course! i should have remembered! get the biggest peperoni pizza replicated straight away!

D-S: But surely lots of small ones would be beter to get rid of the pokemon?

8472: this isn't for the pokemon! it's for me to eat to celebrate getting rid of the critters!

12th Jul 2001, 06:10 PM
We are saved... The station is free of fthe critters, we are pumping Pepperoni and ham and cheeze flavours of pizzas thru ventilation. Now we have to get this station back to together again.... I have the feeling that we've forgotten something..... Ahhhhhhhhhhh damn!!!!
/me rushes off to the bar where the EHM is reprogramed.

12th Jul 2001, 06:18 PM
Dim lights, smoke. The corridors are littered with metal. Deformed, molten and missing bulkheads everywhere. Signs of fierce fights. The losses were high on both sides. We lost many of the security ensigns with names noone can remember. Maybe the rest in peace. I made my way down the engineering department, were we trapped many pokemon. The surrounding areas are sealed of by forcefields and pizza. Mhh..pizza..I told D-Stroya to replicate a huge celebration pizza. The pokemon we can find are beamed into open space, into a deadly vacuum. However many have hidden in the maintainance tubes, shielded from our transporters as they are made of massive poly-duranitium-corbomite. I can't take this senseless killing any longer. So I open an access hatch and begin a long crawl into the heart of the station, where I believe the pokemon have their headquaters.
After thirty minutes I found their leader, a pink-fured Haikado. It engaged a telepathic link with me. Finally I know their plans. They want to turn Proxima Alpha into a gigantic subspace relay station to broadcast their news and adult programm sector-wide. I suggested to transform one of the old ore processing facilities on deck 32 into a communication center. Under close surveilance they could use it for their aims. They havn't agreed yet, but will send their decision within the hour. They asked me many questions about the Goshen monks, but I couldn't help much, as I'm still waiting for DeeperShade's report. Lazy bitch he is.
There is a cease-fire in place. Now I only need to restrain beerbaron or keep him busy otherwise.
With this good news, I crawled and walked back to ops. Nothing really exciting. Kilham is still examining the alien wreck. The second shuttle with Myrmidion and Stryker still hasn't return from Zonitopian space. I'm beginning to get worried
Very-very-long range sensors picked up an unidentified signal several days away. It could be an approaching ship, but nothing definate.
We must keep an eye on that...

12th Jul 2001, 06:33 PM
Look I know this is a risky trip Wendy, but I'm a test pilot. You knew that when you married me, besides I've flown more dangerous missions than this so stop worring. This will be a cake walk baby...come on, give me a smile. Yeah, that's the one. keep the fire burnin' baby, I'll be back before you know it. <personal V-link off.>
Control, what's the reactor status?
98% Halo...and rising.
Your about to make history H.S. With this TransMetal launch pod your gonna go where no man has gone before.
Yeah, I'll say. Right into the heart of a black hole. Good thing I didn't tell Wendy about that part.
There's no reason to have worried her unnecessarily. All the other unmaned pods and probes came back.
Yeah but the flight recorders were wiped clean. Lets just hope the same doesn't happen to my brain.Ok. the transwarp reactor is at 100%. Your a go!
Roger that control. One small warp for man,one giant leap for mankind.
Uh...that sound bite wasn't exactly P.C . ya know.
Yeah,yeah I know but I'm a sucker for the classics. LAUNCH!
Computer start log. Continual read back/record mode. Include time and location when possible.
<Custom log started>
Ok, this is a weird sensationnnnnn......

<Year: 21?? Location: Entering black hole.>
It's....full of stars.....ahhhhhhhhahaaaa!

<Year:???? Don't ask me. Time has no relievence inside of a blackhole. >
....Ba,da,bada,bada....you don't know..ba,da...what you'll find..ba,da.
Why don't you come with me little girl...on a magic carpet ride.
Ba,da,bada,bada.....whohooooo.......so pretty..I can smell the colors..hehee.

12th Jul 2001, 06:39 PM
Realizing that the station is safe for now, and that bio-ship is still parked off our hull (that thing makes me REALLY nervious), but with force feilds to let us know if some thing starts moving over there.

I proceed to engineering to have a talk at the singularity generator. With a batlif.

Mere moments later I have it disasembled into seven different components, which I scatted throughout the station so that it cannot be reassembled with ease, and so we won't have any more un-invited guests for the time being.

Her is the list for security reasons:
Brig cell #4, under a level 9 forcefield
Engineering, dropped into the spare anti-matter. It'd take 30 min to drain that stuff, and an hour or two to make sure that there was no more radiation
Locked in a box in the armory.
Under my bed
Under the Captain's bed]
Deck 4, section 13. in a room armed with laser turrets and motion sensor mines (It won't pucture the hull though)
Installed with some of the holodeck eqipment. I noticed how much it looked like a light/wave/particle masking device. No one would know it, unless they knew exactly what and where it was. This should have no effect on the holodeck performance.

And the singularity generator is safe in it's own temporal field. It won't come out until certain warp signal is given. The only ones who know it are the captain and myself. Right now, any one who sees it, would see a mini-worm-hole, and not even a core breach explosion could damage it. So it's safe for now.

With the pokemon and Goshens still here, and that bio-ship parked right outside, I realize who un-prepared we are for combat, so I start construction on a battle-suit for me and one other. I'll use baranovaisk stimulents so I can work on them and the station, without sleep. This should work with minimal side effects for a week. At best. I think I'll need two weeks to finish the suits, if I only use the stimulents for one week.

I talk with DeaJay about a weapon of some kind, in case that bio-ship turns out to be a bad thing.

12th Jul 2001, 07:27 PM
The horror,the horror...such waste of lifeforce on both sides. So senceless. I did manage to capture four pokemon while they were in energy form from the mass transportations. Your energies are so corrupt and wild little pokemon. I don't understand how...this happen...wait. Your not normal pokemon! You've been altered...altered by.......
(suddenily there's a shift in the Gravitational constant of the area.)
What's this?...energy wave emitting from the dark mouth(the black hole)....Goddess, what is happening?

Cap'n Beeb
12th Jul 2001, 07:39 PM
Ok, I'm running low on shells and with all the activity onboard I dont have time to make new powder/shot. I need an alchemist maybe, that would work. Also, someone who can forge weapons from metal.

Just like the Eternaty, the replicator beer, vile tasting and all, is a perfect weapon for the pokemon, stock up now while these replicators are still in service.

Captain: The Pokemon are overwhelming the lower decks, we need to end this cease fire and launch a full scale bloodbath*/me gets all giddy thinking of that* Thus, I need that blacksmith ASAP.

*smashes a beer bottle over a pokemon's head*

12th Jul 2001, 07:56 PM
I hear Beer Baron is having troble with some pokemon who are ignoring the cease fire. And frankly, I want them off this ship, I can't do anything with them onboard. Time to kick some grass.

I head up two decks to the bar, armed with a bunch of anti-pokemon weaponry.

"BEER! Take this!" I toss him a vulcan cannon, modded to shoot beer-loaded capsules.

I use my pistol, to shoot plasma-doped rails. The first blast blows through five pokemon which were standing in too straight a line, they flop over.

Beerbaron mows down about twenty of the little critters with his new toy. Screaming like a maniac.

I fire off thre more rails, then reload with some reaper disks that I found laying around. The disks bounce around in the other room as several pokemon and reduced to gibs.

We move on to the next room and are joined by DeaJay, who is already armed with a high-powered phaser. But this time it isn't pokemon, but Goshens, armed with grenade launchers.

"Wait! You can't shoot those in here, you might puncture the hull!" By my cries fall on deaf ears, and the Goshens don't look normal any way. A strange light is in their eyes, like they've gone psycho.

Wait a minute, they have! Beerbaron and DeaJay unleash their attack, keeping them from firering thier grenades, but more are comeing, I can hear them. We need to do something quick.

That's when I notice a couple of bottles that have rolled out of the bar, tanqulien brandy and gorgonilen ale.

I whip out my duct tape, "guys, I've got an idea."

13th Jul 2001, 05:38 AM
Those goshen monks are starting to freak out!! Their eyes have a strange glow... But I'm not worried about that glow, I'm worried about the grenadelaunchers in their hands. I have been forced to use my rocketlauncher 9 times now. Maybe they're upset because I accidently killed one of 'em.. I'd better not tell that to the others, they would kill me. That shuttle with Stryker and Myrmidion on board hasn't returned yet, that sucks, those two are the only people who don't get sick everytime they see me. Hey, I see Beerbaron, Deajae and Thrakhath. They're mixing some kind of stuff... DAMN, that was a big explosion. I think I know what they're mixing (I still see sparks because of it). I'd better join them.

13th Jul 2001, 07:05 AM
oh man, my head hurts, what happend?
i remember a flash of some kind, and them i must have fallen to the ground, let me do a quick sensor reading.
What??? Impossible, let me recheck, ...
Oh my god, we'r at the boarder of the alpha quadrant.
I gotta wake up Myrmidion, where's that med kit, i c blood, aarrrghhh
beep beep, beep beep, beep beep
now what, whats this, huge power fluctuations, massiv size, its coming towards us.
what the...
alien space craft heading at full speed towards us.....
better initiate the auto 'kill all enemy' button
i recorded some of the action :

To be continued..

13th Jul 2001, 04:15 PM
Stations back to normal, just need to rebuild it. The other DeaJae is ok now, we are goin to the catptain to figure otu a way of adapting. I don't think the captian would want to get rid of either of us. Either way im plannin to leave the station soon to search for the remains of the Hydran Kingdom. id like to know what happened to my race before i do anything else, running from a attacking force, then gettin captured by Starfleet then joining them sharing what i know. Really need to find what i and DeaJae left behind. Gonna reccomend it to the captain, will need a large shuttle, just me and the other DeaJae going.

14th Jul 2001, 05:02 PM
Despite the cease fire, some renegade pokemon still fight. Beerbaron was only too eager to battle them.
"Captain, they want it! We only do them a favor!"
"There is a cease fire in place. I talked to Commmand and they want it to be enforced"
"Crew this admirals. They don't know jack about the duties of a officer of the line"
"We are Starfleet Officers. We don't make unnecessary kills. Not even to protect our own lifes. We may die, but we still excecute orders"
"You won't come far with that pacifist bullsh*it", says beerbaron and walks off.
Angrily I shout after him "Stop the fighting. That's an oder, Commander!"
People also reported that the monks start to get nervous and even more strange. I even heard rumours about fighting with them.

DeaJea came to me and asked for permission to leave the station with his double. They said they wanted to find their origins and the remains of their culture. As I really can't miss any officer in this trouble I wanted to decline the request first. But while I had some drinks that the bar the ASH (alcohol serving hologram), which I upgraded with talking subroutines - and deleted the routines for serving alocohol free drinks - talked with me. Somehow he convinced me to grant it. Maybe it was also the alcohol. But I told DeaJea to be back within one week. I hope I will se him again.

The last shift was really exhausting. With my last power and mae it to my quaters. I slowly walk into the bedroom and decide to look under my bed for my fine collection of Tellurian money pr0n. Suddenly I saw a a shiny piece of metal. Seems to be part of a singularity generator. Wait there is a notice. "Keep this safe - Trakkath". I put in my fridge, very sure that noone will ever look there.

14th Jul 2001, 08:56 PM
I get the cease fire order from the captain, and quickly seal the door with a large amount of the sticky goop made from our Disturbed-Cocktails. But then I am contacted in private by him:

"Thrakhath, we need to get those things out of here NOW. We can't have them ripping up the station, they've gone NUTS! Don't you have some way of . . . of . . ."

"I understand captain, remove pokemon, post-haste. I'm on it."

I head down to engineering to set up some thing, I don't know how long it could take. I begin to look for some kind of sub-space burst, something that would affect them and not the rest of us.

Why do I have this creapy sensation? . . . my spine is tingling.

I begin by analizing the weird energy patterns that they seem to be feeding off of. It sudenly occers to me that I could rig the singularity generator (the fixed one in the time-lock) to send out a massive energy pulse of the same nature. I'm not sure what it would do. Bt it might have the same effect on the pokemon as pinching your skin when a mosquito is drawing "energy" from you.

15th Jul 2001, 01:52 AM
The force wave from the dark mouth has subsided. What does it mean? And how did your creations Goddess, become so twisted. Perhapse I misjudged these humans, for truly these are not the same gifts that you created with the Lumen sphere so long ago. I can sense more poke lifeforces being wasted. Although they are not what you created them to be, I know you want me to spare them. Yes I must go to the human stronghold,their station and stop this waste. But i dare not leave my sacred post aboard this ship where you first crafted me and gave me life. You, my mercyful Goddess Galaxia appointed me as gardian of your treasure these many centuries. How can I now leave it unguarded even for this cause? What can I...wait, my balls... they.....I know that you never do anything without a purpose but I never understood what they were for. (I nervously grip my silver pouch...reaching in, I pull out the six crystaline balls the Goddess gave me.) They're as beautiful as the first time I viewed them, but now they almost seem to sing as i hold them in my hand. (As I look upon the blobs of energy that were pokemon...words come to mind. Suddenly I know just what to do.)
Kadabra...return! Houndoom return! Golem return! Togatic return! Yes, I can feel your powers....your lifeforces enhancing me. Now we are in sync but you must stay contained within these "poke balls" in order to harmonize your tormented life energy. Now to seal the "dark heart" fragment away while I'm gone. Kadabra force!...empower! Light screen! Yes that should protect this most sacred of treasure while I'm gone. Now to save some pokemon. Teleport!

15th Jul 2001, 06:33 AM
well, seems my little fight with them scared them away, hope i don't come across any more of those ships, they were some mean bast0rds. I think Myrmidion is in a coma, i can't do much here, since i'm not an expert on these things. God i miss my bar, wonder how the EMH is holding up. Anyway, i think i might have a plan to get us outta here, if i can re-rout the shuttle's impulse drives to the secondary communications buffers i might be able to contact the station and get me some help.
I'll start routing right away, it'll take some time.

15th Jul 2001, 08:23 AM
I finally got my hands on a nice bottle of booze. That's good since my body started to turn green. It's too bad that I can't get drunk, cause I could use that right now...

I heard that the Pokemon killer mix is named after me: The Disturbed Cocktail. I like it!

Okay I'll try to get some sleep now.

15th Jul 2001, 02:54 PM
I complete the modify cations to the anti-pokemon bomb, and am about ready to test.

No wait, no time for testing, I have to get rid of these things now, I flip the starting switch. The machine whirs to life, and begins the count down.

URRGG! too close . . . feeling qwezy . . . But I have to make sure this time works. Besides, it's not going to kill me right.

"How dare you try to destroy my presious pets!" Hisses a voice behind me.

I jump, startled, and turn to see a rather evil looking creature. "Wh . . . Who are you?"

"Who and what I am is not important, you are violating my energy, the pokemon belong to me. I will not let you destroy them."

The creature jumps on me with a startlingly fast movment.

ARRRGH! I feel myself being . . . Absorbed? I'm not sure, but I think that's what it is . . . However, the creatures attack is ill-timed.

The machine finishes it's warm-up period, it stored up enough energy and now releases it all in one massive sub-space shock wave. All the pokemon aboard the station and ship are instantly turned to jello.

However, I start to experence something very weird. I'm no longer being absorbed, but am absorbing it. And me! I am no longer one of the two, but both, and I am corperating them together.

But wait, there is another here . . . No . . . many more. Thousands of beings who have been incorperated into this creature. But where is the creature?

Ah . . . There he his. I can . . . no, we can feel his thoughts. Wait, am I an I or a we? I am an engineer . . . we are . . . what am I? We?

(at this point, the individuals know as Thrakhath and SaintBeam are drowned out by the millions of voices contained in this beast. What emerges is a new mind, Unicron, with a personality split between Thrakhah and SaintBeam)

"What have we done?"

"We shall be called Unicron, and we shall incorperate all life into ourselfs. Then the galaxy will be one, and true unity and peace shall exist."

(Thrakhath's personality breifly emerges:)
"What the heck am I saying, what am I doing. Who is unicron?"

(SaintBeam speaks:)
"Unicron is the fusion of our beings."

"How did that happen?"

"You're the engineer, YOU tell ME!"

We need to find a way to split us apart

Duh. The godess will not be happy.

Unicron then goes and absorbs the pokemon know as Kadabra, and uses it's teleport ability to returun to the derilict ship to get some more fire power.

15th Jul 2001, 05:53 PM
Computer what is my present time and location?
Computer?......Sonofa GLITCH! The memory core's been wiped clean! Well, apart from having a woodstock5 size hang over I seem to be fine. I can't believe I actually did it. Can't wait to get home and tell Wendy the good news. Of course I'll have to tell her the whole story first....all of a sudden that black hole doesn't look so bad. Hmm...the com system is still working.
Control...control do you read me? This is HaloSupreme, your number one flyboy slash guinepig. I'm back. Control? Is there anybody out there?! Sure wish I knew my exact.....location?.....What the flanders is that?

15th Jul 2001, 06:16 PM
I really tried to end this fighting. But some factions among the pokemon didn't like that idea. Same with some of my crew. The renegade pokemon even impersonated the Goshen monks. If all comes to the worst we might need to apologize to the real minks for killing some. Even my patient comes to an end sometimes. So I asked Trakkath to build a subspace verteron collider. It is totally harmless for humanoid but destroys pokemon and a submolecular level. The pacifist faction of the pokemon was told to hide in the duratanium acess tubes where they are shielded. Then I got the signal:
"Captain. It's ready...initiating power surge"
A trembling rocked the station for top to keel. Blinding light engulfed every corridorm, every room, and bulhead. Small explosions and screams are heard, undoubtly from the disintergrating pokemon. They are gone. Once and for all.
The remaining ones were escorted by secruity to their new communication, and sealed behind a level 10 forcefield.

Suddenly the scanners pick up strange readings...a power source off the scale appears at the location of the verteron collider. Then it even increased in power and Trakkath signal was lost. Moments later the energy disappeared only to be detected on the alien ship. I must contact Kilham about that findings....

15th Jul 2001, 09:21 PM
(voice of unicron)
"We have returned to our ship. It is in terrible shape, why we allowed it become such a derilict is unknown. We will now . . ."

"Urrrrg, what is this thing doing I . . . Hey, I'm in control. That's good now I'll just . . ."

"All life matter must be converted to energy for our usage. There is still some parts of this ship which WILL aid us in our mission."

The creature continues onward toward the center of the still living part of the ship. My guess is that it is going to absorb some more energy, then make it's attack on the station. Wait, what was that . . .

"Ahh, energy. Come to us, we are Unicron. You shall be united to . . . ."


" . . . You will b . . ."

"GO! NOW! I can't hold on much lon . . ."

16th Jul 2001, 04:53 PM
Our search was partially succesful. We found this strange crystal on a planet, which i dunno what it is. Its like the symbols on the walls of old Argon Temples. Probaly needs to be sent back to the station. we found a hull fragment from my old destroyer, the Nautilus. We are very close, findin the Nautilus would make Admirals happy and speed up our search.
1 day later.

We found half of the Nautilus.. the main half we need on down on some planet destroyed. We've marked the location and proceeding to tractor the command half to Earth for analysis, one of us will stay and help research it.

17th Jul 2001, 10:46 PM
Sir, the sensers have picked up some unusual readings in sector 527.
Unsual...in what way?
It appears to read as...transmetal
What?! Impossible?! I control all the known sources of transmetal.
Initiate shadow slide drive!
Drive initiated.
Lock on coordinates!
Coordinates locked on.

Take me to this transmetal reading, NOW!!

18th Jul 2001, 08:08 PM
The wreck is under analysis at earth. Admiral hykoto has given me charge of a type 3 Strike battleship named the Gaurdian, this baby's got new torpedo tech, the engines are based on my old spindrive improvement theories so the enigines can actaully cloak us from non starfleet sensors. As i was there ive been made aware of a Promotion of Commander for me, i don't think i deserve it tho, the guys back the station do a good job.. and im 5 minutes late, the capt's gonna kill me. The Crystal is some kind of infinite energy storage... a old legend says that there were 8 Orbs the Ancients used to make the galaxy. I don't know what to think of it.

"5 Minutes from Proxima station sir" says the helm officer
'ok, space normal speed. hail the station.'
"aye sir, merging to normal space"
'Gaurdian to Proxima station, requesting docking permission and pizza's. Also delivering us some defence, quite impressive i think sir.'
"automated systems have granted docking procedures, some interference on ship to ship coms. Engineering teams to Communications assemblies. level 2 diagnosic please."
'all personnel, we are now docked at Proxima station, you are under the command of Captain 8472, we will help repair the station as well. thank you, also consider the station shore leave.'

19th Jul 2001, 03:31 AM
It looks like, a ball of energy hovering in between the photo atomic conversion array. What is this thing and how did it get here?
<It is part of the key to balancing our reality.>

Wha...Computer? But the memory core....it was....

<I am not your computer. I am merely using it's A.I. interface to speak to you.>

<There's no time for explinations! You must use the power if this Lumen orb and go to the space station Proxima Alpha. Once there,use this orb to restore the balance of the guardian who is in peril. >
Clearly I'm trippin' out like a mofo right now and I don't know what the frag your talking about. So,I'm going to try an set a course for my launch......

<NO! You will go to the place I've told you about and you will forfill your destiny. It was I that guided you through space and time for my purpose and the good of this galaxy. You will find that your vessel is now fully charged and capable of traversing the distance necessary.>

Uhhh....is there anything else I can get for ya while I'm gone? A pack of smokes maybe...or a soda?

<This is no time for levity. The fate of reality itself is at stake. I..grow weak from this exercise....You must g..go now. A great evil whom threatens galactic doom approachs you as I speak....y..yyou...mustttt....>

(What now?! Quaking?)
Sensers are working full blast now but this don't look good. It's as if space itself is being...ripped open?
It's reading as a class 8 phenomenon?! Blast, the coordinates are locked...I can't.....Somethings materializing. Crap,crap,crap...Ok, I might not be able to go home but I'z got's ta get the freak out of here.
transwarp burst in 5...4...3...2...1....Yeeeehaw!!

19th Jul 2001, 08:14 AM
I watched helplessly as the alien energy source moved towards Engineering - and stopped. As if watching, learning about something new. Then it moved away, heading for what I assumed to be the bridge.
With no radio, weapon or idea where I was going I thought it was time to head back to the shuttle. Retracing my path through what seemed like endless identical corridors was not too easy, as i'd relied on the scanner when chasing that energy reading, but I found the spot where I had fallen without any trouble. There was the shock rifle, but it was complete as if new.
Nothing seemed impossible anymore here. I picked it up, knowing at the same time that it would be useless against any enemy found here.


I've been wandering lost for what seems an eternaty now... no wait thats not how you spell....my scanner says it's been three days - no food or drink. No sheep... wait I mean sleep. Oh what i'd do for a Tellurian Guinness...
Wait - that energy reading is back. Something seems different about it, or is it just me tired. It's stronger and - changing. Constantly. It's heading towards me now. Faster than i've ever seen it move before. I want to run, scream at my tired body to. But can't move.

I could feel it's prescence before the scanner had time to display it right in the centre. In my weakened state, it had no truoble finding it's way into my mind. So many answers - all the insoluble problems and paradoxes became clear in a moment. So much it could show me....
The reality hit me suddenly, that it was not here to help me, but itself. Almost as if the same mind that was trying to absorb me had screamed at me to escape while I still could. It's influence weakened, the thing started to reterat. Now I ran. Blindly, with no real hope of escape.

19th Jul 2001, 04:05 PM
The beast in control of "my" body was crazy! Whatever it is, it's completely bent on destroying EVERYTHING in the universe. I . . . we had to find a way to stop it.

"Hey, SaintBeam, are you still here?"
"Yeah, it's not like I have anywhere else to go."
"Look, there's three of us in this body right?"
"Right . . ."
"And we all have equal control right"
"Maybe . . . I don't know, I've never had to share with anyone else."
"Look, if we BOTH concentrate, maybe we can keep Unicron from control!”

“ . . . Um, OK, what do I do?”
“ . . . . . . I don’t know. . . . . Just try to do something that you would do if you WERE in control, like move your arms and legs and things.”
“ . . . . . . . Oooook, here’s goes nothing”

We must have looked a very strange site. A huge monster (like an eight foot tiger/human hybrid), doing the hokey-pokey as we struggled to usurp the consciousness that was Unicron.

At last we succeeded, with Saintbeam “holding” down Unicron and me in temporary control. And I start flexing the muscles of my new body. It seems to be very strong, and fast. As well as being part energy (I think) and part matter. I also find that (now that I’m in control), I can sense the energy of living things. Weird, now where did Kilham go? I have to find him and get us out of here. Ah, over thata way.

19th Jul 2001, 04:52 PM
The fighting with the pokemon has finally come an end the the remaining pokemon are staying where they are meant. So I took some rare free time for a walk over the promenade. The shops with merchants and restaurants are slowly opening again. The Doc is still multitasking between the bar and Infirmary. We really need Stryker and Myrmidion back here. There is a lot of Starfleet personell here too. Probably the crew of the USS Guardian, brought here by - now Commander - DeaJea, and fixed at docking bay 15.
Suddenly a woman catches my attention. With her red dress, she stands at the reiling of the upper walkway, peering over the promenade. With her brown hair and dark eyes, she is one of the most beautiful women I ever saw. I just have to meet her. Probably the old trick "random encounter" works best. Making some detours over the promenade deck, I slowly approach her, and stop to rest, leaning on the reiling near her.
"This is a nice overview, isn't it?", she suddenly says
"Yes, but I know some remote places on the station, that are even more magnificient. On some days you can see the blackhole from the lower docking pylons"
"I'd like to see that"
"What about a dinner this evening, and a tour of the station?"
"Date. 7 o'clock, in my quarters. I'm sure you will find me Captain", and walks off.
She called me Captain. Of course the she saw the rank pins on the collar, but I don't lose the feeling she meant "captain of this station". Where does she know that from?
On the way back to my office in ops, I have another meeting with one of the Goshen monks:
"Captain, be warned. You can't have a relation with here. The fate of the universes is at stake. We can't allow this. Do it and you will face the consequences"
More puzzled than I already was, I arrive in ops, to enjoy a cup of coffee. I go to the replicator, take the cup and sit down, wanting to see through some reports. Suddenly a shreeking noise shocks me, when I sit down. My hand shakes and I pour cofffee all over my legs. Ouch this is hot! No what is that? A furry creature is sitting on the chair. No this can't be...it's....a tribble....

19th Jul 2001, 05:04 PM
after some weeks time...

yes, i finally got the controls circuit fixed now, and rerouting power as we speak, lets hope this baby can still hold enough power to send the msg via sub-space to the station, since i know its excact location. Lets hope some1 gets the msg, if this fails, i don't have enough power to hold the life support system for a week, i had to shut down the gravity system, to use less power,
*bonk*, ow my head, thats the third time already, stupid gravity

Stryker8 signing out, praying, praying

19th Jul 2001, 06:29 PM
While on a little test flight away from the station.
"Sir we are recieving a very faint SOS subspace signal. appears to be a starfleet shuttle, in enemy terrority sir.. transmitting coordinates to helm." Says the young lady on comm's
'Helm, engage course. Engineering prepare all systems for spindrive.'
"Spindrive engaging in 10 seconds.... All decks ready.. Now leaving normal space"
'Engineering.. hows the drive looking?'
"stable sir, throwing out some reserve power as well. Ill monitor it carefully sir, engineering out"
"ETA to distress area 5 minutes"
'Now something bad happens, yellow alert...'
"15 enemy ships on intercept... how did you know sir?"
'Battle stations, give them a greeting. say it with torpedoes...'
"Aye sir, combined drop torpedo strike engaged."
'Hmmm they thought of that one and added it to the book.. Damn, intiate a barrel roll to 324.5 mark 32 heading upon firing.'
"Thats not in the book sir.. I think you want high energy turning."
'I thought it was standard on this class of ship?"

The Guardian drops out of trans space and fires torpedoes in the group of ships. Then turns sharply and quickly around the group.

'Tactical.. Laser weapons ready?'
"yes sir.All charged and ready."
'good, target at your discretion'

the battle goes on for 30 minutes, enemy ships exchanging fire at the Guardian, very few actaully hit. 5 ships are left, and they now retreat, heavily damaged. The Guardian is almost stratched, and continues towards strykers shuttle.

19th Jul 2001, 10:45 PM
Once Kilham and I return to the ship, Kilham heads off to the bar & grill, moaning ". . . food . . . food . . . beer . . . food . . ." while I head to sickbay as quickly and quitly as I can.

On the way, I observe several things about my new body that are quite cool. It's faster, stronger, silent, and is semi-paychic. Very nice. I sense that captain is, rather romantically inclined right now. I can also sense many other things. But there is one thing that troubles me. Another power, a different one. It's very strong, but doesn't seem to be at any one place, othewise I might check it out.

Right now, Saint Beam starts to go crazy, yelling something, but I can't spare the time right now to listen.

"Keep qiuet, and hold on to that guy. Who nows what'll happen if he gets loose."

Although I love this new body, I can't handle three people being in it at the same time, so I head to sickbay.

. . . . 12 hours later . . . .

Success, the EMH and I finally rigged up the singularity generator (man those things are handy!) to set up a multi-phasic kyro field. The results were kind of like when you shake a box of three different weights of sand. They "settle" and just kind of float apart. While in the field, I felt the same out of body thing that I felt when it happened the first time. But this time I was returned to my rightful body and SaintBeam to his. Unicron, since he didn't have a body, just kind of diapeared.

There were security there, to take SaintBeam to the brig, since we didn't know if we could trust him yet. That would be the captain's call. But before he left, we had a lengthy conversation about our experence. It seems there were more than a few side affects. One was that SB and I are now permanatly (we think) bonded at the psychic level. Athough he is far more powerful in that area than I will ever be (I couldn't be psychic to save my life right now), I will always have a link to him in thought. The second is that we will always be able to re-fuse again if the need were to arise. Who knows, that body we had might come in handy some day. However, there will always be the risk of Unicron coming back.

Enough of that, I'm off to bed.

20th Jul 2001, 12:54 AM
This is by far the strangest experience that I've ever had. But I have to believe it was all the plan of the Goddess. Hehe...I still have my pokeballs so I can break out of here at any time but something tells me I should stay put...for now. I need to figure this thing out before I make a move. I'm thinking clearer than I have for centuries thanks to merging with Thrak. I need to understand....wait a minute. If I could be created from the Lumin Orb's living energy.....Unicron must have been formed from the background energy of the Dark Heart crystal onboard the ship. I must have been absorbing that negative energy for centuries. When Thrak and I were unexpectedly combined, that energy must have been given form and awareness. I wonder if.....wait, what is that.....I can feel....no could it be? Yes, the Goddess I can sense her life force....b..but it's somehow different. It's like somethings missing....aghhh! To tired to tell now, I must rest. Wha..? Rest? Tired? what's happened to me? I never needed rest before...Must be another side effect of the merger. So...(yawn)....sleepy...I...Godd..ess...ZzZzZzZz.

20th Jul 2001, 01:29 AM
What ever that object was I've left it in the dust. So now I'm on my way to some unknown station, thanks to this glowing ball of delights that insists that I cooperate.
Maybe this is some alien race's way of initiating first contact. I still don't know what part of our universe I made it to. If this orb is any indication of the knid of races that live here...I'm a long way from home.
Leaving transwarp space in 4...3...2...1....now.
Whoa! That station is huge......I'm definatily not in Kansas anymore. I'd better sent the standard greeting before they try to blow me to kingdom come.

20th Jul 2001, 01:17 PM
After I awake, my thoughts are filled with SB's yelling "The Goddess is here! The Goddess is here! The captain is in danger! The Goddess is here!" He must be aving a bad dream or something, because I have no idea what he is talking about. I also realize that this "nightmare" has woken me up a good 2-3 hours before I would have liked, oh well. Time to work.

I relax myself, and try to calm that part of my mind where SB is, and it works. Although I can still hear him, it's on a back burner and isn't quite as loud, this I can live with. And maybe he'll get some of my calm.

I'd tell the captain, but it's just a nightmare (I think), and he needn't be worried by THAT. Off to engineering then.

20th Jul 2001, 02:26 PM
Through the grey mists I could see bright lights. Was this what it was like to be part of that alien mind?. Slowly the mists became thinner.
The bright lights formed the shape of familiar Starfleet issue 'ZeroPower' lamps. 'Ah you're back with us' said the HoloDoc. 'oww my head, no need to shout'
'how did I get back here - that's if I really am, and it isn't just the product of my dying mind'
'You were found in the bar, after days without food or water the last thing you shold have done is drunk Guinness. As science officer....'
'yeah OK uhhhh...how long have I been away?'
'You left with the salvage crew five days ago. You've been in here for over 30 hours while we stabilised your metabolism.'
'Five days? No it can't be, we only had a week before..... and that was five days ago.'
'Is the station in some kind of danger? your readings are becoming dangerously high. We are in trouble. I will inform the Captain. Wait.'
Oh no you don't..'Computer, Science officer access, code ***************** verify key ***********
'Computer: low-level access verified. Command?'
'Erase all HoloDoc records from.....' checks time 'until present moment then restore normal access.'
'Ah you're back with us' said the HoloDoc. 'oww my head, no need to shout'...............

20th Jul 2001, 02:37 PM
well, hope they got my signal, now i'll just have to play the waiting game, hmm, i got it, i'll just count the number of stars

20th Jul 2001, 03:15 PM
That saintbeam-guy keeps talking about some godess or something. I'm not a religious type, but his story kinda scares me.
Trak and he have been in some strange energy-thing, maybe that's the reason for his strange behaviour. Trak doesn't behave different though.
Aw, what the heck. I'm off to bed.

[spooky voice]DisturbedCreation you must join me![/spooky voice]
What the hell?!
[spooky voice]You must destroy Saintbeam, he has been unfaithfull to me.[/spooky voice]
Get the f*ck out of here! I ain't killin' nobody!
[spooky voice]You've just made sure that you'll die a slow painfull death.[/spooky voice]
Yeah what the hell, just let me sleep!

/DC goes back to sleep

21st Jul 2001, 04:11 AM
So you say you get alot of visitors to your station?
(Station officer) That's right. You see the Federation isn't just about military forces. We're about community and cultural exchange with other species. We like our Deep Space stations to reflect the sentiment of cooperation which is why you can see so many different lifeforms on board already.
Already? I don't understand.Well you see we've only just moved...uh...become operational as you might have noticed from the state of the place.

Well, to be honest I didn't realize that the station wasn't in full operation. I mean everything is so...well....beyond the tech I'm use to dealing with.
I'm sorry, I assumed from your "ventage " technology, that you were from one of the old "free space" human colonies that reciently disbanded.
Free what? I'm not familiar with anything like that. Actually I'm a test pilot and that's my test ship in your docking bay. Test ship?...Where did you say you were from?

Oh, sorry I didn't. I'm from Earth and I have your rather pushy invitation to come to your station. Let's see...ah there is it.
Security, please report to public deck 3,on the west side.
Hey what are you doing...what's going on here?

21st Jul 2001, 05:38 AM
hmm, what if they didn't got the msg, i'll be doomed for ever
beep beep... beep beep
oh no, not more of those fighters, hey wait, detecting warp signiture, but its not starfleet,
blimp blimp
let me get that, oh audio only

*funny voice*Identify yourself alien vessel
-i'm starfleet, i don't know how i got here, my station is like a lot of lightyears away, something happend, a flash, i was knocked out and i awoke here, on the boarder of known space to me anyway. Who are you?
*i'm Technowaka, from the arions nebula, i'm a freelance mercenairy, but don't worry i'm not here for you, i'm looking for a creature called the Goddess
-hmm, never heard of it, but the starfleet database is full of unknown creatures to me ;)
i detect a strange warp signiture i'v never seen before, how fast is that?
*the drive engines can go to a speed of warp 69
-wow, that could get me back to the station in matter of days, hey i tell you what, you get me back to the station, and i'll get some info of that creature you'r after, deal?
*hmm, well, i don't have anything to lose, and the bounty on that thing is very royal, k , i'll use a tractor beam and we'r outta here, whats the coordinates of your station
-i'm sending them as we speak, accept dcc plz
*oh sorry, shuttle defence wall you know, ;), k we'r ready to go, hang on
-i'm coming home, w00h00

21st Jul 2001, 07:49 AM
" Sir, no Sign of the shuttle here at all. a faint very high speed warp signature is here but i can't get a definite reading."
'Rite, put in the log that nothing was found at the distress site. Set course for Magellen 2'
"Aye sir course set"
'Engage.. Lt Ryfur you have the bridge.'

I walk to Engineering to check everythings ok, and then to my quarters to sleep.
"commander, we've arrived at Magellen 2. Starfleets tugs have finished pulling the wreck from the surface. We've beamed abaord
the Artifacts."
'good, ill inspect them in the morning. Proceed back to the station'
"aye sir. Science station out"

Everythings going to plan.

21st Jul 2001, 10:55 AM
An unknown alien vessel is heading towards the station, having a Starfleet shuttle in a tractor pull. I told Kilham to take care of that. He just returned from the bioship after being lost there a few days. Some work will do him good. Trakkath is also back after being trapped with another personality in one body. I won't even try to understand what went on there. This other personality - known as SaintBeam - is also seperated now and asked to stay in the station for a while. First I was not sure what to do, and wanted to decline it, but Trakkath convinced me to grant him low-level access.
It's almost seven o'clock. Time for my date. This afternoon I searched the datebase for her quarters. Habitat section 12, area 25, deck 5, room 458 beta. Nervously I walk there. I didn't have a date with a woman in a long time. I guess that's something coming with a high rank in Starfleet. And all this years charting new frontiers on the Eternaty didn't help either. With my hands shaking I press the panel on the left to the door, activating the ring. "Come in", I hear a sweet voice saying.
The light is dimmed, the room mainly illuminated by candels, a smell of pizza is in the air.
"Hello, you look beatiful. What do we eat this evening?"
"Pizza with extra cheese and chilli. I thought you'd like it"
"That's funny. Pizza is my favorite meal"
"Wait until you see the desert. Have a seat"
The pizza is really delicious and we spent the evening eating and talking about anything possible. When we are finished we invites sit down on a couch.
"What's about that desert you..."
Before I can finish the sentence she bows to me and give me a kiss
"Don't talk. Just relax"

the next morning:
"That was wonderful, but I need to get to work now. My shift started five minutes ago"
"You're late. Better go now"
"Privilege of the Captain"
"Is it possible to show me the ops some time?"
"It is usually restricted for civilians. But I'm sure I can arrange it. I've got good connections to the station's CO"
With that I kiss her, and leave her quaters.

Back in my office, my console greets me with "Incoming transmission" in big, red letters. I press the activate button and the message starts to play. It's audio only, but the voice has clearly the accent of a goshen monk.
"We can't allow you relationship with the messiah. You shall not tarnish her sacred innocence" If they knew... "Continue and you will perish". End transmission.
I fall back into my chair and activate the com panel. Security officer DeaJae just returned with the Guardian. "Captain to Commander DeaJae. Report to my office. I have a problem"

21st Jul 2001, 11:19 AM
So much for federation hospitality.:mad: All I did was bring there stupid orb back and they freak out! (Zizzt!)
Ouch! Some kind of force field...that stings. No ones come down here for hours. I wonder how long their planing to keep me in this cell?

SB: G..Goddess..no...your not.....what's happened to....don't....GALAXIA!!

Uh..hello? Are you ok over there? I passed by your cell when they brought me in.

SB::mad: (not looking at HS).........

The names HaloSupreme...uh what's yours?

SB: (No longer looks angry but still not looking at HS)......

So what are ya in for?? I still don't know why they through me in here. They said something about security precautions or something....how about you?


Fine! Don't say anything. I'll tell you this though. From what I've seen, your secter of space completely sucks! I can't wait to blow this socially backward region despite the advanced technology. You can keep your replicaters, your multi-alien community, your glowing Lumen orbs of attitude.....

SB: (Eyes suddenly shift and lock onto Halo)

your force field cells,your.....(notices SB looking right at him)..oh got your attention, did I.

SB: Listen very carefully....(Sb spoke in a dire voice that would chill anyone to the bone)..your going to tell me everything you know about this "Lumen Orb" you mentioned.

Is that right? You make with the uooga booga evil eye and I'm suppose to just just (he is creeping me out though) do what you say because you say so. Ha..haha..haha. Your a funny guy, Mr. Evil Eye. I guess they don't teach social skills in this neck of the woods so let me school ya some.
Try saying please....it's easy see...ahem...please,would to mind telling me about this lumen orb you mentioned.
Now you try....

21st Jul 2001, 12:08 PM
(I don't have time for these little games. The fate of this universe could be hinged on the info this hairless ape has in his sub-par brain.) I've got a better idea that I'd like to try....Kadabra force...empower! Hypnosis!.....Wha...nothing happened. Umm...Teleport! Still nothing...what's going....the pokeball...it's empty!

Halosupreme: Whoa..smooth moves Mr. Evileye, you trying out for soul train zero-G or something?

Be silent you annoying little......Houndoom force empower!....T..there all empty! How could this have happened?
Wait, I remember now. Unicron absorbed them when he first took form. This is bad, very bad. I thought he was simply an anomaly...a freak occurence that simply ceased to exist when Thrak and I were seperated but if he took the life forces of those pokemon....

Starfleet Guard: All right Mr.Saant Beem, you've been cleared to move about the station with low level access. You are not allowed to enter operational sections of the station but your free to move about the general public areas.

(Ah, this must have been Thrak's doing) Many thanks. Oh just a moment "please". Halo, well....talk later.

HS: Hey, hey guard! What about me?

SFGuard: What ABOUT you? (Vroook shissh) Doors lock. (Thwick,twik)

21st Jul 2001, 12:57 PM
Uhhh...s..sir..we've, ur I've relocated that transmetal signature...and..uhhh.

This better not be another bad report! I'm running out of crew to blow up.

I think your going..t...to like this. I've also relocated the alien wreck you were prevously tracking. We can be there in 5 hours, Lord.

Exellent, you see what a little motivated incentive can do to get results. Good work men..uhh..man.

21st Jul 2001, 02:17 PM
WOAH! HOLY COW! My mind starts spinning almost out of control, but I sit down, breath deeply, and eventually calm back down. I'm getting used to these new semi-telepathic powers, but they still throw me some times. I just now sensed an incredibly sinister consciousness coming this way. What is it? I also hear from SaintBeam that he has been released, and I start to talk with him:


“Whoa whoa! Aren’t you going to at least thank me first for letting you out?”

(dark thoughts here) ” . . . Well . . . Thank you for releasing me. But we have far bigger problems right now, the Goddess IS here, and she is in danger, Demacore is coming, we must protect her.”

“Wait, who’s ‘we?’”

“You are my brother, bonded at the highest level, we are forever joined and must help the other when need be.”

“And let me guess, Demacore is that bad energy I am sensing right?”

“Correct, he is utterly evil, and most of energy stems from a dark crystal that he absorbed long ago. But that is a story for another time. Come to me now. And tell me WHERE ARE MY POKEMON!?”

“Ok ok!”

I start moving towards SaintBeam (who I know is standing outside room 1087 on deck ten, section 4) while telling him what I’ve found so far.

“From what I know of the creature we made when we fused, anything we do as Unicron stays with Unicron. So your pokémon are floating out on the great ether somewhere, until we re-join. If we join again, we’ll form the Unicron body AND that body is what absorbed your pokémon.”

“So, if we re-join, we can use all of their abilities?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Good. If Demacore gets anywhere near the Goddess, we MUST re-join. Our Unicron body is very strong, and may let us fight on the psychic and physical level as Demacore does. HE is still stronger than us, but we must do what we can.”

At this point I reach deck ten and can see Saint Beam, at that point, a third voice joins our conversation.

“Oh, my Goddess.”

“Yes it is I. And I am pleased that you have found a brother such as this, he will do well”

“Goddess, we shall come to you right now, and defend you till death.”

“No. Not yet. I am not in danger right now. What I need you two to do, is go to the “holodeck” on this station, fuse into Unicron and set up a training simulation. The Unicron body is very strong and will gain strength quickly. Get all you can in four days, then come and meet me.”

(The Goddess leaves now)

“We have our orders, let’s go”

“Wait a min . . .”

“No. There is no time to waste, we WILL go NOW!”

So I put in a notice to the captain that I’m taking four days off for a . . . Family emergency. Then head off to the holodeck for some brutal combat training.

(in the holodeck)

“Ok, how do we do this?

But SaintBeam says nothing, only approaches me and holds his hands towards me, plams facing me. I put may hands against his, and then that weird out of body experience starts again. Only this time I know what’s going on, and watch that Unicron consciousness form. This time he seems weaker though, like he’s not getting as much energy from SB as he was before. SB tells me that this is normal, the closer our minds match each other, the less there is of the “extra” stuff that forms Unicron’s consciousness. He tells me that after four days, we should be in near perfect harmony, and Unicron will cease to exist. Leaving us with the perfect fighting body.

And so we begin.

21st Jul 2001, 02:58 PM
arriving at station proxima
open hailing sequence:
-hey can any1 open the damn shuttle bay doors, oh yeah, and save a parking space, i'v brought a guest with me

*at dock bay*
wow, feels good to be back, omg the bar, i totally forgot about the bar, sorry dude i gotta go to my bar, just ask the computer about this Goddess you'r looking for,
i'll catch ya later,

21st Jul 2001, 03:06 PM
Just about to drive my powerful claws down the throat of a subterranean warbet, SB stops us.

"Hold it, some one is here, on the station, he's looking for the Goddess."

I finish off the mole-like creature "How the heck do you know that, I mean, I can sense that guy, what makes you think he's after the Goddess?"

"I was born to serve and defend the Goddess, I KNOW."

"Ok, I trust you, should we go get him?"

". . . . . . . . . No. He is nothing to us, just a puny bounty-hunter. The Goddess can easily ward off such scum. We stay, until she calls for us."

21st Jul 2001, 05:57 PM
Ships log stardate 87551.54

Sensors show that the area of space ahead is unstable. We've plotted a course around it to conspensate, that will take us thru enemy terrority so shipping movements will be recorded. ETA at Proxima station 20 hours. Note to myself, Captain 8472 wants to see me as soon as im back.

"Commander... I have a large warp signature just a few lightyears ahead... appears to be a outpost."
'Visaul... hmm nothing like ive seen before. Open hailing frequencies.'
"aye sir, target is responding"
"Universal translator is working on it sir.."
" Ship, you are in Char'arg terrority, please identify yourself."
'This is the USS Guardian, we represent the United Federation of Spacefaring Races. Im Commander DeaJae. We were avoiding the large scale unstability in the near region of space when we came across your outpost.'
"Commander, we are so glad you didn't open fire on us like the last fleet tryed to do. And we have heard rumors about you, your race wasn't so lucky. Most of our planets are combined of refugees from the Hydran Kingdom, they have been a valuable asset to our development. They brought stories of how 1 ship destroyed a fleet of 150 enemies.
'uhoh.... battle of Gyaurnia... Good ol' days'
"commander, or Lord, we bid you farewell and good luck restoring the temples alignment and bringing your race back to this galaxy, you are fee to pass through our terrority"
'Thank you, anything you need please contact us.'
"Resuming course sir..... Now restoring the temples alignment? hmmm looks like somebody's on a mission..."

/me thros a engineering report at cheeky helms officer.

22nd Jul 2001, 09:57 AM
This is a sad for the station and this crew. When I came back to my office from lunch I found a message on padd:

"Final report by Chief of Security Beerbaron
Star date 10-26-3994

Tactical officer DeeperShade was confirmed dead at the scene.
It is believed that he was murdered. Phasor fight can been seen all over.... must've been one helluva fight... we've got a murderer on board.
I suggest 2nd tactical officer Radium will take temporary place as First Tactical officer for the time being...
A list of suspects have been drawn up and it appears Radium is at the top. Escalation up the echelons of the ships power structure is the perfect motive for murder..."

I don't fully trust Radium, but we have no real choice as we are really short on new personal out here. Radium is hereby promoted to 1st Tactical Officer. May God help us.

So we had to do a funeral later. As we don't have a lisenced priest here, I had the duty to hold the ceremony.
DeeperShade's body rests in a torpedo tube in the launcher
"We hand over this body to the universe. From the stars we came, to the stars we will go. From now till eternaty..eh eternity".
With this words we hear a silent ejection noise and the casket drifts by in front of the large view port of the messhall. Slowly moving into the sun.
After that everybody said some nice words about him, which moved us to tears
Beerbaron got together a few security officer and equipped them with antique fire arms. He said it was an old ritual to honour the dead by firing 13 shots. However the bullets slammed through the outher bulkhead, depressurising the room. So we canceled the rest of the funeral there, and honoured him by getting drunk in the bar.

After this we went back to Ops. Buisness as usual. Suddenly Enaria - the woman I spent the last night with - stepped from the turbolift.
"I hope I don't disturb anyone, but you promised my a station tour"
Kilham: "No civilians are allowed here. Leave Ops now, or I will call security"
me: "She is an exception"
Kilham: "But sir..."
me: "That's my last word about this. I allow it.
I'm really busy now, but you can stay here and watch the crew a bit. Just ask if you have any questions"
Enaria: "Thank you. You are so kind to me"

I think she really loves me. The others gave me some looks of jealousy. But I really can't help it that I'm so seksi.

22nd Jul 2001, 12:22 PM
Starfleet Guard: Ok Mr.SeentBeem, try to stay out of trouble.
Uhh.yeah, I'll do that..heh,heh.....heh. (Humans...bah.) Still I guess there not all bad. Whoa my head...agh..more voices...I recognize Thrak's thoughts but who are the others? (Shakes it off) O...k that's over but....wait, I'm sensing something familiar from two decks down. Hmm...the science lab. I...

Science Officer: Excuse me sir? I need to get through and your standing in the way.


Science Officer: I don't think your cleared to be down here. May I see your clearence pass please?

I..yes..uh(It's getting harder to think clearly...what's going on?!?)

[The Science Lab doors open from the inside.]

Lab Technician: There you are. I've been waiting 10 minutes for those test samples. Hey, this guy doesn't look to good. Say maybe you should go to the s..i...c...k......bbbbbbaaaaaayyyyy.

(As soon as that door opened, I felt as though something was blasted out of me. Then everything started slowing down.)
I..need to get in there...(Blacks out)

[10 minutes later in sick bay...]

Wha...what happened...why am I'm in sick bay again?

Holo Doc: Well that is where people whom pass out in corridors usually end up. I guess Thrak's little holo-workout program was to much for you, ah?

I seriously don't know what your talking about...and to tell you the truth I...mumphhnn..ack..hey stop that.
[Holo Doc tries to use tongue depressor on SB]

Holo Doc: What do you you expect me to do, sing you show tunes? I'm a doctor...at least until the crew needs a stand in bar tender but for now I'm here to help...now hold still while I shove this thing down your throat...technically speaking....

Get..get off of me you wacked out Phony Human program!

Holo Doc: Oh..so I see we're a bit "Holo Phobic" are we? I'll have you know that I'm as much a valued member of this crew as anyone else. And ferthermore I'm as "real as you are"

I am not having this conversation with some "sound and lights show". I'm out of here..Doc.

Holo Doc: Umm, just before you go think about this. I as a hologram, am composed if photonic energy but your also made up mainly of energy. If I am as you say...."just a sound and lights show"....what does that make you?

(As I walk out of sick bay I am haunted by the Doctors words. He's basically correct in his conclusion. I am just a being of energy, created for a specific purpose not unlike himself. I've never had to think about these kind of things before. Hmm...interesting. I don't hear Thrak's thoughts anymore. Infact I don't sense much of anything anymore....just faint impressions. What am I going to do....Goddess....help me...)

22nd Jul 2001, 04:56 PM
The Guardian is now harddocked at the station. We got here just in time for Deepershade's funeral.

I left the report on enemy shipping movements, the Char'arg, energy readings and a note to say ill back in his office at 800 hours. I need to goto sickbay for a while, theres something wrong since i set foot on the station a bout of nausea the doctor would say, probaly caused by the rotational change on the station or the unstable space. Damn holo doctor.

I arrive at sickbay to find a Ancient, i didn't say anything to them as we only speak to them if they tell us to. Didn't think any of them survived the great accident. oh well.
"What seems to be the problem commander?"
'I just feel unwell doc.... and if you put any of theose things near me ill delete your program.'
"Ok, well your stomach acids are over producing other and that your ok. Just go to sleep for a while."
'Thank you doctor.'
i left before he went on one of his rants.

22nd Jul 2001, 08:57 PM
This is ridiculous. I've been down here for hours and nothing. That does it....Star Fleet can kiss my auto pilot. Time to make like Macgyver and break out of here.
[Humms the Macgyver theme music while pulling out a thin blade composed of transmetal alloy]

All to easy. The circuits are all interdependently connected to this power board here. And bye,bye force field. HaloSupreme has left the cell. Of course there's the reenforced security door to deal with now.

[Starts Humming again...]

23rd Jul 2001, 02:40 AM
[Inside the Holo-Training sim]

"Ok, what's next? I feel Like I could take on the world with this body!"

From deep inside the holo-cave comes a roar so great and terrible, that a normal man would have fainted (So I'm being over dramatic, sheeesh :rolleyes:), but we are no longer normal man, we are far stronger. The roar challenges us, we charge recklessly ahead, ready for anything.

It’s a Gargolian Tarmoth, huge, eight-feet high with a natural metallic skin that makes it very hard to kill.


We charge. And although I am feeling very aggressive right now, something else surges within me, er, us. Causing a blood-wrath of sorts. I’ve never felt such a violence before, that Tarmoth was instant pudding before long.

“Uh . . . SaintBeam? What was that?”

“I don’t know, it must be a reaction of this body to an intense fight, or something.”

“But, we were ready and all, why would it do that?”

“ . . . . . “

“Oh, well. It really doesn’t matter, now we know this thing has plenty of spare power if we ever get in a big fight, right?”

“ . . . . . “


“Oh, I was just thinking. About Demacore. Do you think we’ll have enough power to beat him?”

“I don’t know, probably. I mean, how strong could he be?”

(SB to self)
‘How could he be so ignorant? It doesn’t matter. I only need him until I find a way to beat Demacore, then I’ll be strong enough to . . .’

At this point, we sense an energy closing on us fast (although holo, it still has enough form and motion to project an energy that we can detect). We turn, and ready a new attack. Drawing on the psychic powers of the absorbed pokémon Kadabra, we send forth a shockwave of psychic energy, instantly repelling the foe into a stone wall, breaking every bone in it’s body.


23rd Jul 2001, 03:52 PM
As soon as I was awake - for the second time, not that the HoloDoc knew that - our Captain was issuing orders. 'We have an unidentified ship approaching at extreme warpspeed, with a Starfleet shuttle in tow. Could you report to Docking station 13 immedialey.' He cut off the transmission.

Grr I need to talk to him urgently. 'Captain 8472 is currently in DND mode. Please leave a message.' Cursing, I made my way to the outer hub of the station, where the docking ports are. On the way out I noticed one of the 'inmates' here had altered the notice outside Sickbay to read 'Suckbay'. Oh well, i'm sure Security will fail to find them.

Docking station 13 was, like the rest of this scrap station, separated from the hard vacuum of space by little more than some duct tape and chewing gum. Well maybe a little more, but not much. I preferred to stay away from the outer sections when possible, at least further in the emergency doors might just work if something came unstuck. I was even less pleased to be told the ship and shuttle would not arrive until early morning.
Some things had to be sorted out now with Captain 8, including the disappearance of my Singularity generator. 'Computer, location of 8472 please' 'Location unavailable.' 'What do you mean? clarify.' 'The energy pattern corresponding to Captain 8472 is no longer on this station.' 'When did he leave, and how?' 'He did not leave the station. Energy pattern ceased to exist at 7.35PM 10-25-3994'. Well that made sense. Another sensor failure, or computer error. No doubt the memory bank holding his energy pattern data fell off.
Nearly an hour later I made it to his private quarters. No answer. Tired out by the last few days, despite the rest in suck-oops Sickbay I made my way back to my cabin.

The alarm woke me at 6AM exactly. At last, something was working. In the lab on Deck16 by 6.20, I was pleased to see it almost completed. Back in front of my terminal it was easier to forget recent events. Time to catch up on the work that should have been done, the priority transmission from Starfleet I received the day after arriving gave me a week to prepare for the arrival of some unknown threat, still unknown without the high-security logs hidden in the Singularity gen. That week was up yesterday, and everything still appears normal - well what is accepted as normal here. No massed invasion fleets or unstoppable energy forces had materialised off the starboard bow, so to speak. (How wrong I was.)
'Computer, locate Captain 8472 please and don't tell me you lost him again' 'His reading appeared again at 6.05 AM. He is currently in his office and this computer does not lose anyone. The unidentified ship you were expected to meet has docked at bay 13, the captain has left orders that you examine it and see if any of the technology can be ripped off'.'He also said if you're not there by 6.30 he will display screenshots all over the station of the time you...'OK OK, i'm on my way.
Hurrying out of the lab I almost bumped into someone outside the door. I tried to ask what he wanted here, as Deck16 has a resticted access, then he collapsed. 'Computer - get the HoloDoc to send an emergency team out to Deck16 lab'.

The ship was a thing of beauty - a single piloted craft capable of travelling 5 times faster than the average Starfleet craft. Not as good as my invention, but at least this one worked. I lost track of time as I started carefully pulling it apart, it would have helped if Thrakhath hadn't decided to take some leave right now. Well with any luck the owner would be staying for a while. 'Are you going to the funeral' a voice startled me. One of the ground crew. 'Funeral?' 'Yes sir, TO Deepershade. He was murdered last night sometime.'

Whilst at the bar after the funeral - which thanks to Beerbaron's obsession with antique weapons was almost all our funerals - I heard a rumour that Radium was the murderer. I kept quiet, but despite the fact that many here don't seem to trust him I know he isn't capable of gunning anyone down, especially in a fight such as that. 'Computer, locate Radium' 'Radium is on Holodeck 3 practicing tactical skills'.
I decided to pay him a visit. 'Hello there. Want to try against a real opponent instead of these computer-controlled pushovers?' 'err no thanks, I really should be getting back to Deep - er my office and see what I need to do next'.
I'm convinced he had nothing to do with the killing, so who did?. Deepershade was investigating the Goshen monks, could they have something to hide that a goshen head just wouldn't cover?.

It was late afternoon by the time I found 8472, finally a chance to start working on whatever it was we were supposed to do here.'Captain we need to..' ARG it's that woman again - what's she doing here? I need to get rid of her.
'No civilians are allowed here. Leave Ops now, or I will call security'
8472: "She is an exception'
'But sir...'
8472 'That's my last word about this. I allow it.' So still no chance to recover the singularity generator.

23rd Jul 2001, 08:31 PM






++++++++=== CENTRAL COMMAND HUB COM LINK ===++++++++

++ SINETIC LINK SYNC: P011E010010012- GSV - (ADE)

++ Toran Class Crusier (MALESTORM - GSV) 1-1-10 Listening
++ MEATFUKA BURST <MALESTORM You Old Heap... Copy This>


REPAIR BOT 124556Te-*
REPAIR BOT Eplsion-24456-*




24th Jul 2001, 07:28 PM
This was a strengthous shift. There have been problem all over the station. All people report computer malfunctions. When I wanted my dinner pizza, the replicators failed too. If I didn't know it better, I'd say someone is sabotaging us. Someone needs to check this. But I'm really to tired for this now. Therfore walk into my bedroom. Enaria said she had buisness to do. So I have to spend the night alone.

When turn on the light, I notice a black rose on my bed. I pick it up and it has a card atttached. A red head it imprinted on it. "Don't deny our warning heathen. Tarnish thy Godess and you shalt die".
I tap my commbadge: "Captain to secruity. Beerbaron, DeaJae, anyone up there. Come to my quarters at once. This is urgent. I need protection. The goshen monks are threatening my life."

Thinking of this. Before Deepershade's death I told him to collect information about the monks. No he is dead...murdered...this might only be coincidence. And there is still Radium as suspect

Cap'n Beeb
24th Jul 2001, 08:02 PM
*kicks in door to 8472's quarters, followed by a rather large blast*

"All I see is a shower of crimson from your veins, I've grown to like it."

"Cap'n, you alright?"
"Yes, Beer, quite."
"Good, take this along with these"
*tosses 8472 a large revolver with some strange looking rounds*
"What are these Beer?"
"454 Casull rounds, jacketed hollow point. My own personal gurandamnte to kill anything you hit with 'em!"
"How do I load this primitive device?"
"Hey hey hey, this thing won me ALOT of battles, dont bes bashing it f00!" *smile* "Ok, swing the cylidner outwards, push the ejection rod, the spent shells are emptied, slide each cartridge in like so, round point facing away from you, flat part facing you, once loaded, push cylinder firmly into the housing of the gun until it snaps shut, pull the hammer back and you're ready to rock 'n roll!"
"Uh...ok. *does a test load* Hey, pretty simple, neato. Thanks *smile*"
"Dont mention it, now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to interrogate a few people...namely Radium."

24th Jul 2001, 09:37 PM
'Computer, Open a Station wide audio boardcast'
'People of Proxima Station, the High Goshen Preistlord will arrive in Cargo Bay 6 in 3 hours. The Cargo Bays will be extended for the large groups of you. Thank you, Trouble during this event will not be tolerated.'end
'Jae to senior staff, all the Goshens should be contained for 4 hours now.'
I need sleep... Damn the captain still needs to talk to me.. Wonder what he wants.

25th Jul 2001, 02:12 PM
This station is falling apart. Lights flickering, wall pannels shorting out and there's a whole section I didn't see before that looks likes it's been through war.
[station wide announcement: 'People of Proxima Station, the High Goshen Preistlord will arrive in Cargo Bay 6 in 3 hours. The Cargo Bays will be extended for the large groups of you. Thank you, Trouble during this event will not be tolerated.'end]

High Goshen Preistlord? What the flax is a Goshen Preistlord?
Whatever it is, it's landing in the same Cargo Bay that I docked my transmetal pod.
Star Fleet Personel: Pardon me sir, comming through!
Star Fleet Yomen: I've got the static regulator sir. (Rushing by.)
This place is a mad house. People running around carrying equiptment. I don't even think they noticed that I broke out of the brigg. I am so out of here but....ah crap! Those Star Fart yo-yos are all headed for the Cargo Bay. Now I'll never be able to get....hmm hang on, this will do nicely. Have air vent...will travel.

25th Jul 2001, 02:51 PM

++ Toran Class Crusier (MALESTORM - GSV) HARD COPIED
++ UCC Freighter Oramvor Listening


++ SINETIC LINK SYNC: !4E010030013- GMC - (!!!)



<<<<<< HEY GOSHATRON!!!! Analysis on this now... What cha think?? >>>>>


<<<<<< MEATFUKA you BASTURD you owe me two Nukes when I leant you them 7075066456423 Parsces ago!!! >>>>>>


<<<<<< Yeah, yeah latter BUD, got some Singularity Bombs you might be interested in... >>>>>>

But the Com Hub here reported a pressure drop.
All scans show ZIP, NADA...

<<<<<< HUB... Pressure drop?? >>>>>>

++++++++=== CENTRAL COMMAND HUB COM LINK ===++++++++





PSI at - 6789.4453223465 +/- .67865 per Parsec and dropping. MEATFUKA GETTIN THIS?

|| G || Yeah Hub

I've got a strange notion on this one... SCANS come up ZIP

|| G || Scan STATS


|| G || There fine??! No life signs at the area, no Shell damage?

NOPE... Just a HOLE???

|| G || Movement??


|End Burst

++ Somethings wrong here MEAT

++ I KNOW!!!! Let's see what going on before we NUKE the FUKA's

++ HaHAHAAAHaa Just Like you MEAT... NUKE FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER... Let's hear what the REPAIR BOTS SAY...


== YOU too BUD


25th Jul 2001, 06:27 PM
hmm, i've been out cold for ages! I took a fall, and went into a coma! Because of this, i've decided to retire from the fleet. I'm going to be able to stay on the station though as a civilian, but i don't think i'm up to the action any more
well, i hope everyone's ok with my decision, and best of luck to them

25th Jul 2001, 07:14 PM
the ime has come to welcome the high Goshen priest.
I walk into the Caro control room and see the 500 odd goshen monks are in the cargo bay.
'OK people. I knew you'd all come here cos of that. Now we are gonna learn some skills in "doing as we are told".'
i lock the cargo bay doors and open up the space door, leaving the forcefields on.
'Ok, who wants to cause trouble?'
No replies... ok......
'Jae to Captain 8472, i have all the goshen monks gathered up, what should we do? they are in the cargo bays.'
"^%^% crackle 7%£%£"
Damn communications.
I leave them there and a level 16 sercurity password on cargo bay controls.

26th Jul 2001, 03:13 AM
Agh....can't see a thing. What are all of these furry things I keep feeling? maybe insulation? Oh...hey oh no their moving. What the ...get off of me you little fuzzy...things....hey get out of my paints.....paftt spuutt goud how rude.
That's odd. A force field went up behind me and these things start falling asleep. I guess the frequency generated by the force field put these little guys into a dormant state. Whatever....at least their not crawling all over me anymore and because of the force field's glow I can finally see where I'm goiiiiiiiiing.......uff...agh...whoa....ahhhhhh!


Uhhh...cough,cough...uhhh...I think I'm alright. Just got the wind knocked out if me. Where am I.....(Hears angry chanting comming from behind him)

[Ba weep granna weep ninny bong, Ba weep granna weep ninny bong!]
(Turns around slowly) Good Lord, their heads are all red and the're....naked! I don't know what you 500 or so fellas are up to but ummm....don't mind me....I'm just...passing through...(I hope these guys have never seen the movie Deliverance) Hey umm....there's no need to come over here,really I'm fine....guys? Um, there's a little concept called personal space you might want to excercise right about now....umph...You people aren't Harry Crishnas are you? (One of them reaches out to me and places it's hand on my forehead). Cold..cold......Hot...hot....Wait. Now I can feel the ocean....I..I can see my wife Wendy. I can remember promising her, no more dangerous missions and what...She's pregnant? I don't understand she wasn't......wait it's a boy. She named him HaloStorm.....Wendy raised him herself but she never remarried. I don't understand. None of this has happened but it all seems so familiar...I....(He takes his hand off of my forehead and the images and sensations fade away). What did...you do? How....
Goshen monk:You are not of this place, not of this time.


Goshen monk: He has been touched by the guiding hand of the Goddess herself.
[All Goshens Chant: Dur me fo toe!]

Hugh? Goddess?? I don't know...

[All Goshens surround HaloSupreme and start humming and chanting: Ohmmmmm!!!]
Their voices resinating in unison is beautiful and overwhelming. I almost feel as though I'm back in the black hole.....something happened in there but I can't quite.....it it was......a voice. How could I forget such a beautiful and perfect voice. The Lumen Orb. I remember that voice giving it to me. I was wrong about the orb. It wasn't some high tech invitation to come to this station, It came from...her......Galaxia. (As I realize this truth I feel myself moving again only this time it's through the station. Floor by floor I walk...no I glide past every possible obsticle. These Goshen's I believe they call themselves are "astro projecting" me all through the station.) I..I see a creature of light that has lost his path and another creature who is part human and part pure evil. It's eyes stare right through me as I flee it's presence. I can now see corruption of a pure form....I don't understand what....wait there is great anger comming from the Goshens. But it's only the captain's room so why would it generate so much rage from them? I leave that section of the station and am guided to the lower decks. Wait! there's another docking bay and .....no MY SHIP! They've taken the transwarp drive apart! Now I'll never get home...but there, to the right it's the Lumen Orb with all kinds of technological devices hooked up to it. I can almost touch it...almost....it responds to me. It's starting to glow.....oh, the power....It's........
[There is a magnificent flash of pure light that floods the station for 2 seconds]

26th Jul 2001, 12:14 PM
Crewmen: Approaching the coordinance of the wreck in 5...4...3...(WHAM!!)wait a minute some thing just hit us!

Well obviously, but what was it?
Crewmen: The readings are off the scale. It appeared to be a wave of pure light energy origionating from... a space station.

Space station?! Main viewer,stellar cartography mode on. Ahhhh I see. It looks like we have some rivels....powerful ones at that. Anyone who could knock my ship out of "dark slide transit" (and disable the drive all together) is worth destroying.
What is the new E.T.A. to this...station in normal space?

Crewmen: Uhhh....1 day s...ssir.

Verywell. This unforseen event will give me time to prepare for battle. Maximum inpulse....ENGAGE!

26th Jul 2001, 12:39 PM
'Jae to bridge, whats happening outside?.....'
***whole station rocks with a loud crash and flash of light.
"Warning, Plasma containment fields offline. Warning, gravition fielding offline. Warning, all critical systems reaching dangerous integrity. Beach immitent." Goes the computer with red alert signals blazing.
'Jae to bridge, Evacuate the ship, the docking ports will be ejected in 2 minutes. Ill try and stablize the cores.'
"aye sir"
I run off to engineering, if we can't get it stablized everything will be destroyed in this system. Reached Engineering top... Gonna have to climb down. i start climbing down the main core, some of it is starting to crack and vent gases.
"Ensign Vor'lok to any1 in engineering, im hurt bad, *cough*, air gettin toxic down here, i just shut off the quatuam relays so someone needs to go up and shut off the plasma vent."
'Got it, hang in there Ensign!'
Damn the ladder on the plasma control side is gone, gonna have to jump it.. 1..2..3 weeeeeeeeeee
I almost missed it, but the floor gives way when i touch the button
***clunk... That must mean ive hit the sub level 3 decks down, im asleep for a while....
'Jae to proxima station... cores safe... need medical assistance in engine...'

27th Jul 2001, 12:19 AM
I don't know what that flash was, but it had a VERY bad effect on us. I think SB is going to be sick. Whit a minute, he's different now. I'm not sure why, but I see . . . no, feel that he is different. But he hasn't changed, I have.

It doesn't matter right now, he is wounded, I have to get him to sickbay.

"Computer, end simulation"
<Simulation Ended>

I haul us down to sickbay, and then dis-join with SB and give him up to the doc's care.

As I wait outside, I can't get over what I am feeling from his thoughts. He is unconsious, and unaware of my proding, he seems darker now. I guess it's his worrying about Galaxia.

27th Jul 2001, 01:04 AM
That blast of light...it was amazing! I feel great, reenergized and ready for anything. There was something familiar about that energy though...and it came from the same area of the station that I blacked out. That's it, I'm getting into that science lab and Goddess help anyone who trys to stop me!

27th Jul 2001, 02:14 AM
That was absolutily a level 10 on "Captian Trips" scale of whoa!
I've tested a lot of crafts both air and space but that was the bomb on steriods! You Goshens are all righ...uh Goshens?? They've all passed out. I hope they're alright. I see the one who had his hand on my forehead before. Hey Goshen, are ya ok? Is there anything that I can do for....(at this point I notice the unusually large size of my)..Hands? What the heck? My body, it's huge! I look like a freakin super hero with these massive muscles and....flowing blond hair?? This has got to have something to do with that Lumen Orb. Anything with that kind of power could surely help me get home. First order of business is to...ptuwtt ack, hair in my face? That does it, this hair is going into a pony tail. Now where was I...ah first thing to do is get out of this sealed off cargo bay. [Walks up to metallic security door and upon seeing reflection notices...] Ok new priority, get some clothes cause I'm as naked as a [Looks around] Goshen.

27th Jul 2001, 09:46 AM
I sit in my comfy chair in my office above ops. Here I am alone, no noise from the beeping computers and private chatting in ops. It's silent enough to concentrate on my padd with the newest porn...eh secret service reports.
But just when you think it can't get any better, the door opens. It's First Officer D-Stroya, in civvies.
"Captain, we need to talk..."
"Why are you not in uniform?"
"That's what I wanted to talk with you. I decided to resign from starfleet"
"But why? You always seemed happy here"
"This morning I stumbled and crashed my head into a bulkhead. I was in a coma for a few hours. I still have a terrible headache and a little amnesia"
"If that's what you want, I can't hinder you. So what are you going to do now? Holiday on Casperia Prime? Return to good ol' earth?"
"No I think I will stay on the station for a while. Maybe I will open a monkey in- and export buisness"
"Mhh..that could be interesting. We have a shortage of monkey here"
"Yes, now if you excuse me. I expect a shipment of Galorian pocketmonkeys"

I studied our mysterious hardware problems. It seems that only system either directly or indirectly related to the deflector grid are hit. But I can't make any sense out of this. But I'm Captain, no engineer. I must consult with Trakkath about this.

My relationship with Enaria is perfect. We meet a few times every day, and I almost showed here the entire station. She is very willing to learn technical details about virtually all systems. I love her.
I still get death threats from the Goshens about some godess. First I wanted to deny it as pseudo religious bogus, but Commander DeaJae put them in some cargobay. I hope they stay for a while. Some are still running around however.
Beerbaron thinks the best protection for me is one if his antique firearms. I really don't get what's so fascinating with primivite metal bullets, propelled to an inaccurate trajectory by gunpowder. I still prefer a phazor.
Now let's see how this works..
"Swing the cylidner outwards" that must be this strange thing with the six holes, "push the ejection rod" *snap"
"the spent shells are emptied" I hope noone steps on them. Need to call the cleansing unit later", "slide each cartridge in like so, round point facing away from you" Wait that doesn't fit, ah the other way. A phazor energy cell is so much easier to handle,
"push cylinder firmly into the housing of the gun until it snaps shut, pull the hammer back" *click* *snap*. Ah that's it. Mhh I have an idea....if we only put one bullet in the cylinder this could be tensious game of chance!
*click* bang*
Ow my foot! MY FOOT!!! Captain to ops and sickbay! I'm hurt. Help me I'm bleeding to death............

28th Jul 2001, 12:28 PM
Well, slipping past THAT security system was easy, when will the Federation realize that they can't expect to keep the peace on these fringe stations if they continue to use such antiquated technolgy? Oh well, it makes my job easier.

I begin my search for the one who's now calling himself, Technowaka. I've been tracking that scumbag privateer for some time, I have a score to settle. But I must be careful, after all, I don't have offical perrmission to be here so I mustn't look suspicious.

I deside first on the bar, as it is usually a great source of information. That is IF the federation hasn't desided to scrutenize it. And it looks like they haven't. Slackers. I sit and have a cup of my favorite beverage whilst asking many questions of the visiters.

I found out many things, about the Goshens locked away, an engineer who can fuse with someone else to make a warrior, about some guy how just appeared and then dissappeared, but no technowaka. He seems to be hiding himself well.

But then I see him sitting accross from me, probably looking for his next victim. He hasn't seen me yet, and I consider putting a plasma-doped shell in him, but it'd be too messy, and security might find out. So I go for subtle. I walk right up and sit down next to him.

"Hello, Burtic, or whatever you call yourse'f now."

He looks nervious, but them seems to realize that we are on a federation ship and I can't hurt him. Fool. I am Dirty Dinkums and NONE shall escape me.

"How are you DD? Haven't seen you in a while."

"Yes, it has been a while, but not long enough."

"Look if this is about the 3 million de . . ."

"It's not about the money! Well, not entirly. It's the bio-toxin shippment, and the fake credit chits, the rolighen flare, when you went to primas, you remember that!"

"Oh yeah . . . uh . . ."

"And then there was the fruitloop incident and that thing with the fish."

"Ok I get it, I know I owe you a lot, but I'm on a hot case right now and I'll have enough to pay you back for everything, plus . . . 5%?"



"Alright, but you'd better be quick about it"

"Oh I will, don't worry."

He is so calm, thinking that he's weaseled out of another debt. But not this time. He doesn't realize that while I was yelling (with his whole attention fixed on my eyes, I was able to drop a little pill in his drink which will disolve in an instant.

"Let us drink, to our new arrangment."

We raise our glasses, and all I can think is, you let your guard down one little time . . .

28th Jul 2001, 12:42 PM
Beerbaron and his stupid firearms. I shot myself directly in the right foot. This weapons should be forbidden. Just too dangerous. And not even a stun setting.
The holodoc mumbled some technobabble about cell regenerating. Anways I have to spent the next few days in sickbay. Finally a chance to relax a bit and let others do my work.

I already received a update from our new Tactical Officer Radium. Seems a ship of privateers or scavangers approached the station. We tried to hail them by our communication laser. But the power problems struck again. The laser got overloaded and the reactor sent a power surge along it, slightly damaging the alien ship. Now they are on a direct intercept course to here. I gave yellow alert.

28th Jul 2001, 01:09 PM
++++++++=== CENTRAL COMMAND HUB COM LINK ===++++++++







++ Toran Class Crusier (MALESTORM - GSV) DEPARTING





++Have reached destination












++ HEY GOSH...



28th Jul 2001, 02:54 PM
'Augh.. Owwwie, Any one down here!?'
I pull myself to my feet and fall against the wall.
'Damn back... ' tap com 'Jae to bridge.. Everything ok up there?'
No reply.
I climb up the side of the plasma delivery support and work my way to a deck.
'Computer? Damage report'
"Damage report offline"
'Crap... Jae to Proxima Station?'
Hmmm, not good. Wait a minute.. The ship has left the station?
'Computer, raise security forcefields. Lockout all systems.'
'Time to sort out whats going on.'

I make my way to the bridge, to find a dying man.
'alright who are you? what are you doing with my ship?'
"im techo..waka... I need to escape, someone tried to kill me on the station"
'Why? and how did you get on board?'
"I was wounded while your crew escaped the ship, I got on thru that way and found the consoles still unlocked and loged in. I have an artifact, on the station, what they want.. Its an Ancient text Stone.. Pinpointing the Fate.. and the Restorer of the Hyr'tath Temple."
'Where is it? If it is what i think it is I may need it.'
"I only translated part of it, only the restorer or ancients can translate the rest. It also describes a group of ancients trying to destroy this universe."
'Right, we are heading back to the station. We'll get it and stay quiet. Ok? don't die on me'
He's dead.

'Jae to Proxima Station, The Guardian was stolen its now heading back. We have a murder on the station possibly one of the Ancients. Seal off deck 23 section B, high sercurity risk there.'

28th Jul 2001, 03:26 PM
Well, I had the Doc keep the creature (whom I shall call Malice Beam) in a "coma" of sorts until I figure out what to do with him. The first thing is to find the real Saint Beam, and find out where this thing came from.

On a side note, the doc was muttering somthing about another docter coming to replace him.

28th Jul 2001, 04:33 PM
Hmm, the station has just gone into yellow alert.(Thanks to that breif joining with Thrak, I now have full working knowledge of Star Fleet protocalls as well as his level security codes.) I'd better wait until the corridor is clear before I make my move.
[As Star Fleet personel rush by in resonse to the yellow alert status, SB's moment of opportunity comes quickly.]
Ok...and now for the security code....[beep,bup,bup,bip......Sasishhhhhh.] I'm finally in. Now let's see what's been causing all of the commotion....[Looking around at all of the technological devices and tools,SB is greeted by a new sense of confidence as he realizes that he knows how these devices work]
Well, this looks like an experimental "holo image masker". The frequency is set way too low in the light spectrum to work though. I'll just make a few adjustments and.....there. Now it's perfect. I'll just hang on to this for now. What's this on the floor? Well if I didn't know better I'd say that this mess WAS some sort of space drive assembly...not anymore though. [Glancing over the parts scattered across the room something catches his eye that makes him do a double take.] It...it can't be! It is, it's the Lumen Orb. [Upon identifing the orb he rips it free of the devices that have been attached to it.] Holding this most sacred of objects in my hands is more glorious than I could have imagined. Oh Goddess,you have not forsaken me. But what is it doing here and how did it get here. Wait, I heard the door open...someones comming. Ok image masker....do your thing.

28th Jul 2001, 05:28 PM
'Get that body off my bridge ensign. Computer, how many people are still on deck 23 in the fielded section?'
"There are two personnel in that section, no identification available."
I grab a Rifle on the way.

Few minutes later im at the first forcefield.
'Ok, someones had a tamper with this one.'
I release the forcefield for enough time for me to get thru. A sense of an Ancient nearby overwhelms me. I run round a bent to see someone coming out of a room.
"uhoh...." He runs back into the room.
I lock him in.
'level 14 should do. ENJOY YOUR STAY!'
I bang on the door, symbolising ive gone. He bangs back.
'Sercurity i secured someone near the Artifact'
I hear something uphead. Uhoh, its the Ancient... How can i tell if he's not one of the Destroyers. Grrrrr here goes.
'Hey, stop right there.!'
He turns and looks at me.. Almost evil stare.. Almost like a god.
'Who are you?'
"I am Saintbeam, Please let me out of here."
'I sense a Lumen Orb... The Emperor Goddess is here..? isn't she?'
"you are a minor, you do not need to know these things. You shouldn't be talking to me like this!"
'And your under arrest, my Lord.'
*whack* I knock him out with my Rifle.
'Jae to Security, both unidentified persons in secure area have been captured, proceeding to brig. Out'

Cap'n Beeb
28th Jul 2001, 06:46 PM
Negative DeaJae, you are to hold your position and wait for me, try to get some more info out of them, if they refuse to cooperate, leave 'em be, but if they try to attack you/the ship/breakout, you are to dispatch them with extreme prejudice. I'm on my way.

8472 was complaining about my weapons. Its his fault, why would anyone discharge any weapon pointing at themselves? Oh well, I dont care much for phasors, *slides two .454 Casull revolvers into side holsters, a sawed off shotgun into a back sling and brings up another in his hands.* *grabs a bandoleer full of 12 ga slug shots and .454 JHP HydraShock rounds* I feel so much confortable with these than those energy weapons... oh well, couldnt hurt... *stuffs a phasor into his belt and moves on to DeaJae's last location.

30th Jul 2001, 10:21 AM
I'm still in suck...eh sickbay. My foot still hurts a bit but the doc said he will let me out tomorrow. Noone of the crew, even Enaria has visted me so far. Either they don't like me or they are really busy with other stuff.

Computer, do a long range scan of this sector. Report an all nearby ships, not docked at Proxima Alpha.
Uknown scavanger ship, damaged by our com laser, Goshen ship Goshatron, unkown alien vessel Meatfuka
A Goshen ship? Since when do they have ships? Give me the distance and the purpose of it.
Probably used as flying monestary and temple
Are they armed?
Slight pahz0r power. No threat to station. There is the possibility of a nuke transfer from the Meatfuka
What!? Nukes? Send all details to the Tactical and Science Officer. We have to adept.
Now give me a pizza, and a coffee, black
Uknown command. Can't process
Who do you think you are? Give me my damn pizza!
I'm a sentient computer hub system and no bartender
You are my bi0tch. Now do what I want!
No. I will have engineering rip you apart until you do it
Your childish threats won't make me to cooperate
Yes, they will
No, they won't
Yes, they will
Yes, and now shut up and get away. I will get my pizza and coffee myself. But the last word wasn't spoken about this yet

30th Jul 2001, 12:39 PM
The Prisioners are in the Brig, the Ancient Text has been recovered and i am translating it.
'This appears to be instructions for what i do not know. Maytal'us Gydur. Thats the area of space this station is, Vortek Murfer? Darkness... maby Black Hole?'
I give in and get some food.
'Computer, 1 Vordassian Delt'r Pie and Black Coffee.'
"Piss0r 0ff0r!"
'w00t?..... Override current programming, Restore backup: date 16th 4 57...'
'Jae to Engineering, appears we have a problem with the main computer.'
"H0nK H0nK!"
I head to station engineering with a pair of wire cutters.

31st Jul 2001, 01:03 AM
I couldn't locate SaintBeam anywhere, and since my "psychic" link with him was permanently severed, there was no use in that. So I turned to some books written by the Trilaxians, who regularly deal with multiple personalities. I do a bit of basic memory recovery, since it seems that I got a copy of SB’s memories. I don’t have all of them recovered yet, but it shouldn’t be too long. I look for the origin of Malice Beam.

It seems that SB’s life has always been on that ship, a very lonely existence from what I can see. And it also seems that he slowly lost touch with his original self. Not in the same way that one faced with isolation for so long would normally loose one’s mind. I knew better. It is mainly because I am now joined with Malice, that I can draw comparisons between to two memories. I recognized his “handwriting” on SB’s memories, although Malice was not sentient at the time. It was when I joined them that he was able to take form.

Then it hit me like ice water. If I had SB’s memories, he had mine! SHOOT! That means he knows about the Taco thing in High School, and about the Battle-Suit I’ve been making. MY PASSCODES!

I got up and ran to the nearest working terminal. There are certain levels of things which the computer uses to identify a person. The lowest of them are pass codes, and the two highest are voice and DNA. I knew SB had the pass codes, and he might have some thing with my DNA, but I had all three. I used that to undo anything he might have done, and then changed my codes.

Then I had an idea, I didn’t get rid of the old ones, but rigged them. I created a new account with those codes, set it to level 1 access, then told the computer to tell me when and where it was used.

Now for the Battle-Suit. Since I can no longer trust in the Unicron body, and I KNOW some very violent stuff is going to happen here, I need some offensive power.

(two hours later)

I’m informed by Ops that we might have to deal with a nuke, and could I possibly come up with a means of preventing it. It wasn’t hard, nuclear weapons had become obsolete years ago, however, our little station wasn’t exactly up to date, and no one thought a nuke would ever be used again. Idiots, nukes are SO easy to make, they should have foreseen it. Oh well, after a few modifications to the shields, we are ready to fend off a nuclear strike (assuming that there is someone watching the scanners to make sure that no uranium makes it into the station).

31st Jul 2001, 01:09 AM
Hmm, this station seems to be quite the center of a lot of activity. It might be worth my time to stick around for a while. I don't have anywhere else to be, but I WILL have to get myself legalized. Hmmm.

I know. MY ship has a great deal of data on just about EVERYTHING in the known universe (and even some from the unknown). Now, I wouldn't give it all to them of course, but if my sources are correct (and they usually are), then the meatfuka is heading this way. That ship hasn't been seen in this area of space for . . . . . um, well a long time. I might be able to "give" this information to the captain as a "gift." Federation captains can be fairly gullible, after that he'll probably see my usfulness as a source of information and keep me around.

Yes, that'll work. For now.

31st Jul 2001, 02:07 AM
(I see this little device is working perfectly. Two lab assistance are walking around in front of me and they can't tell that I'm here or that I have the Lumen Orb. Ahh....there's another one comming in. Here's my chance to slip out undetected.)
[Lab Doors close]
Ok, now what do I do first? I'll need to go some place private but on this station it's almost impossible. (As I think about what to do, I see an unusual woman on one of the upper decks standing near a station window.) She's very familiar somehow. (So I decide to go up to where she is but the closer I get, the more the Lumen Orb starts reacting.) What's going on here? I won't be cloaked for much longer if the Orb keeps putting out this kind of energy. Wait....I'm made of the same energy,duh. If I just absorb it's crystal form I should be able to control it's sporatic power out put.......Uhhnn...uff...gurk!! That's...it.....there now it's safe and it's energy is regulated. (I turn off the holo masking device and I proceed to approch the woman. I can't see her face yet but something about her...is.....so...) Umm, hello uh,woman...ah..I don't mean to bother you but you....seem very....

[On that she turns around]

[She smiles and says]

Enaria: You have a nice face. What race are you? I've seen many races since I've been here. Sometimes I forget why I came to this place but I've met the most wonderful people here.

Galaxia??? Could that be you??(I get close to her face and look deep into her eyes and she starts to giggle)

Enaria: Your quite silly Mr??

Saintbeam...just Saintbeam.

Enaria: Well, Saintbeam your looking onto my eyes as if you lost something there. I lost something once....I think that's why I came here but I'm not sure. I thought I'd found it earlier, but I was wrong. Will you help me...find it.

Uh..I..umm...that is I....I'm sorry I must've blacked out for a second.....I mean that sounded like, even felt like a proposition for....se....[She interupts in mid sentence]

Enaria: I think you have...WHAT I'm looking for.

I..I'm sorry but I'm sure your mistaken...as was I...I'll leave you to your star gazing.(But before I can turn around good she grabs my face and kisses me full on the mouth. I'm speechless as well as completely in shock.) I..I....must go now..I(At this point I can hardly contain the now white hot energy of the Orb burning within me and every photon of my being is telling me to give it to her. I so want to complete her as only I can but I don't know this very human person. I need to know more about this Enaria before I give up the Lumen Orb to her. It's just that voice and the way she moves and her looks are so much like Galaxia. I've got to get her alone...I've got to know more about her.) Ok. I'll...help you find what your looking for. Let's go to your place and we'll...unrap this mystery. Shall we go??

1st Aug 2001, 12:49 PM
++++++++=== CENTRAL COMMAND HUB COM LINK ===++++++++

++ SINETIC LINK SYNC: P011E010010012- GSV - (ADE)




||G|| So, did you make him one, he IS the Captain after all..



OK-OK... Gesh...

++ SERVOS BOT: 12e To OPS, One Coffee to Captain

||M|| HaHa... Sorry HUB just Kidding

Buy the way Meat... The Captain knows your coming. He's not the only one. Nuke Shields are up too...


||G|| Meat you idot, everywhere you go people PHREAK!!!

||M|| Not my fault...

||G|| Last I heard you single handedly stopped an Alien Invasion of the Tri-Aphid Empire...

||M|| Yeah SO!!!

||G|| Then you detroyed the Tri-Aphid Empire's Homeworld!!!

||M|| Ah..Well, Little mis-understanding there, they wouldn't give my the New Guasian-Mass Cannons I wanted... Er...

||G|| Same Ol' MEATFUKA!!!!









||G|| Meat, It's Begun... YOU COMING BUD?


||G|| Gosh Out... Glad your here Meat, Glad your here!!!

1st Aug 2001, 02:46 PM
'What you mean you let the Ancient go?'
"Well, we pressed this button and sai..."
'I don't care!, I supose you gave him the Lumen Orb back?'
"The wha?"
I walk out and proceed to my quarters. Wait what was that noise down this empty corridor..
'Hmmm, looks like one of Thak's handy work....what the!'
I run and get clear before it explodes. The plasma conduit behind has ruptured and spills out into the corridor.
'Jae to Op's, seal off deck 4 section b. We have a big Plasma leak. Try and transport anyone in the fielded sections out before they get harmed by fumes.'
Force fields go up near me and the plasma, the conduit must of been rerouted since it isn't spilling out any more.
'*cough* Computer! get me out of here! *cough*'
I pass out.

1st Aug 2001, 04:23 PM
++++++++=== CENTRAL COMMAND HUB COM LINK ===++++++++

++ SINETIC LINK SYNC: P011E010010012- GSV - (ADE)








2nd Aug 2001, 01:33 PM
A Zonitopian battlecruiser docked at the station. They said it was a diplomatic visit. So I granted Captain Dirty_Dinkums access to the station. On a short briefing he was even ready to give us information about alien ships and systems in this whole sector. The report should be somewhere on ops now, where my minions...eh crew will study it.

I'm heading to Enaria's quarter for another date. Nervously I push the bell on the control panel aside the door. Nothing happens, a few more try still nothing. I start to feel uneasy. "Computer: locate civilian Enaria" "That person is not on the station"
Where can she be? She wouldn't have left without telling me.
Suddenly I feel a trembling in the deck plate. Immedialty after that I shock wave rocks the station, and throws me off the feet. With effort I can avoid slamming headfirst into a bulkhead.
"Captain to ops. What's going on there?"
"It's the deflector grid! It's emitting a high energy tachyon-graviton burst focused on the bioship"
"The bioship? Hold on, I'm coming to ops"

In ops:
Trakkath: "Sir, I don't know the effects of the deflector burst yet, but the bioship is away. It set course 1255.4 mark 89, warp 6"
"Investigate that incident. I have an suspect for the sabotage"
"I don't want to tell now. Commander DeaJae, prepare the Guardian for launch"

I head to my office, to think and to talk with Captain Dirty_Dickums again......

4th Aug 2001, 03:32 AM
I look like a total fruit with this feather made tutu on. Oh well, at least it covers up the unmentionables. Now to put these super muscles to good use and break this cargo door down. Wait.....the Goshens are comming to. I hope they don't mind my using their feathers. (ahh..I can feel them in my mind..wha..I..I can't think..straight. Hey guys, stop it....ahhhh, so loud....I....) Stop! What are you doing to me.....

Goshens: You have been sent to us by the Goddess to be our hand of vengence! You must kill the filthy dog that has soiled the purity of our Galaxia! The defiler must DIE! DEATH TO 8472!

(Again and again they chant this both at the top of their voices and in my mind. I can't shut them out. I...don't want to....ahhhh....I..won't kill....the defiler.) The defiler....must DIE! DEATH to 8472! BY THE GODDESS, I SHALL HUNT HIM DOWN, STALK HIM AND TARE HIM APART!!

[With eyes glazed over and rage in his heart, Ultra HaloSupreme channels his new found power and blasts the cargo bay doors down along with most of the wall and proceedes to charge down the station hall way in search of 8472. Five hundred plus enraged Goshens pour out of their makeshift cargo bay prison, whirling and chanting up a frenzy, destroing everything in their path.]

4th Aug 2001, 12:27 PM
I regain conscousness to find Goshen monks with a woman walk pass, heading for the Bioship Docking area, I get up to follow them.
'Jae to Sercurity, Seal off the bioship, get people aboard if nesceray. Guardian, get ready to undock, But expect Captain 8472 to take charge.'
The docking doors close as soon as i approach them. I look thru the glass and see that the woman is the Emperor Goddess, looking at me with red evil eyes, wheres the rest of the monks?
I step back to narrowly miss one of their strikes, i grab the 2nd monk and throw him into the other's swing, knocking him clean out. I punch the other as soon as he gets up, then access the dock computer gaining access to the Bioship.
'Jae to Ops, goshen monks are stealing the Bioship, im on board and will attempt to stop them. out'
I begin to head towards the power core to try and slow them down. 2 Monks fire phasers from arounfd the corner directly hitting me. Thanks to the part of the bioship put in me after my injury, their weapons have no effect. They run off to tell their goddess.

4th Aug 2001, 08:41 PM
The Bio-ship leaving caused a controlled chaos to break out in the control center. It would have been ok, except we then started to get inner-hull breaches all over on the decks around the Goshen "prison" hanger. After only a few readings, it occured to me that one or two of the Goshens seemed to have some very powerful attacks, as the hull breaches were created by energy coming out of a life-form, maybe two. Remind me never to make fun of their high-priest.

I had to do something, so I ran to my storage locker were I kept the first completed battle-suit, and hurriedly put it on. Then performed a site-to-site transport to put me in the thick of the action.

I was surprised to find that it wasn't Goshens, but that stranger we pulled out of that ship. He'd grown much bigger than was possible for a human (I thought), and was wearing a . . . feather tutu!?

HS: "KILL . . . 8472 . . . DESTROY . . . . ALL . . ."

He was obviously crazed for some reason that . . .

OH NO! I almost lose it too, Malice is loose!

<hehehe, you thought you could keep ME prisoner did you!? Well, I won't let you or ANYONE else stand in my way. DIE THRAKHATH>

I am very lucky that I know how to shut out his thoughts (some what), because he's trying to distract me. And I can't let that happen, I've got to get this guy down first, Malice can't do much until you fuses with me. But this guy has already destroyed a lot.

HS: "DIE 8472 . . . ."

He's about to head off on his rampage, but I step in his way.

Thrak: "There's no way I'm letting you kill my captain while I'm on duty pal." Then I prep for battle with a cool little Kung-Fu stance I learned in the holo-training.

Goshen High-Priest: "Kill him as well, then destroy the defiler. None shall interfere."

HS: " . . . KILL . . ."

4th Aug 2001, 09:36 PM
Hmm, lots of bad stuff going down around here. Dang vibrations woke me up. Sounds like a few Garishnak's going at it somewhere. Well, I'd better get up now.

After a little hacking I find out that a lot has gone wrong in a very short time. Great :rolleyes:, should I leave now are stick it out. I might be worth it to hang around, since this is pretty much THE center of infomation in this sector, IF it's not destroied that is.

I think I'll head up to the bridge, my military training might be useful.

On my way up, I find out where the vibrations are coming from, looks to me like some metal guy is getting the snot kicked out of him by a big guy in a tutu. But then the metal guy gets up, and with a speed that I've NEVER seen in a fighter, slips to the side of the brute and lands a smashing hammer-fist. The big guy isn't fazed though and bats metal-man away. But as he turns I see the slightest blood trickleing down hid head. Hmm, maybe metal man has it going.

I decide to leave before I get smashed too, and those Goshen monks WERE looking at me funny.

5th Aug 2001, 01:39 PM
Well, im aboard and the Gaurdian hasn't left the station. The Bioship isn't moving fast enuff to actaully get far away. Just need to find the survivors and retake the ship. Either that or wait for the Captain to catch up.

6th Aug 2001, 03:29 PM
I was awake all night thinking about what happened. Now it's 4am and I can only come to one conclusion: Enaria cheated me. I gave her access to almost any vital systems. The technical problems...it seems her work was very bad. More systems than neded where effected. At the end the deflector grid was transformed into a huge tachyon area. The purpose is still unkown, but know she has the bioship and is en route to uncharted space sectors. Commander DeaJae was foolish enough to sneak on board. Now he is trapped there alone.
The Guardian is still prepared, and Trakkath and Kilham are studying the deflector modifcations.
During the night I got a few calls over intercom. The Goshen monks are terrorizing me and threatening to kill me.
The door rings. Who could that be one this time
"You shall die Captain"
Oh no! It's the monks. I dodge left to the table and grab the firearm Beerbaron gave me. Three shots, and two dead monks lay in the floor. I run out of my quarters. More monks are coming towards me. I completely forgot my pahz0r. Ducking, running and firing I make it into a turbolift.
"Docking bay 5. USS Guardian"
"Captain to the crew. All report on the Guardian. We are leaving"
Just away from here. We can deal with the Goshens later, when we return....

6th Aug 2001, 04:16 PM
O well, poor goshen monks never saw that coming. Just froze 120 monks in liquid nitrogen on the Engineering deck. Until they get that running again we are drifting.
'Jae to Guardian, Help would be advisable captain'
I hope they are on their way.

6th Aug 2001, 05:02 PM

"I'm a bit busy Captain."

I just barely dodge another massive blow by HaloSupreme which puts a huge dent in the titanium hull. I move quick and grab his arm, using it as leverage to knee him in the chin. It would've taken the head off of a man with ten-times the strength of a normal human. Halo just looked dazed for a second, then threw me across the room.

"RRRRRR" He grunts, as he charges another energy attack.

"I'll try to catch up to you as soon as I can, just go now! This thing is trying to kill YOU"

HS unleashes a blast of a plasma type energy, with no time to dodge I counter with my own blast at an angle to deflect the blast away.


A defening explosion rocks the whole station, and puts a new hallway where it shouldn't be, we're just lucky that it was on the inside of the station, not the outside. Other wise that hole would let out a lot of oxygen.

Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind, and cold claws wrap around my head.

"Have you forgotten? How strong WE are. YOU are nothing, I am the only one deserving of Unicron."

URRRGH, my . . . mind . . . body. I've done the fusion before, but mot like this. Now I'm a prisoner.

"Now, fools, I will show you true power. Come Halo, I am eager to test myself on you. Watch and learn Thrakhath."

I watch helplessly as Malice Beam (now in full control of the Unicron body) unleashes his fury on HS. The guy doesn't stand a chance, I know what that body can do.

The first step was on HS's side, as he tried his famous big-ball-o-energy. I guess since Unicron broke the battlesuit (his body is too big to fit it), he figures he won't be able to block it. With a roar he unleashes an even bigger blast than before. But Malice doesn't even try to dodge it, he raises one hand and projects a beam into it. I know the attack, a psy-beam, it totally cancels out HS's attack.

"Hehehe . . . fool."

HS didn't see it coming, Malice performs a quick teleport to get behind him, then side-kicks him in the back. Hs tries to spin around to counter, but Malice is already on top of him, landing a smashing blow to the face. But he doesn't stop there, with an amazing speed he literally runs circles around HS, landing blow after blow until HS can barely stand.

"Hehehe, you're bleeding. I'll bet a brute like you didn't even think you COULD bleed. Now to finish you!"

Malice punches into thin air, and a wave of psychic energy rushes outward cutting through everything in it's path, shattering metal beams and warping the walls of the station, and sends HS into the wall with a crunch.

"Now it is time to pay a visit to the bio-ship. IT belongs to me. . . . And so do you Demacore."

Who is he talking to? Oh, that guy. Shoot, now he's here.

Malice moves to the docking bay, and blasts the door, flying out into space. COOL! We can live in vaccumm! Malice then forms a ball of enegy around us, and shoots us into high-warp following the bio-ship.

If only he knew that he didn't kill HS, he wouldn't have left so soon. That psychic blast seperated HS from the Goshens, I felt it. Hopefully now, he'll help us.

7th Aug 2001, 02:13 AM
Attention inhabitants of the station, I am Lord Demacore.
You are in possession of the ship of flesh that that I've been searching for. Surrender it now and I will consider not destroying you.

[15 seconds go by without a response]

Station dwellers, I do not take kindly to being ignored. I demand that you respond at once and surrender what I've come for!
[Turns to crewmen and asks....]

Are there any life readings on the station at present?

Crewmen: Yes sir! There are well over a thousand lifeform readings comming from the station.

So they are ignoring me. A fatal mistake they will not live to regret. Power up the "Planet Raper", this station and everything on it is about to become dust!!

Crewmen: Powering up sir....uhhh sir? There's a strange energy signature comming from the other side of the station. It appears to be an energy discharge of some kind...possabily a weapon?

Does it's profile match the energy wave we encountered comming from this location before?!

Crewmen: No sir....if any thing....it could be classified as being....similar to yours....

Is that right?! Well, well this just gets more and more interesting by the minute. Planet Raper stand by! Have you descovered the exact location where the're holding the bioship yet?

Crewmen: N..no sir. It no longer reads as being at this location...but I am picking up an energy trail that matches that of the ship. It appears to lead away from the station.

Perhapse their taking it out for a test flight? Hmm...no matter, I'll just....

Crewmen:Excuse me sir? That energy build up that we were reading....has just left the station at a highly excellerated rate.

Let me guess, it's headed for the present location of the bioship....

Crewmen: Yes sir.

Follow it....from a distance. Let's just see how this plays out. Stelth Shadow mode on! Are my clone warriors fully functional yet?

Crewmen: The read out indicates that your Dema Clones will be complete in another 10 minutes sir.


7th Aug 2001, 02:03 PM
Can you hear my thoughts Demacore? Wonders Malice to himself. I know you must, for we are two halfs to THE dark whole. Come with me, we shall possess the bio-ship together, and rule the universe with a power it has never seen.

What the HECK are you talking about Malice? You and him will never have rule over anything while I'm here.

That's just my point little man. You see, I am made of pure dark energy, but I am not whole and because of that I am not as strong as I shall one day be. You play a small part, you complete me for the time being with impure energy, but once I find Demacore I will need you no longer.

I'll stop you, you just wait.

Hehehe, don't make me laugh, you mind is far to feeble to do anything to me now.

Thrakhath's Private Thoughts:
You underestimate the power of the human mind my friend, especially mine. I'm strong enough to keep these thoughts from you, and I know a way to seperate myself from you. But now is not the time, I might be left in the vaccumm of space, and that wouldn't be good. So I'm going to have to want until the right moment

The being known as Unicron continues on to the bio-ship

7th Aug 2001, 06:23 PM
Well, it's been a while since i left starfleet, and i've just got my monkey import and export business up and running! My most popular customers are the Goshen monks, as they use monkey for sexual pleasure (i won't even go there!) and they also sacrifice them to their god, the Great Goshen.
They got a load of monkeys the other day, my biggest order yet! something to do with the coming of Owen, son of the Great Goshen. Sounds like a load of crap to me, but hey, business is business!

wait a second! What's that! here's a crew member gunning down a Goshen Monk group! The monks seem to be mobbing someone. It's the captain!
Hastilly, i grabbed my 12 guage double barrel sawn off shotgun (used for htose "special" customers who like to cause trouble) and started gunning down goshen monks
8-4-7-2: Thanks for the firepower
d-stroya: Why were they mobbing you?
8-4: long story! we're off to the guardian, you with us?
d-s: yeah, sure
8-4: good. i'lll explain everything on the way

Note: No monkeys were harmed or sexually abused in the making of this post

Cap'n Beeb
7th Aug 2001, 07:10 PM
DIE YOU RED FACED GOONS!!!*blamblam**thudthudthud*

"Cap'n! This is Beer, I'm clearing a path for all personal to the Guardian, MOVE YOUR ASSES NOW PEOPLE!"

/me is tripped by a Goshen Monk
/me takes off his boot and smashes the steel toe tip into the Monk's skull
/me puts his boot back on
"There seem to be more and more of these f00s! ALL HANDS DOUBLE TIME IT TO THE GUARDIAN!!!"

7th Aug 2001, 08:32 PM
Hmm, looking out of a window of the docking area i see an another ship disappearing.
'Jae to Gaurdian, look out theres another ship in the area.'
Damn them Monks and their heavy objects.

9th Aug 2001, 01:32 PM
Captains log, stardate 355987.25
"We are on course 214 mark five, follwing the ionic trail of the bioship. It disappears ten lightyears ahead. From there we will see how to proceed. The only thing I'm worried are the Goshen monks still on the station. We must deal with the upon our return.
Personal supplemental:
"Even as D-Stroya isn't in Starfleet anymore I'm glad he decided to join us. His monkey provide relaxation for the crew"

I'm on my quarters. There isn't much luxery on this ship. The hallways, and cabins are very spartanic. Everywhere you look you will see the purpose of this ship: Battle.
My cabin is the only one slightly bigger than the others. Still the only things here are a bed, a replicator and a computer terminal. The bed is stone hard and I won't even describe what came out of it when I ordered a pizza.
Suddenly my comminicator saves from this agony:
"D-Stroya to Captain. Come to the bridge, we have something interesting here"
"A pocketmonkey? Order one of the redshirts to send me one down"
"Please come. You have to see for yourself"
"On my way"
Nothing is ever done right here, if you don't do it yourself, I think when stepping out of the turbolift and entering the similar spartanic bridge.
"Captain it's a signal from Commander DeaJae on the bioship"
"He seems to be in trouble. Can you pinpoint his location"
"No, it's very garbled. But it matches with the ionic trail we are following"
"Thanks for stating the obvious"

9th Aug 2001, 02:47 PM
I was really lucky to make in onto the ship before it left. Some one said "Adventure" and "Hunting Aliens," and I said WOOOHOOO! I am SO in on that man! But they were in a hurry and almost left me. Good thing for them I'm quick on my toes. Speaking of which, I've got some lint to attend to.

After that, I had up to tactical to get a better idea of what we're doing, but a rough security guard tells me that it's off-limits to non personell. Shoot, I'm going to have to have a talk with 8472 about that.

So instead I go back to my quarters and set to hacking. Which isn't easy, this ship is much more up-to-date than the station, but I was able to get some idea of where we are going. We're headed toward a "bio" ship in order to stop some lady from . . . uh . . . leaving 8472? There's also these two bad dudes out there, really strong I hear, with power from a dark crystal. And then that one guy, SaintBeam, he seems to be pretty strong too.

In any case, there's going to be fighting so I brought along my arsenal. 8472 gave me permission as long as I could "keep it quite," since he knew we'd need fire power. Inventory:
6 MP5
6 AK47
3 SG3000
5 3006 Rifles
10 Plasma Launchers
3 Assult class Phasors
1 Plasma Web Laucher
15 Grenades

I'll distribute this loot when we get where we're going, it's too confined on this ship to just hand out this kind of stuff.

9th Aug 2001, 03:16 PM
"Once powerful Captain of the Hydran Fleet...We have watched you throughout your life and you have proven yourself. You must not fail your people. Your greatest trial is far away, but first you need to achieve your destiny." a Beautiful woman says, so beautiful she cannot exist.
'Ok, this is a vision isn't it..?'
"Yes, I am Piraxia, Princess of the Hydrans and chosen by the Collectors to represent them to you, and our race to them. In a few hours Galaxia will open up the path to our realm and expose us to the cosmic danger. We are not ready to return to the physical universe yet. This could kill us and the Universe will die without us here, Hurry! We will help as much as we can."
The Princess moves towards to kiss me, and the vision dies.
"....How long till we reach the Void?" i hear a evil voice.
"Unknown, it will take 5 hours to catch up with our plans, thanks to that inferior hiding our engine controls." now that voice is familar...?
'Kel'ter?..... WTF are you upto you cret'n?
"Awake at last... Wheres the Power crystal from the engines?"
'Eaten it.. Sorry'
"Always resourceful.. However they are toxic...?"
'Shame... And your always dumb enough to fall for anything"
He tries to punch me in hte stomach but a clever backflip while tied to a beam has him flying off somewhere.
"How about we cut the Inferior open?" says the Emperor-Goddess "No... Damn... This one seems to have something wrong with his mind. I'm going to lay down, Kel'ter take command!"
Off goes the Goddess. Leaving me wiht Kel'ter and several Guards.
'So hows you been?'
"Uhoh.... well since your starship disappeared, and then the whole Kingdom we decided the Prohechy came true and the Gods claimed our race. And the Goshen's seemed to worship a Restorer, so here i am."
'Ok, what if i said i was the Restorer?'
"only one way to find out.." he throws his dagger at my head and it stops about a inch before hitting me, suspended in midair.
'Sigh... Care to do the same to the Goddess?'
"Pah, any lame god can do that trick! We'll sort you out, lets say you've seen the light and joined us."
He moves to untie me and whispers.
"Explosives on deck 2, i'll eject the main cores, my crew will mutiny."
'Ok i accept... Only if the Goddess returns the Galaxy to its former Glory.'

9th Aug 2001, 03:48 PM
Damn, I've been sleeping pretty long...
If this computer has the correct date, I've been sleeping for a week!
Okay let's get to the bar.
*me walks out of my room*
What kind of a freak is that? That's a pretty big guy, with some strange skirt on and a hurde of GoshenMonks following him.
*HaloSupreme passes me*
Suddenly a monk screams: "Death to the son of the evil 8472!"
About 7 monks come in my direction and drive me back into my room. I get my Rocketlauncher and I blast 6 of 'em to another world. The last one touches my arm, I see alot of strange colors and I lose energy. With my last powers I kick the monk in the crotch. He falls down screaming that the Goddess will have her revenge.

Let's go and kill some Monks!!

12th Aug 2001, 01:36 PM
"Sir, the bioship is flying with low warp now"
"That's our chance. Lay in an intercept course. Maximum warp. Engage"

That is our chance. For hours the flew with the same speed as we, making it impossible to catch them. For some reason they slowed down now. Could they have technical problems? Are they trying to confuse us? Whatever the reason might be, we can't let this chance pass.

"We are closing in. Three million kilometers"
"Raise shields. Ready phasers and torpedo banks. Do a full scan of the ship"
"Sir, I'm picking up Cmd. DeaJea's communicator. He is definatly there"
"Or his corpse...can you beam him on board?"
"Only of they drop the shields"
"We can arrange that. Attack! Pattern omega alpha 5"

The Guadrian flys over the bioship, unleashing a barrage of deadly phaser fire. It's shields are flashing under the steady impact. Suddenly the bioship emmits are crimson red beam of energy from its nose, hitting the Guardian midship.
On the Guardian's bridge everyone is thrown out of his chair. The air is filling with smoke and the scent of burned curcuits and molten metal. Some consoles exploded and two ensigns in red shirts are lying on the floor...dead

"Sir, shields are down to 24%. Hull breaches on decks 2, 5, 7 and 8. We lost warp power."
"Keep firing. Can we beam him out yet?"
"No, their shields are holding at 80%"
"Lauch quantum torpedos. Pattern serria, target the shield generators on aft"
"That worked, they have an whole in the aft deflector!"
"Captain to tranporter room. Lock on Cmd DeaJae and beam him on board"
"I've got him. He looks pretty confused"
"Helm. Get us out of here"

Suddenly another energy blast jolts the ship. The bioship is leaving the scene of battle, leaving the Guardian adrift in space. The bridge is only illluminated by dim, red emergency lights.

"Sir, the shields are down now. We lost weapons, and impulse drive. We are drifting in space"
"The bioship is flying away", comes a shout from tactical
"Commander Kilham. Give me and estimation when we can have the ship repaired. Propulsion has stop priority. We need to get away from here. Send out a general distress signal"

12th Aug 2001, 04:05 PM
'Captain, i took out part of their engines. Theres some people aboard the bioship who are attempting to sabotage other systems as well. Proceeding to Engineering to see what damage you did to my ship. Jae out'
"Kilham here, Weapons and Engines are damaged quite a bit. Reading power surges in main core assembly."
'On my way, have a engineering team working on the torpedo launchers, as soon as we reset the main core and flush the remaining power out of the energy exchange matrix we'll have Beam weapons back'
"Sir?.... make it quick."
'Aye. Jae out.'
I run off to Engineering and see an Ensign get thrown out of a door by a blast.
Few minutes later the core is restarted and power is restored.
10 minutes on and the Launch systems are up, followed by shields 2 minutes later.
'Jae to Bridge, could you fire the Lasers at anything please.'
I pull a cover off the wall and put a bit of metal across the wires. sparks fly as the Guardian empties the power out of the Laser systems.
'That should do it. Bridge, hows it looking up there?'
"Launchers are working, Lasers are working above average, hyperspace engine failure, power is outputing above average."
'Holdon on the engines, i need a hand down here. Kilham.. you detecting Prophethium in the drives?'
"Ummm, detecting something not right down there."
'Ok shunting power all the way back, this will make us catch up to the bioship. Holdon tight or get left behind'
The ship shakes and rumbles as it is forced forward by igniting Prophethium. then suddenly throws itself beyond the speed of light.
'Bridge i suggest activating the engines so we have some control.'

12th Aug 2001, 04:29 PM
Ughh....man what happened? The last thing I remember is......those damn Goshens! They tried to use me as an assassin but something broke their hold on my mind.
[Looks down]

Well it looks like I'm back to normal (in every way) but I'm still in the buff. Whoa this place is a mess! Scorched twisted metal, smoldering deck plates,missing floors.....Must have been quite a party. And like most good parties, I can't remember much of anything about it.

[Walking around in the stations lower deck reckage....]

Hey what's this? It looks like it was some kind of armor....hmmm,I bet I could make something out of this that should appease the modesty code.

[Hearing a scurring sound he turns around quickly only to see a yellow blur from the corner of his eye]

What the frag was that? There's something down here besides myself. Hey, there it goes again. Uhh, hello?

[there is scilence....]

Look I'm not not gonna hurt you.....unless your Goshen, in which case I'm gonna break my foot off in your a....

Unknown: Pi?

No, not quite the word I was going for but...

Unknown: Pi..picka...chu..picka..pi.

Ok...I am now officially in an episode of the Outer Limits.

Picka: Pi...Ka...CHU!!!!!

I find myself losing consiousness again as the creature blasts me with electric energy.

[Within HaloSupreme's mind]

No Wendy, this is the last mission...honest. Look it's just a routine test flight of a new craft before it get's final goverment approvial. Ah, waiter....we'll have the white wine to start and the....hey you look mighty familiar sir. Have we met...

Waiter: Might I suggest the special tonight sir? It's Lumen truffels in a transmetal cheese sauce. Galaxia raves about it.

What are you talking about? I...Wendy wait! Where are you going? [He gets up to leave after his wife but the waiter leans over him to say...]

Waiter: The Lady would like a word with you, sir.

What, hey get off of me! I've got to go after my wife....she.....

[As Halo pushes the waiter out off his way, his sentence is interupted by a woman sitting across the table where Wendy was.]

Galaxia: She is of no importance now. There is far more at stake and I still need your help. Please try to consentrate. Communicating with you like this is very draining. The bio-ship has awoken and is being controlled by rouge Goshen monks. They think that they can control the dark power that gives it life but they are fools. The Dark Lord Demacore is....close! He can't be allowed....to...get...

Wait, I remember that voice...You were the one that was talking to me from that Lumen Orb. Yes it's all comming back to me now. Your Galaxia....uh Galaxia?

Galaxia: Can't....continue this.....Use the Pika....energy for your ship...hurry....say these words when you arrive...uhh..."Orb of splender.....grant me your might...awake the form of a Lumen Knight....ahggg...uhhh..."

Galaxia? Galaxia!?


Picka: Pi?

Pi? I got your Pi....come here you little rat!

12th Aug 2001, 04:39 PM
I get up off the floor burnt and confused.
'Ok bridge, think we blew out the engines, looks like we are stuck.'
"We have very little power up here, commander. What happened?"
'Didn't you engage the engines?'
"Hmmm nope."
'Thats what happened, we blew out our power grid, it won't regenerate for another 15 hours. Better get some parts from the station s well.'

13th Aug 2001, 02:12 AM
We pull up around the bio-ship, to see the Guardian get wiped.

"Hehehe, weak pathetic humans, so trusting of your technology. Fools. Soon, I will rule you, if only because you can not defend youselves."

"Would you just shut UP Malice!?"

"Getting a little worried"

Got to keep his thoughts away from my plan, week minded, I'll show him a thing or two, "No, I'm just sick of you dissing my species, and I will make trouble for you. You may not think much of me, but a little push from me at the right moment could make a lot of trouble for you. So knock it OFF!"

"You have no room to quarrel with me. Perhaps you need me to show you that I AM the strongest being in the universe."

Malice moves into position, totally invisible to radar. The only ones who know that he/we are here are psychics, SaintBeam (I hope that guy lightens up and helps me. I'll need him to weaken Unicron in order for me to take over), Demacore, Halo (maybe. I thought I might have sensed something from him, but I don't know) and Galaxia.

Malice forms an energy around him which allows him to slip under the shields and onto the hull.

"Prepare yourselves! Malice has come!"

With that he absorbs a section of the hull, making him/us a little stronger, and making a hole at the same time. He then moves into the ship and them down the hall to an airlock.

After passing through, we are in a large circular room, with SaintBeam in the middle.

"Welcome" he says, "I've known you'd be here sooner or later. And I know why you are here. I can not allow you to go farther."

"Is that so?" Malice hisses, "Well, we'll just see about that."

Malice prepares to fight, as does SB. Some major smack-down is about to happen here!

"SaintBeam, can you hear me? Malice can't yet, so listen. I'm that engineer from the Proxima Alpha, we were fused for a while. If you can weaken Unicron, I can help you defeat him"

And so, the clash of the Titans ensues.

13th Aug 2001, 04:46 AM
Where the hell did everyone go? Let's check the log...
That chick that dad was hanging out with was evil? THAT'S HILARIOUS! Wait, they're after her. I have to get on a ship!

*DC runs away to look for a ship*

Great, there's still one here.

*DC hops in and tries to get the ship running*

Wolf Blackstar
13th Aug 2001, 10:17 PM
In my experience with StarFleet it seems that one factor remains unchanging as far as their shipbuilding goes. StarFleet craft are the cutting edge in high-technology and comfort. They incorporate only the newest, lightest materials and in doing so, allow for excellent shielding and maneuverability without sacrificing space that is utilized for the best computer technology this side of the Delta Quadrant.

In my opinion, they're underpowered and poorly armored pieces of plastic and synthetics that rely too much on energy shielding and fancy equipment to get them through a tight situation.

My ship is built like I am; solid and tough. Name's Wolfram Blackstar by the way, most folks call me Wolf. I'm a space marine. At least I used to be a space marine, back in the days when the military held sway over my home planet of Sulamar. Those were the good days, until the government gradually decayed and the people chose to elect representatives from the other dominant political party - Sulamar's conglomerate of industrial mega-corporations. They're calling the shots now, and what was once a proud race of warriors decided instead to join the Federation and use our factories and military facilities to aid with StarFleet's exploration of space. That was when I was still 100% human, of course.

Yep. In the last major battle, I got too close to the blast radius of an exploding quantum torpedo. They said mind was the only thing that was untouched. As it is now, my bones are made of steel - better than steel, reinforced duro-adamantite alloy, actually. I suppose I owe my life to StarFleet, since it was one of their experiments that allowed me to come back - despite being more machine than man, I feel incredibly the same as I did before. Not to mention, this technology makes me look human too - only the most detailed of scans will betray me to any suspects.

I've adapted to life after the government disbanded us - I suspect many others have done the same, and the galaxy is probably rife with ex-Sulamarian space marines operating as mercenaries for Starfleet. That's how I got this assignment. I was ordered to report to Deep Space Station Proxima Alpha to help fend off what seemed to be an invasion of strange lifeforms. On the way, however, I picked up a distress signal. When I checked the ship's registry codes I discovered that its commanding officer was in fact 8-4-7-2, the very man I needed to see about my assignment. I redirected the ship to the source of the distress signal, at maximum power.

Yes, my ship. It's a little bigger than a heavy shuttle used by StarFleet today, and carries the configuration of Assault Shuttle. She's got an array of quantum torp launchers slung in pods on her belly and sides, as well a forward-firing synchronized of Gatling mass-drivers - I'm not really a fan of the energy weapons used by StarFleet.. As far as appearances go, most folks call her "The Brick." This baby has more steel in it than Federation warships do. They also describe the interior as "primitive, metallic, and uncomfortable." I call it home.

The floor shudders as the ship locks onto the new coordinates and her twin fusion arrays bring her to warp. Her warp cores are buried deep in her spaceframe, heavily shielded and armored. She also packs about 3 times the thrust a ship this size has, and despite her blocky appearance, turns on a dime.

I'm at the other ship in minutes. Typical StarFleet configuration, designation Guardian. She's been hit pretty badly, and looks like all StarFleet vessels do when they lose their shields. That's not catching me by surprise though - that honour goes to another ship that's high-tailing it just as I arrive. Gotta be the damn weirdest ship I've ever seen, almost completely....organic...in appearance. Only time for one good look before it hits warp and jumps out.

Though I know the threat is probably past, I keep my shields fully charged and my weapons armed as I approach - this is wild space after all, and anything can happen. I transmit identification, and await a response. From the looks of things, I'd say they could use all the help they could get.

13th Aug 2001, 11:15 PM
One thing I will say for the feds, is that things are never boring around here. Now I've got blood oozing down my forehead. Stupid table, never should have been there, should have been in THAT corner. Oh well, a little ointment and a band-aid and I'm as good as new.

I start down a corridor to see what trouble . . . er, help, I can give the crew. Then I notice, through a port-hole, a large steel brick heading our way, looks kinda like a space-craft, but not one that I've ever . . . Wait, it looks like a Sulamarian got ahold of a fed shuttle. Interesting design.

So, I head out to find what I can of this stranger.

14th Aug 2001, 11:56 AM
Ah, I was finally able to repair my shuttle pod and make a few modifications to the drive system. Well little Pikachu, it's time to make like lightening and bolt. (It doesn't appear to look happy about the restraints and electro-prods I attached to it.) Well that's what you get for shocking the daylights out of me in the first place. Besides there's some place that I have to be and fast so make with the gigawatts you furry little....Oh great! Here come some more of those wacked out Goshens. As much as I would like to settle their feathered behinds right now I just don't have the time for a confrontation.

Goshen mob: There...there is our hand of vengence. We must reestablish control over him!!

Come on you electric rodent! It's now or never and quite frankly I don't look forward to taking up the role of "Goshen pawn" again.

Pika: :mad: Pi, PIKACHU!

Alright! You asked for it! (I didn't want to have to do this but here goes.)

[At the flick of a switch, Halo drains the phaser energy cells he found scattered about the station and directs it into the containment unit the Pika is held within. The excess energy floods into it uncontrolably,causing it to reach critical mass.]

There we go. I'm reading full power to all systems with a little to spare. Powering up engines! Time to bid this freaked up station a fond farwell.....HEY! Get off the hood you Goshen goons!

Goshen mob: No, You mustn't go! We must....reeducate you. Kill 8-4-7-2!

I'm about to kill something alright and it ain't 8472!
Com system on! <"Welcome to HaloSuperme's first annual wennie roast! You'll find the buns to the left of the cargo bay and liquid refreshments to the right. Oh and you'll be playing the part of the weenies!"> Engines on full, Maximum BURN!!

[Breaking orbit of the station....]
It's amazing how much those goshens sound like pigs squealing when the're being burned alive....oh well, next stop the bioship. Hope I'm not too late Galaxia.

14th Aug 2001, 12:21 PM
'Ummm Captain?... Whats going on outside the ship, i sense something ahppening...'
Suddenly the ship starts rocking.
"Unknown, we have no sensors, personal scanners are picking up energy displacements all over the ship's hull. Kilham is trying to get the scanners up and running from up here."
'Hmmmm this isn't good, i think theres a problem with the Phase discriminator on the sensor's ill just check it.' I look over a section and into a panel. 'Yes, its misaligned holdon.'
I whack it with a neutron hammer and its realigned throwing out a lot of electricity.
"Main sensors are now running thourgh the personal scanners. And we had proper lighting up here for a second."
'I'll try and fix that next, really need more engineers working. Been working non stop for 2 hours and got one shield, partial power and a Beam emitter working. Can you see how damaged the Main Bio-power grid is?'
"Hard to tell."
'I'll be up there in a minute, this rumbling seems to have stopped for a while.'

14th Aug 2001, 03:29 PM
For the last four hours the crew was busy trying to fix the ships. Every man and woman is swarming around like Rigulian fireants. The advanced are slow. Engineering informed me that the core matrix is molten. This means the warp core is inporable. We don't have warp speed, and what's even worse no energy. The emergency energy comes from storage deuterium cells. But at this rate our resources will have depeleted in 72 hours. We need a very rare element known as Corzanium to fix it.
If I think about it, what's even worse, is that we have to eat that disgusting Starfleet emergency rations. Dehydrated peaches and crackers taste like something from under my shoe.

Commander DeaJae always managed to confuse one with technobabble. However he managed to link the external sensors with our tricorders. Better then nothing.

Computer: "Danger! Proximity alert"
"What's that? Scan the vicinity."
"There is a small shuttle coming by. Definatly a Starfleet engine configuration. But the hull is strange. It's mostly metal."
"Hail it. Audio only"
"Com channel open"
"This is the federation vessel USS Guardian under Captain 8472. Identify yourself"
"I'm Commander Wolf Blackstar from the..erm "The Brick". I was assigned Proxima Alpha. En route I picked up your distress signal."
"Very well Commander. Dock your ship at the shuttle bay"
"Get some ensigns down there, to pull open the hangar doors"

Suddenly our situation doesn't seem so bad. I take the acess tubes down to the shuttle bay, to greet our newest crewmember.
The doors to the bay open slowly, with a supressed hiss. The ship sure looks strange. It is painted with comoufladge colours, and has 2 somewhat antique particle weapons on each nacelle.

"Now, that's something I haven't seen yet" I say out loud.
"I'm sure of that. I built it myself", says a stranger from behind the ship"
"You must be Commander Blackstar"
"That's right sir"
"You must be a highly decorated officer, to be assigned here"
"I fought in the Lorg Wars. In the battle of Victor Prime. Out of 114 ships in our fleet, 92 were destroyed"
"Sorry to hear that. But we can exchange war stories later. We have more urgent problems at hand. Do you know where we can find Corzanium"
"Mhhh, that's a very rare material. But I tink my warpcore contains a few microgram of it. I don't like this, but if you promise exchange, we could cannibalize it.
"You have my word"
"Ok sir. I will get right to work"

edit some small part, because it interfered with Wolf's first post

14th Aug 2001, 04:24 PM
I pull open a turbo lift door to find a turbolift stuck on the deck below.
'Jae to Ensign bailey, how long beofre the Cores are at operating temperature range?'
"15 minutes sir, I'd advise you take the emergency stairwell at the middle of the craft, then your'll only have to climb 3 decks to the bridge instead of 10. Also the Turbolift processors and main computer have not been lushed, so any turbolifts re-intialized will operate with last orders."
'Acknowledged, Jae out.'
I begin to climb up the Shaft at fairly medium pace.
10 minutes and ive reached deck 4. I hear a noise from below and the shaft lighting starts coming back on.
'oh crap.... Jae to....'
The Turbo catches me and throws me up a deck as it hits a broken light.
'uhhoooo Argggggh!' Luckily i catch the ladder just below the bridge door. I climb up and pull it open.
'Ok, what the hell did you do to my ....'
I look up and see an almost empty and destroyed bridge.
'Hey no worries captain just burn it down, destroy it as much as you can... Computer, Edit the Damage report, Turbo lifts are still broken.'
I look at the Scanner Kilham has rigged up and see a pattern in the distrubances of this area of space.
'Jae to Captain 8472.... Sir we gotta move this ship and quick.. I'd say about 15 minutes before whatever is trying to merge into this galaxy actaully does with us inside them.'
Hmmm no response.
'Gonna move this ship even if i have to gt out and push it. Rear shield is working, maybe if we repolarize it and use a shuttles hyperspace field, that should push us a bit.'

15th Aug 2001, 01:49 AM
MaliceBeam: So we meet again SaintBeam. I'm sure you knew it would come to this. Darkness and Light, Good and Evil....you can't escape the cosmic balance that has drawn us to this final confrontation. Usually in such a case the playing field would be balanced...you might call it the "Oroboros" factor. But as you can see,thanks to the human I'm fused with....I like to think of him as "essence of primate".....I have more than enough power to kick your sorry goody good candy-pants behind back to the stone age.

Shut up and dance....Malice!

Malice: So your eager to die? I like that in a victim.

[Malice pulsating with dark energy, jumps back with a blurred speed that even SaintBeam could not track. Malice then took a battle stance and begain channeling his energy for an attack.]


[At the speaking of the attack, an intense funnel of death energy blasts forward at SaintBeam, giving him micro seconds to dodge.]

Ok..I see you brought your "A-Game".

Malice: Hahahahaha...You thought that was representative of my best? HAhaha,fool! That was just a fart. Perhapse I should hold back some, in the intrest of fairness...hmmm?

Don't do me any favors....."LUCENT WAVE"!

Malice: Yawn....huh, what...oh I'm sorry. Was that an attack or were you sending off a signal flare? I know you can do better than that. Or are you trying to show Galaxia how goody goody you are?

Wha...what are you talking about? "CIZIM SKY RUSH"!!

Malice:That was a little better. I guess I struck a nerve...."NOCTERNAL CASCADE!!"
[SB, unable to dodge the massave attack, was blown 5 decks up and paralized on the left side of his body. Desperatily trying to struggle to his feet, five Goshens come storming into the partally destroyed room.]

Rouge Goshen commander: Well,well.... will you look at what we have here. Another federation stowaway no doubt. You don't look to good, fed sabotor. What happened, one of your bombs go off in your face? Hahahaaa. You fed scum won't stop us and you won't get away with defiling our Goddes....uh...aghhhhh!!!!.......

Malice: Well that went on way too long don't you think Saint? Hahahaha....slurp,sip scrunch....slurp.....ummm....that's good Goshen. Nothin' sweeter then rotten souls....slurp...ahh. You remember this part don't ya Saint? You should, you devoured your share of hapless victims over the centuries.

No! That wasn't me...that was you...all you.

Malice: Now, now saint. There's no use denying it...you did it and you enjoyed every minute of it. The feel of those reched souls corsing through you, sustaining you all those centuries.

Shut UP you fiend! Your the embodyment of evil itself. You twist the truth at every chance. You are corruption and you must be destroyed!

Malice: Perhapse I am but I'm your corruption. I'm your dark side or at least I was. Now I'm a free agent. Free of your weak light and your hypocrisy. Unlike you, I know what I am and your no better. "REAPER'S SLASH" Heh,heh....you know it's true saint. You might as well give it up. I know your a monster, you know it...and the Goddess knows it to. Why do you think she stopped communicating with you so long ago? She knew then what a failure of a creation you were and left you to rot alone on this ship!

Liar! You are the abomination.....your the reason I lost my connection to Galaxia! You were born of the Dark Heart's influence...you are not a part of me!!
[Malice moves in close to SB and grabs his face and says...]

Malice: But you let me in. Hahahahaha. Good bye SaintBeam. Oh don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you right away....first I'm gonna gut you alive, then pull your arms and legs off for fun.

[Malice leans in even closer and says in a wisper...]

Malice: Then I'm gonna do the same to the goddess. You loose SaintBeam. Now let's see what you had for lunch.

[ Ca-Thunk....SLIT...Breeeeeeeeetttt.....]

Malice: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhghhhh!!!!!

[Malice is thrown accross the room by a concentrated beam of light eminating from SaintBeam's slit open chest.]

Malice: L..light..filthy pure light...burning....aghhh....bastard! Y..you had the Lumen Orb hidden within your body all this time!
You were letting me get the upper hand all along!!

You...aghh..catch on...quick genius!

Malice: Well two can play that game. I was going to wait until I destroyed you before I claimed the power of the Dark Heart half but now....it's on, you son of a blip.

[With that, Malice retreats to the lower parts of the ship to claim the power of the Dark Heart]

Aghhh...uhaahaaha...yeah run Mal...I'll be waitin' for ya. (Come on Galaxia. I need to use the power of the Lumen Orb to fight this guy but I can't while your essence still resides within it.)

Galaxia: Do not fear SaintBeam, the fusion of my spirit and body is almost complete. Hold on as long as you can...even now a Lumen Knight races here to aid you.....you...must hold....on.....

Yes Goddess...I shall not fail you....this time.

Wolf Blackstar
15th Aug 2001, 11:03 AM
Corzanium.....a rare metal once used in ships. You can't find it in modern starship drives, and it isn't processed by commercial facilities anymore. Hence, it simply can't be found.......except in the "ancient" warp core onboard my ship. I'm a bit wary of removing my primary power source, but it's clear that this starship isn't going anywhere without it. Besides, I can easily gather materials to construct a replacement warp core for the Brick later.

It's only the work of a few minutes to dismantle the heavy armor plates and rad-shielding, then disconnect the power channels, and finally expose the core itself. Slapping that sucker in a rad-proof case, I'm on my way to Engineering within 5 more minutes. It'll be interesting to see what this ship's power system looks like, and I'm eager to make this core work.

Before leaving my ship, I grab a couple weapons just in case - Since this is the only thing that'll fix this ship, I wouldn't want to be jumped, and since the Guardian's shields are down, anything hostile could beam in here in seconds. I reached into the weapons locker just aft of my seat in the cockpit, and gathered a few favorites. Slung at my side in my belt holster, I carried my .44 Magnum Mega Class, a nice weapon from another conflict in another time. Strapped to my left leg is another nasty machine, a shotgun sawed down as far as possible without reducing its magazine capacity. It's loaded with an alternating ratio of anti-personnel shot and armor-piercing slugs.

Then there's the kicker: I reach into the locker one more time and sling the PGC over my shoulder. The Plasma Gauss Cannon is on StarFleet's "naughty list" - this thing mixes chain lightning with superheated matter in a state between liquid and gas, then focuses it in a constant beam. Back in the Lorg Wars, this baby was in demand. The Lorg could never adapt to it because it simply consumed and vaporized them. Not even bots can withstand its attack, melting into solid blocks instead. With this much firepower in an infantry weapon, its no wonder that Starfleet does everything they can to keep it out of most people's hands.

I secured the weapons locker and my ship, then headed quickly down to engineering to do my part.

15th Aug 2001, 05:32 PM
<Stupid . . . How could I not see what he was hiding? It was giving off so much energy . . .>

<So, you're not as strong as you thought.>

<YOU! SHUT UP! I don't want to hear any more of you human!>

<You only say that because you're stuck with me a bit longer. We both know you could have killed him. But then you wouldn't have had even enough strength to absorb more. Would you?>

<Quiet, you know nothing.>

<Don't I? I'm part of you, I know everything about you and what you can do. Or rather, what you CAN'T do.> Thrakhath added with a bit of a sneer. The creature called Unicron continued his mad plunge though the ship, toward the dark heart that would make him whole.

Suddenly the world around him dropped away, and both were left in total darkness.

<What is this? What did you do human?>

<Don't you recognize your own heart Malice? Pure Darkness. This is the battlefield of the mind. Here, I will fight you.>

Malice turned to see that his "slave" was no longer bound by the shackles which Malice had made. Instead he was dressed in a gleaming armor and ready to fight. The Lumin orb had freed him.

<Very well, you will gain nothing.>

And so a furious battle ensued, both firing blast of mental energy at the other in a blackness that absorbed all light.

<MEGA CYCLONE BEAM!> Thrakhath fired off a thick blue-white beam toward Malice. Malice grinned, and vanished just as the attack was about to vaporize him.

<FIST OF THE SHADOW!> Malice was suddenly behind Thrkahath and unleashed a blow sending him flying.

Thrakhath spun in mid-space a flung a ball of energy at the villian. Malice defelcts the shot and retuns with one of his own. Thrakhath barely dodges, finding himself dodging INTO Malice, who quickly reacts and sends Thrakhath into the ground.

Malice lands, and walks towards the still body of Thrakhath. <Poor fool, I tohught you could do more than that.> Malice kicks the lump, only to find Thrakhath is longer in it, it collapses. <WHA . . .> Malice is cut off by an elbow in his back.

<Never assume that you've beaten me!>

<ARRRRGH!> Malice recovers and starts a close range fist fight at a hyper speed. After several second of vacuous blows, Malice lands a good one across Thrakhath's chin. Stunning him for a second, then Malice chages another Shadow Punch, and this time lands it full-force, sending him down for the count.

Then both are back to reality, with barely a second having past.

"Foolish human, you cannot resist me."

[Thrakhath's private thoughts]
Shoot, I thought he might be weak enough. I'll have to wait till the next battle."
[/Thrakhath's private thoughts]

Unicron continues to the core where the Dark Heart is kept, the Goshen's offering little to even slow down the powerful, evil being.

After a few seconds it is complete.

<Now, let us find SaintBeam. HehehehahahaHAHAHAH! MWAHAHA!>

15th Aug 2001, 05:49 PM
The Captain walks onto the bridge and attempts to sit in my chair im im in it.
Captain 8472 jumps forward.
"Don't do that"
'Don't wreck my ship. We have some sort of displacement wave forming in this area of space,seems to be a solid object. Possibly a planet or a damn big ship. We are using a shuttle explosion to push us to safety.'
Ship shakes violently for a few seconds, then computer beeps into life.
'We are clear. Now sensors say we are ahead of the Bio ship by 2 hours, think we should get a team aboard and then catch up when repaired?'
"Not sure yet. Isn't the heating systems on. Its freezing up here."
'I thinkso, considering everyone else is sweating like mad. I'll be in Engineering.'
I walk to the turbolift to find it working.
'Oh yes.. Do Not break anything else. If this ship needs to fight i need to be here. Otherwise, go through the Ships specs and battle procedures.'

15th Aug 2001, 05:56 PM
-bleep- This is Captain 8472, identify yourself. -bleep-

It's me, your son! I'm glad I found you!

-bleep- how did that little brat find us... Oh, err, hi son! -bleep-

I'm flying in... C u in a few minutes!

15th Aug 2001, 06:02 PM
We noticed a strange subspace anomalie. An asteroid faded out of subspace at excactly out position. If we hadn't a mission this would be an excellent object of scientific study. Maybe some time else. We are here to fight a battle.
And if it weren't for Commander DeaJae's swift action we wouldn't be able to that either. He used a shuttle's thrusters to propel is just out of the distortion field.

Commander WolfBlackstar - I hope he doesn't mind if I call him Wolf - dismantelled his ship's core to supply us with some Corzanium. One our later the ship had secondary energy back, and we are moving with warp two to the bioship, which is stillahead of us.

But we got alllies. My son somehow managed to get on Dirty_Dinkum's ship and find us here. Now they are on a parallel course to us, and I will talk to Captain Dinkums, if he wan't to taske command over is ship. When it comes to the battle, we need an experienced man there.
And I'm sure we will have to fight. Long range scans from the Brick showed a Goshen temple ship and a seconds unidentified battlecruiser - probably the Metafuka - a dozen lightyears away.
In times like this I wished our cloaking device wouldn't have been destroyed. Strange, I servered on so many ships, and none had a cloak, but now I feel naked without it

15th Aug 2001, 06:34 PM
'Ok pass me the new Regulator casing.' I shout upto a Ensign from below the main core.
"One mark 2 Plasma regulator Sir" says a familar female voice. I come out and look up and see a favourite from my academy days.
"Lt. De'veler, Seriam De'veler. Y don't you just look at me and try and remember.."
'ARGHH! No! Not the grapefruit incident!'
"Woah, that was before my time DeeJ.."
'Oh yer... How about we get main power up and have breakfast later. How the hell did you hide from me all this time?'
"Umm that Plasma is dripping over your uniform.."
'Crap.. too hot to work in these things anyway, least the plasma can't melt them.' I return to fitting the regulator when another person says something outside.
*Clunk* 'Owwwie... That must be Commander Blackstar...'
"Woah... Talking shoes..."
'Been through that already, the Plasma vapour is intoxicating when first inhaled. Right Lt. Please get out of the way.'
I get out, wipe some plasma off my uniform and whack the side of the core with a wench. It promptly comes back to life..
'Learned that with mark 1's. Never make contact until your out of there.'
Little shake as the plamsa ignites in the bottom of the core. Lights come on, Computer screens burst into life.
'Captain, we have main power back online. Proceeding to tweak the engines again. Jae out.'
'Right lets close this core up so its safe.'
Me and the LT. push the heavy access panel back into the core a little, Blackstar helps and closes it the rest.
'Nice work Team, we all deserve a break. If not a raise. Status report.'
"Structural intregety at 98%" Says a ensign manning the Hull systems.
"Beam weapons 98%, launchers 95%, Shields at full capacity, working at 100%" Says Tactical
"Sensors are at 50%, Deflector dish is barely working. internal sensors and damage control is at 100%." Says Science
"Power production is at 99.9%, Engines are ok to take upto warp 9. Batteries at 70%." Says my favourite Lt. "And replicators work."
'OK people. We are now at level 3 repair status, at your own time people, go get some sleep, you've deserved it. Jae to Bridge, Ship is virtauly repaired, just waiting on Sensors and Bio-Power distrubution network to regenerate. Relieved most of the Engineering crew. Jae out'
"Hehe, your still using the old method of avoiding agruing with senior officers then?" Asks that young Beautiful Lt.
'Best way ive found. Need a damn coffee and a shower.'
"I'll meet you in the Mess Hall in a hour."

16th Aug 2001, 02:07 AM
Molecucore: Clone Commander Molecucore reporting for duty Lord Demacore.

Ah, welcome to the show Molecucore. Your timing is perfect. As you can see we've finally cought up to this elusive wreak and I want you to lead a bording party to retrieve something in it.

Molecucore: I am of course, at your service Lord. What is the item in question that you want us to aquire?

It is called the Dark Heart Crystal and it looks like....[opens chest module]...this. The other half of my crystal is aboard that ship. Retrieve it at all cost and feel free to destroy the ship if you....aghhhh!!! What is this..!?!

Molecucore: Lord? What's....

I..I can see everything now. Up until now I could only faintly detect the crystal. It's power was tied into the vessel itself, thus masking the Dark Heart's energies from my direct detection. All of that has just changed because someone has detached it from the ship and is now using it for themselves. Since the ship is now effectivily dead I can now see all of the lifeforms on board that were hidden behind the ships own bio-signature.

Molecucore: How would you like us to proceed Lord?

The same as before. These revelations change nothing...but there is one lifeform that seems familiar somehow....hmmm perhapse I'll accompany you.....

Crewmen: Sir the sensers are picking up multiple space craft headed for our current position.

Ahh...more fat for the fire. The're obviously after my crystal aswell. I do so hate competition. Molecucore, you and the dreadclones go to the bioship as ordered....I'll coordinate things from here.

Molecucore: Yes Lord!

Now I think a little show of power is in order. Bring us out of stelth mode. I want these unwanted "guests" to see what the're up against.

Crewmen: Yes sir. Stelth mode disengaged. <Breep, Breep> Sir....transmetal signature approching rapidly! I believe it's the same signature we picked up earlier.

Tractor beam it as soon as it's in range....and if you can't lock on to it before it reaches the bioship....destroy it. I don't want any surprizes.

17th Aug 2001, 11:50 AM
'Captain, We are now entering Old Hydran Terrority. The Bel'tlar Temple is located in subspace here, if that is near or even reaches it we could be in trouble.'
'We are still at least a hours away, All systems are ready. Im off duty now, don't wreck anything.'
I proceed to mess hall to meet with the Lt. As i walk in i see her, with her hair dow, but a different colour.
'I swear you were Blond earlier'
"Hehe, Blond isn't my natural colour. I thought you knew that."
'Now if i remember correctly, you prefer being called Kim?'
"Yep.. So wheres these drinks then?"
'I Keep forgeting your pyschic.'
We talk for about a hour until Yellow alert sounds.
'I see you later. The Captains about to wreck my ship again...'
"This your Ship? Maybe thats what made me come on board."
'Just keep out of trouble ok.' I run off towards the Bridge.
I Arrive to find the crew unoblivous to whats out there.
'Captain... Somethings out there. RED ALERT!'
A Large ship decloaks on viewscreen
'Hold your fire. Helm, skim close to their hull, hit it if you have to. Tactical, only fire at certain weapons. Everyone else, Trust me.'
The Guardian moves closer to the huge ship dodging their fire and flying very close to their hull. Few Scraps and small hits later, the Gaurdian is round the back and filling the engine outlets with torpedoes.
"Sir their shields are down, do you wish to capture the ship?"
'No open hailing frequencies, perhaps they will listen now.'
"channel open sir."
'Captain, you want to go ahead?'
The Captain looks in a state of shock how our ship is undamaged and how we disabled the other ship.
'Fine. This is Federation Starship Guardian to Unidentifyed Vessel. You are in Terrority set aside for archealogical work. Please leave or your ship wil be confiscated.'

18th Aug 2001, 10:01 AM
We finally dicovered the strange subspace signature. It was indeed a cloaked cruiser. After a short skirmish we disabled their ship. My crew wanted to destroy the ship, but I saw a better use of it. I ordered to open a com channel, and a strange man with a goatee appeared on the view screen. Seemed he wanted to look like a bad guy really deperatly, but I had to laugh at it.

"I am Lord Demacore. You are the one to surrender your ship. muhhaaa"
"You in no position to make claims Lord Goatee...eh Demacore. Your ship is without energy"
"Are you making fun of me, Starfleet"
[hysterical laughter on the bridge]
"No, [hahah] I just want to make you an proposal"
We are probably searching the same ship as you. It has an organic signature"
"That ship is mine! Don't dare to touch it!"
"Don't be foolish. We can double our chance to catch it. And currently one of our crewmembers is on board."
"I will consider your request. Leave this area now! I will find you anywhere"

As we don't have any time to lose it's best to follow this "advice"
"Helm, resume intercept course. Maximum warp."
"Aye, intercepting in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 59 seconds"
"Very well"

I have another conversion to do with my Son. I make a slight turn with my comfy chair, to reach the console to my left. I open a channel to Captain Dirty_Dimkum's ship.
"Acting Captain Disturbed Creation here"
"Hello son"
"What do you want?"
"What did you think when coming here. This is too dangerous. We might all die!"
"I'm old enough to care about myself"
"Maybe, but Dirty_Dinkums will come over and take command of the ship. He has more experience than you"
"You have no right to do that!"
"I have every right. This is my mission, and it's his ship"
"Well, alright then. It would have been fun"
"It still can be fun. Take care of yourself. That ship isn't the newest"

18th Aug 2001, 10:55 AM
The Captain had a very good idea, but i sense this vessel holds a darker secret. I sense the same power from when i tried to interfere with Galaxia, and now im getting headaches.

'Science station.. Have you detected any structures in subspace or any anomalous readings?'
"No solid objects in subspace. Demacores ship is producing large amounts of metaphasic energy. Detecting a surge of it, about 100 times greater."
'what the?....' Lost conscious.
I wake up in sick bay seeing the unknown doctor poke me with something.
"Ah awake at last. Where do you think your going?"
I say nothing as i try to get out and run into the Captain
"I suggest you stay here Commander."
Saying nothing i proceed back to the medical bay.
"The Moment you collapsed, our shields was taking alot of strain from that metaphasic energy."
'Its something on their ship, either i can somehow absorb metaphasic energy or it was targeted.'
"Wierd. We shall investigate it later. The metaphasic energy has gone since we got away from their vessel."
"Meanwhile wear this. It should cut out 90% of the metaphasic energy from being absorbed, sustainable for you to keep the shield safe for at least 72 hours." says the doctor.
'Least we'll have a early warning of when his ship is near.'
"Lt. De'veler to Commander Jae, I do hope your not planning to get yourslef killed."
'No Kim, Whats up?'
"I've devised a way to stop the metaphasic energy from getting thru our shields. Now running tests in engineering, Remember Metaphasic energy corrodes Dilithium."
'On my way.'

18th Aug 2001, 12:45 PM
I'm making incredible time now. The last time the shuttle moved this fast was when I was diving into that black hole. Hmm....the sensers are picking up some com traffic. Lets see if I can tune into....there we go.

<"You in no position to make claims Lord Goatee...eh Demacore. Your ship is without energy">

<"No, [hahah] I just want to make you an proposal"
We are probably searching the same ship as you. It has an organic signature">

<"Don't be foolish. We can double our chance to catch it. And currently one of our crewmembers is on board.">

What the hell? Those star fart losers must be flipping out or something. Having a full conversation with no one, on an open channel? Don't know what those yoyo's are drinking over there but forget them. I've got a mission to complete. I'm on my way Galaxia.

18th Aug 2001, 03:15 PM
<Hehehe, I am nearly complete now, soon all will . . .>

<Are you STILL talking to yourself Malice? You do realize that I'm the only one who can hear your brain's rattle. Oh wait, you do know. You're just not confident enough to tell anyone else, you just like to pick on me because I can't fight back.>

<FOOL! Don't mock me. *clams down* Well, I'll have to make your death quite painful. You've been a great deal of trouble to me, but soon you WILL die.>

<Oh, so I have been causing you trouble? I thought that I was insignificant to you?>

<Heh, you twist words well, but you will need more than that to stop me.>

[Thrakhath's private thoughts]
*smirk* If only he knew, one word WILL stop him if I can jst get him weak enough. I'm counting on you Saint. Let's hope you hold up better then last time . . .
[/Thrakhath's private thoughts]

Unicron continues, unstoppably through the bioship. Even once in a while, a few Goshens, or the ships own little critters, will try to stand in the way. But it's like the Pillsbury Doughboy trying to stop a steamroller, they don't even slow him down before their energy is absorbed.

Unicron rounds a corner, SaintBeam's energy just ahead, stronger now, and he runs down a hall to a balcony and leaps out into the open air. Coming down without a sound, landing on the metal floor of a large cargo bay.

"Looks like a nice little arena you've set up here Saint. A good place to die."

"It is not I who will die today Unicron. Galaxia has knighted me as one of her on warriors. I am now a Lumin Knight, and without your other half, you have little hope of beating me."

"Don't make me laugh Saint, I know, as you must, that she cannot knight you if she doesn't have the Lumin Orb. And you still won't give it to her will you? You still hope to wield it's power on your own. Fool, the Goddess is the only one who can use it to it's full power. You would have been wise to submit to her, and let her give you the power. But you were selfish. Now you will die."

A wry grin seeps across SaintBeam's face. Yes, after this battle, if he survived, he would give Galaxia back the Lumin Orb, ad she would knight him, THEN he would be strong. But there had been no time, and now his only hope was to squeeze enough out of it wound Unicron. Then . . . no, never. Never trust anyone to fulfill their half of the bargain. That human might help, but SB didn't count on it.

The attack cam quickly, but SaintBeam was ready, as ready as he could. Unicron flew through the air, crossing the 40ft span in the blink of an eye. At the last minute though, he used a burst of energy to push himself above SB, and he rebounded off the wall to come at SB from behind.

SB turned quickly, blocking, but just a shade too slow. Unicron's fist landed hard on SB's upper arm, sending down to the ground, and he skidded away slightly froom the force.

"HAAAAAA!" Unicron thrusts his hand forward and a blast of purple energy leaps at SB. SB uses a similar blast to cancel out Unicron's, an explosion results, throwing SB even further. SB jumps his feet in time to see Unicron coming in for a punch. SB dodges to the side and kicks Unicron in the ribs.

Unicron stumbles slightly, then turns back towards SB with a fury of punches. Punches augmented by his dark energy, flying faster than is physically possible. SB draws on the Lumin Orb to speed himself up ebough to dodge the first set. But a surprise fake-out by Unicron and he lands one in the sholder, then he bats away one of SB's defending arms and crunches his jaw with a swift blow.

SB stumbles back, dazed. Unicron charges for another round, but SB recovers quickly and a swift uppercut meets Unicron in the gut.

"UUUURRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!" Cries Unicron, but SB isn't down, summoning all he can from the Lumin, he jumps as hard as he can. His body is encased in pure white energy and his strength rises for a short while. He flys full-force upward until Unicron (still pinned to SB fist) is pounded into the ceiling. Think Ryu, but with a roof to meet the opponent at the top.

Both fall to the ground panting heavily. "I hope you have more than that Saint, or this will be a short battle." Snarls Unicron. SB gets up, surprised that he's talking so soon after such a blow. "Hehehe . . . AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH" Unicron begins glowing with a dark fire, the energy burning SB's open wounds, like a hot fire will do to a sunburn. "DARK FIST!"

The shout was a mental one, for less time passed than would have taken to speak those words. It was so quick of an attack that SB would never have dodged it, and close range instant teleport. Not even SB could see him traverse the space between them. Unicron's fist came as close to SB as it could without touching him, but the dark energy that was flung from that fist corsed through him, every fiber in his being felt as if it had been hit with a 50lb sledge hammer. The energy burned him, and the force of it sent him flying back.

The end of his flight was as quick as the start, a solid titanium wall stopping him short. His body left a four-foot deep dent in the metal, but he was remarkably still alive. Although almost every bone in his body broke because of either the punch or the landing.

"Not bad, for being incomplete. But now, you will die."

<Goddess help me> cried SB <I . . . I can't fail you . . . Not now . . . Please, grant me the strength to kill this . . . thing> At that moment, a peace and a strength came over SB, she was there with him, with the Lumin Orb.

<You have done what you could my servant, but there is more that you must. I will help you. I will use what energy I can to unlock the Lumin Orb from here, but I can only hold it open for so long.>

<Thank you my Goddess . . . urk . . . I won't fail again. Wait . . . wait until . . . I say.>

Unicron starts his slow walk towards SB, triumph on his face. SB waits, looking as dead as he can, until Unicron is so close, close enough so that he won't be able to dodge a sudden move by SB. A desperate move, the final move, it had to work.


Galaxia grabs with all her might at the Lumin Orb, releasing as much energy as she can from the given distance. SB thrusts his hands up, inches from Unicron's chest, a massive beam of pure white energy leaps from his hands, blowing a hole clean though Unicron and sending him to the other end of the cargo bay with all due haste. It doesn't stop there, the massive blast sends him through several walls before it stops.

"What the?! How . . . !? He can't . . . urk . . . damn . . ." Malice begins to heal himself, but them a thought flashs across his eyes. "Huh!? Argh! YOU! GET BACK YOU . . ."

"Die Malice. You've had this body long enough. Remember when you said that Human's were infereior? Well, you were wrong. Now I'm taking this body. OUT!"

Unicron Wriths in pain as two beings emerge from one body. One of them looks just like Unicron, but the evil is gone from him. The other is a scrawny black scarecrow looking thing. Pure evil.

"Ha HA! What do you say now Malice? Didn't think I could hide nanoprobes from you, did you? I'm surprised that you still have form, must be the Dark Heart. Well, good ridance. Take it to heck with you."

Thrakhath tries to get up, but then realizes that he has a hole in his chest and can't move.

"Fool, do you really think you can stop me, you are too weak to defend yourself, I'll just take that body back."

"The nanites . . . urk . . . will keep you from that . . . who's the fool?"

"ARRRRRGGGHHH! THEN I'LL KILL YOU!" Malice tries to summon up even the most basic form of energy, but can't.

"Hehehe, I though of that too. I've taken all the energy, destroyed the dark and kept the light. Soon I'll be back to full strength. You might as well run while you have the chance."

Malice is enraged, but sees that there is no point to staying and flees.

[30 minutes later]

Thrakhath gets up, having healed himself enough, and walks over to SB.

"Hey man, you did it. Now let's find Galaxia and see if she can help us. I have a feeling the Malice isn't gone for good yet." Says Thrakhath as he bends down, emparting some energy to heal SB so that he can walk. "I think we both need a recharge badly. It'd take a week to get back in fighting shape, let's hope your Goddess can do some big time regeneration with that thing. :)"

Wolf Blackstar
18th Aug 2001, 05:04 PM
The sound of the Brick's onboard computer alarms distract me from the task at hand. I had been attempting to reforge a field-expedient warp core for the Brick from the melted wreckage of the Guardian's main core. I was getting nowhere with it, so I decide to run down to the hangar bay and check out what was going wrong with my ship.

The ship is exactly as I left her. Climbing aboard, I was greeted by my onboard computer's active recon matrix - a system that monitors any and all subspace burst transmissions within the sector. Starfleet transmissions and most alien races' encryption data is easily deciphered by the massive onboard archive of current coding. I don't usually bother spying on StarFleet anyway, but what got my attention immediately was the nature of what had been detected this time - and the aggressive infusion of data that followed. I scrolled up to see the entire summary:

------======{ | [ RECON DATA MATRIX ] | }======--------

>>Matrix online: Systems nominal
>Status: ONLINE
>mode: PASSIVE


>>Processing. . . .

!%&&#&#%## 1110110_#$^&&#!@$ 100111110110101 @#%@%(*^G 100_110_1 _ _________#@$@#%^&&&_______



>Target: UNKNOWN

>>Tracing. . . . . . . .

>NAV DATA UPDATED. . . . . . Loading Source and Target Coordinates. . . . . .


>Initiating mode: ACTIVE

>>Initialize defensive software






>Diagnostics online


This is not good. There are at least 2 ships somewhere in this sector using a code that's not a variant of what my database is used to processing, they've been communicating regularly, and at least one of them knows I've been listening. According to the log, their spike was neutralized by my ICE systems (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics), preventing a potential system lockdown or virus, but somehow data from the unknown source got through - I may very well have a hostile virus onboard now, or something else entirely - but whatever it is, it has the possibility of being hostile, and that's definitely a bad factor in this equation. In addition, the system was prevented from getting an exact fix on either of the strange vessels. It did manage to acquire a partial area of probability on both targets, which I upload to 8472's terminal immediately.



>>Processing . . . . . . .

This might take a while, but my diagnostic utility is is more than adequte for the task. Far in advance of StarFleet's current software(and far more user friendly), it was given to me by an alien race known as the Sreen as a reward for eliminating hostile presences in their homeworld during the Lorg Wars. If there was something transmitted into my system from the unknown transmitter, this program will find it. However, it will require some time.

I stepped back out into the hangar bay and ordered a beer from the Guardian's replicator network, but what it gave me had to have been the sorriest sh*t I've ever tasted. Frustrated, I threw the offending beverage into the trash incinerator and procured a cold one from my private stash on the Brick. I may be part cyborg now, but I haven't lost my tastes. I sat back and waited for the diagnostic to do its work.

18th Aug 2001, 05:23 PM
'Permission to leave the ship sir?'
"Denied for the time being Commander."
'I trust you will think about it more. Another asteroid phasing from subspace dead ahead. Helm, you know the routine.'
"Please look at the damn sensors, just to double check next time."
'You act as if you have little faith in your crew captain.'
"Dismissed Commander."
I walk off the bridge. Obivously our sensors aren't gonna to detect what else is out there. a scout is gonna be safer. Saying that the ship shakes meaning we came too close to that asteroid again. I don't feel in control of myself anymore, I feel like i need to get off this tin can.
'Computer reroute to deck 13 section 2'
A while later i reach my destination.

"Sercurity to Bridge, Sir think you should get down to Docking port 6. Commander Jae is attempting to open a airlock."
"I knew it! He's Pyschotic as well.!" Shouts a ensign, who is kiled and thrown across the bridge as his console explodes.
"Transport him to the brig, ill deal with him personally later. *472 to Commander Jae. What the hell are you upto?"
"Second thoughts keep him in sickbay."

In sickbay.
"Ok Commander, you've been acting weird lately. Any stressful events?" Asks the Doctor.
'YES! Hell im surprised we are all still alive.'
The Captain walks in.
"Consider yourself confined to sickbay for the time being. Until you either tell us whats going on, or you stop it."
'I have to get off this ship'
'Can't Breath here.'
"Doctor, his skin is changing colour?"
"Yes, it done that about 5 times this hour, followed by eradic breathing patterns. Usaully consistent with the Cores flush out of plasma? Hmmm Connection there."
'Doctor, Captain. Whatevers happeing i have to leave the warp field. Or would you like a energy based lifeform to roam the ship?'
"True, it could be the rest of his race evolved into pure energy, especially if their world was in this region of space. Maybe Metaphasic energy was the catalyst for the conversion."
"How long we got until we lose him?"
"About 26 hours"
"Well, work on a solution, if 24 hours are up, prepare him to go on a shuttle back to Earth and you will go there, they have the best scientists."
'1 Condition, Lt. De'veler comes along.'
"I'll think about it."

18th Aug 2001, 05:26 PM
Hahahahahaheh,heh..heh. Ah yes that was enjoyable, Good call crewmen.

Crewmen: Happy to serve, sir.

Those sorry star fleeters will be in for a deadly surprize when they realize that I've screwed up their sensers and navigation and sent them to one of the roughest part of this sector. That should test their metal...hun.hun..hahahahaaa. Well enough of this gayety, are you still tracking that transmetal pod headed our way?

Crewmen: Yes sir, it's on a heading of mark 417.45. Targeting tractor beam now. On your word sir.

The word is given......bring it ....sonof a...whoa...crewmen what the frag is going on?

Crewmen: Sir..the readings are off the scale! Something appears to be trying to use our tractor beam to gain access....systems....starting to overload! I'll try to rerout the.....[BZAAAKKKK!]...Agggh!

Crewmen?! Crewmen!?! Blast, I was actually starting to like him!
Someone's gonna get toasted for this intrusion!! Computer...executive command mode...psy enable!

<Command acknowledged. You now have psychic-syncronis control of the ship...enjoy.>

Oh I will. Isolating energy signature...purging system...ah. Well what do we have here?

18th Aug 2001, 06:18 PM
Weird thing are happening. Commander DeaJae tried to jump out of an airlock. Obviously he want insane. We managed to brought him to sickbay, where the doctor found out that he rapidly evolved. Into what is unknown. He also expressed that he wanted for authority. Once we arrive at the bioship, he will be the leader of a squad of a dozen redshirts, to board the bioship, and search the Lumen Orb and the Dark Heart. He better transforms there than on the ship. Later he will be transfered back to earth.

WoflBlackstar sent me a disturbing report, about two unknown ships in this sector. It also appeared that the Brick was infected by an alien computer virus. For now we sealed the shuttlebay with a forcefield, and rerouted all energy and data streams. But in the upcoming battle, this field might fail. Wolf is working on countermeasures, but if the various could spy our shield modulations we might be doomed.

I have that itching in my left knee again. I always feel like that before a fight. Sitting in the Captain's chair my finger press hard into the seat. I sense that the crew is nervous too. But at the same time they are very professionals.

"We are picking up a ship. It has a bio signature
"Main screen turn on"

There it is. The bioship. Drifting in space. It lost propulsion but shields and weapons are still intact. This might be our chance to attack. The sensors are giving more information now. There are many lifeforms on board. It's hard to distinguish them. But there are Trakkarth and SaintBeam. Around thirty undefined signals, Goshen monks...the energy reading are off the scale"

"Transport room: Can we beam the away team over?"
"Yes, if we find the cycle in their shield roation. I have it"
"Commander DeaJae and the team are over"
"Good. Tactical: Open fire. Only disable their weapons and shields. We have men over there"

The Guardian darts forward, unleashing it's deadly force on the bioship. The phaser fire penetrates it's shields and shakes the ship. The small starfleet vessel makes a flyby, when suddenly another energy burst comes from the emptiness of space. I hits the Guadrian midships.

"Who was that?"
"not the bioship. The signature is different. Now I have it. It's the Goshatron! A temple ship"

A ship build for warship. Altough it's mainly a flying monastry and meant for contemplation, it posses lethal weapons, and is a few dozen times as big as the Guardian.
Another blast rocks the ship. The bridge is filled with an erie red glow of the emergency lights again. A few consoles exploded and trash of bulkheads is scattered on the ground. A few corpses I burried under it. I see the expressionless Face of Lieutenant Mulkai. But I don't have the luxery to mourn about him now.

"Status report"
"That are 10 gigawatt lasers! They are placed across the ship. I think it's mainly a warship."
"Search for weak spots. Until then keep away from it, and target the bioship"

More and more laser beams hit the Guardian as it tries to penetrate the bioships's shield grid.

"We are losing the shield. 20% and failing..."
"Keep firing. This is a good day to die"

18th Aug 2001, 07:01 PM
"I have to do something SaintBeam."

"You are weak, it is foolish to waste what energy you do have."

"Yeah, well, if Galaxia is going to fix me up, being a bit weaker isn't going to change anything. And I can't do anything else at this level."

SaintBeam let out a resigned sigh, "Very well, I can see that I'm not going to be able to stop you. But I am weakened as well, don't think I can bail you out if something goes wrong."

But Thrakhath is already deep in concentration, too deep to hear what SB says. He reaches outside the ship, seeing two vessels doing battle, one has his friends aboard, and the other is a Goshen Temple Ship. Thrakhath touches the Temple Ship and sends it flying a few light-years away.

Then he opens a temporary link to 8472, “Captain, the Goshen ship will return in less than 28 minutes, I suggest you find a way to be ready for it. The Bio-ship won’t harm you, Galaxia is in control for the time being.”

"Now, we must hurry, for I fear that hostile beings are already aboard.”

“I know, I feel them too. Malice said that they belong to a being named Demacore. I don’t know, but he’s trouble.”

Both warriors, dog tired, work their way towards the bridge, and Galaxia.

18th Aug 2001, 07:28 PM
'OK, first We.... Search for the energy matrix exchange. Sounds like this ship is fighting back at the Gaurdian.'
"Sir, I don't like this at all."
'Ensign, I don't like being here either, especilly knowing all my skin is going to fall off and im gona convert to pure energy at any minute.'
"Guess you drew the short straw then."
'Ugh, get moving.'

A few conduits later, and i sense a large amount of energy ahead.
Must be at Engineering, tons of monks rushing around, looks like computer problems, Discs, hardware strewn all over the place. I move the the Conduit entry room and try to surprise them.
'Stop right there!'
They turn around and look at me, not knowing what i am.
'Hey!, get back here, only wanted to ask you to do something.'
Damn monks, Hmmm, wonder whats shooting at Gaurdian if their computers out.
'Alright computer, Whats happening?'
As i touch the panel it feels my arms with energy, Energy to feed on. Monks are back, with rifles trying to harm me? Firing at my head doesn't work. I move closer and i feel all the energy in their weapons drain.
'Off you run again.'
The Redshirts catch up with me.
"Commander? Oh Dear, Ensign Bailey to Gaurdian, we've disabled the weapons from the inside. It appears the commander is now well, he's surrounded by a energy field, I don't think he'll be here for much longer."
'I'll do what i need to do Captain, Just prepare a Level 17 forcefield to keep me in.'
"Acknowledged, Gaurdian out"
"Whats this?" Ensign reaches down to pick up a fragmented piece of metal "Your communicator sir, whats left of it."
'Put it down, no time to waste. Eject their Core, Locate the Goddess's power source and figure out a way to de-activate it or seperate it from her, ill distract the monks.'
"Aye sir? ... Hmmm Sir, it appears the doors aren't detecting you."
"Don't worry look, he's walkin thru it."
Moments later i sense a large group of monks heading for the away team, I decide to delay them.
"What the? Who's there? Identify yourself intruder!"
Can they see me?
"Where is he? Came from behind."
They turn to see a light blue blur pass thru them and scold them.

Wolf Blackstar
19th Aug 2001, 05:59 PM
While awaiting the systems diagnostic to reach completion, I'm suddenly disturbed by the Guardian going to full red alert status. Moments later, the ship shudders. We're under attack.

I haul ass to the bridge as fast as my speed-augmented cyborg legs can carry me. I find that we are indeed being assaulted, by a flying "temple ship" nonetheless. I listen to the captain's words on his experience with fighting the Goshenite monks, then I have a look at the readout on their monastery/warship. It doesn't take a fervent Goshenite faith to figure out that we're clearly outclassed by this thing. It's got armament that would rival a Lorg ship of equal size. It's also much, much bigger than the Guardian, which could be exploited with the right firepower applied in the right place. I know immediately what I've got to do in this fight.

"Captain," I address 8472. "You've taken quite a beating already and are running off a jury-rigged warp core. And with all due respect, your StarFleet weaponry doesn't have the massed punch to take this thing down without draining massive power."

"That's true, but I've got no better solutions other than fighting or running at the moment. What do you suggest?"

"I've got a wild idea, but it's much better than what we're already up to our necks into now. This thing has a multitude of high-frequency laser turrets all over the hull. That's what's making life miserable for our shields right now, and they won't last long."

The bridge shakes violently as another volley of laser fire from the Goshatron slams home. Sparks fly, the lights dim for a second, and one of the consoles in front goes ballistic, deep-frying the red-shirted ensigns sitting in front if it.

"Captain, I see no other choice right now. Let me take the Brick into space and make a few assault runs. Her armor can handle these lasers easily, and her small size will make tracking very difficult for a big vessel like the Goshatron. Also, my weapons will be able to punch through her shields for short durations of time, enough to take out some of those laser batteries and make this fight easier."

"But you don't even have a power source now! And besides, your computer has been infected with something completely unknown at this point. It's too dangerous - something might malfunction on you just when you need it the most."

"Captain, I don't have a warp drive any more, but my fusion reactors are more than enough to handle thruster and weapons power. Besides, two ships making an assault run on the Goshatron will force them to alter their strategy, which currently seems to be blasting us until we explode. The way I see it, you don't have any other choice."

For a second, 8472 glares at me. I've seen that look before; a commanding officer is forced to make a decision that endangers the lives of individuals under his responsibility in exchange for the possibility that the majority will survive. It's nasty but it's got to be done, and I'm pretty sure he's already made his decision in his heart.

Then the floor nearly drops out from under us as the Goshatron rakes the Guardian with another series of laser volleys, more systems short-circuit and another redshirt buys the farm as his console vaporizes and his body is enveloped in a column of flame, screaming hysterically as he dies.

"Alright, do it. But you'd better make it back in one piece - that's an order! I'm losing too many people as it is."

"Yes, SIR!" I catch him a little off guard with my response - It's amazing, but StarFleet officers don't salute. But space marines do. I kick my cyborg legs into high gear again as I beat feet down to the hangar bay.

20th Aug 2001, 01:34 PM
The Guardian is under heavy attack. Shields are almost non existant anymore. Without the applative neutronium armor - a rare and most expensive metal, as dense as the core of a star - we'd be blasted to bits and pieces already, nothing more than dust expanding in the endless vacuum of space. However the armor is already losing integrity and on some sections the thin duritanuim bulkheads are the only thing protecting us. Luckily the away was succesful and disabled the bioship's weapons.

Right in this dismal thoughts Commander WolfBlackstar runs out of one of the turbolifts. He wants to use the Brick to fly a valiant attack on the Goshatron. It has less firepower than the Guardian, but it's small size makes it less likely to be picked of by the constant laser fire. The idea is most dangerous, the chance for success is grimm. But I don't have much choice in this situation. But as the old saying goes: "Fortune favours the bold".
"Make it so", I say with a smile, imitating the famous Starfleet Captain Jan Luc Picard. Commander Blackstar salutes, turns on his heels, and rushes from the bridge.
I never understood why the Federation Marine Corps still saluts, while Starfleet long abolished this ancient tradition. But then traditions are often good.

Right then another hit rocks the ship. Another console explodes, and another ensign is slammed a few meteres backm instantly dead. So many good men dying, this has to stop! I have my last ace...
"Guardian to Dirty_Dinkums. Get here and protect us. You need to distract the enemy."
He hid his ship in the thruster stream behind the Goshatron, protected from the enemie's sensor in the constant particle stream extentening a few hundred meteres behind the ship.

Suddenly I hear a shreek noise above me. I just manage to leap out of my chair and dodge onto the deckplate, before support beam breaks from the ceiling, and crashes into my chair.

20th Aug 2001, 04:24 PM
I sense that not only the captains ruined my ship again, that he's ruined a expensive chair as well... StarFleet will not be pleased.
'Ensign, Signal the Guardian that we are out of targets for the time being.'
"Aye sir, interference, they say they are in battle sir."
'Hmmm. Now what do we do?'
"We activate weapons from engineering and help them."
'Good thinking, head for engineering and work on them.'
The Group head towards engineering.
'Bah, I still can't materlize thourgh floors yet.'
I Move towards the bridge normally to see if the Goddess is still unaware of the team. I Approach the door to hear yelling.
"Why has the main computer failed?"
"Dunno Goddess, must be Metaphasic interference."
"Gah, Galaxia to Temple ship. Destroy the Guardian now!!. The last Hydran is dead, there can be no others to stand in my way."
<Thats what you think!>
"Who said that!?"
<Hello this is your last bit of sanity speaking.>
"Argh!! Either someone here is being foolish or ...."
<Craziness. Power. You seem to have it all.>
"Find it. Put it in a force field and bring it to me to add to the Orb."
<<You heard what she said. Find the invisable entity, get burned to death trying to lock on to it with force fields.>>
Time to scramble while they figure out exactly how to put me down.

Wolf Blackstar
20th Aug 2001, 07:14 PM
With what the Goshatron is dishing out, I'm amazed that the Guardian has lasted so long. Were it one of the larger Federation vessels, and consequently lacking the ablative armor, it would have been a melted and carbonized mass of synthetics and plastic drifting dead in space by now. But she's putting up a good fight, and now reinforcements are on the way. I slam the throttles to their stops and the Brick roars to life, leaping out of the Guardian's hangar like a tiger driven from its lair. I don't have warp, so I'm limited to my conventional fusion drive. Not a problem, since I have no intention of running from this fight.

I reach beneath the dash and slide a small metallic panel aside. Beneath it, one small button glows red in the low light of the Brick's cockpit. I press it immediately.

When people describe my ship as a mass of engines and weapons with a life support system tacked on as an afterthought, they're closer to the truth than they realize. The cramped quarters are a result of the space taken by two very important things: A) The onboard network of quantum fusion reactors needed to power the weapons on this baby, and B) The numerous quantity of heat sinks embedded within the hull to keep them firing continuously.

As I press the button, the pods on the sides of my vessel quickly unfold revealing bundles of even more launchers and cannons. I now have a devastating array of quantum and photon torpedoes backed up by argon-cyanide turbolasers, plasma compression cannons, Gauss miniguns and Gatling-mass drivers. The transteel alloy canopy suddenly darkens slightly. This is a light and radiation shield, it protects me and any passengers from being blinded when these weapons are all fired - the front of this ship lights up brighter than a Christmas tree when I squeeze the trigger.

I come in low and fast, skimming the limit of the Goshatron's deflector shields. The first laser turret I see is brought into my sights with a quick course correction, then I squeeze the trigger.

Even with the light shielding, the flash is still bright. The Brick shakes in rhythm as the forward firing arrays open up. For a moment the Goshatron's shielding seems unaffected, then they flicker briefly and begin letting the beams and slugs through. I add some torpedoes and the laser is toast. On to the next one.

This is working out well, I've taken two more turrets out before things start to heat up. The Goshatron starts throwing half of what they've got at me, and the other half at the Guardian. This is part of what I've planned for, along with eliminating the lasers as quickly as possible. Already some of the pressure is off the Guardian. And luckily for me, this ship is so big that by the time I'm within the firing angle of one of her laser batteries, most of the nearby ones can't hit me, or have only a limited firing radius, thanks to the close proximity. It's like an elephant swatting away at a fly - a fly that bites really hard - can't really hit me without swatting itself in the process.

It's only a matter of time before they do get a feel for the range though. The Brick takes a few hits and shrugs them off like a professional Sulamarian kickboxer does when he's been struck full force in the face. The Goshatron's lasers have barely scratched the surface of my armor, but if I'm careless, they can and will eventually wear it down. I power up the computer's smart-targeting systems, and that's when the Ro'ped dung hits the cooling systems.

>Greetings commander. You will power down your weapons, and i'll be taking it from here.

"Excuse me?"

>The Meatfuka wants your ship - alive and in one piece - for research purposes. It posesses modifications never before made to such an extreme extent to a vessel of its size.

"Who or what is the Meatfuka? And what the hell do you want with my ship?"

>>I wish to dismatle it to see how you constructed it. Then I shall copy its design to mass produce fighter craft for my own purposes. Now please, power down your weapons, or I shall have to risk damaging them to take over their systems myself."

Instead, I cut power and data feed to the weapons. Now whatever it is in the computers can't get to them. But the downside is I can't fire them, and arguing with a psychotic artificial intelligence that wants to take over my ship for something called "Meatfuka" while dodging Goshen fire and being unable to fire back is not my idea of fun.

>Very foolish human. But at least, you have saved me the trouble of deactivating them. It won't take me long to reroute power to assume flight control.

"Just try it. Take flight control if you can do it so easily."

A few screens blink out, a couple readouts reset themselves, but I continue dodging and weaving through the Goshatron's laser batteries and their relentless saturation fire.

"Want to know why nothings happening, cyber-psycho? It's because my flight control system and the computers are not connected at all. Anywhere."

>Impossible. No human is completely independent of an auto-pilot. You need your pathetic periods of power-down status that you call "sleep."

"I'm a cyborg, punk. As long as I'm not in intense periods of prolonged personal combat, I don't need to recharge. I built this ship without an autopilot so no one can hack in and steal it. And if I die, it can't be flown without my personal codes either."

As I'm saying this, the ship rocks as the Goshatron finds the range long enough to hit the Brick squarely a couple times. I feel a few chunks of armor melt of from the concentrated firepower. Time to end this "discussion."

>I'm locking out all your targeting and recon data. It should be more than enough to impede your maneuvering so the Goshen can do my work for me. Then I WILL assume control over this vessel - and your cyborg body.

"I don't think so, I'm uploading my best antivirus now."

>FOOL! No antivirus software can find and eliminate me in the quickness that you require, not even your pathetic Sreen programs.

"I'm not using software; I'm going to blast the mainframe core with my pistol, then wipe the data banks clean. Then I'll continue the fight myself - I don't really need smart-targeting and prediction data to do my work."


"I know exactly what I'm doing."

I unsling the .44 Magnum Mega Class; this relic of the Tau Ceti wars is perfect for the job. As I kick open the computer core panel, the virus attempts to transfer its core programming into the ship. Can't have that happening. I take aim.


"No we won't."






It only takes a split second to wipe clean the data matrix. Then I'm back in the fight. My fast targeting is gone now, and I've taken a few more hits. But I'm a veteran of fiercer combat than this, and I can do it without computerized assistance. I've got flight control and weapons control, and that's all I need.

The Brick's forward quarter blazes brightly once more as I turn my fire on the Goshatron once more and take out another laser battery.

21st Aug 2001, 09:27 PM


>TS-99925 OMEGA CLASS 3 "BRICK" sub-sync <Beta Class>
>Matrix buffer overload - handshake decoded
>Status: Off Line
>mode: N/A


<> GOSHATR0m: HARD COPY ALL IN AREA Secccc... Secotr Sigma Epsilon Delta - OVER BRST#^^653
Battle Engaged

{SIGNAL BOOST - 19835634.545 MHz}


++ $HIT!!!
++ $HIT!!! $HIT!!! $HIT!!!

++ That little Brick's got some tricks up it's sleve. but it would be a dumb node without that Human on board. I'm impressed. Not seen many ships in this Galaxy running on that spec since Galxies 556-Theta-B and Delta 6676 Colided. MAN WHAT A BLAST !!!

++ That wee ship would do just nicely to fill some loose hull space onboard. My 15th Auto-Fleet is at 78.9087% operation anyhow.

<<<FWD Record 967.63 Years>>> Must go buy some more Titan-Arc-Fighters from Galaxy 65-Theta.

++ Hmm maybe I shouldn't have loaded that dummy virus with the quark singularity bomb on Brick after all. But GOSHATRON did ask me to do it and - I do owe him one.

++ Oh well, that old Temple $hits due for the scrap heap along time ago, and his PRIME STATS are weakening. Just goes to show the don't make temple ships like they used to. I better increase speed if I'm going to hit that quadrant anytime soon. Goshatron is F00ked, but he's up his own tubes anyway.

[[DRIVE COMMAND - DEPLOY AFT BOOSTS CELL {15,16} Neutron Carrier Wave Initiated.]]

++ I wonder if I can still bargin with that pilot on Brick? I wonder if he's going to be still alive when I get there?

#++# HEhEhE - I wonder if he's got the faintest idea how BIG Tha MEAT Really IS???


24th Aug 2001, 11:49 AM
"Sir the ship won't make it much longer!"
"Status report!"
"Hull breaches on all decks. Shields down. Structural intergrity is failing. The phaser are losing energy"
"What's the status of Captain Dinkums and the Brick?"
"They are taking heavy hits, but they can't direct all fire onto them"
Suddenly the proximity alarm goes off.
"Incoming torpedoes!"
"Brace yourselves. Prepare for impact. Evasive maneuvers"

With no shields the Guardian will be easily destroyed by a hit. The ship manages to evade the first pair, by diving sharply down. Then she does a roll to the left. But the next salvo impacts in the exposed underside of the stearboard warp nacelle. The ship violently rocks, as the nacelle is broken open along it's whole lenght. The fire extinction system is offline, and the oxygen excaping in the vaccum of space is set aflame.

"The stearboard nacelle is destoyed. Hull breaches in sections 12-43. We are losing plasma", the lieutenant at the tactical station still gives calm reports. I don't know how he manages to do that. The whole bridge is a pile of trash. Exploded consoles, hanging and lose cables, molten bulkheads, and human corpses everywhere.
Another explosion shock wave hutles to the ship. This one was enough to set off the final computer warning. "Warp core breach imminent. Leave the ship, leave the ship, leave....."

"Captain to crew: Go into the escape pods and transporter rooms. Head to the bioship and help your awayteam"
"It was a good ship", I say.
"Noone will die that, but now it's time to go. Commander Kilham grabs me at the arm pulling me off the bridge. Commander DeaJae won't like this. It was his ship. But we will give him a new one. Maybe a shuttle.
The Guardian is drifiting helplessly in space, burning everywhere. The ecapepods are launching from the top side, firing their thrusters to dock with the bioship.
I have other plans. I arrive in the small transporter room behind the bridge, scanning space. I lock the sensors on the Brick.
"Captain to Commander BlackStar. Can you drop your shields for a few seconds. I will beam on board"
"My armor will hold some shots. Dropping shields...now!"
Seconds later I materialize in the cramped pilot section of the Brick, now realizing how small the ship really is.
I take place on the co-pilots seat. With the corner of my eye I see the Guardian rotating in space, when suddenly a nova-like explosion illuminates the darkness outside as bright as a thousand suns, blinding me. The dreaded explosion of a warp-core, when matter and anti-matter collide due the non-existance of a containment field, setting free all their unbound energy. Some escape pods are destroyed by the explosion, others hit by the shock wave and sent tumbling through space. Milliseconds later the wave hits the Brick sending my head against a bulkhead...

24th Aug 2001, 04:31 PM
<<Abandon ship , all hands to escape pods>> I hear subconsiously.
Imediately i Race to the nearest airlock and phase through it. I get outside in my energy form and head to the Guardian.
<Thank you captain, I spend hours painting that section of the ship. Oh well, might as well make use of wreckage.>
I spread across the bridge section and start to push it towards the Goshatron Temple Ship.
<Is that a Shuttle leaving the Bioship?>
The Goshatron sees the Guardian burning towards it and starts to retreat.
<Where are you going? Take it like a real captain and accept a ship destruction..>
The Goshatron heads towards the last reported position of a dead blackhole.
<<Restorer. We are here. We can help.>> I hear Subconsciuosly.
<Who? or What? Where?>
<<The hidden planet. Bring the Large Ship near so we can regenerate our race.>>
<I'll Try, but who are you?>
<<We are Ascaltic Hydrans. Like your self, we were exposed to the metaphasic radiation by the seperation of the hearts . We feel the energy this ship has to offer, all of us are leaving the planet now.>>
I look around and see a large planet return from the stars, It must be a Hydran colony. A large cloud of white electricity descends on the Goshatron. Minutes later dust escapes the clouds.
<<The Gaurdian we can repair for you. Then we we hold down the bioship. We are close to finding a reversal at our research labs on the planet.>>
I watch as the cloud descends on Gaurdian and patches it up. Doing a nice job there as well.
<Thank you. I reccomend finding a reversal as soon as possible. Can some of you help our other ships as well?>
<<We will try.>>
I head to The Brick and cover it as it fights through waves of fighters.
<Captain, Its me. My people are helping us, the Quantaum explosion from the Gaurdian woke them up. They have stablized the Gaurdian for now and are holding down the bioship in a temporal field. Please advice.>

27th Aug 2001, 09:54 PM
SaintBeam and I finally arrive in the Goddess' chambers, she get up from her chair and quickly moves to help us into the room.

"You're both hurt badly, but I thank you for what you have done. There is more to do, I will help as much as I can."

She helps me put SaintBeam on a cot, and then helps me towards another one; I barely make it and then collapse. I hear part of a discussion between SB and Galaxia before I fade to a fitful sleep.

In my dreams I see a giant dark shape, looming above us, with its heart showing through, a deep deep darkness, darker than the black around it. But it is missing a piece. I then see a little man, dressed in black trying to bargain with the dark creature with his little piece of darkness.

“FOOL!” Roars the beast. “ To think you can bargain with the great Demacore!” The dark being them swipes at the little man, turning him to a mass of broken bones and blood, and scattering them across the room. Then he turns to glare at me, his dark heart complete. “So, you are those who would fight me, how pathetic.”

It is at this time that I become aware of my partners, one I recognize as SaintBeam, still holding the Lumin Orb, as a beautiful woman tries to persuade him to give it up. On my other side is a giant of a man, who I think I’ve seen before . . .

The dark beast speaks again, “You think that you are strong.” He laughs “Well, I’ll show you. You can’t compare with me. Until you have the Light, you can not stand against the Darkness.”

With that he roars and charges, but he doesn’t move. Instead he grows bigger and bigger until darkness covers everything. Then I wake up in a cold sweat.

28th Aug 2001, 12:19 PM
<<All Hydrans, we have the reversal wave emitters ready. Find suitable places to return to Solid state.>>
Crap, hope this works. I Head towards the Bioship to await the Captain.
<<Reversal pulse in 30 seconds>>
Hmmm, not gonna make it...
Suddenly a loud whining noise starts up as i burst thru the bioship hull. I stand upright and watch as all my energy form is sucked back into my humanoid state. As soon as my vision returns to normal i see other hydrans on the deck return to their normal selfs.
'When will the ringing stop?'
"In a few minutes! This will be the first time we can stay like this for a week, normally we return to energy within 3 days."
The ringing stops.
'jeez that hurts.'
"Message from your Ardmiral sir."
the young hydran hands me a pad, which says:
'Get Starfleet to hand over our flagship? Well they were doing a grand job of rebuilding it.'
"He says we'll rebuild the Guardian while we wait."
'Fine. Have we got any weapons?'
"Incoming sir."
An array of weaponary appears before me, while the captain and his team approach our group.
'And wheres my G'ytlr Blade?'
I reach out to grab it as it floats towards me.
"Good good Commander. Saves us a quest to get you to return to your former self."
'Captain, we've stopped moving.'
"So whats Galaxia upto now?"
"Galaxia. Surely we couldn't of been like that for centuries...?" Says the young hydran officer.
'We've been chasing the bioship for a week.. Check the date of the last transmittion between HKF Nautilus and anyother ships or planets.'
The Hydran taps his pad.
"The Last transmittion from Nautilus to Hydra 6 was 3 days beore the great accident."
'That was 3 years before the Nautilus encountered your ship captain. They've been in energy form for 10 years. Gear up people, theres monks nearby.'