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2nd Oct 2004, 03:44 PM
Hello All,

OK, here I am again - like a bad penny, with a quick question regarding UT2Vote and running a non defualt Link Setup on a Linux based dedicated server.

I've altered my UT2Vote47.ini file to include the MapList=True setting like so:

GameType=(GameName="Team DeathMatch",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=T$
GameType=(GameName="Capture the Flag",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=$
GameType=(GameName="Double Domination",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList$
GameType=(GameName="Bombing Run",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=True,$
GameType=(GameName="Last Man Standing",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=0,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapLis$
GameType=(GameName="InstaGib CTF",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=True$
GameType=(GameName="Vehicle CTF",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=True,$

I've also changed my ut2004.ini setting for ONS gametype like so:


I see TORLAN listed in UT2Vote 3 times and am able to get UT2Vote to restart it, however I only get the Default link setup - I'd like to be able to run a non-default link setup.

Any help would be appreciated.

2nd Oct 2004, 05:46 PM
Yes this is a problem we discussed shortly before the release of 47 and decided to leave it for the next release as this is quite a complicated issue and needs dedicated code which one should not have to do as Epic have now made it non standard.

For instance the Map retrieve functions is in UT2004 code and you have no control on that, now when you call a ONS-TORLAN?LinkSetup=Default or whatever you have after the mapname, the function now goes and looks in the folder for the map and there is now ways in a 1000 years can you have several maps of the same name so your aftermap commands all remain the same as the selected one - thats just common sense.
We need to build in dedicated code that recognises individual commands and several maps all using the same mapname.

It is a very tough one and we not quite sure whether to modify things when Epic should have made the requests more code compatible.

The only temporary way around this is to design a whole new ONS game that can cater for all this which would probably be a better bet than trying to add it to UT2Vote.
I'll start looking into this next week sometime and see what I can come up with.

2nd Oct 2004, 08:34 PM
...I'll start looking into this next week sometime and see what I can come up with.

Thanks ProAsm it's much appreciated :D