View Full Version : A Scroll Text Mutator

1st Oct 2004, 01:26 AM
Anyone willing to make a mutator that allows a server to advertise current server news, keep players informed on new UT2004 information, etc. :confused: ? All I need is it to be able to set up to atleast 30 different things, able to set how far apart the messages will scroll/appear, and even set the color for each message. Heck, maybe able to trigger sounds when the server displays a specific message (Zound Technology). Can someone please help me out with this :) ? I am quite desperate for it. I need it on my server and have no clue how to make mutators/mods :rolleyes: . I would be so gratefull :notworthy: .


PS: UAdmin :tdown: has too many compatibility issues so this is not an option of mine. :hmm: