View Full Version : Great MODS...no servers....

24th Sep 2004, 07:47 PM
Troopers...1 server....UnWheel...3 servers...AirBucs....3-4servers :o etc,etc,

Im thinking this is due to the newness and polishing being and been done for the EC edition(just out btw). So im hoping the community will get out of hibernation and play these great mods.

I like ONS like everyone else but cmon people...these mods are deserving some more recognition...

Just venting guys!!!!!Hope to get fragged by some real people soon :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2004, 10:15 PM
Mods have never had an incredible online following. Well unless they're realism mods, people seem to just LOVE those. http://ua.beyondunreal.com/staff/nem/smilies/rolleyes.gif

In short, don't look for much to change. Sucks, I know. Bots will have to do (hey they're good enough for me http://ua.beyondunreal.com/staff/nem/smilies/tongue.gif)

26th Sep 2004, 12:02 PM
I unfortunately agree with u Neme...realism mods(fragops,RO,etc.) seem to be more popular.

Ah well...The EC edition might help get some more people into nooks and crannies they didnt know existed ;)

My whole point is based on my playing of old UT and Half-life mods(dayofdefeat specifiically) ,well not Ut mods...but the day of defeat community was and is huge. Guess the familiarity and undemanding system req. it put on systems allows more players more ease of play....

Also there are A LOt of friggin games to choose from period(mods aside) :D
I cant tell u how many times i just go to Fry's and stare at the PC-rom games and ....well ....u know.....spend way to much time eventually buying nothing but a soda and walking out going....hmmm....shoulda bought THIS or THAT :D

ok ENOUGH VENTING!!!!!!!!!!