View Full Version : Looking for coder / graphic artist / mapper / modeler

24th Sep 2004, 02:49 AM
We are looking for some additional team members. U can find info about our mod at www.cenens.be/rc/ Its a racing mod with small rc cars. U can see a couple of screenshots on the media page. We already have several members.

Im looking for a coder to help out coding powerup effects / checkpoint system / hud / menu. Do not be alarmed if u can do one of these things u can contact me. Its not like u have to know everything. If u got basic java programming skills or experience with the ut engine im sure it will work out fine.

We still need modeler who can model simple objects like a trash can or a lantern etc. Mostly object u can see on the street or inside houses etc. The game resembles revolt and micro machines so we are gonna make levels like a kitchen or neighboorhood to race in.

We are also looking for a car modeler to help create rc cars. Basic modeling skills required, if u can model the car its ok. Ill help out and give u the right resources to get it done.

We can also use someone who knows his way around creating nifty effects we can use for our powerups.