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Ravu al Hemio
21st Sep 2004, 01:36 AM
Living in Austria does not give me much choice but to speak German nearly all of my time (unless I'm at school; we are bilingual there). Because UT2004 has a large gamers community in Germany, Switzerland, (maybe) Liechtenstein and Austria, I went for translating UnWheel-specific strings into German. Attached is an archive with the files; you might not start much with it, but you can extract it into your UT2004/System/ folder and change "Language=int" to "Language=det" in your UT2004.ini under [Engine.Engine] and just see.

Here the text for our fellow German gamers:

Ich arbeite an einer Übersetung von UnWheel ins Deutsche. Die Dateien sind diesem Posting angehängt; du musst nur die .ZIP-Datei ins UT2004/System/-Verzeichnis extrahieren und UT2004 starten. (Vorerst musst du natürlich schon UnWheel installiert haben.) Es ist nicht die finale Version, einiges ist noch nicht übersetzt, aber ich arbeite dran.

21st Sep 2004, 02:54 PM
I'll try to localize as much as possible for the next version...