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17th Sep 2004, 06:46 PM
Yes that wonderful word that every Server Admin loves.

Whether we optimize our systems to run just the server with no background system processes running, we still get lag.

A Few Points:

Lag will always happen on a slow incoming connection.
Turn off MSN Messenger and download managers, Kazaa, SoulSeek etc.
Do not use WinAmp or MediaPlayer - I know of at least 7 people that use these while playing - Use the [F11] CD player if you really want music, but don't forget - it uses more CPU time!!!!!
Try to avoid using voice codecs - most annoying to hear too.
Check your systems for Trojan or SpyWare.
Turn off antivirus autoscan (ONLY WHILE PLAYING and the above are not found)
Finally make sure your PC can handle 1024x768 at 32 colours - and be honest with yourself - A P1 cannot cope well :)

There are many more to mention and they have been documented elsewhere on the internet.

Reason for thread:

Just making a point that:- 3.6gH CPU - 1GRAM - 1.5/512 Internet (not LAN) running nothing but UCC.EXE (no system processes but essentials) is capable of running 24-32 players - I choose 10 for reasons listed above.

I play with 8/9 players UK based - no Lag (I beta test with them)
I play with 5/6 US regulars no lag.
I play with 3/4 UK based players - 1 or 2 slow connections etc - LAG

Sorry for the rant - but when I get e-mails of a derogatory nature from players with a PING of 260+ (this is 65*4 for JB) complaining of lag - It gets irritating, so please just stop and think before you jump on the LAG bandwagon.

Thank you.

18th Sep 2004, 03:35 AM
If you're pointing at the lag I get at kokrulls, I think you're pretty wrong. I don't use MSN Messenger or any other program when I play online, I got all settings on low, except for LOD something. I use a lappy, forcing me to use low settings only, or else it gets overheated too soon. The lag I experience while playing, is always serverside. Also at kokrulls. Just wanted to say this.....no offense angel ;). I still love your server :D