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12th Sep 2004, 07:08 AM
Maybe I could be useful as Leveldsigner...for the moment I am working around with 3D Max, making own StaticMs. Some months ago I also learned basic-texturing in Photoshop (just simple stuff).

Working on Eon it will require me some info about Gameplay, FPS limitation and more details on Environment.
(I do not have any Eon Version for now...and only UT03 so far)

1. How many Units will be used in one map (min. and max. ?)
2. Will there be any indoorparts?
3. Has any map to be seperated into two bases (human and beast)?
4. Is the floorplan of a map circular or straight?
5. What`s your idea of the human fraction? Their technological status (maybe modern post-apokalypse)? Or is it fantasy-only (anime-like)?
6. What about Z-Axis-fighting? Will beasts have any long-range abilities?
6.1 Some numbers about jumping height compared to humans?
7. For now environments (on your pictures) do not look like war-scenarios, for example no destructed buildings...will this be changed or is it a design-handicap?

that are my basic questions...you may guess, my english is horrible but I hope you understand it :)

12th Sep 2004, 08:16 AM
Hey Sun, i think it s good that u want to help the team.
Its up to them to allow you to do so, but also if u just want to map for fun, You should talk to them in IrC.
Some information I can give you because I saw the Sunfield Module and played the frist release (things may change for next release) :

1. How much players?
2. Jep, there are already some - in the fortress.
3. Would be logical (If u read the story on the website and in the forums the gameplay is descriped)
5.Anime i think (ask the producers)
6.One Beast Calss already has the Ability, but that one will later be limited to just 1 in a game .
7. The small beasts jump very high (3/4 times as high as the humans) the big one is not able to jump yet.
8. Ask the p.

12th Sep 2004, 09:10 AM
"1. How much players?"

Nope, I mean the total number of Charctermodels (CPU+Player)...this is important for overall FPS, for example, if you have 32 models in scene, you have to reduce detail or at least polycount for that part of the map!

4. Normal DM Maps for example have circular floorplans, singleplayer-maps straight floorplans

the floorplan in detail depends on many other aspects either...Z-axis-fighting and "Base<--->Base" concepts for example...

15th Sep 2004, 12:25 PM
can anybody plz answer the rest of my questions :)

21st Sep 2004, 04:48 AM
We're still working on the gametype so I'm afraid I cant give you definitive answers.

1. It's up to the mapper
2. atm just outposts
3. Humans have outposts, maps should have multiple linked key areas but it's too early to talk about them
4. Circular if anything, the maps will be outdoors, no 'floors' and 'routes' there unless you fake/force some 'walls' with 'canyons', bots wont need pathnodes outdoors.
5. Samurai can give you detailed information
6. Some beasts have projectile attacks but beasts are mostly melee creatures
6.1 Small beasts atm can jump just over the smaller walls while running and a bit higher when standing still
7. The destroyed/destructible buildings arent ready yet.

The playercount isnt defined yet. I'd say 6-24 players for current test FFA gametype.

22nd Sep 2004, 04:11 AM
thx, for anwering the questions!

for the moment i dont think you will have smooth gameplay/high fps with more than 16 Players...the environment exspecially the textures will slow down the fps...I see only three possible ways to rise Framerate:

1. keep outdoorares small / low on polys
2. make textures less detailed
3. wait for better hardware ;)

your product seems quite good for the moment, but if you cannot make it playable it`s nothing more than a Benchmark (I have not played it for now, but I think it will run slow (at least on my comp ;) ))