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11th Sep 2004, 03:18 AM
Corona Leonis Entertainment is proud to announce Eon's first playable release: Eon Foundation - 9/10/04 - Alpha -0.1 (the current layer of development, the date, and the version).

As you play this release, bear in mind that this is a work-in-progress and that things as they are do not represent the game in anything like a finalized or finished state. Our team is small, our project ambitious, and the standard of quality that we insist upon requires a longer development cycle and a great deal of experimentation. Over time we will continue to expand, refine, and hone all facets of Eon until it is truly representative of our vision. Expect a flood of patches and updates over the next few weeks. That said, we hope you enjoy this humble presentation, rough as it is, and that you return in time to see the continual unfolding of the world of Eon.

We encourage everyone who plays this release to post their comments, suggestions, and, most importantly, bug reports here on the Eon forums. Also, if you are capable of hosting a server - please do, and post a thread about it here.

You can get the latest files here (http://www.coronaleonis.com/eon/beta0/LatestFiles.html) and join our server here:

11th Sep 2004, 05:24 PM
First impressions...

The good:

-The level and models are fantastic

-Being able to see your own body is a big plus

-Did I mention everything looks fantastic?

-Iron sights

-Character design

-The whistle. I dont know what its for but... using it to get a creatures attention so I could shoot it in the face worked rather well.

The bad:

-Human rifle sounds weak and the Garand style empty ping doesnt really fit

I'd personally prefer to see the rifle changed to a single shot breach loading rifle ( loads from the... breach http://www.prbullet.com/en-ho.jpg ) thats more powerful then the current one. That way you have a powerful gun with a very slow rate of fire making combat a bit more tense. The guns could also use a bigger muzzle flash and maybe some musket style smoke.

-Its a bit hard to control the creatures as precision movement is hard when around objects... and they tend to bump into things and get stuck easily. Also the creatures take damage from running into things which I wouldnt mind if the controls were a bit more refined.

The ugly:

-The melee system is nice but doesnt really work well for the creatures as you cant change direction (so you can aim instead of running into a wall) while selecting your attack and timing the attack is even harder. Its not so bad for the humans as they're slower and have much larger enemies.

-My average FPS. Its probably the beautiful map.

Hope this post doesnt sound too negative as I enjoyed what you guys have so far... I'm really looking forward to future versions.

11th Sep 2004, 11:24 PM
The game looks great, and I tried the Alpha but the graphics seemed to be a little messed up.


I'm not sure why the floor does that. Currently i'm running:

AMD Barton 2500+
512mb DDR333 Ram
9800pro with latest Catlyst drivers
Newest Unreal Patch.
Running the game on all highest settings on fullscreen at 1024x768.

Another thing I noticed was this: http://error.kthxstfu.com/images/temp/SNAG-0020.jpg
Is the reticle(crosshair/dot) supposed to go through my hand like that? And am only supposed to be allowed to use the gun when i'm crouching or walking? If I just stand at idle, the gun isn't in front of me and doesn't shoot anywhere in front of me when I fire. I assume it's behind me somewhere.

11th Sep 2004, 11:34 PM
Just tried it and it ran better then I thought it would as far as fps is concerned. I've said it before and ill say it again I love what you guys are doing with the melee system can't wait to see when its complete. Just wondering if there would be some kind of targeting system to go along with it? Maybe have it so that you can target someone that is nearest to your point of view or nearest to your crosshair. So that way people can still sneak up on each other or something. Anyway great job so far!

12th Sep 2004, 12:40 AM
Well yall know my opinions from IRC...and it's beautiful :)

And thx Neo...i would have never figured out the melee if you hadn't posted it over at BU - thx again ;)

Also, are you supposed to be able to strafe while moving forward in the shepherd or shrike? Because you can't..

And lastly, the army of addbot legionnaires and addbot shepherd



edit- GASP post # 666 :eek:

12th Sep 2004, 03:38 AM
And thx Neo...i would have never figured out the melee if you hadn't posted it over at BU - thx again ;)

Where might I find this on BU? I didn't see it :( It would be handy :)

12th Sep 2004, 04:09 AM
Finally nice to see people push the visual capablity of UT2004 to its potenial. Truly a visual feast and artistic flare unparalleled, while at the same time fairly innovative in itself. The level is truely in the top 5 best visually presentations in the unreal engine 2. Unfortunately Eon falls short, though completely exceptable at its current state of developement, I hope this list helps you in any fashion:

The movement:

It's juggy, sluggish and awkward, and I know exactly why, from observing the player models in the third person, the player's camera is attached to the head bone, which in theory would work fine, because of this, inorder to keep the screen from shaking violently and drunken, the heads are in a frozen, unnatural lock. It looks bizzare, still causing the screen to shake violently, and worst of all, peer through solid objects and walls.

I would recommend that a another bone (attached to the base bone, or whatever its called) that would attach the camera, independent of the characters position. This bone could be animated seperately allowing more freedom in the camera and stablity, while allowing more detailed and complex animations on the charactors involving head and facial movement.

The Sounds: The enviromental sounds are near perfect, though the rain doesn't seem so, well, rainy. The Rifle sound is a failure in all respects. I've overhauled the sound with some very simple Equalizer editing and alittle bit of tweaking to be something more fiece. The First one is a Musket explosive varient, and the other sounds more like Rifle. I'm sorry I didn't ask permission to edit them, I apologize. They're not very good, but its the idea.

edit: Killed my bandwith already, see attachment:

(alittle garbage was added to the begining from the MP3 compression.

The lighting: Alittle too orange, which is made worse by the lack of a proper lightmap on the static meshes, I saw you had lightmaps on of your texturepackages, how come only the insides of the tower use them? Its most likely on your list of things to do, but it really does look very silly without them.

The level: There are multiple occasions where the fort's static meshes overlap, causing unsavorly flickering. I guess they could be covered up with a static mesh themselves if needbe. Don't forget, its easy to overlook. The Terrain, AHHHHH!!!! THE TERRAIN. Why, oh why is it 256x256, all the other things I can really let slide because I don't know about it, but as a level designer myself, Why oh why is the terrain 256x256, thats a huge waste of resources, a level that size I wouldn't recommend anything over 128, maybe 64 if its a busy area. 256 is reserved for huge massive areas, anything over 512 is reserved for levels the size of greenland. Hourences I believe said 256 is reserved for 50 000+ unit size areas only, ONS-Torlan is only a 128 terrain! Export the terrain maps into your favourate 16 bit grayscale editor and resize them, reimport them and deal with all the crashes and errors the UED feel like throwing at you, fix up the terrain, and now you've shaved a good amound of polys from the level. Though the ac. of all the objects on the deco layer might be decreased, and the lighting detail is degraded. The shadows can be created with projectors, and the polygons saved can be spent on more important things. Like filling out the large empty rooms and courtyards.

Besides those things, Top marks from here. Can't wait for the next version. Next time I get free time I must make a community level for Eon, maybe a winter citadel or sorts.

12th Sep 2004, 04:54 AM
Many of the static meshes lack simplified collision, the wooden supports on the inside of the towers that line the walls have no collision, and this rock is a deathtrap:

12th Sep 2004, 06:12 AM
Hey MozTS, maybe u could ask the Team if they need another mapper ?

12th Sep 2004, 10:22 AM
wow, this has the best graphics ever seen in unreal2 engine.( i know its just pre-alpha)
-great graphics
-great playermodels
-collisionproblems on some staticmeshes
-as said: use smaller terrain.not256x256. use 128x128
-theres a "rain" sound. but i see no rain and the sun is shining
(also the name is "sunfields" i think)
-weaponsound of the rifle sound really bad
-maybe a more detailed rifletexture, right now its mostly just white and some brown texture[ make it look more "worn" or used.(some mud, scratches, ect..)]
-no botsupport

12th Sep 2004, 03:16 PM
very nice mod but one BIG thing is missing:

A Rifle fire animation :eek: . He just stand still when i fire the rifle.

Thats looks not really realistic. Its really needed to give the mod a more realistic look / feel.

12th Sep 2004, 05:56 PM
Am I blind or why aren't there any enemies or other characters in my alpha?

Ah, addbot. Got it :D

12th Sep 2004, 07:06 PM
heh, I couldn't hold a candle to these guys.

12th Sep 2004, 10:28 PM
This is so awesome. I wish there was a server that was up to mess around on with people. I cant wait to see how far they go with this MOD, its really professional.
Whens the next release?

Lt. Hill
13th Sep 2004, 12:04 AM
*GASP* *STARE* damn this mod is gonna be so good when it comes out in full - only currnt complaints are some severe graphics issues which are really hindering gamplay (not fps) but the same as error.ini had. also ironsites is great but right now it looks crap - im sure thatl be fixed in the future. Great Job devs btw

13th Sep 2004, 08:13 AM
I'd just like to say that this is amazing. This mod revolves more around style than anyhting else. and Im loving it. The look of it is amazing, when I first caught a glimpse of some screens I thought "Hmmm whats this new game coming out?" then I saw it was an UT2004 mod and I didnt beleave it.

Here are some of my thoughts on things to look at.

*I think the rifles should have some more power, it takes roughly an entire clip to take down a shrike
*I hope that jump is included (the one from the action pose where a rifle man is launching of a deer)
*Maybe the beasts could be a bit more daunting, like you are in a field with your fellow riflemen and about 8 shrikes are just stampeding at you and you think ****... Some men might run and those who stay will be in a pretty intense and grusome battle.
*Some variation in rifleman models, the current one is beyond awesome but maybe a slightly different body or 2 with different packs and stuff.
*An open field level within a forest would be more than awesome. Like just a pretty huge flat land area surrounded by deep woods.
*Try and get a really good teamwork and interaction with fellow players system in, like banding together against the threat or banding together to crush the enemy is probably the best gaming experiance you can have online.
*Just keep that art flowing, most of this stuff you would already know about, and I know it is in very basic moments at the moment. But this thing is amazing and has so much potential... So keep it up!

heres a pick that ignition inspired me to take:

13th Sep 2004, 06:10 PM
-The whistle. I dont know what its for but... using it to get a creatures attention so I could shoot it in the face worked rather well.WTH? Whistle?

The mod looks cool so far, I hope the beasts will get more attacks, especially the Shrikes need more attacks like lounge and tail strikes.
I ain't happy that the Sheperd lost his fire breath.

The mod is a bit too fast imo, the movement speed is extremely high, while the melee attacks are more on the slow side. I think a slower overall speed, especially acceleration wouldn't be wrong. Might also work better with the melee system, as it would be a bit easier to time attacks.

And I need a new computer. ~3 GHz and a GeForce 6800 seem to be a must for this mod. It's clearly a mod for the next generation. ;)

13th Sep 2004, 11:40 PM
And I need a new computer. ~3 GHz and a GeForce 6800 seem to be a must for this mod. It's clearly a mod for the next generation. ;)
Odd.. I had no problems running it at 1024 x 768, 32bpp with everything on highest.. and my computer is running a AthlonXP 2200+ with a Built by Ati Radeon9500 pro (Catalyst 4.9 Non-Control center version) and no overclocking on anything...

Oh well. What ever floats your boat ;)
or empties your wallet unnesessarily.

14th Sep 2004, 07:43 PM
Thats weird, i got P1.6 with 512 RAM and 9600SE, and i run at 1024x768 at all HIGHEST...thats weird, and it is very smooth...i am freaked out right now :eek: :eek:

15th Sep 2004, 02:59 PM
im pleased that its running so well, wait untill we do more optimisation guys ;)

also, THANKS FOR enjoying eon and posting your comments :D

16th Sep 2004, 03:28 AM
Hiya !

This mod looks awsome, But I think Ill wait for a more complete version sence this is the first and many bugs needs to be fixed and other stuff needs to be fixed as well, I really hope the mod team will listen to the community and I really hope they can make this mod kick ass ;)

23rd Sep 2004, 11:59 AM
Thanks for all the feedback! =)