View Full Version : Request??? Hopefully something not too hard to do.

10th Sep 2004, 02:09 PM
Ever since I've used the UT2004 mapvote when I am typing at the end of a match and the mapvote menu automatically pops up, the first letter of my text is always missing in the mapvote text box.

I.E... If I'm typing "Good Game" and while I'm typing the menu automatically pops up, then the text in the box will be "ood Game".

Also might it be possible that when someone is typing at the end of the match...When the menu automatically pops up it could automatically send the cursor to the text box so the sentence can be finished.

I.E... If I am typing "See you later" and half way through the menu automatically pops up then the text in the box will look like this "ee yo" and it will be hightlighted like it was selected. I have to place the cursor at the end of the text in the box to continue typing.

Hopefully these are easy features to add. I know your probably a busy person just wanted to see what you thought. These aren't too annoying but for uncoordinated people like me, who have to look at the keyboard when they type it would help. Heck it took me 30 minutes just to type this post. :lol: Other than that the mapvote has been awesome for me. Thanks for the great feature.

21st Sep 2004, 11:41 AM
Yeah, same problem here...

Very annoying....