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3rd Sep 2004, 04:34 PM
Hi my dad is working on a house and he want to make a map on ut2004 editor. he has cadkey but he wants more of a detill to view from if u can help like with making the map or giving a helping hand he can send u the plans and u can even add things it might be a good map to make its not a norm house its underground almost 9,000 square feet im pretty sure if any one has gon to pagosa springs,co has seen it but he just wants to make a map of it i guess email me if u would like to help we can talk about it more if any 1 likes and the outside of the house is done its just mainly then inside ok.

i dont know if this needs to be in another forum

email is gothis6_6_6@hotmail.com

ok i added these pics


3rd Sep 2004, 05:48 PM
I would've loved to do this, but sadly I'm stuck with UnrealEd 2. It wouldn't look as nice I guess. O well. It ain't the wright forum by the way, but the title says enough so don't bother messing around the forums really. If you have a digi-cam make some nice shots of your bricks or tiles so it will really resemble the house. Good luck finding semeone willing who has UT2k4.

6th Sep 2004, 07:00 PM
i dont guees this is a good idea .. imho .. this is the right of the autor .. and if a guy decide to make a map ... (like on the atachement) ...a guy like hourences can handle this :rolleyes: .. but they have their plan and they work alone ... ;)