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25th Aug 2004, 01:12 PM
sry if there is a fourm for this, but the selection was so big this seemed to be the place to go

ok my problem is that when i go to connect to a server (after i click connect when viewing the server) it seems to get stuck at black screen saying "Connecting to ,......." the thing is it isnt frozen because after 10 or 15 mins it will say connection failed

o ya and before i was connecting with no problem, this just started yesterday

and im running ut2k4, with a broad band connection

o and this is not just with UT it is with the mods as well (jailbreak and red orchestra)

thank you for your help :)

25th Aug 2004, 01:24 PM
The obvious question is: is something changed since yesterday?
At first glance, it looks like your connection is blocked by something. Do you have a firewall installed?
...And to be sure: does your internet connection works perfectly, or do you have similar problems with other programs?

25th Aug 2004, 01:30 PM
tried it.....and tried again just now....

the only game with a problem is UT and its mods

25th Aug 2004, 02:05 PM
i installed red orchestra yesterday

25th Aug 2004, 03:47 PM
(oh, how i love it when you ask many things, but only get one answer)
And do you have a firewall installed? If you have, try running UT with it the firewall closed. That's the fastest way to test wether it is holding back the game.

25th Aug 2004, 04:50 PM
This might help, but you will have to redo ALL of your settings, so first make a back up if it dosent work.
In ..\UT2004\System\ there is a file called User.ini. Delete it.