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22nd Aug 2004, 01:59 PM
I run a server and would like to have bunnytrack.bunnytrackgame and tlastmanstanding.tlastmanstanding as extra game types, however only one is allwed to be added to the x3dfx mapvote. I have tried forcing the gametype by using one of the mutator buttons and putting in the line Game=tlastmanstanding.tlastmanstanding?Mutator=..... but when i do that it doesnt work right. Is there any version that allows two extra game types to be used, or any version soon to come that could do that? Perhaps a way to edit the current mapvote just to have two entries for the extra gametype would work.

Is there anyway i can have these two gametypes on my server at the same time?

22nd Aug 2004, 03:47 PM
perhaps if there was a way to insert the two gametypes into botpack.u it would work? anyone know how to edit that?

or i thought of a way to use two buttons to change things.

Like the commands admin set engine.gameinfo.... could you not have on two buttons

ButtonName1=TLMS enabled next game
ButtonName2=BT enabled next game

ExtraMutators1=Set x3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote OtherClass=TLastManStanding.TLastManStanding|Set x3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote MapPreFixOverRide=DM|Setx3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote PreFixSwap=TLMS
(it sets the extra game to tlms and adds TLMS games into the list)

ExtraMutators2=Set x3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote OtherClass=BunnyTrack.BunnyTrackGame|Set x3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote MapPreFixOverRide=|Setx3dfxMapVotev22.x3dfxMapVote PreFixSwap=
(it sets the extra game to BT and removes the TLMS prefix from the list)

what it would do is if the top button won, it would set the extra gametype to TLMS in the ini file, so on the next game the TLMS would be visible and could be voted in.

similarly if the 2nd button won it would have BT as the extra gametype and remove tlms

so what im asking is would this work if i have the commands and if so what are the proper commands to "set" options in the x3dfx ini file?

25th Sep 2004, 07:04 PM