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21st Aug 2004, 12:51 PM
Changes in UT2Vote44 Beta 6

1. No Overtime option added to AdminGame Menu

2. VsBots option added to AdminGame Menu

3. Client button is now Settings button

4. If bAllowVote=True then MidGameMenu KickVote button will point to UT2Vote Kickmenu

5. SkinBright set back as in 43

6. Maplists
If UseMapList=True in DeathMatch then the OtherDMPrefix= maps must also be in that Maplist else they wont display.
This was to overcome the problem with the OtherDMPrefix maps not having their Map-Specific Mutators loaded properly.

7. ServerPackages
This is a major change and ServerPackages that are listed in the UT2VotePackages will now all be removed at the end of each level regardless.
This will get around the Server crashing or being switched off problem where the Serverpackages are not removed.
Mutators used for ServerPackages like DummyMuts no longer need to apppear in the UT2VoteMutators.
Any Mutator can now have its package added whether from the ServerMuts, Game Mutators, DummyMuts, Map-Specific or those being voted upon.

8. Clear Packages button
As the clearing of ServerPackages is now resolved in (7) this button in the Mutator Menu is no longer needed and has been removed.

23rd Aug 2004, 10:20 AM
The packages, map-specific mutators work perfectly now ProAsm. I haven't had any of my previous problems anymore.

Still I found one odd thing.
If you have multiple serverpackages associated with a mutator, for example:
Packages=(MutClassName="DummyMut.DummyMutB",ServerPackages="Jailbreak,JBAddonAvenger,JBAddonCelebration,JBAddonLlama,JBAddonProtection,JBAddonTeleport,JBScreen, JBToolbox")

The last in line, in this example 'JBToolbox', doesn't get added to the ServerPackages in the server's .ini file. It happens with all mutators and packages.

The workaround is simple. Just add an unneeded ServerPackage behind the last one, but still this bug needs squashing methinks :tup:

23rd Aug 2004, 12:19 PM
hmm, there is a space in your line, is this up to the forums-bug, or is it the case in your ini too?

23rd Aug 2004, 03:07 PM
mmm Ok, if its not the space that Socke is quering then I think I see the problem.
Just as a test add a comma at the end of the line.
ie: make the last one JBToolbox, and let us know how that goes.

27th Aug 2004, 10:45 AM
That space is a bug in the forum. It isn't there in the config line.

I'll test that comma theory as soon as I get back from vacation in a week. :tup:

6th Sep 2004, 10:04 AM
I was able to test it again today and indeed you only need a comma at the end.
Great work ProAsm et all :tup:

6th Sep 2004, 01:49 PM
Great stuff on the comma.
Ok in Beta 8 you no longer need the comma, as it basically adds one itself, but if you do have one it wont matter anyways :)