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20th Aug 2004, 04:01 PM
I run a dedicated 3270 8 player VCTF server, along with UT2Vote44B5, Anti TCC 1.18B5, UAdminMOD 0.95b, and PingCompensation 2. The server runs on my dedicated cable connection, which I pay extra for double the upload bandwidth (30KB/s or 256kb/s). Everything runs just fine, except UT2Vote. When the players vote, their vote will on a rare occasion not show up, and not be counted, however this rarley happens on their first vote. Almost always when they change their vote, their previous vote will disappear, and their new vote will not show up, but I have vote changing enabled. I assume this is caused by packet loss, but I am not sure. When I use MapVote, this NEVER happens.

20th Aug 2004, 06:09 PM
Mapvote is an entirely different setup.
Mapvote works mainly Clientside and UT2Vote works mainly Serverside and is very dependant on a smooth Server to Client Replication.
Remember Mapvote is only a voting mod whereas UT2Vote, the voting section is only 20% of the mod.
VCTF alone is gobbling up most of your CPU time.
Also 8 players on a 256 kbits is sure pushing your luck to the extreme.

20th Aug 2004, 06:56 PM
I think I remember wormbo saying that Anti TCC worked a little bit like that to, but I never get people timing out or kicked for no reason... Mabey you could make the vote packets smaller somehow?

20th Aug 2004, 07:16 PM
LOL most Admins want more and MORE and you asking the opposite.
Sorry UT2Votes Replications are massive to say the least and to reduce that I would have to dump 80% of the mod :)

Things you can set to reduce packetloss:



Set UseMapList=True for all games and dont add to many maps to the maplists.

20th Aug 2004, 07:35 PM
I didnt mean all of ut2vote, but i ment that mabey you could reduce tthe size of the packet that contains the vote of the player, or mabey use some type of compression on it, is there anything I can channge in my server.ini to reduce packet loss too? I run the server at realtime priority with a 2.0ghz P4, 400mhz fsb w/1gb of ram and xp pro. Would upgrading to Win Server 2k3 reduce lag at all?

21st Aug 2004, 06:47 AM
Well your hardware looks pretty cool except I would dump the Xp Pro - rather use W2k or Server 2k3.
Also make sure your CacheSize is set to around 25% of your total memory:

Netspeed - the most crucial part.
Also ask your players to adjust their NetSpeed to 256k devided by number of players devided by 10.
So for 8 players that would be a max of 3300
(256 x 1024 / 8 / 10) = 3277
This is what determines your Replication speed.
All you need is some wiseguy with cable or adsl with a Netspeed of 10000 or more to logon and he will gobble up all the bandwidth and create enormous lag for everyone else.
Players always seem to think that the higher their netspeed is set the better their connection. This works fine on a Lan or a server that sits on a T1 or bigger pipe, but us guys with adsl or cable servers, one person can destroy a game for others.
The ideal settings for any server:
56k Modem = 2600
64/128k ISDN = 4500 (5000 max)
512/1024 ADSL/Cable = 7500 (10000 if big pipe server)
LAN = 10000 or greater depending.

Also because a player has say 512k adsl does not mean he will have a lousy connection if he drops his netspeed to 4000 or less, in many cases it could improve things.

Also make sure your players have set in their User.ini
What this does is UT2004 tries adjusting everyone's netspeed for the best optimum speed depending on the connection.
It will increment or decrement the players NetSpeed by 1000 until everyone has a good connection.

21st Aug 2004, 12:46 PM
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