View Full Version : Looking for an ONS PUG????

18th Aug 2004, 08:32 AM
Are you and ONS player? Tired of joining pubs only to find some guy named “Player” sitting in a corner jumping like a mad man? We are firing up a new pug channel on irc.protium.org. What’s a pug you ask? Pick Up Game, where you join the channel tell people your ready to play, and in a few minutes you have some of the best ONS’er in the game fragging your ass. The iPUG and brPUG on protium are rockin like Dokken! How can you help jump start a revolution? By doing one of the following:

1) Need server Admin’s that run Dedicated ONS servers, if this is you pm fiend for more details, or drop an e-mail.

2) Need idlers, join up on our channel and idle (things will take off once we have a few of #1) If you know a Admin that loves ONS tell him to get his ass in Gear, and drop me a line.

The Skinny:

Email: fiend@hn-clan.com
IRC Server: irc.protium.org
Channel: #onspug
MSN: fiend@hn-clan.com

Ready to get this going, so drop me a line so we can PUG up!

Thanks, -)(n-fiEND

P.S. If you know any good ONS pugs on other irc servers e-mail or post as well, wanna try to combine forces and unite! Thanks Scumgrief for the 411 on gamesurge. ;)

18th Aug 2004, 08:49 AM
good point, but the majority of the ig ppl left gamesurge cuz it sucks (me included) so trying to do the same with ONS, by getting ppl over to protium, ill check that channel out on gamesurge see how many ppl idle there. thanks dood for the heads up! Don't need to divide! :)