View Full Version : UTAN Interview

12th Aug 2004, 09:46 AM
UT2004 Community recently conducted an interview with Limited, creator of the UTAN (Unreal Trusted Admin Network.) Here's a snippet of the interview:

UTAN currently stands at version 1, and is already making a huge different across the UT2004 scene. The current functionality is already impressive, and what is to come is mind blowing.
Admins can recieve what are known as UTAN Global Bans, which are bans that get sent to all servers running UTAN, these bans can only be set by the UTAN Admins (Head Admins at Big Server Companys, such as MultiplayUK, Jolt, Wireplay, etc)
However, a last minute decision was made to allow standard server admins to add bans to UTAN aswell for thier servers. For this reason, UTAN stores bans for single servers aswell.

You can read the whole interview here.