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6th Aug 2004, 08:01 AM
Hi Guys
I have a real important question...
I'm a relativly new mapper and I recently finished a Villa for UT2004.
It is really nice and big and it looks great, too.
But I can't find any proper textures in Unreal (What a surprise).
Neither any cool SM (there are some for the garden-area and the cellar) so I began and started making some own textures with my DigiCam and also some SM with Maya.

Then a friend of mine gave me the hint, that the new Rouge Spear: Raven Shield based on the Unreal Engine. I went to the Video-Store and rent the game, and I found a lot of Textures, Sounds, SM.

My question is, how can I use this stuff in my UnrealLevel without having anyone else who wants plays the map and doesn't have the apropriate TexturePacks and StaticMeshes ending in a ErrorMessage?

I mean is there any possibility to let's say import all the Textures and Static Meshes, that are not shipped with UT2004, into the MyLevel Group?? It would be great, because I began to use some of the Textures already.
(Or do I really have to bundle the RS-Texture-Packs with the map? (Am I allowed to do this?))

Thanks for helping me.

6th Aug 2004, 03:23 PM
Well...it's a bit dodgy bundling textures/content from other games in free levels. Technically it's breaking copyright though I've never known a developer have any problems with it.

Now technical stuff.

Firstly, I would open UT2004.ini and look for lines "Paths=..\Textures\*.utx"
You should add extra lines that point to the content in your RS directory. For example:
etc. you need to do that mainly for static meshes and textures. (This just lets the game and the editor know to look in these directories when it is searching for texture packs etc.)

Next, if you need to use any textures then I would seriously consider just exporting every texture to a .dds file and re-importing into MyLevel since it's MUCH easier and quicker and pretty much error free though it is still tedious :p

For static mesh packages you have to do it the long way...

You need to actually get the content into MyLevel. I'd suggest starting the editor from fresh so you don't get mixed up with what packages are open and being used etc.
Now, the main command you need is:

obj load file=Blah.utx package=MyLevel

This will load all the content from Blah.utx into MyLevel without actually opening that texture package. It works for all package types (except for .ogg I think). I'm pretty sure that it's case sensitive and typing the wrong filename will cause the editor to crash. If they are also incompatable with the UT2k4 engine then it will prolly also crash (if you get a crash then open UTDirectory\System\Editor.log and there should be stuff near the bottom telling you why it crashed)
The editor will prolly pause for a good few seconds if it worked while it loads the content. If nothing seemed to happen, check View->Log and see if there are any errors.
Also, there seems to be a nice bug with the texture browser not being updated after using the command. If "MyLevel" doesn't appear in the list of packages open then try importing an external texture file or creating a new texture file in MyLevel and the other ones you loaded from the package should magically appear! (The same bug exists with Static mesh packages. If you import one into MyLevel, they won't appear until you also import some tempory individual .ase file aswell)

Now, the important thing is that when you are loading content into MyLevel you need to make sure you aren't getting any file dependancies on RavenShield stuff otherwise people won't be able to play the map without them being included.
When you import a texture pack into MyLevel then it might have dependancies on other texture packs (in which case the editor will automatically load those packages but NOT import them into MyLevel)
For example, most textures have a "detail texture" assigned if you go on it's properties. If that's the case you will now have a dependancy on the file that the Detail Texture is from so you will now need to also import the file the detail texture came from and change the original texture's detail texture field to the new one which should now be in MyLevel so that detail texture package no longer needs to be loaded.
This will also need to be done if there are any Shadars/combiners etc. that are using textures from other packages (More fun for you changing those :p). I didn't try this but it should all work, I imagine it's super horribly tedious to get everything to work and it prolly is. Tough :p

Same goes for static meshes. If you import a static mesh package into MyLevel UED will automatically load any texture packs that it relys on, so you need to import those texture packs into MyLevel aswell and change the materials of the static meshes to match the new MyLevel textures instead of the old packages.

Also, just to make this all fun, using MyLevel like this is also the same as importing individual things. You need to use everything in your level at least once for it to be saved along with your map, so if you import a static mesh package with 200 static meshes then make sure you temporarally place them all somewhere in your map otherwise you will lose all your hard importing work when they are not all saved with your map and you need them later.

btw, you can check if you got any file dependancies by simply deleting the new "Paths=...." lines that you put in (make sure you leave the default ones!!). If the map then fails to load you can check what file it's dependant on by looking at System\UnrealEd.log again. You will need to put the "Paths=" lines back in to be able to load the map again.
(Or alternatively you can just put a ; in front of the Paths= lines which will make the editor just ignore those lines which is prolly quicker and easier.

Hope that was not too impossible to understand, don't really have time to check it over right now :p

8th Aug 2004, 08:53 AM
Hmmm, first of all....Thank you.
I expected it to be a little complicated but I never expected THAT.
I guess I will just do the export/reimport-thing you mentioned and then I go back to Maya and make my own StaticMeshes.
I simply needed some furnitures (like a snooker, a telly, maybe some doors, ya know stuff you would see in a modern day villa...and which aren't in any UT2k4-SM-Package... :(
And some of the RavenShield-SMs are pretty nice, almost perfect, but now I think it isn't worth the effort, plus I will have the certainty to have done it all by myself (Almost, expect for that Texturething... ;) )

And btw, I don't think that would go against any copyright laws, because, RS has the same Editor included as UT (I even found a Texturepackage called Cubemaps, which contains all the Cubemaps from Unreal2003 like Antalus, and Gorge)
I mean I didn't copy whole Levels and make them available for those who don't have RS, I just borrow some Textures and StaticMeshes, which I also do with those from UT2004. I don't think that'll be a problem. Its just alot of work.

But thank you anyway. Cya

9th Aug 2004, 08:45 PM
Most other Unreal powered games have headers on the SM and Texture files that prevent them from being imported directly into UT2003/4, so you would need to go the longway by using an intermediate software package, like Maya or MAX and a texture browser too. I had to take screenshots of Unreal2 stuff as the editor had no exporter. I know America's Army content is locked, dunno about Ravenshield, but I'd expect it to be as well. GL anyways. making your own stuff is a better idea IMO :tup:

9th Aug 2004, 09:20 PM
not to mention more rewarding :)

10th Aug 2004, 12:16 PM
Ok, here I am again
First my new problem.

As you know I made a villa.
First I began and carved out the whole building. Each room was a substractionbrush for its own. It worked really well, and it was much faster than I expected. But then I started to think about the OUTSIDE. And I came to the conclusion that it would be hard (if not impossible) to make an outside-area and actually see the building itself. Then I saved the map and started a new one. This time I started with the garden, the street and the I inserted the Villa via hollowed-addition Brushes.
It worked. Now I have a Villa and a garden sorrounding it.

Now my todays problem:
Is it a good idea to overlap the brushes? What I mean is, I have made a hollow-addition brush for each room and connected them with a single subtractionbrush where a door is supposed to be. But now I have a wall, but actually there are two walls, that are just inside of each other. Is there a way to delete only one part of an hollow-addition brush?

Next thing:
In the current state the map has (apparently) alot of brushes in it. Is it possible (and is it useful) to make the whole villa out of one singel StaticMesh? What do I need to pay attention to? I mean I can make it small, and then resize it in UnrealEd. Should I make one singel Villa-SM or single ones for each room? Please help...
And by the way do anyone of you know a site where I can find proper textures for things like Toasters and a PC, you know stuff like this...
If it doesn't fit 100% tell me anyway...Please and thank you for reading this..

I'm from Germany so please excuse any spelling- or grammar-faults...
Thank you