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5th Aug 2004, 07:55 PM
I have tons of ideas in my head, only they come they go :( . this is an idea that i kept in mind:
As most of us know there is that butterfly bomber, its being called in with ons painter, but there is also a butterfly bomber that can be controled by players and it shoots rockets( found that out when making a realy big map, learned to control it to :D) its hard to control, has low health, the projectiles that are shot are shot in a wierd way(when flying fast it shoots forward when not moving it shoots down and when moving back , it shoots back) and it doesnt sit on ground as other units. when making that map i found out that it can be held on place and entered by anti - gravity physics volumes.
so here is the idea
Make bomber unit (make new model or use the butterfly)
make it controlable with keyboard too( it could be controled by mouse only when i tried it)
make it drop bombs instead of rockets (bombs with trajectory like the ones in flak canon)
make something like a mini airfield
PS: that unit could only be used in huge maps(maby)
Thats my vech idea

Here is one more idea:
Guard tower upgrade/addon
As we all know(most ut2004 players), redeemer misile can be shot down, and so can be avril misile.
here is the idea , make an upgrade/addon to the stationary weapons that guard base so it shoots down all incoming hostile misile like projectiles with a laser/energy beam or with a machinegun with a posability of hit 75% ( or maby 25% at first upgrade :rolleyes: 50% at second and 75% at third) or if its easyer, shoot em all :D .
Thats the stationary weapon idea

If the idea rocks tell me
if it suck tell it in the nicest way possible(explaining why!) ;)

30th Aug 2004, 06:29 PM
OK ;)

17th Sep 2004, 04:27 PM
'sides, you already have a satellital Ion cannon


4th Oct 2004, 10:59 AM
After playing tech demo...

Here is a game type idea:
Name: Tactical (or someting that way)
The map would be a random terrain with no symmetry. There would be ''Tactical locations'' or ''Flags'' or ''(something that way)'' that could be captured and that would spawn one unit (unit type depends on how good the location is) in after time (spawning could be paused due to unit limit or if player has other locations with better units to spawn)
There would also be simple guard towers that could be captured (by sending a unit near it, killed (after kill towers respawn after time - map specific time)
Players would spawn At random locations, a distance away from other enemy units or tactical locations.
I think this idea is good because:
>Some ppl dont like resource gathering and managment, no mater how simple they are :rolleyes:
Any coments?

Small infantry upgrade idea...
This idea came to me when i saw infantry standing still and shooting at each other in tech demo.
Infantry agility upgrade:
Infantry begins runing around, evading and shooting enemy when enemy shoots it
Infantry begins runing around, evading and shooting enemy when skill is activated in units options
Advanced infantry upgrade:
same as previous only infantry jumps and dodges ;)
Any coments?

Thats all for today :) Plz tell me what you think of this idea, it means so much to me.

P.S: Where do i sign up for mapper spot? :D

5th Oct 2004, 04:02 PM
Yeah, the only games I know capable of generating random maps are Age of Empires and Empire Earth... Every now and then you'll see a screwup, like an island that is too small or large zones without resources.

Respawning towers? Someone played too much LAPD:Future cop :lol:

But since we are talking about infantry, why not give the commander unit an ability to alter the status of units nearby? (if you use more commanders, the bonuses are the same) Either a low-level regeneration, an increased ROF, increased defense... or an inverse bonus for enemy units nearby?

Price would go up for the comm, of course.

6th Oct 2004, 12:55 AM
Well, area of influence is perfectly codable... Take Siege as reference.

When you buy the Flag enhancement, every teammate at a certain distance ('bout 10 feet) gains an agility bonus.

I'm not familiar with Uengine, so I can't tell you how it's done, but I know it is codable.

6th Oct 2004, 10:40 AM
1. Random maps are impossible. At least it would take too much dev time to generate them automatically.
What i meant as a random map is a normaly made map that would only be available to that game type, with no symmetry but with paths and key locations. :rolleyes:

Respawning towers? Someone played too much LAPD:Future cop
I haven't played that game. And by respawning towers i mean - towers that rebuild themselfs as neutral and can be captured again. ;)

P.S: Where can i find the unit and building size in uskaarj, i can't make a good demo map without knowing how big everything should be.