View Full Version : A big, and hopefully great and accepted, bunch of ideas!

Mr Marik
3rd Aug 2004, 10:08 PM
1. Import all content from the UT2003 of Fraghouse Invasion over to the UT2004 version (most maps and weapons).
2. Import most/all content from previous versions of the UT2004 Fraghouse Invasion (like the missing weapons from v3 (spore rifle and railgun)).
3. Bring back the Gasbag and RazorFly monsters.
4. Bring back the daylight version of FHI-WatchTower.
5. A new map I like to call FHI-BOSS-CityAtWar:
- Map is designed like a city.
- Players start in a little camp-like are, and have access to Minigun Turrets, 2 Stingers, 2 Hellbenders and 1 Goliath.
- The boss is a "Dropship" (seen in an intro and the "Airpower" mod). It flys and hovers around the map, picking on the players. It's weapons are lasers that cause the shock-combo effect, and missiles that home-in on players very fast.

Mr Marik
7th Aug 2004, 09:07 AM
6. Add all the monsters from the "Satore Monster Pack". This would only be begging chaos and mayhem to happen!! :D

7th Aug 2004, 09:55 AM
I also had the ideas 2, 3 and 6.
But I'm not really capable of doing such things yet...
Only 3 would expand to Elite Krall, Pupaea and Manta too