View Full Version : Problem getting two weapons to appear!!

Mr Marik
3rd Aug 2004, 09:09 PM
I tried getting the FHI, FHIX and UWM weapons to appear in a map-test, and nearly all of them did. Except two:

The "Spore Rifle" and the "Railgun"
(for a recap, the Spore Rifle fired spores, and the Railgun shot blue projectiles that could go through anything even parts of the map).

Anyway, I'd like to know what happened to these two weapons. I had them before I got Fraghouse Invasion v3, so what happened? And how can I get them back?

Little more info: When I used the batch file to load FHINV into UnrealED, it reported that it was missing the resource "Class UWM.SporeRifle". I have also found out that the Particle Gun seems to have replaced the Railgun. Why is this?


I have found a file containing V2 of Fraghouse INvasion. Surprise surprise, it's a version that would let me use the Spore Rifle and Railgun weapons again. Thing is, I don't how to make that happen. Anyone got any ideas?

Mr Marik
4th Aug 2004, 04:02 AM

I tested Fraghouse Invasion v2, and am please to say that the Spore Rifle and the Railgun worked well.

But now I'd like to ask: is there any way I (or someone else) can "put" those two weapons into Fraghouse Invasion v3 so they can be used there?

Failing that, how could I:
a) put only the Spore Rifle into Fraghouse Invasion v3?
b) give the Particle Gun the "wall penetration" effect that the Railgun had?

I hope what I'm asking for isn't too much trouble for someone/anyone. I just feel "incomplete" with these weapons. (At least the Spore Rifle, that is. No Railgun wouldn't matter if the Particle Gun was given it's "wall penetration" effect).

6th Aug 2004, 07:12 PM
Uh....wall penetration? You must be thinking of some other weapon, because I coded the original version and I'm damn sure I never gave it that kind of effect ;) The SporeRifle isn't even in v3, apart from a few bits that are needed for one of the bosses. And I changed the railgun to the particle gun for two reasons:

1: People were moaning like crazy that it wasn't a real 'railgun', despite the fact that mine is actually a realistic representation of an actual prototype weapon in the 'realworld' (yes, it's really a weapon that fires projectiles using magnetic energy to propel them - it's about the size of an aircraft hangar and fires projectiles at approximately Mach 17, which is about 17000mph......:eek: ). Thanks to quake though, everyone has preconceived ideas of how a 'railgun' should work :rolleyes:

2: It gave me more scope for nice effects ;)

Mr Marik
7th Aug 2004, 12:44 AM
That's okay then. I'm over my little temporary obsession with them anyway.

I'm trying to concentrate on finding a tutorial or something on:

- getting Link Turrets to automatically attack monsters and not my team (or allow my team to control the turrets, and also not have my team attack them)
- making bosses for fraghouse invasion (remember my dropship boss idea? i want to try that out)