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3rd Aug 2004, 02:22 AM
ok so i read the guide at
and i done that and am geting mismatch vearsion on clients that have package installed that wasnt compressed

so i was watching the dvd tut that came with ut2004 and it said something when compileing need to add all the files in new folders example textures system yada yada yada anyways i still had the problem so i tryed copying the .u file i made and had them put it in there system dir cool its now visable cept 2 things

1.body textures not showing up
2. under the settings>player selection the Portrait doesnt show up neather does the 3d model

so heres what my .uc file looks like

class Sasori extends PlayerRecordClass;


and heres how the folders and files look like

Folder Sasori
Folder System
File Sasori.int
File Sasori.upl
Folder Textures
File Sasori.utx
Folder Classes
File Sasori.uc

and then use ucc make to compile it all

so i was wondering if the teamcolors might be one of the issues and if so how in the world do i fix it?

and if am way off base or geting warmer can anyone give me a tip

3rd Aug 2004, 02:19 PM
There might be something in this to help you or you could just try this out...


Posted by warring on http://www.unrealadmin.org

Download "JaFO's Botmanager for UT2k4" ....


Open a skin (.upl) then simply export it. It will auto create a Directory in your UT2004 Directory. For example, if you were to open the Effigy model then export it it will create a directory called "EffigyMod". Within the directory will be another directory called "Classes" and in that directory will be a file called "Effigy.uc". Copy and Paste that whole directory ("EffigyMod") into your UT2k4 dedicated server main directory. Next, look in your "Program Files" and look for "JaFO" directory. Open it up, then the next directory will be called "JBM_v30". Open that up and there will be a zip file called "Effigy". Open that up and it will have in it a directory called "System". Extract that file into a temp directory. Go into that temp directory and then open up that "system" directory. It will contain the file "EffigyMod.u". Put the "EffigyMod.u" in the "System" directory of your UT2k4 dedicated server directory.

Now you need to edit your dedicated server UT2004.ini file. Open that up and add the following lines to your [Engine.GameEngine] section:


Finally add the following line to your [Editor.EditorEngine] section:


ALL DONE!! Your server is now pushing your custom skin/model. Remember to add all the files the skin/model is using to the correct directories of your UT2004 dedicated server directory. In this case the custom model "Effigy" uses the following files.. "Effigy.ukx", "Effigy.ka", "EffigyTextures.utx" and finally "xPlayersEffigy.upl". An example of the directories they go in:



3rd Aug 2004, 02:41 PM
Open a skin (.upl)
with what i use notepad

3rd Aug 2004, 05:37 PM
Download "JaFO's Botmanager for UT2k4" ....


It's a small prog with which you can customize bots, etc... Download that and open the .upl with it, then just continue on from there :)

3rd Aug 2004, 10:43 PM
heh lol sorry had to go to work after i posted that but i ment to add that i did download that and its looking for a folder named utedit never heard of it but i tryed pointing it to ut2004 doesnt aceppt that cant quite figure it out and i had to leave for work soon. thoughts suggestions?

4th Aug 2004, 12:49 AM
Okay :) In Botmanager, goto File-Open Characterlist... Browse to the UT2004\System folder and open the file Sasori.upl From there click on Export and Install, click on Export PlayerRecordClass... Click on Export, it'll ask if you want to compile the class - Click yes... Wait et voila... In the \Program Files\JaFO\JBM_v30\ folder you'll have a zip file called Sasori.zip with the .u file in it... In the UT2004 folder you'll have another folder called Sasorimod containing a .uc file - Then just copy the Sasorimod.u file to your server's UT2004\System folder, add the line...

ServerPackages=SasoriMod to your UT2004.ini file under the [Engine.GameEngine] section, then save that (verify that in the top post - I'm just taking it from memory) and you should be good to go :tup:

4th Aug 2004, 05:36 AM
no no no
sorry guess i wasnt too clear in my 2nd post

After i installed the botmanager i try to open it and befor it opens it asks for a UTEdit Folder i try to direct it to the ut2004 folder and it doesnt open try it with the utedit (witch i know doesnt exist on my system) and still doesnt open the botmanager program ITS BROKE! i tell ya ITS BROKE! muahaha felt like doin that anyways

program doesnt open becouse its searching for a folder that doesnt exist before it opens!

4th Aug 2004, 05:38 AM
Exact info is
UT2004 directory Not Found
Specify Location of UT2004
(Editable prompt) C:\UTEDIT

4th Aug 2004, 05:55 AM
i fixed the problem the ini file that came with it was all buggerd up so i changed them all to c:\ut2004
insted of

4th Aug 2004, 03:08 PM
Sorry I'm so late getting back (other side of the globe)... That all sounds mad above - It installed and worked fine for me straight outta the box. Did you get it to work in the end?

4th Aug 2004, 03:56 PM
yep nice o server side pushin enabled =)

4th Aug 2004, 07:31 PM
Woohoo thanks for letting me know :2thumb:

4th Aug 2004, 08:49 PM
would be nice if people would take the time to do this with any half decent skin but i know it takes even more time and effort. but hay if the guys at skincity want someone to make a bunch up

;) i might beable to do that of corse id change nothing that would modify the orgnail skin or model so i dont offend the makers of the skin/models

well ill have to take this down in the morning if theres too many hits but heres a pack of 4skins

Cancer,Lok,Sasori and KouRyuu (http://www.thewolfbrigade.com/cantar/4skinpack.zip)