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11th Nov 2000, 10:07 PM
A gift For My Pal LiquiD_SiN
Here is to hoping he likes it

Was a brisk December morning,
when I first met the man,
He burgled turd from sleeping folk,
And kept it in a pan.

He burgled turd with lightning speed,
And did it with great care.
this morning while I lay asleep,
He sqeezed one in my hair.

He Said “I am the burgler of turds,
The keeper of timmy’s dreams.
Just remember what I told you,
When ordering Crispy Creams.”

“Donuts are really… just donuts
We’d really like to think.
But all that chocolate in your teeth
Is really beginning to stink.”

By the way…

I met girl who slept with me,
I thought I was in love
Now it burns when I pee,
I shoulda wore a glove....

Damn Whore.

11th Nov 2000, 10:17 PM
*vigorously clapping his hands*

Bravo! Bravo!

timmy likey!



11th Nov 2000, 10:22 PM
Just trying to please My number one fan...

Actually I think it is my number 2 that you are partial to...

12th Nov 2000, 10:50 AM

No critics????

No one wants to complain????


(p.s. A selfless bump to allow more readers.)

12th Nov 2000, 11:19 AM

You suck.

12th Nov 2000, 11:33 AM
MRHYDE you paved the way for poop related posts man. Back when you first posted the originals, there was a huge uproar! I admit even I (though deep down inside thought they were hilarious) was shocked and befuddled by them. I cant hardly remember but I think I might have even said something to you on ICQ about cooling it with the poop stuff cuz so many people were getting upset hehe. All these people here have no idea what you have done for them, and they take their right to poop related posts for granted. Now the word poop is flung about like monkies flinging...well poop. Now remember you have to save this one for posterity. Dont go losing it like you did the originals.

12th Nov 2000, 11:43 AM
/me scratches anus and smells fingers while reading poem.

13th Nov 2000, 12:28 PM
/me also scratches BillyBadAss'es anus and sniffs finger while reading.

I had a turd burgar once. Damn McDonald's anyway.

13th Nov 2000, 03:43 PM
/me scratches morety's fingers and smells billybadass's anus while reading this poem.

14th Nov 2000, 02:09 PM
What? There was a poem?

/me scratches MRHYDE's anus with CHRYSt's anus and sniffs BillyBadAss'es finger