View Full Version : server help pleeeeez

2nd Aug 2004, 12:02 AM
i got some questions about running a server "not dedicated"
in start network game\ server tab:

1 ]advertise server will put my server on the server list "yes\no?
what do i have to do do so?
2 ]what is ngworldstats logging?
and 3 ] "www username, www password" do i need to mess with this stuff to keep any security going,
Is there any need for any security when running a server?

i couldn't find any help files on this so im posting the q&a.
please post cuz i know you all would love to help a "appreciative"newb :)

2nd Aug 2004, 12:12 AM
1. If you want your server to appear in the Server Browser, then check the Advertise Server box.
2. ngWorldStats logging has no effect now, since the UT ngWorldStats server has been taking down. Leave this box unchecked so your server doesn't unnecessarily spend time collecting this data.
3. www username and www password are used if you enabled the WebAdmin; this will allow you to change settings on your server using a web browser. This has no effect on whether the game will require a password when a player wants to join, or when an administrator wants to change settings while in the game (not in a web browser).

2nd Aug 2004, 12:21 AM
SWEEEEETNESSSSSSS ,thats what i was wondering,
but i dont need any security from anything then?
nobody can access my server but me?
i dont want some goof running a muck/