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Mr Marik
28th Jul 2004, 10:01 PM
An idea for what I think would be a very cool map!!

Name: FHI-BOSS-LiandriCity
- Looks like AS-Confexia, but with obvious changes for a FHINV game.
- Players start behind a little fort, armed with a multitude of weapons, vehicles and turrets.
- The game plays along as normal until the Boss, or rather Bosses, appear...
- The Bosses consist of:
* A forever-respawning 20x20 formation of blue-Thorax robots that march towards the players fort. They all carry Miniguns and attack without breaking formation.
* About 6 Dropships randomly hovering in the sky. They track players and fire a barrage of rockets at them. These are tougher to destroy, but they do not respawn.
* The Main Boss: a gigantic Xan Kriegor!! Having health of 40000 and carrying a modified Shock Rifle that causes shock-combo explosions when it hits something, you'll need everything you've got to take him down!!

So Fraghouse, would it be possible to make a FHINV map such as this??

29th Jul 2004, 04:46 AM
Course it can be, though i think they would have to change a lot of code and script. So this small fact would make it a no!

Sounds very cool, but just a tad over ambitious if u ask me. Being part of the CP pack, i can tell u for a start that more then one boss does not work, they can do, but when one dies, the game ends, regardless if not all bosses have been killed.

Also a map like Confexia would kill ur PC with FHI. Even one boss can drop ur FPS considably so more then one boss on a map like this would not run very well at all (unless u have the most super PC ever created)....may just work then.

But HEY, dun let that spoil ur dreams, u never know whats just around the corner

Mr Marik
30th Jul 2004, 09:36 AM
Okay then. Well how about this then:...??

- Map is still called "Liandri City", but is now an objective-mission (FHI-OBJ) of sorts.
- The map itself is a long path, lined with buildings taken from AS-Confexia.
- The little fort your players start at comes equipped with a multitude of turrets, vehicles and of course weapons (both UT and FHINV types).
- What you and your team are to do is basically frag every evil robot you can. Like my previous idea, they are blue Thorax robots with miniguns.
- The idea is to survive for a certain period of time (about 15-20 minutes should be fair enough!).

Would that be easier to do??

31st Jul 2004, 04:45 AM
I think something like that could be done yes (though dont mistake me for any expert lol)

Only small problem, or should I say could be an actuall problem is the robots you talk of. To use robots like that someone would have to creat new skins or models and code it so they spawn prolly use a new actor, but similar to FHI spawn actors. This could then be used in other FHI maps to add robots. However, I dont know anyone that could do that, or willing to, think it could be a project in its self, rather then just a map idea. Guess you could use exsisting robot models from UT somehow, FHI seemed to do that, but just reskin them a bit, so they didnt look like UT bots.

You def seem to like ur robots.

Just dont know if this will ever happen though...sorry