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28th Jul 2004, 04:46 PM
Maybe a Ut99 weapon that launches peaple far enough in the air when they land they die to gravity to console saying "Player left a small crater." :lol:
And a weapon that has the effect of the chamber in DM-Pressure in 1 large gun... :D

;) And a ATOMIC Bomb like in real life. imact ratios : Atleast as far as a thousaund redeemers! And maybe a eathquake or other destuctive storms power packed in a large gun! This gun with define the word "Overkill" again.And cause all kinds of chaos :D !

Other ideas : Maybe a mod where you can shoot the weapons out of your opponents hands like a kick or something, :) this would make it more real.This can happen in real life to! A powerup (like Double dmg) of a thing that will put a force feild over you {NOT LIKE A SHIELD}. That will stop incoming ammo and even reflect it back to the shooter and stop redeemer blast. Like god mode just for until it fades like 60 sec like most powerups!

29th Jul 2004, 04:49 AM
I would love the Pressure Gun idea hehe, though I dun know if UT2k4 supports such a think, in terms of the bodies getting fatter and fatter then exploding, as i have never seen this before, I have experimtented with presure volumes before. But im sure it can be done with some coding or sometihng (i dun have a clue what im talking about really)


Cool ideas though

29th Jul 2004, 07:58 AM
Yeah, I can make that launching cannon thing, and call it the Concussion Rifle.
Lol, that's featured in a VTM, making that would be as easy as copying the lines they type. Unless there are major differences between UT and UT2003. (besides, of course, a different weapon model (piston) must be used)